My neighbour sharon (pt. 2)

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<b>Day 2</b>

After the first night, I was truly terrified of running into Sharon. She'd seen me so clearly through the bathroom window, and had clearly heard me as I came while groaning her name – how was I going to face her?! How was I going to have a normal conversation after pumping thick ropes of cum across my girlfriends breasts while thinking of Sharon?

Either way, I had to get out of the house at some point – Sammy had already left to go to work, she was an early riser. Thanks to my job I was working from home a few days a week, so I typically got out of bed around 6.30am before having a coffee and a shower. Rolling out of bed with a groan, I swore as my feet hit the cold floor. I sleep naked, so I had to quickly over to our walk in closet, good naturedly cursing the decision to move to this town. Throwing on some jeans, I shuffled down to the kitchen and flicked on the jug, letting the water boil while I sorted out my thoughts.

Maybe she hadn't seen us? It was pretty late in the day after all, and Sammy had been below her eye-line so perhaps she thought I'd just been jerking off. And the window had been closed right, so she probably didn't hear me either – she definitely thought at worst I was just relieving some stress by myself. No way had she seen my girlfriend on her knees, jerking me off with those hot pink panties, begging me to say our neighbours name as I…

The whistle of the kettle made me jump back to reality. Pouring the hot water into yet another cup of crap instant coffee I sighed – I had a day of work ahead of me, I couldn't be worrying about this right now.

Trudging back up the stairs, coffee in hand, I started to plan out the day: I had to work for a few hours, had a meeting in the afternoon, and I wanted to hit the gym before Sammy got home. Settling down at my desk, I glanced idly out of the window. It was a genuinely beautiful day- the sun was just rising, there was some frost on the ground, and Sharon was bent over in front of the window, her tight ass straining against her jeans.

I nearly choked and dropped my coffee, swearing as it slopped over the cup and burnt my fingers. There she was, fixing something in her car seat in the driveway, her legs completely straight and bent only at the waist. I was so close I could clearly see the top of her black G-string poking out of her pants, curling over the top of her round bottom. God she had nice legs…and what an ass for someone in their 40's! She was wearing tight black jeans, a blouse and a nice blue jacket that accentuated her fit figure. She straightened up as I was gawking at her, tossing her long blonde hair back as she turned and I could see that her top was low cut – not outrageously so, but certainly showing more than a small swell of her perky breasts. My cock was immediately hard, pulsing at the sight of this sexy older woman.

She looked around impatiently and was muttering to herself, still not realising I was staring at her, and hurried back into the house clearly having forgotten something.

I exhaled slowly, glad to have not been seen. I was only then that I realised my cock was straining hard against my pants, fully hard at the sight of her. I grinned ruefully – damn this libido of mine! I reached into my jeans and pulled out my cock, slowly sliding my hand up and down the sensitive skin, making sure to keep an eye out in case she walked back outside.

I started to picture her more clearly, closing my eyes as I thought about her, what her hot, wet mouth would feel like on my hard cock, how she would react if I slid my hands up the insides of her thighs, imagine her trembling breath as she climaxed….I was pumping in earnest now, wanting to feel the release, hand hurriedly moving up and down in time with the waves of pleasure.

Next thing, there was a knock on the door.

Snapping out of my fantasy, I hurriedly shoved my cock into my pants, and glanced out the window – still no Sharon, so maybe I'd catch a glimpse after I'd spoken to whomever was ruining my morning glory.

In a foul mood now, I jogged down the stairs, shouting "Be there in a second!" and only hearing a muffled response. Throwing the door open with a scowl on my face, ready to have a very short conversation, the words dried up in my throat – it was Sharon.

She had a small smile on her face, but also looked a little worried – her blonde hair was curling over her eye, and she raised her hand to push it back, the simple action causing her top to move apart slightly. Immediately my eyes moved to her cleavage, to the swell of her tits.

"Hey Nick", she said. "Sorry to bother you, is this a good time?" She showed no sign that she'd seen anything the night before as she glanced inquisitively at me, and I flushed as I realised I was standing there with no shirt, no shoes, and some hastily thrown on jeans that probably didnt do much to hide my excited state.

"Sure, no worries" I replied "Sorry I was just having coffee upstairs"

"Oh that's ok, I dont mean to interrupt – I just wanted to say it was lovely meeting you guys yesterday and I was hoping you and Sam were free for dinner tonight?"

"Oh right, ahh I think we're booked out tonight sorry!" I said

"That's ok" She sighed "Ive just been pretty bored with the boys away, I'm not sure what to do with myself anymore!"

I felt bad – divorce is a bitch, and I know how hard it can be on some people. "How about drinks?" I asked. "It might be a bit later on, but if you're bored we'd love to have you around"

"Hey that'd be great" She exclaimed, brightening up immediately "It'd be good to get to know you guys better" As she said this, something sparkled in her eyes briefly.

"Awesome, should we say maybe 9pm?" I asked, anxious to go and get dressed properly.

"Sure" she smiled at me "Is the dress code smart casual, or more.." she gestured at my attire />
I laughed, feeling at ease with this pretty blonde woman. "Probably a bit smarter than this I'd say". She nodded and giggled, walking off. I was closing the door, smile still on my face when I heard her say "Hey, I don't mind – I'm a fan".

Swinging the door back open to make sure I'd heard correctly, I saw she was already at her car, closing the drivers side door. She reached up to move the mirror, and holding full eye contact with me slowly winked and drove off.

I stood there speechless for a second, trying to process what I'd just seen and heard. Then I frantically ran back upstairs and threw myself on the bed, frantically pulling my rock hard cock out of my pants. I began pumping my cock, moaning as I pictured her ass and the wink, over and over again, my breath getting faster and faster, my other hand drifting up my chest and pinching my nipple as I groaned that's it baby, touch me there" before shooting rope after rope of hot thick cum over myself. Drinks couldn't come fast enough.

Later that day, Sammy came home and I told her what had happened – not that I'd had one of the most intense orgasms of my life to our neighbor, but that Sharon had wanted to come round for drinks. Sammy was immediately on board with the idea "Yeah that's fine – she's so lovely and it must be hard going through what she's going through". Suddenly she laughed. "How was that – was it awkward seeing her knowing you were shouting her name last night?" I laughed back "Jesus it was weird – I thought she might have seen us last night, but it seems we got away with it!"

Sammy straightened up slowly, pushing into her lower back, causing her big round tits to push against her top. "What a shame…I like it when we get caught". Winking at me, she lightly ran upstairs to get changed, and I started to organise the kitchen for our guest.

Sammys voice floated down to me "Hey handsome, come up here, I want to show you />
Frowning, I walked upstairs, wondering what part of the house needed fixing now, or was it that some furniture needed to be re-arranged?

Walking into our room, Sammy was standing there completely naked, her hands on her hips with a small smile on her face. Her sex was completely clean shaven, her long tan legs and slim body accentuating her bright white smile. "Like what you see?"

I slowly walked around her, inspecting closely. "I'd give top marks for this one"

She giggled "Am I your slave now, is that it?"

"You could be" I traced my finger down her back, slowly over her curved buttocks, causing her smile to slip. Moving behind her, my hands traced lightly over her hips, her abdomen, and slowly over her breasts, teasing her nipples and causing a gasp to escape from between her lips. "Does this mean you do whatever I want?" I asked her, my hands now actively massaging her breasts as I stood behind her. "You keep doing that and you can do whatever you want" She said breathily, pushing her hips back so her ass pressed into my stiff dick and her breasts were more fully cupped in my hands.

I smiled slightly, and stepped back, causing her to groan in disappointment. "Stay there" I said, sliding off my clothes. "This is going to have to be fast".

Turning slightly to me, she looked me up and down with a wry smile and replied "That shouldn't be a problem". I could see her hands were now between her legs, her fingers soaked in her own juices as she looked at me with daring in her eyes. "Should we close the blinds?"

I laughed, "Not unless you think Sharon is going to catch us again!"

She was moaning now, pushing her own hips impatiently back and forward as she fingered herself deeply. "What do you want? Please come and fuck me now…"

I reached into our cupboard and brought out her sleep mask "I'm going to blindfold you" I announced, my cock hardening at the thought. We'd done some BDSM stuff before but it was never very serious. "So bend over".

Immediately she did so, spreading her legs so I could see her wet cunt glistening. I stepped up to her and slid on the blindfold, in the same motion pushing her forward slightly. "Please Nick" she gasped.

Pulling her arms behind her, I slid my rock hard cock deep into her hot wet sex, both of us graoning at the feel of it. I paused, feeling her shudder around me, before slowly pulling out and back in again, using long, slow stroked so she felt every inch. She was moaning over and over again, "Fuck me Nick…oh fuck me baby, make me feel it…oh fuck Nick."

I started to move faster, and pushed her up against the wall, but then a thought occurred to me, my cock hardening even more, and I whispered to her "Baby, move to your right a little".

She did so immediately, willing to make my every small desire a reality, and gasped as her tits pressed up against the cold glass of the window. "Oh you're a naughty boy…do you want someone to see us? What are you doing?"

Despite her words, I could feel her getting even wetter and she urgently began pushing her hips back against mine, meeting every thrust. I slipped one hand in front of her and began to lightly touch her clit with each movement, causing her to buck and moan each time, desperately straining for release.

I whispered

"Shut up and fuck me"

"Yeah do you like this? Baby imagine if Sharon was watching"

Immediately I felt her tighten up around my hard cock, screaming as she came, the waves of her orgasm coming so close to making me lose my load into her wet pussy. I moaned as well, as I imagined her hard nipples rubbing up against the glass, and pulling her back I kissed her roughly and deeply, our tongues intertwined as her orgasm shook through her body.

We stayed there, panting, until she slowly looked back at me, a wicked smile on her face, still obscured by the mask.

"I guess we better get ready for drinks"

story by: GNW

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Author: GNW

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