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New job, new start: not for Fiona 8
Sorting out Fiona's terms and conditions:

As Fiona eased herself into a figure hugging pencil skirt and tight white blouse in the bedroom she had little clue that I was dressed in the kitchen ready to accompany her into work on this sunny Monday morning. After she arrived home late on Sunday evening from her trip to the warehouse and she’d filled me in on all the juicy details; I’d decided that Donald and his cronies were perhaps taking liberties with my whore by way of using her to gain business for themselves. I felt it was time I paid Donald a little visit and there was no time like the present.

As Fiona went to get her keys from the hanger we use I jangled them at her and went to the car jumping straight into the driver’s seat, she looked puzzled but slide her sweet arse into the passenger seat beside me.

going on?” Fiona asked, still puzzled and looking for answers.

“It’s about time a paid Donald a little visit don’t you think?”

“No, please />
“Ha, too late Fiona I’ve made up my mind”

The thirty minute journey was completed in silence until I pulled into her reserved spot in the staff car park, when again she asked me not to come in. But again she was told to shut the fuck up and lead the way. She led the way through reception where she had to explain to the lovely receptionist that I was a client to gain entry, on our way to the lift I also caught the eye of the two old guys in their searching office who I gathered to be Gerald and Trevor.

The plush lift effortlessly glided up to the third floor and stopped with a soft ping followed by the doors gliding open smoothly. I followed Fiona out onto a lush blue carpet and through to heavy wooden doors that she pushed open easier than I thought. The office space was as she’d described it and I carried on following her right to the office at the end that was identified as Mr. Donald Symons by the plate on the door. I’d already noticed the other two offices we passed that were sporting the same plate but with Graham and Gary’s name on their plates.

Fiona knocked once and entered before getting a response. Donald's smile disappeared as he saw me enter behind and shut the door.

“Who are you?” he said looking at me then at Fiona. I’d already told Fiona to keep her mouth shut so she wasn’t about to offer Donald an answer anytime soon.

“I’m this whores owner” I said offering my hand to Donald to show that I wasn’t there to kick his old fucking head in and hoped it’d stop him calling security. It had the desired effect and he took my hand and gave me a feeble handshake. A weak man I thought, except when ordering my whore about. He looked at me even more puzzled and bewildered than Fiona had this morning as he sat back in his expensive leather swivel chair whilst pointing at the seat opposite his desk for me. Fiona stood at the side of my chair within touching distance as I’d instructed her to do.

After I was seated Donald asked me what it was I wanted and I was ready to answer that question alright.

“You see Donald maybe I should explain a little about the relationship me and Fiona share, I think that’ll be and appropriate place to begin. Fiona is my whore who sucks and fucks whoever I tell her too or whoever I agree to” poor Donald's face was a picture but I continued anyway. “Now I was fully aware and happy for her to be being used and abused by Steve Lomax and the other four guys; but then you and your other directors got in on the act and took liberties with my />
“I’m sorry />
“Hush a while Donald I’m talking now. As I was saying when Fiona told me about the events of last night I felt it was about time I come down and ran through a few things just so we were on the same page shall we say Donald?”

“Ok, I />
“Now what pissed me off the most was the fact that you were using my whore as a way of pleasing your clients in an attempt of drumming up some business. So I’ve come up with a list of demands that you will agree I’m sure as I think you’ll agree it’ll benefit us both in the long run”

“I’m all ears” Donald said pulling a notepad and pen from the draw in his massive desk.

“I gave Donald my list and he duly copied them down one by one;

1. Fiona is available for use by any employee in the company.
2. You will make sure when Fiona is used by any employee including yourself, which it is filmed and then the only copy is sent to me.
3. Fiona can be used by you in order to sweeten any deal if it means securing business, but never as just a treat for prospective clients.
4. If with Fiona's help the deal is sealed then I take a 10% fee of the contract amount
5. Fiona carries on receiving her £75k salary with an additional £10k bonus at the end of the year if her services have helped increase turnover.
Now how does all that sound Donald? I think you’ll agree that with Fiona's qualities I’m sure she’ll seal many a lucrative deal for you and it’ll be a win win situation for us both.”

“Well the 10% fee seems a little excessive but everything else shouldn’t be a />
“Ok I tell you what Donald I’m a reasonable man; for the first five deals I get 5% if things go well it increases to the 10%”

“Ok that sounds like a fair deal” he said putting a line through a bit then re-writing the new terms

“Now Donald I also have another whore that may also be of interest to you at a later date if things with Fiona go better than expected shall we say” Fiona shuffled next to me and lent into my shoulder as she obviously sussed out I was referring to her daughter Alice. “Of course Donald I wouldn’t expect you to agree to anything until you’d sampled her for yourself and decided if she could be an asset or not”

“Ok that sounds good, but we’ll see how things progress with Fiona first. Now I need to run this by my senior partners Graham and Gary first you />
not a problem, call them in let’s get it done” Donald pressed a button on his phone and a female voice came over loud and clear asking what he would like.

“Can you ask Graham and Gary to attend my office as soon as possible please Rose”

“Not a problem Mr. Symons” and she was gone.

Five uneasy silent minutes passed before we heard laughing and joking approaching the door and after a quiet tap it opened and the laughter stopped as Graham and Gary walked in and eyed me over. Donald asked them to sit on the leather sofa on the left and then he ran through the details of our discussion followed by the terms I’d demanded; before asking whether they were in agreement and if so he gave them a pen to sign on the scribbled contract on his notepad.

Their two names were hurriedly added to the sheet to which Donald added his above theirs. He then asked Fiona to go and type it up onto headed paper and print off two copies. She left the office and returned a few minutes later with two neatly typed up copies of the contract on official company headed paper.

“One for you and one to be kept in the company safe right here” he went to a cabinet in the corner and punched a seven digit number into the keypad which popped the door open and the sheet of paper was put inside.

“I don’t know about you Donald but I normally like to celebrate when things go well”

“I’ve got no drink in if that's what you />
“Oh no Donald I was thinking more along the lines of a celebratory blowjob each or something, how would that do instead?” the mood suddenly turned jovial and Donald, Graham and Gary were all in agreement that it sounded like a good idea.

“Well what you pissing around at guys get your fucking dicks out!” I stood up and pushed my tracksuit bottoms round my ankles and my thick cock hung naked beneath as I hadn’t put boxers on. I looked at Fiona and she didn’t need telling, she obediently assumed the position on her knees in front of me and took my flaccid cock in her hand and guided it into her wet mouth to make me hard. I looked around me as she went to work with her magic mouth and was happy to see the three men with a dick in hand stroking it into a nice erection for Fiona.

Fiona sucked me off for about seven wonderful minutes before my nuts tightened and my cock twitched before unloading a torrent of sperm into her throat which she dutifully swallowed down. She then crawled on all fours to the other side of the desk and grasped hold of Donald's hard old dick stuffing it into her sticky mouth. Her mouth had the same explosive effect on Donald's old cock in about four minutes and she swallowed him down to except the bit that dribbled from his softening dick onto her white blouse as he pulled from her mouth. After crawling over to Graham and devouring his impressive cock culminating in another throat full she went to work on the last cock of Gary's as we all watched on. He shot the fourth and final load down her neck and we finished the meeting with handshakes as Fiona remained on all fours between us. I turned and left with my contract in hand leaving Fiona to carry on in her new role at work. As I was in the car I told Fiona id be back at five to pick her up and then I left.

When I returned at five o clock I parked in Fiona's spot, but couldn’t help notice the eight work vans with the name ‘TOP VIDEO down the side. I headed into the building making it straight passed reception with nothing more than a quick smile from the lady behind the desk, and I was soon on my way towards Donald's office. The door to both Grahams and Gary's offices were wide open and I saw a workman in each installing what looked like a camera in the corner, on arrival at Donald's door he too had a workman on some ladders fiddling with a camera. He noticed me and left his desk and led me back towards the open plan waiting area.

“As you can see I’ve wasted no time in getting the cameras set up, that why we won’t be wasting anytime in getting Fiona we both laughed at his choice of words before he continued. “All in all I've had full colour cameras installed throughout the whole building to the tune of about a hundred grand, so Fiona best be worth it” he said again laughing. “A hundred grand has got me about three hundred cameras and top of the range recording equipment that goes straight onto dvd so we should have no problems getting you the copies.”

“Sounds like you have everything under control Donald”

“Let me show you the recording room as were already up and running in certain areas of the warehouse and garage area” he led me to a room in the opposite corner of the top floor which was opened by an electronic swipe card that Donald had in his pocket. “Here this one’s yours”. He handed me the white plastic card and told me that it wouldn’t be a problem for me to come and go in the warehouse as security were fully aware that I was a regular visitor.

The room was deceptively large and was dominated by a whole wall full of 22” plasma TVs’.

“Whoa you have been busy Donald”

“Lots of money gets things done very quickly, this room alone cost another sixty grand so you can now see my eagerness to recoup some of the outlay. Anyway let me show you what’s what in here.”

He then proceeded to give me a run through of how to alternate through the cameras using the large control panel; it all seemed simple enough so I asked if he’d tried it out yet. Donald smiled and flicked the button for camera number one which was labelled garage. The TV in the middle of the wall which was slightly larger than the rest, maybe 32” flicked and came to life. The quality of the picture was absolutely perfect like watching a DVD.

“I’ve assigned Steve Lomax the job of running a test to see if the cameras pick up well and record properly. This is the first camera that was done so the workmen are well out of that area. I’ll leave you too it as I have a few calls to make for meetings tomorrow, once they’re finished down there if you press these buttons you should get a DVD copy of today’s footage from that camera, let me know what the quality is like once you've watched it won’t you?”

With that Donald turned on his heels and left me watching Fiona sucking Steve's fat cock whilst another man sat on a grubby sofa watching. This must have been the garage Fiona was taken to when they gangbanged her as it’s exactly as she described. I pulled up a chair and settled in to watch the scene playing out in front of me.

Fiona was still wearing her high heels stockings and tight skirt as she was kneeling on the dirty floor in front of Steve who was ramming his dick down her throat whilst holding either side of her head. He was basically using her mouth as a cunt and giving it a good fucking and I could hear Fiona gag each time his helmet jabbed the back of her throat. I had to admit the money Donald had spent certainly got the best as the sound quality matched the excellent picture.

Her blouse was open and her bra had been pulled down so her huge tits swung free, and by the looks of her bullet like erect swollen nipples they had received some attention. The bloke sat on the sofa was naked from the waist down and was sat stroking his cock waiting for his turn on Fiona, I had no idea who this guy was but he looked similar to a bloke called Shaun that Fiona had described. Steve finished ploughing her face and stood her up and spun her round in one motion pushing her towards the chap on the sofa that gratefully reached up and pulled her head down until she had no option but to open her mouth and accept the cock that was no presented at her lips. She opened wide and his shaft disappeared down her throat much to his delight as he let out a loud groan and a sigh. From here he was able to pull and tweak her nipples some more and Fiona seemed to respond to this by making her own low little moaning noises.

Steve was now behind Fiona and pulled Fiona's skirt up over her beautiful arse and bunched it at the small of her back, whilst her legs were still together he then peeled down her white knickers pulling them down to just below her bum cheeks.

“Open your legs whore” I heard him order Fiona who immediately moved her legs apart stretching the knickers that were now between her knees and bum cheeks. The knickers stopped her opening her legs any wider but that was enough for Steve.

Fiona had obviously not received any attention to her cunt if Steve had only just removed her knickers so I was wondering if her pussy would be wet enough to take his thick dick that was being nudged at her entrance. With a dry pussy and her legs not fully spread because of her knickers I imagined this would hurt a bit. Fiona lifted her head from the dick in front of her and screamed loudly as Steve forced his helmet into her un moistened opening and she continued screaming as he tried to ease more of his shaft inside.

He pulled out when he realised a little bit of lubrication would help him penetrate her and bent down to give her cunt a quick tonguing and a few bits of spit were directed onto her hole. Steve spat in his hands and rubbed it round the end of his cock then jabbed it back between Fiona's fleshy folds having more success this time around. Fiona still screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain but he didn’t stop this time until his groin came to rest against her pussy.

He slapped her on the right arse cheek then proceeded to pound her pussy with long hard strokes, knocking her forwards and the other man used the helpful momentum to pull her further down his dick until his pubes rubbed her face. She was double ended like this for a good fifteen minutes and Steve's stamina didn’t seem to falter but he pulled his dick out and told the chap to swap round.

Steve didn’t sit on the sofa but leant against the arm which meant Fiona was quite as bent over but the other guy had no trouble filling her now soaking hole after Steve had loosened it up and fucked her through two long noisy orgasms. Steve told Fiona to suck his nuts as well as giving him a slower blowjob this time as he wanted to savour it. She was treated to a much gentler fuck from the other bloke her gave her deep slow thrusts and ground his dick deep into her so she was less vocal but after ten minutes she still shook violently and came hard on his cock. Steve again took the lead and bent her over the sofa arm before slamming his dick back into her well used hole for yet another savage fucking that had her screaming the garage down constantly . Again Steve’s stamina held out for a good ten to twelve minutes and still he hadn’t come when he pulled out allowing the other man to fill the void. He changed his pace this time and I could tell that he was probably close to coming as his strokes were faster and shorter almost like a little stabbing motion as he plunged inside and quickly withdrew almost to his helmet.

It was only a few moments later when he gave her three really short sharp pokes with his dick and he shot forward on his tip toes holding Fiona's hips as he unloaded into her womb, he pulled out with a loud squelch then stepped aside as Steve again eased his big cock deep inside her now come filled tunnel. As Steve drove his dick inside the squelching noises were picked up wonderfully on the state of the art cameras and speaker system and it felt as though you were in the room.

I think Steve only knows one way to fuck and that's hard as he again administered a ferocious assault on Fiona's well beaten pussy hole but he didn’t relent even when she clamped her legs together and came with an almighty scream which must of been heard miles away. The next time Fiona came was only two minutes later and at the same time Steve unloaded a waterfall of spunk inside her that seeped out when he pulled his cock out.

Steve pulled her knickers up catching all the seamen and then pulled her skirt back down.

“Get dressed you fucking slag were down for today”

He pulled his pants up and left, leaving her spent. I hit the relevant buttons and took my cd and waited in reception for Fiona to walk up a little tenderly. We left soon after but tomorrow is another day and another story.

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