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This is a gay, incest,  sort of non-consensual sex stories . If you don't like this please do not read. 

The following story is strictly fiction and for erotic fantasies .

And the summer was there! It had been there for months. It was now July and I had gone north to see my cousins. there were three of them ages 7 ,9, and 11. The two youngest were girls and the oldest a boy. I had always enjoyed visiting my cousins up north, it let me get way from my parents and hang with my little cousin Nate. At the time I was 14 , and as stated earlier he was 11. I had been staying with them for a couple day and we all decided to To go an amusement that was about 4 hours away from there house. Therefore we had to get a hotel. There we seven of us so my aunt uncle and 2 younger cousins got one room and me and Nate got the other. Or rooms although, were on different floors so I had been put in charge of Nate and making sure that we were the last thing my aunt and uncle had to worry about. 

So we took our thins up to our room as my aunt and uncle and younger cousins took there things to their room. After we had taken our things up to our room( it had been a good amount of stuff considering we were staying for 3 days) I said to Nate

 " hey , dude, u wana go swimming ?" 

" ya sure!" he replied 

"Cool!" I said while grabbing my swimsuit out of my bag. 

I then just pulled down my pants and then my boxers, doing it deliberately  in front of Nate hoping we would get aroused or curious. But the only thing he said was

" why do you do that out /> " it's faster " I replied. 
" oh, ok whatever" he said as he walked into the bathroom , bathing suit in his hand. He then soon came out wearing his suit. So we both went down to the pool for a swim.

We came back soaking wet . And had decided on watching tv. When we got into the room. Nate grabbed some clean cloths and started heading to the />
"What are you doing?" I said 
"changing, duh."
"don't be a pussy" I said " just change out here."
" why ?" he said. I didn't know how to reply to that so I just said
" what are you insecure with your fucking body or /> That must have hit some nerve in his little eleven year old brain so he said
" ok, whatever, just turn the light on please"   (the only light being from the window in the 10th floor of the hotel. And as soon a's I turned my back to turn in the light switch on the other side of the room he pulled Down his pants trying to take them off and put on his sleeping pants before I turned around again. But His body still being wet his sleeping pants stuck to his feet as he was trying to put them on and he lost his balance and fell onto the bed next to him as I turned around…his pants still at his ankles.

But then I knew why he didn't want to change in front of me. His penis was not even two centimeters long flaccid. And the cold water from the pool didn't help the size either. But at that time , after he had his pants up, his face was red. So I cooled it and just went ahead and changed, reveling my 5.5 inch semi hard penis. ( it is 7 inches when hard) 

After watching tv for a while we decided to go to bed. There was only one bed. It was a full. Just big enough for both of us. We crawled in and as soon as his head hit the pillow, Nate was asleep. I waited an hour before starting. I new he was a hard sleeper and having observed him put on his sleeping pants, knew he wasn't wearing any underwear. I slowly slid my hand over  and started poking his soft little penis through his pants. And I could feel it good considering the pants were relatively thin. I got him hard and it was then about two inches long . Then he moved and I pulled away. I then reached back, but this time went inside he pants and started rubbing his now semi hard cock. I got it all the way hard agian and then started pulling down his pants. And saw his penis agian. It was so small yet so sexy. I then leaned my head over and ploped then head of his penis into my mouth. I felt like about the size of a small jellybean. I then engulfed the whole thing, which wasn't hard to do at all and started sucking until I could  feel his head start to buldge. I would then stop , then start agian. After doing this a couple times I was majorly hard and moved his hand to touch my penis of which was sticking out of the hole In my boxers( the only thing I was wearing at the time . At the point he woke up , his hand on my hard penis , and his pants down and penis wet with saliva. 

" what the heck are you doing?" He said
There was no point in denying anything so I just said
" I'm playing with you , look it feels /> I then took my hand and started jacking him. 
" so, it doesn't matter if it feels good, it's wrong and /> " soo?" I said rolling onto him grinding our hard penises /> " stop " he said 
" no" I said /> I kept humping him as he begged me to stop I then stoped and said to him 
" if you do just as I said it will feel great, you will have fun , and you won't get hurt. After i said that last part. I saw the fear in his eyes knowing that I could beat him up. I then said , get on top of me. He did as he was told . I then said
" suck my dick"
" why?" he said
"just do it " I replyed
He then started sucking it. It felt like nothing before. He sucked it great! I then started face fucking his sweet 11 year old face. I moaned in pleasure. And me not caring I gave him no warning and cummed into his mouth.  Making him gag in disgust and spit it out onto my stomach.
" what the fuck?" I said " eat … Now!"
He then sucked it up and swallowed it with a vile look on his face. I then said 
" get on you knees , bend over, and put you hands on the head /> He did it and I pit in my hand and rubbed it on his hairless, prepubic ass. I then spit on my hand and rubbed it on my dick, considering I  had forgotten my condem . I then pressed in and started pumping as soon as I was in . He yelled In pain, as I moaned in pleasure. having just cum, it took a long time and i felt him start to loosen up. He them started moaning and saying

" whoa, gosh yes . Oh!"

I couldn't believe it. He liked it! He then started moving with me. I then felt me about to cum. I told him and pressed all the way in. And came better than ever before. He then yelled, and his ass started contracting ! He was having an orgasm! I looked at his dick and saw a small amount of cum seeping out of it . I then jacked his Wet dick making him Have another orgasm , me still being in him it contracted my dick making me have another orgasm. 
I then pulled out and we lay next to each other, both breathing heavily , considering we had both just had double orgasms . I then turned to him and said

" I'm sorry for being so mean, I just wanted to do that. " 
" oh my gosh , that was amazing! " he said
" just don't tell anyone ok?" I replyed
" ok, ya, I want more, maybe tomorrow night?"
" ooohh, yyaaa" I said 

We both went so sleep in our cum, as I spooned him from behind.

Check back in for more later.

story by: Likinthelittlethings

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