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No one wanted to do a thing that day. Everywhere you could’ve looked, students were indoors. It was raining hard that Saturday, a literal downpour with no break in it in sight said the forecasts. Cold and wet from running to their cars to get books, young 22 year olds Jessie and her friend Marci were stuck studying at Marci’s with no ambition to go to the library to do their studying.
“Are you tired of this?” said Marci. Jessie nodded. “Then let’s just stay here” she told her friend. “We can go over this in a little while” meaning reading the four chapters they each were assigned to read for a test on Monday. What’s wrong with that?” Marci asked. “Jess, you upset about /> Jessie told her no. That when it rains like this, she became sullen and always felt bored and tired and always felt like snuggling with one of three guys on days like this. Both laughed. Marci just wanted to snuggle under her covers. Jessie laid the opposite way. They knew everyone would be bored too, stuffed in their rooms at their dorms. Marci, wearing only her ugly heavy sweatshirt and sweatpants took them off and covered up with bedspread taking off her clothes before getting underneath. It didn’t bother Jessie. These two were fast friends and remained close friends all the way through their senior year. Preferring her lightweight pajamas, which she didn’t have with her, Jessie meanwhile left her clothes on.
“Jess, you don’t mind, do you?” she asked as she lifted off the heavy laden sweatshirt over her head.
Marci had beautiful round boobs, not too big, but just right at their age. Jessie watched as she removed it, staring at her upper body and tits. She smiled. Marci smiled back as she exposed them and the nice white bra and cleavage too to her best friend in the world. Each laid down in opposite directions and cracked open their books to read. Reading for about 25 minutes, Marcia was already bored.
“I wish Kelly was here…Kelly and Michael too?” she suggested.
Jessie agreed and they smiled at one another knowing a combination would break up the monotony growing around them. Kelly and Michael would easily be into something a little more romantic and intimate then studying with two pretty looking, long silky haired seniors who lived off campus in their own place. They heard the heavy steady rain. It was relaxing and romantic calming. Two guys could make it special, but they didn’t want that testosterone around either. Lying in opposite directions, Jessie’s feet would accidentally bump either Marci’s book or her body. If it wasn’t her book, it would be her tummy. If it wasn’t her tummy, it’d be her boobs. Marci didn’t let it bother her. She let her close friend touch them and anytime she felt like it. These two lithe young ladies kept getting in the way of the other or at least Jessie did with Marci. But Marci giggled when Jessie’s feet bumped her tits. Finally Jessie laughed quietly realizing what she’d done. The rain continued coming down hard. Otherwise everything else was quiet in their apartment, each finding peace while reading and pretending to study.
Marci stopped studying and looked over at her close friend. She stared at her as Jessie read, oblivious to Marci’s gaze. “Have I ever told you that you have pretty eyes Jess?”
Quiet around them except the heavy pitter patter of the rain, Jessie stopped and looked up at her friend. “I’ve always thought yours were pretty too.” They held their books and held one another’s gaze. Jessie put her book down. Turning, she eased her way up towards her friend. Facing her, the two lay side by side staring and wondering what to say to the other. Then Jessie asked “Marci, have you ever thought about what it’d be like to kiss me or kiss another girl or woman?”
Marci was surprised but had actually considered this idea a few times, especially with Jessie, and nodded while looking directly into Jessie’s eyes. Jessie grinned as she gazed into Marci’s, but Marci turned away. Jessie eased against her close friend, practically spooning Marci’s soft and silky young flesh. She held Marci’s body. As close as Jessie was to Marci, Marci could feel Jessie breath rolling down over Marci’s shoulder.
Marci said, “this feels nice. I can feel your breath.” She smiled up at Jessie. “I feel your breath against me and how you’re touching and holding me…it she said to her closest friend. But just then Jessie’s fingernails daintily strolled down over the soft smooth skin of Marci’s shoulder. She trailed down over the outside of her arm. Neither said a word. Marci allowed this. Only their own breaths and the sound of the rain were heard as Jessie continued stroking her friend’s slender arm.
Beneath the covers, only Marci’s shoulders and the base of her neck were visible, but those were soon coming down off her as Jessie, currently the aggressor for now hugged her friend’s lithe and slender figure. With a hand under her head and looking sideways at Marci, these two looked at each other as Jessie continuously stroked Marci’s visible flesh. Soon those covers were down to Marci’s waist, but Marci eased them off entirely with her feet as she turned and lay flat on her back for Jessie. Wearing only the bra and underwear, her body seemed vulnerable, and welcoming, to Jessie’s quiet advances. Not insistent in the least, Jessie moved about Marci with unhurried exactness heightening each moment between two very close and dear friends.
“I like this” Marci said under her breath.
“Me too” Jessie replied, smiling.
“Mmmmmm and you…you do it soooo well” Marci added.
“I love doing it with you” Jessie answered. “I guess…I love why.”
Marci having turned and settled on her back allowed Jessie to ease up against her side. Cuddling almost face to face, they gained an unprecedented intimacy with one another as the seconds ticked on. Their bodies were as close as could be. Nose to nose, Jessie and Marci’s hands and fingers reached and touched one another’s hair, shoulders, belly’s, and beneath one another’s chins including above their cleavage laden boobs.
“Mmmmmm, ahhhh” Jessie announced quietly.
Caressing the other intimately, they felt the other with the use of the backs of their hands creating a stirring and uplifting level of arousal within each. Outside rain painted the atmosphere as Marci pulled her close friend towards her. Nose to nose, before either knew it, they kissed. Each kissed as their hands ran across and through the other’s hair. Marci curled up as Jessie ran her hand over Marci’s tummy and fed in between her luscious slender thighs.
Marci said. “Uh yeahhh” she uttered quietly.
It was plain to see each wanted more then was possible, but Marci’s legs split apart as Jessie’s right leg fed through and collapsed in between them. Now practically on top of her friend, Jessie bordered Marci’s physique as they shared passion never shared before. With both still clothed it didn’t matter. These two would have their way with each other.
Finally, each sitting up in the bed, they kissed and kissed as their hands ran rampant across the others downy laden flesh. Marci’s hand went about careening across Jessie’s breasts as they kissed and held one another’s bodies. Trailing the backs of one another’s hands, they tantalized each other’s and a desire for more as they felt the easy velvetiness of the other’s skin. It grew intense as the kissing became more concentrated and feverish. Jessie pushed, laid Marci out on her back, tenderly as she climbed over her, all the while their lips creating an intense fervor unseen between these two. Heat and passion bred into new heights as Jessie climbed on top of her friend, between her two legs, now in the air and almost straddling Jessie’s back.
“Ohhhhhh Jessie,” Marci cried out quietly, do me…do me” she began to beg lovingly.
Jessie leaned in and kissed Marci’s lips tenderly. Marci lying and feeling all of it took it all in as she brought her hands around the back of Jessie’s neck and back pulling Jessie closer and closer to feel the warmth and love shared by these two. These two, one on top of the other, began rocking as they kissed, building up a natural passion for one another. As they continued to kiss and rock back and forth with one another, their bodies appeared to draw into each other, rocking and kissing and kissing and rocking as they filled with unending heat and an undying obsession for something more then love.
“Ohhh god, yes” Marci called out as Jessie rocked and tugged and kissed at the young ladies neck and along her upper chest just above her boobs. “God, I want you” she told Jessie. “I…I want you soooo badly.”
And finally the moment of truth as first Jessie, and then Marci, removed unwanted clothing. Jessie’s top came off, bearing no bra, and Marci’s bra were removed. Marci’s turn and she moved in and kissed and licked her friend’s body. Caressing Jessie’s breasts and surrounding areas, she kissed those same areas, including one of her boobs.
Marci kissed Jessie smallish boobs, especially her nipple, putting it into a raging inferno and an obvious hard nipple. “OHHHHH GOD, YES Jessie cried out. “Do it again” she said gasping with pleasure with her eyes closed. Her chest seemed to heave as her voice and breath gained passion as her friend kissed her warm flesh everywhere. she breathed, you…you do this Jerry ever did. Ohhhhhhh” sighed.
Marci positioned herself subtly over Jessie and eased into her boobs. Kissing one, then the other, she licked and kissed both some more, more to arouse herself as well as Jessie heightening their desires. Jessie felt the rocking. Marci, as she kissed her friends’ round pointy boobs, began to rock upwards, then downward as their clits and cunts eased and ground against the others creating uprising havoc within one another. More grinding, gradual quicker grinding as these two found an exhilaration beyond their imagination. To make love and have sex with another woman, especially one’s own friend as close as each was to the other was above and beyond anything they could have imagined, but all of it seemed so natural as the humping and ongoing need to kiss fervently and hold as intimately as each was doing. To see it, to see them naked and intense was beautiful as any lovemaking could have been.
“Oh eeeehh…uh ooohh” Jessie panted.
The two sat upright holding one another while feverishly kissing, boobs touching boobs, lips passionately against lips, drawing out and drawing in emotion after emotion as each amplified a greater desire to orgasm and show their wonderful appreciation and affection towards the others. Nipples were hard. Hearts beat hastily. Breathing was hastened by the need to get the other off. And get the other off was what each did as the humped and kissed and kissed and touched one another everywhere. Licking included, both were licked inside their thighs, around their tummy’s, and especially on and around the other’s tits. Holding, sucking, kissing, and licking all the while an ongoing grinding against the others pussy to keep an ongoing and reinforcing sense of desire and love and lust for one another.
Breathing was quiet and abrupt as the yearning for anything to come of it. Eyes closed, quiet squeals erupted, and rapture seemed to fill the tiny bedroom. Jessie and Marci had done their bests to make the other happy at the very least and finally, Jessie turned on her side as Marci slithered over to spoon her naked sexy friend.
Marci whispered. “I… I can’t describe to you-”
hold me…I know” Jessie whispered back. “I wanna do this again.”

story by: Xx Cupid xX

Tags: fiction lesbian female/female sex story

Author: Xx Cupid xX

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