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He was in the library doing some research for a job he had coming up. Sitting at a table in the far corner that was scattered with his papers and books; He was dressed in comfortable jeans and a simple pullover. His leather jacket was tossed over one chair.

The librarian distracted him momentarily as she crossed in front on him. Her arms were full of books she was replacing on the shelves one at a time. He looked at her. She had her hair pulled tight in a typical librarian bun, thick glasses, and skirt almost down to her ankles, white cuff socks and penny loafers. God, did she have a manual on librarian dressing? He chuckled softly.

He looked at her closely and realized that even though she had on no makeup, she was quite lovely. Her hair was a beautiful warm red color and she had a soft sprinkle of freckles. That hair looked thick enough for him to lose his hands in. Her body seemed okay even though it was hard to tell through those loose, baggy clothes she had chosen. Her ass seemed firm and round and her breasts were detectable even with the oversized gray sweater she was wearing.

He looked around the library and realized it had gotten very late. It was dark outside and he only saw one other person in the building, an older gentleman going over the catalogue files. He glanced back at the librarian and watched her replacing a book on a shelf across the room. She had a pencil in her mouth and a lock of her hair had fallen out and was tickling her nose. Oh yes, he could see how lovely her hair would be all flowing free. He felt his cock stir in his jeans. He wondered if there could be some fire in her.

He continued to watch her as she went about her work. There was a sound from the checkout desk as the other gentleman set the books he was preparing to check out on the counter. The librarian looked up and realized he was ready; She quickly returned to her desk and smiled while she scanned the man's card and handed him back the books. Her smile was breathtaking. When he saw the way her lips looked as she smiled warmly, he knew her fate was set. She would be next!

The papers that were in his hand dropped to the table. They no longer held his interest. He watched the older man leave and saw her return to her work, quickly returning the remaining books to their shelves. She glanced at her watch and looked nervously at her last remaining She seemed startled to realize that he was watching her from his table. She looked down nervously. Then slowly crossed to his table.

"Um sir? I hate to bother you but, technically, we have been closed for 30 minutes. Do you think you will take very much longer?" she asked. He looked at her silently and began stuffing all the loose papers scattered about the table into his briefcase. "I'm sorry, I hope this hasn't inconvenienced you dear," he said in a low soft voice. The voice sent chills down her spine. She felt a deep stirring, as his eyes looked deep inside of her.

"Oh no sir, not at all. I often stay open late, but they really get angry if I don't lock the door by 11," she explained. He looked up and gave her a cold stare. "Then lock it dear," he offered. She shivered with his words, and knew she would obey him without knowing why. She slowly walked over to take the keys out of her desk and crossed to quickly lock the door. She returned the keys to their drawer and stood shyly behind it unsure of what to do next.

He left her there while he gathered all the rest of his personal things and cleared the table. She needed to learn patience and obedience. He liked that she stood there quietly, not moving or talking. He picked up the library books that he had been using and returned them to the reference cart. He returned to his table for his coat and briefcase and crossed to her desk.

He stood there for a moment looking at her. She was softly shivering as she looked at him with questioning eyes. She was confused about her response to him. This had never happened before. "You are going to have to learn how to completely trust me. I will never hurt you in any real way, but I expect complete obedience. Is that understood?" he asked. She nodded. She felt lost and found at the same time. This was the most confusing thing she had ever felt in her life, and she didn't quite know how to deal with it. It was a loss of the complete control she had always maintained.

He was staring at her, gauging her feelings. He had done this enough times to be quite good at it and knew exactly how much time to give them to think. "Ok, now we need to find a quiet place to talk. Do you live alone?" he asked. Again, she nodded. "Lesson one: I expect verbal responses whenever physically possible. Do you understand?" "Umm, yes, I understand and yes, I live alone. I'm sorry," she responded. She was trying so desperately not to shake in front on him. Her response was not from fear, or maybe it was.

"Good, much better; one more thing dear, you are to address me as Sir. Is that understood?" She began to nod and quickly said, "Yes sir." "Very nice." He favored her with a dazzling smile; " You will be mine now dear. Please get your things. Oh, is there anything else you NEED to do before we leave?" he offered. "No sir, I can finish up in the morning," she replied still feeling a wavering in her voice. "Then by all mean, let's go." He stood aside to allow her to leave ahead of him.

She had the door keys in her hands as she unlocked and let them out. Her hands were shaking slightly as she relocked the door from the outside. She walked to her car in the middle of the lot. There was only one other car left. She shivered when she realized it was his. He walked with her to her car door then grasped her shoulders and turned her around. His first touch was like tiny electric shocks running through her body. She looked up at him. "I want you to listen very carefully; I am going to follow you. Drive at the speed limit and make sure I am behind you at all times. Do you trust me?" She looked into his deep blue eyes and said, "Yes." Again, she was rewarded with a smile. "Good girl; now do as I say and we will be alone to chat very very soon."

As she watched, he turned away and crossed to his own car. She stood frozen watching him. He unlocked his car and turned back to her. "Go now dear and do as I have requested," he ordered. She quickly turned and fumbled with her keys as she unlocked her door and got in. She put the key in the ignition and started her car. She pulled up to the exit and waited for him to follow. When his car pulled behind hers, she slowly pulled out keeping her eyes on him in the rearview mirror as their cars made the short trip to her small home.

She lived only a few blocks away. In fact, in the summer, she often walked to work. Her house was a small cottage that she adored. It was simple, clean and everything she ever wanted. It was set off by itself with a large yard. She had a cornfield on one side and a small storage area on the other so she had plenty of privacy. She pulled into her driveway making sure to give him plenty of room to park behind her. She waited in her car for him to pull up and get out.

He walked to her door and opened it for her. Reached a hand in, he took hers and helped her out. He let her lead to the door and then reached for her keys to open it. She gave them to him and he unlocked the door. He let her enter ahead of him and followed her through. "Set down your things and sit on the couch dear," he asked. She did as he requested. He sat next to her, close but not quite touching. She looked up into his eyes waiting to be introduced into his world…

They were sitting on her couch quietly looking at each other. She didn't dare to speak, but felt as if she were in an hypnotic state. He spoke, "Dear, this is the beginning of our time together. We will go slowly and learn each other's souls. There are many things you need to learn, but I will help you." As she was digesting this new information he asked her to stand up and turn around.

She did as she was told, turning slowly and standing still as she faced him again. "Nice. Take off your clothes. I want to see you," he requested. A deep blush ran through her body as she realized what he was asking. "Is there a problem?" he asked. "Umm no, well, it's just that, no one has seen me before," she offered. His eyes widened as he realized the impact of her statement. He had to question her further, "Does that mean no one has touched you before?" he asked. "No," she responded. "I would like for you to start calling me sir. Is that understood?" he questioned. "Yes sir," she responded.

He paused for a moment to adjust to the idea that she had never been with another man. That she was pure for him. This was an exciting thought. His cock stirred in his jeans. He reminded himself that he would have to handle her gently. Make this a special time for her. For them.

He asked her to start with her shoes. She slipped them off along with her sox. He pointed to her sweater and made a motion that she understood completely. She pulled the sweater over her head in one swift motion. He could see her large breasts; hard nipples showing through the cheap, white cotton bra. He pointed to her skirt and made the same motion. She reached behind her skirt and unzipped it letting it drop to the ground. She was wearing the same style panties. They were white cotton. He clicked his tongue and advised that she was never to wear these again. He would purchase all her underwear in the future. She did not argue with him. She couldn't.

He motioned to her bra and she reached behind her back and unhooked it. Slowly pulling the straps down and dropping it to the floor. Her arms covered her naked breasts. "Drop them! You are never to hide your body from me. Do you understand?" he questioned. "Yes sir," she nodded. She let them drop. Her full breasts were exposed. He noticed that she had very large areolas and lovely tight nipples. They puckered up under his close inspection. He motioned to her panties and she removed them.

Now she stood before him completely bare. She fought the urge to run and cover herself. He looked at her in awe. She was breathtaking. She had lovely red hair covering the triangle between her legs and soft warm white skin with light freckles covering parts. He moaned softly as he looked over every inch of her body. He stood up and walked to her. Reached a hand out to touch her left nipple. She gasped in surprise as she reacted to his delicate touch. He imagined taking them into his hungry mouth. Oh, he had so much to teach her, but trust and obedience would be her first lesson.

"Undress me," he commanded. She reached for him and pulled his shirt over his head. Then she unbuckled his belt and fumbled with his zipper being very careful not to touch anything inside his jeans. She moved her hands to his hips and pulled the waistband of his jeans down and off his body. He stepped out of them. She got on her knees and pulled off his socks. He had already slipped off his loafers. He was down to his boxer briefs.

His cock was semi hard and very obvious through them. She hesitated. "Little girls who do not do as they are told are often spanked. I don't think you want to be punished yet, do you?" he asked. "No sir," she immediately responded and reached for his brief waistband, pulling them down his body. He stood before her naked. She avoided looking at his body. She had never seen a naked man before.

"Look at me. I want you to know every inch of me. You will have to learn how to please me in every way," he advised. She let her eyes fall on his body. She looked at him from his toes to his chest; for the first time seeing a man's penis. It looked large and very foreign. "I am going to do something special for you. Tonight is for you, not for me. I am going to tell you right out that you will be mine tonight. Do you understand?" he asked. "Yes sir, I think so," she responded. "I will fuck you," he offered bluntly. She blushed again.

He wondered how long it would take her to loose her embarrassment with everything he said. He decided he might have to become very blunt with her and see how red and hot her body could become under those circumstances. "Ok darling, I want you to hold very still. I am going to give you pleasure now. I need to make your tight little pussy wet for my cock," he told her enjoying the red flame that rose up her neck with his nasty words. She held still as he approached her body…


Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions……oh and girls wanting to be a sub, PM me.

story by: superkev123

Tags: fiction romance domination/submission bondage and restriction slavery male domination sex story

Author: superkev123

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