New adventure part1

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This happened one fall when I first entered college. I was eighteen at the time and living home.
I had a job at a convienece store. This man , around 37 or 38 , began coming in late, just before closing time, and would talk briefly with me. This went on three or four times per week for a couple of weeks. One night he asked me what I was doing after work, and asked if I would like to hang out, and have a few beers with him.Though I was pretty naive, I sensed an intrest by him that his intentions where more than just friendly. I felt a jolt of excitement go through me and quickly accepted. I wrapped things up and left the store. I followed him back to his appartment,only a few blocks from the store.
Once inside we popped open a few beers and began to drink them. He had a nice place furnished nicely, and quite comfortable, as well as private. He introduced himself as Pete, and we began to talk. He got up and turned on the TV, and popped in a movie.
As the movie began to play , I realized it was a porn flick. I had seen pics in mags, but never a movie, and never anything as explicit as this. I felt my cock jump, and my eyes where fixed on the action. When I glanced back at Pete he had already slipped his cock out and was stroking it, our eyes met , and he motioned to me with his finger to come over to him. I was overwhelmed with excitment , and nervousness, but got up and went to him.
He pointed to the floor , where I settled on my knees in front of him. He informed me that i could leave if I wanted, but if i chose to stay , I belonged to him, and would serve and pleasure him,obediently. Part of me wanted to leave,but my cock was so hard ,and i was so excited I had to stay.
Pete told me to strip naked and, remain on my knees in front of him. I was to continue masterbating, but I wasn't alowed to cum. He stood up in front of me, He was about 6'0", 185lbs
with a cock about 71/2 ". It was a beautiful cock, the first one, besides my own I had ever seen in person. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.
He stroked it gently, and pointed it toward my face. He told me I would have to beg, and plead for his cock , and convince him , that I really wanted to pleasure him. As I stroked my cock , I told him how I love cock , and wanted cock so badly. I told him how attractive his cock was to me , and how much I needed it. That I couldn't enjoy sex, unless His cock was the center of attraction. This continued for nearly ten minutes. I kept moistening my lips, and telling him i wanted to suck his beautiful cock. What I didn't realize is that i was positioned so that I was secretly being videotaped. His rock hard cock was only fractions of an inch from my face.
Finally he was conviced of my willingness to suck him. With one hand he held my chin, and told me to open. The mushroom shaped cock head entered my wanting mouth, my head was spinning, I was filled with excitement. He slid his hard enlogated cock about 1/3 of the way into my mouth. Still holding my chin, he said Lick. My tongue began a sexy dance in my mouth, His eyes where focused intensely on my mouth. His hands caressed the sides of my head and he began to move his hips rythmically in and out. He told me to suck, and suck nicely. So i began to suck. Our rythym became magical as he began to work his hard cock deeper into my mouth. I sucked and licked passionately.
His moans grew louder and I new he was close to a climax. Then suddenly he commanded me to stop, open my mouth, and put out my tongue. I did as I was told, he grabbed hold of his cock and stroked it hard. His first stream of cum blasted right into my mouth, He said swallow, so I did. Another jet of thick white cream let loose and hit me on the nose. it was followed by several smaller streams of thick oozing cum that went into my mouth, and laid on my tongue. Pete finished by squeezing his cock dry into my mouth and told me to swallow it, which I did and he slipped his cock back into my mouth for a few more moments in which i cleaned him up. He informed me that i was done, but would need to return on Friday night. That he had something to show me, that i would be very intrested in. That this would be just the begining

story by: Tom_3

Tags: fiction blowjob first time cum swallowing gay authoritarian sex story

Author: Tom_3

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