Obsession, lust and perversion – chapter 19

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They landed at a private airport located on Maui. Colin had arranged for a limo to take them to their residence for the week. When they got their luggage loaded, they departed. Jeff said bye and put his things in a car that Colin had arranged with the local Ford dealer. When he got to his hotel, much to his surprise, Colin had leased him penthouse suite. It was beautiful and luxurious. He knew he would have a wonderful week. Right now he wished that he had a wife to share this experience with…..who knows, maybe he will find one while he is laughed to himself.

Colin, Alisha, Cody, and Justin arrived at their residence for the week. Alisha and Cody, being typical women, explored the house, familiarizing themselves with all its amenities. There was a tennis court, pool, hot tub, 4 bedrooms, game room, wet bar, living room, kitchen and laundry. The house was a total of 6000 sq ft sitting on 200 acres of land. They all knew they would have a wonderful week. Colin had also arranged for the local Ford dealer to have two GT 500 Mustangs taken to the residence for them to use. On Tuesday, they were all invited to a Charity Black Tie affair in Honolulu that the Ford dealer’s wife was chairman of. It sounded like fun, so they had accepted the invitation. However, Cody and Justin declined, saying that they wanted to just relax.

They got unpacked and made themselves at home. Alisha and Cody changed into their bikinis and were sitting out on the patio drinking Patron on the rocks while Justin and Colin went exploring on the property finding an isolated fresh water creek with a large pool at the base of a falls. They couldn’t wait to tell the girls and maybe go skinny dipping. One thing these two guys couldn’t get enough of was seeing their wives naked.

They spent the afternoon just doing nothing and decided to take a car and go find a really quiet restaurant on the beach for dinner. They told the girls about the lagoon they had found. They couldn’t wait to all go there and skinny dip. They had a really nice meal then went to the house and went to bed, after the long flight, they were all really tired. They would get up early tomorrow morning and go exploring on the island. Colin and Alisha were looking forward to the Charity Ball on Tuesday night.

Tuesday morning as they had breakfast, they decided to go to the river that Colin and Justin had found and skinny dip. After lunch, Colin and Alisha were going to the airport where they arrived and take a charter flight to Honolulu to attend the Charity Ball. They would spend tonight at a hotel there tonight and return in the morning. They finished breakfast and hiked to the pool beneath the falls that the guys had found. When they got there, the girls couldn’t believe the natural beauty surrounding the pool. They stripped and dived into the cool water. Colin and Jason wasted no time getting in also. They spent most of the morning there, had sex in the grass then went back to the house for lunch. After lunch, Alisha packed their clothes for this evening and a change for tomorrow. She had picked out a stunning red dress that she had bought in the Springs while she was there. She had Colin’s thought that he looked so good in it. Cody and Jason had departed in one of the cars to go explore the island.

Colin and Alisha arrived at the airport and loaded their bags into a chartered plane that Colin had arranged. They got in and the pilot took them to Honolulu where they were met by a town car that his friend had arranged. They were taken to the hotel and got their room. His friend called him and told him that he and his wife would meet them there at about 6pm as the dinner started at 7. The event was being held at a events center next door. They explored Honolulu, the little shops and stores along the main streets of downtown then went back to the hotel and decided to go to the bar and have a drink before they went up to their room to shower and get ready for the events of the evening. As they walked into the bar, they noticed how beautiful the architecture was. It was decorated with a lot of dark hardwood and glass. They met two couples there that were attending the ball tonight and chatted with them while they finished their drinks. They then went to their room to prepare for their first gala event as husband and wife. Little did they know then, that they would experience a fantasy of their dreams tonight, a fantasy that would not soon be forgotten.

At 6:00 Colin and Alisha arrived in the lobby of the hotel. There they met Colin’s friend, Kono Majalaya and his wife. Kono was the Ford dealer for the entire Hawaiian Islands. He had dealerships on every island. Colin introduced Alisha to Kono and his wife. Together, they all walked to the Event Center next door. They were escorted to a table and after they were seated, they were served dinner.

The meal was exquisite. It was all Hawaiian cuisine and delicious. After dinner, they went to the ball room and were seated at a table near the dance floor. Kono had introduced Colin and Alisha to many people that evening and when the dance started, Colin and Alisha danced quite a lot. Colin noticed how the eyes of many of the men present followed Alisha as they glided across the floor. While we were seated, several guys asked Alisha to dance. She looked beautiful, wearing the short red dress and the diamond necklace he had bought her as a wedding present. As the evening progressed on, Colin had a hard time dancing with Alisha, there were always several handsome guys beating him to the punch.

When the Ball ended, they all walked back over to the hotel and Kono and his wife left to go home. Alisha and Colin decided to go have a drink at the bar before they went to their room.

The next day, Colin woke up fairly early and decided not to disturb Alisha after the night they had just experienced. He went to breakfast and sat by pool, thinking about the events of the past evening. Things had gone much farther than he would have ever dreamed. He sat, thinking to himself, recanting the events, one by />
We had been at the black tie event for several hours. Good food, fantastic music and a lot of dancing. We had a great night. Alisha, as ever, had attracted more than a few stares from the men there, particularly as she danced. I enjoyed watching her as much as ever with her fabulous ass floating above the dance floor. How I love that ass of hers. From the moment I first saw her and forever since then, it constantly occupies my thoughts. Perfectly shaped, lifting off at right angles from her long sexy legs, firm to touch and curving deliciously towards her narrow waist. It is hard not to stare at it when she stands still, and when she walks it is poetry in motion, but as she dances it is impossible not to stare at its mouth-watering wiggle which only goes to show how firm and tight and perfect it is.

I remember seeing her dancing to fast songs with several of the men we'd met, and it looked like she was having a fabulous time. She seemed almost oblivious to the stares other men gave her, instead she just kept smiling at them with her infectious smile. Pride filled my head as I watched her move her body in such a sexy way and I enjoyed thinking about having her to myself later and knowing all these guys knew that.

She is beautiful, stunning to look at, always gorgeous, and invariably sexy but that night all these things were especially true. The short red dress that she was wearing showed her curves beautifully. It was low cut to the base of her sternum. The bottom hugged her ass so tightly I had wondered how she had managed to get it on. And her legs in their customary stockings looked as amazing as ever.

Her hair was down and she wore the diamond necklace I gave her, that accented her smooth neck and shoulders and drew eyes to her fabulous breasts which were just as gravity defying as her ass. It is only now, thinking about it, that I realize that there was something else about her that night, she had looked incredibly seductive. As usual, she was tantalizing company as well as one hell of a sexy dancer and her spirit was contagious to the men she was dancing with.

Not everyone enjoyed her being there, however. At one point she was dancing with a huge good looking guy. She was just messing around and dancing close, but suddenly his girlfriend appeared out of nowhere and exchanged words with Alisha. The guy smiled at her nonetheless as his girl made it quite clear the guy was taken.

We'd ended up with a group who were staying at the adjoining hotel with us and, at the end of the evening, which had finished disappointingly early. We all ended up in the hotel bar.

The bar was decorated in the traditions of the Hawaiian Islands, with several small rooms off the main one.

Some of the men we'd met earlier had gone into an adjacent room, the only one with a door, and had started playing a game of poker. As the night went on, the other couples had drifted off to bed and we went to join the men in the next room.

The room was a feast of leather and teakwood and chandeliers with a huge, lighted aquarium at the far end. It looked to be a sort of members bar and was more secluded and intimate than the main bar area. There was very little light and only the chandelier was on and it threw a glow over the table in the center of the room. The aquarium threw off an iridescent hue into the rest of the room and gave a sense of secrecy and intrigue.

Music was playing too as someone had wired an i-pod into the stereo. It was a bit of a mix of styles, but it added to the general atmosphere.

As we entered, Dave, who we'd chatted with earlier at the event, asked me to shut the door behind me. There was a case full of unopened beers on one of the tables in a cooler of ice together with wine, spirits and mixers. Dave told us to help ourselves. We did. Alisha continued with her Patron on the rocks and I decided on beer.

The game was going on at the lit table. On one side of the room was a bar, which was closed, and on the other side, close to the aquarium, was a leather sofa with two large leather armchairs.

We recognized five of the people we'd spoken with earlier. They were seated at the poker table still sporting their dinner jackets and with their bow ties hanging, James Bond style, around their necks and dangling down onto their dress shirts. The scene we had walked into could have been from any decade for the last hundred years.

While we remembered each of the men that she had danced with earlier, Dave took the opportunity to introduce the group again. Dave and Mike worked together and were good friends. Both were in their late 20's. We both immediately recognized John as the guy you'd danced with earlier. Fortunately, his annoying girlfriend had crashed as soon as she got back to the hotel. He was a big guy, well over six foot, six inches tall and full of muscle. Will seemed pretty quiet, but had a dry sense of humor and when he spoke, it was worth listening to.

Jason was the fifth, and, while it was a handsome group, he was easily the best looking there. Then there was Alisha and I.

The game that was going on was clearly just a warm up and soon it became apparent that the real game was about to begin. Mike asked us if we wanted to play. It cost $200 to buy in. They were to play for an hour and depending on how they all felt, a second game was planned.

I took $400 out of my wallet and bought both of us a seat at the table. The game was serious, but also a lighter tone and there was a great deal of banter, of which she were at the center.

Alisha looked fantastic, drop dead gorgeous , her fabulous stocking clad legs shown well with the short red dress she was wearing. She had heels and they served to accentuate the definition of her legs. And then her I loved their shape, their weight, how her nipples got hard when she was aroused, and how, in the dress she was now wearing, they oozed sex appeal. It is difficult to describe how much I loved her in those moments as I watched her from the other side of the table.

Watching as her killer smile cracked across her face, the way her eyes shone, the way she teased and flirted and the way she engaged the people she had just met, was everything I had come to expect. Each time I saw her in such form I was mesmerized nu her beauty and how sassy she was … and especially how sexy.

The others loved having her there and they loved that she could give out a hard time as well as she received it, and then some. Alisha was true to form and while she entertained the banter with enthusiasm, she was also competitive. In fact, despite a slow start she soon got the hang of the poker face. She became difficult to 'read' and she had an impressive number of wins. It's fair to say she had some good hands to start with, but she made the most of them, soon winning enough to double her stake. However, her cards can't have been that good all the time and, after a while, the men became increasingly reluctant to call her.

Jason and I were the first to lose and we ambled over to the sofa to sit by the aquarium grabbing a beer each as we went. We sat on the sofa half chatting and half watching the game as the rest continued to play. When the game stopped after an hour, Alisha was clearly the winner. She had accumulated $400.

The game broke up and we all gathered around the sofas and chairs to drink and talk. Our new friends tried not to be too obvious in their glances at her. Jason, however, stared, watching her body intently as she walked over.

We chatted freely. At one point, she asked if she could get anyone another drink, as she was going to pour herself another Patron. Will and John wanted a beer. As she got up I watched the five men stop what they were doing and follow her with their eyes as she walked to the table. Her delicious ass shook back and forth with every sexy stride.

She knew they were watching and deliberately fumbled the bottle opener onto the floor. When she bent to pick it up, she did so slowly from the waist. She knew they would be able to see the fantastic outline of her perfect figure. We all had a good look at her tight little ass sticking up in the air and marveled at her fantastic legs. When she straightened up, she opened the bottle and sat it down on the table, then she turned back to us. Mike spoke up and said, “No offense, Colin, but she has an immensely gorgeous body.” The others all affirmed his observation.

"Will there be anything else, gentlemen?" she asked. There was nothing but silence as everyone’s eyes were affixed to her.

"Are you sure I can't get you something Jason?" she asked with a glint in her eye and as she bent to pick up the bottle cap which had to the floor. We could all see down her top, she knew exactly what she was doing, showing just enough to get them excited, but not too much.

"Damn." was all Jason could say. She just grinned at him.

"Here you go," she said as she handed Will his beer. I know she could feel the men watching her every move and that she enjoyed teasing them. When Alisha is drinking Patron, she is good at teasing men. To her, it was great fun.

As she sat John's beer down, she had to bend over slightly to get it on the coaster. I noticed her turn slightly so that Jason could look down the top of her dress and see deep into her cleavage. It may have looked accidental, but I know she meant for it to happen. Jason noticed, but didn't acknowledge anything except a slight grin as she straightened up. Alisha looked across at Will and as she did, he was smiling broadly. He had also noticed.

After about 10 minutes John suggested that we join in the second game. The stakes were to be higher and at $1000 they looked to be a little too serious for me.

Alisha, however, was wanting to continue her winning streak and asked if they would let her play for the $400 she had won. They refused. I offered an IOU or a check till tomorrow for the remaining $600 but they politely declined saying that there were no IOUs or checks…it was cash only.

The others had clearly come ready to play as they each had $1000, which they placed in the center of the table.

She asked again if she could play with just $400 , but they were not keen on the idea.

"You need another $600," said Mike ". . . or the

"How about we put a value on each of your items of clothing?" he continued half jokingly…

The men went through what she was wearing.

said Dave "$10 each"

"They cost $200!" she said indignantly.

"Yes, but we're not buying them!" said Will laughing, "if you lose, you can have them back tomorrow morning."

"Dress $50, bra $30, stockings $10 each and panties $60,” said Dave ticking off what she was wearing.

"…if they come off I'll want a lot more than $60!" … she shot back at him.

"$80 for the panties then," Dave shot back equally quickly.

"That would still leave her $400 short," said John before Alisha could interrupt.

I don't think she was serious, but she entered into the spirit of the conversation that followed. There was a lot of haggling, with her acting more indignant and more outraged each time anyone suggested any figure for anything.

"I'd pay $100 to get my hands on your cute ass" said Dave.

"It'd cost you that just to look at it…, " Alisha instantly a pair of binoculars."

After a lot of banter, John tried to wind proceedings up. He wanted to play.

"OK" he said "how about the remaining $400 is made up as follows…

4 – $25 chips to touch, cup and fondle that fabulous ass.

4 – $50 chips to touch you anywhere"

"With our tongues," Will interrupted quickly.

"OK" continued John, slightly exasperated. "4 – $50 chips to touch you anywhere… with our tongues,"

And one special $100 chip for you to touch us where we want!"

"With your tongue," Will sang out again.

"Right and one special $100 chip for you to touch us where we want …with your tongue," John continued in a monotone.

"We'll make each of these a pink chip so we all know what we're playing for."

"Ok, but I can call it quits whenever I want, right?" she said checking that she didn't have to lose any of them.

"Sure," said John, "Can we play now?"

Through the evening she had consumed several Patrons and because of the concession that she didn't have to play either your clothes or your pink chips, and no doubt, because of her competitive nature, she agreed. I turned one of the armchairs towards the game and sat down to watch, wondering if she had bit off more than she could chew.

Dave started dealing the chips out. Each had a different color. She was given $800 in chips which she placed in piles, keeping the pink chips in a separate pile to one side. Her clothes made up the remaining $200 and she was told to place her clothes into the pot if she wanted to bet them at any stage.

The first hand was quite funny as instead of using any of her chips she ceremoniously plunked her shoes on the table as her stake. She lost.

The game ebbed and flowed and I watched as her $400 in cash (non-pink) chips went up to $600 then down to $200 and finally down to $50.

On her next hand she was dealt 3 Queens, which was the best hand anyone had had all night. When John raised her $200 she thought she was on absolutely safe ground. In went the 4 ass fondling' $25 pink chips and two $10 chips.

Mike quickly spotted that she was $80 short, but she was way ahead of them. As soon as he opened his mouth she stood up and, ensuring that they saw absolutely nothing, but imagined everything, she bent away from them. Her short dress rode up her thighs slightly and almost revealed her panties. Then with her cute ass facing them in all its perfection, she reached around and slowly removed her panties from under her dress, peeled them away from her taut ass, shimmied them down her legs and stepped out of them with perfect balance and placed them in the center of the table.

"I'll call you," she said, as 5 mouths hung open at what they had just seen. John, however, had amazingly drawn a straight. It was unbelievable to her and John teased her mercilessly. He put her panties in his top pocket and rolled the $25 chips between his fingers as if suggesting they were her sweet round ass.

Eventually and sportingly he said "Don't worry, I'll give you a chance to win them back" She folded on the next few games, not losing any more, but John used one of the pink chips in each of those games and eventually they were evenly distributed around the table. If she quit now four of the five men would be able to rub their hands all over her fantastic ass.

At that stage, she had $30 in cash, $30 worth of bra, $20 of stockings and $50 worth of dress and pink chips worth $300. I could see her adding them up in her head and, with still $430 left, she must have been confident that she would win back the lost pink chips. She had no intention of letting 4 strangers handle her ass.

When the pink chips were in the pot she knew she had an opportunity to win them back. That made her a little braver with the cards than perhaps she should have been.

After perhaps another 20 minutes, however, her bra, which she had carefully removed through the armholes of her dress, and stockings were in the pot along with one of the $50 pink chips. When she lost, all that she could say was "oh fuck!" Quitting now would give four men a handful of her ass and one lucky guy the chance to touch her with his tongue. What that might mean was beginning to dawn on her. When she started she hadn't considered that she would be betting with any of these chips.

Again she folded the next few games, but with two aces in her hand in the next she thought her luck had finally turned around.

She bet the remainder of her $50 pink chips leaving her with just her dress ($50) and her $100 pink chip.

But Jason raised the stakes again. She would have to bet $150, all-in, to get these chips back she was going to have to remove the remainder of her clothes and bet Jason to prove she had the best hand.

By this time I was at the edge of my seat. I was feeling nervous for her, although the thought of seeing her naked with these men was giving me a hard on.

She took what seemed like hours to decide. She was weighing up the options. If she folded, the only thing she had left to bet was her dress, her bra and what was bound to be a blow job, so she would have to quit. But that would mean she was going to let 4 men fondle her ass, and 4 others lick her where they wanted, she'd be almost naked anyway. The only thing she was really avoiding was a blow job. If she played and won, she'd be able to buy back all the pink chips she'd lost. But if she played and lost, someone, Jason was going to want her to lick his cock. It looked as if she was going to fold, but then, with a look that said ‘what the fuck’ she flipped the $100 pink chip into the pot. Suddenly, as she stood up to remove her dress, the atmosphere changed from one of fun and frivolity to serious anticipation and excitement.

The room was absolutely silent as Alisha considered exposing her naked body. But she was not shy at all and she was convinced that this is all they would get to see and at the end of the hand, she would be dressing again with enough money to buy or win back the remaining pink chips. On the other hand, I knew that Alisha was adventuresome enough that she wouldn’t mind fucking them all. The possibility of seeing that, made my cock rock hard.

She removed her arms from her dress, and crossed one arm across her chest to prevent the dress slipping down.

She did not rush and, ever the showgirl, she waited until their attention was all on her.

First her large perfect breasts came into view. They looked amazing and even though her ass is the most exquisite I have ever seen, her covered tits can stop traffic. If exposed, her round and firm breasts would cause traffic to certainly crash. No one could take their eyes from her.

Then she pushed down at the sides of the dress slipping it over her waist and, with her legs tightly pressed together, wiggled it past her hips. As she did so she turned slightly to expose her beautifully round ass to the appreciative onlookers. God, her curves were exciting. Her gorgeous firm ass jutted out fabulously as she bent to pick her dress off the floor and place it in the center of the table. And as she turned to do so, our new friends got their first chance to see her pussy which was, as always, shaved down to her beautiful skin.

exclaimed Mike cutting through the tension and staring bluntly at the goddess in front of him. "Colin, where in the world did you ever find such a beautiful and fantastic looking creature?"

“I first saw her on my showroom floor and knew I had to get to know her. She was just so different from anyone I had previously met. Incredibly giving and kind and OMIGOD! … so sexy and beautiful,” I told him.

I smiled as I thought how I later found out she was the best sexual partner I could ever wish for and the most depraved woman I had ever met.

"You don't find women like Alisha," I said, "they only actually exist in your dreams".

With her perfect, naked body exposed to everyone, she didn't re-take her seat, but allowed the men to continue feasting their eyes on her.

She turned over her aces and said, "You are going to need three of a kind at least to beat me."

Jason said nothing but turned over his cards one by one – King, King, 5, 6, and finally

She stood for a second motionless as things began to sink in. Jason scooped the chips into his hands, and carefully placing his pink chips into his top pocket, one at a time. He smiled at Alisha and grinned.

Slowly she came back from her trance and we went to sit on the sofa as the game momentarily continued. I gave her my jacket to cover up a little, but as I did, I was sure that she was dripping wet. As we sat down I brushed my finger against her shaved pussy. Wet does not adequately describe it, flooded would more the word. I pushed my finger against her and it slipped in easily.

She told me that it was completely involuntary and asked if I would get her out of this mess. I told her I would try but, as I answered her, the poker game broke up and the men came over to the sofa as they had done after the first game. This time they were each carrying one or two pink chips.

"OK Alisha, it’s time to pay up," said Mike.

She looked at me, with pleading eyes, and I immediately offered to buy back the chips, but Will reminded us, “Bets are bets, No IOUs or checks.”

she tried to talk her way out of it, but I was a little more enthusiastic at the thought of seeing her touched by the other men.

"Ok you guys, it was just a game right? You're not seriously going to make me go through with this?" you asked with a slight cracked smile.

I could see that she really didn't care which way this went, she would still come out a the winner. The men were really applying the pressure on her to see what she would do.

"C'mon Alisha …. Pay up!"

All eyes were focused on her, but she said nothing.

In the end Jason broke the deadlock by laughing. "It's Ok Alisha," he said, "don't stress, we'll work something out."

"Although, I am tempted to make you go through with everything, and by the way you are fucking gorgeous, I am willing to just be happy having seen your perfect, naked body.

John, reached into his top pocket and pulled out her panties , "I'll second that" he said. "I really do appreciate seeing you naked, you are so damn hot. I nearly lost it when you took your dress off." He smiled kindly at her as he spoke and passed her panties to her.

She took the panties from him and stepped back into them with a look of sheer relief. She blew out air as she straightened up as the weight of their expectations lifted from her.

Mike gave her back her dress, and, as she reached to take it, Mike started a playful tug-o-war, with the dress as the rope. "Aw guys, do I have to?" he said playfully as he quickly gave in.

Alisha stepped back into her dress, pulled it over her gorgeous ass and slid her arms back into the straps. I could see her chest rise and fall as finally her nervousness began to subside.

Her stockings were last on and each of the men took a last lingering look at her legs as she rolled her stockings up and stepped back into her shoes.

"Ok!" said Jason smiling, "I think you should at least get us all a beer Alisha. My throat went dry the moment you took your shoes off and I haven’t recovered."

Dave switched the light off above the table and the guys jumped into the sofa and armchairs and began to relax in front of the aquarium.

she said, "fair enough. I’m going to have another Patron, who wants a beer?" We all did, and, with her clothes back on, her confidence began to grow again.

She opened six bottles and poured another Patron and somehow managed to carry them all back to us all at the same time. She handed them out one by one. I was leaning on the arm of the sofa and with all the other leather seats taken, she leaned against me and we started to talk as a group about the poker game that had just finished. Of course, most of it involved the guys talking about how exciting it was to see her in various states of undress. I put my arms around her and pulled her tight against me, a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to see these men use my wife.

Mike started it… "Thanks for the beer, but I have one more request before I consider completely letting you off the hook. Would you come here and sit on my lap? You have been teasing the hell out of us and that cute ass of yours is driving me crazy."

Will laughed "I think I'd like a piece of that too."

And so it was settled, she was to spend the rest of the evening sitting on the guys laps. I just smiled, the atmosphere had become calm, relaxed and friendly.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, however, there was a certain amount of sexual tension in the room and Alisha didn't seem to mind at all that she was the object of it. Still, there was something sensuous about the iridescent light coming from the aquarium , the music playing, and the intimacy of the moment.

First she went to sit on Mike's lap. She stopped in front of him and turned around facing away from him. Her hands reached down for his knees and she lowered herself gently onto him. She sat away from his crotch, but leaned back into him and put her arm around his shoulder.

At that point anyone coming into the room would have taken her for his girlfriend, but noone did. She graciously rotated from one lap to the next as we all drank and chatted. Again she got up and went to get everyone a fresh beer and herself another Patron.

When she reached Mike for the second time I could see that she was no longer perched on his knees but had squarely placed her firm butt right on top of his cock, which was bulging beneath his pants.

As she moved from one lap to the next her butt became more and more familiar with the guys and when it was my turn she gyrated against my cock. It was the music perhaps but it's also one of the things I love about her. When she is turned on she cannot stay still. Her natural motion is to gyrate and rotate her hips and press against your cock.

As she got up from me she reached down and squeezed my hardening cock and, as was becoming the pattern, before she moved on to the next lap, she bent forward from the waist, raised yourself up and rotated her perfect ass provocatively at the owner of the lap she was about to leave.

The huge aquarium gave off enough light to see who was there but it threw random shadows and highlights making it difficult to see more than a fleeting glimpse of anything.

Jason was sitting in the armchair next to us and when it was his turn again I thought I saw her place her hand right on his cock before she sat down, but the flickering light prevented me from being sure. I knew that the amount of alcohol she had consumed was making her was taking away any inhibitions she might have. At this point, I knew that anything was possible.

She told me later that mine was not the only cock she felt straining against his trousers. Each lap she sat on had presented her with a lump which she had to wiggle against to locate it in the crack of her ass. She also told me later that mine was not the only cock she squeezed and that as she had swapped from one lap to the next she had made sure that her fingers traced the length of each cock through their pants.

I needed the bathroom from all the beer and excused myself for a moment. As I re-entered two minutes later I noticed that Jason's hand was now on her thigh, inside her dress. He wasn't moving it or being threatening in any way, it was just there and that is all I thought. She told me later that his cock was almost bursting through his pants at that moment and she could feel it pressing and throbbing against and between her ass cheeks. She had pushed down firmly on it and gyrated rhythmically against it to encourage him.

Again, she later confessed to me that having Jason's cock pressed against her had really turned her on. She admitted that a part of her was wishing then that she had consented to pay the bets that she owed. She could tell he had a sizeable dick and she imagined what it would feel like to have her lips wrapped around it. She even wondered what it would feel like to have it thrusting into her body.

The conversation ebbed and flowed, but somehow it always came back to the game….and her body.

"Honestly, I didn't think you'd go through with it," said Mike.

"I didn't think you would either," said Will, "especially with Colin here".

"I would have only contemplated it with Colin here," she replied.

"I was sure you would not do it. It's always the ones who are so damn good at flirting and driving me crazy that turn out to be the biggest teasers." said John.

"I agree," said Dave, "I wasn't sure to start with, but I had you down as an all talk and no action type, by the end."

That comment seemed to sting her a little. "You couldn't have handled the action, Dave" she said mockingly.

"Funny thing is," said Jason, "none of us were about to not do it, but as you walked away from the table to Colin, we all agreed that it was up to you. But there you go, in the end you wouldn't dare."

Why he had to use that word I'll never know, but I know her well enough to know the effect it has on Alisha.

She stood up from Jason's lap and turned defiantly to look at him. "Are you daring me?" she said indignantly but with half a smile crossing her lips.

"Not exactly," said Jason, "it's just that when the moment came you didn't dare…I guess you didn't think you could handle me." As he said this, he held his hands in front of him holding his palms about 12 inches apart.

"I don’t think you're ready to handle something this hot," she smiled back at him as she licked her finger and made a sizzling sound as she touched her ass. "If I had dared, you'd have fainted from the excitement!" she smiled at him. We all laughed.

"I've heard about that cock of his," said Will, "he would actually have fainted, it's the sudden rush of blood to that huge rod of his." We laughed with Jason.

"You'll never know the size of that problem," said Jason smiling, "unless you want to get that gorgeous ass out again and let us run our hands all over it."

As he said the words ‘that gorgeous ass’ he reached up from where he was sitting and cradled her ass with his hands and squeezed her ass cheeks gently.

She didn't complain at this. She immediately understood that he was challenging her.

And then the fateful words again, "It's true isn't it, you wouldn't DARE pay the bets."

We all stared at her. Jason had his hands all over her gorgeous ass. He held it firmly as we waited, wondering what she would say or do.

She did nothing. But I knew she was smarting from the outrageous allegation that she wouldn't dare.

But I know her, sometimes better than she knows herself. I knew she was going to let them all fondle her ass. But then, to prove a point I knew that she might go a lot further.

Jason kept massaging her ass and pressing firmly against the material, he started to slowly work her dress up over the tightness of her butt until it was around her waist.

He would've stopped if she'd stopped him, but she didn't stop him.

With her dress at her waist Jason let his hands slowly drop to the top of her panties. His hands were still pressed against her but were now caressing her smooth skin. He moved them in small circular motions and every so often allowed a finger to slip under the waistband. By doing so he was slowly able to move the waistband down and began to expose her perfect ass. She stared at the others. At first it seemed as if she were not going to let it happen, but while she was raising her eyebrows at them and cocking her head slightly, she was letting their eyes feast on her ass as it was gradually and ever so slowly, revealed to them in the intimate light of the aquarium.

John was first to make a move, he stood behind her and reached down with outstretched hands and touched her ass, a cheek in each hand. Her panties were halfway down her cheeks and as he massaged her butt he pushed her panties a little further down with each circular motion.

Will was next and he stood in front of her sandwiching her between himself and John. He slipped his hands down the sides of her panties and both men gradually moved forward towards each other until both her front and back were pressed against them. As they massaged her ass, her panties slid slowly downwards until they were at the top of her legs, and while they were still covering her pussy, her beautiful ass was almost completely exposed, except for the hands that were all over it.

Mike approached from one side and Dave from the other. Now she was completely surrounded and I could see almost nothing of what was happening. Now their hands did not seem to be confined to caressing her ass. Mike and Dave went down on their knees and, taking a leg each, they ran their hands upwards from her ankles, over her calves, past her knees,up her thigh, higher and higher until their hands were brushing against her wet panties. They were alternating so that they didn't arrive at the same time. Each time they pushed against her panties it caused her to catch her breath. This encouraged them to push harder against her pussy each time they arrived at the top of her leg.

As these men massaged and stroked her, Alisha’s body began to sway ever so slightly as if she were about to dance again, but I knew it was more with the sensation of the hands that were caressing her.

All this time Jason had been watching from his seat in the leather armchair. He stood up and gently moved the others aside to get access to her. He slowly turned her around so that she was facing away from him. He sat down again and pulled her back so once again she was sitting on his lap, this time with her panties still in a roll at the top of her thigh.

Almost automatically she ground her hips downward into Jason's lap.

Jason's hands began to wander over her body as the others moved closer to touch every part of her they could. They were caressing her body from head to toe and at the same time, removing all of her remaining clothing. They stroked her ankles and calves, her thighs, her waist, her arms and her breasts and flat stomach. Now we could all see how she was rotating her hips onto Jason's covered hardness.

Her panties still remained, rolled up at the top of her thighs and Jason began to brush her pussy through the thin material of her panties.

I moved so that I could see Jason's hand and I could see that while she was pretending not to be excited, her body was betraying her.

“Oh my God, I think Alisha is completely turned on." Jason said to us all.

She said nothing. Ever so slowly, Jason started to reach around and slowly moved his hand down to her sopping wet pussy. She not only did not try to stop him, she slowly, but positively arched her back to make it easier for him to reach.

"Let's make sure," whispered Jason as he curled his middle finger into her wet pussy and pushed it in to the second knuckle. She sucked in air as his digit worked inside, parting each moist fold. He started massaging her swollen clit with his thumb.

"Oh my god, she is soaked!" He informed us gently but unable to hide his excitement.

"Oh my God, her pussy is hot, wet and tight."

From where I was, I could see that in slowly pushing his finger in and out of her pussy, he had caused her juices to run down her thighs. We all just stood and watched.

That's when I was sure the flush on her cheeks was not from embarrassment but from her building lust at the anticipation of what would happen next. She closed her eyes and just allowed Jason to push his finger slowly in and out. Her panties were to one side and his middle finger slowly curled all the way in and then all the way out. Despite the music playing we could all hear how wet she was.

After what seemed like minutes, she opened her eyes to look at me as if half expecting me to stop it, but instead I took her hand and held it. Slowly I pulled on her hand and brought her to her feet as Jason let his finger slip from her. I slowly ushered her over to the other armchair. God she looked delicious. Her naked body looked alluring with her panties rolled up making a thin line around the top of her fantastic legs and under her shelf like ass. Her heels and stockings accentuated how perfect her legs are.

She remembered flashes of the conversation before she started playing poker for the second time, "4 pink chips …to touch you anywhere… with our tongues." Nobody needed to tell her where they wanted to touch her, she knew, I knew, we all knew.

Before I made her sit down in the armchair I stood behind her and slipped my arms around her. I reached down with my right hand and slipped it under her panties and against her wet pussy. As I did this my breath almost stopped, her panties were drenched and her pussy simply leaked her juices as I pressed my middle finger against it.

I desperately wanted to taste her and I didn't care that we had an audience. But I knew that I had to take things slowly as she was under a spell which might be broken at any moment.

I curled my middle finger up inside her to keep her concentration there and as I rocked it in and out I moved around her to kiss her. She kissed me back urgently and, while she did, I took her panties in my left hand and pushed them down as far as I could without breaking our kiss.

Now her pussy was clearly visible and I slowly moved to the side of her so that she was exposed to the excited crowd.

Her eyes closed and she held them shut in pleasure as I continued to finger fuck her. Dave stepped forward and slowly pulled her panties from her thighs down to her ankles and she lifted her feet out of them.

I backed her up against the armchair and without taking my finger from her pussy I lowered her down until she was sitting on the edge of the chair. I moved between her legs and knelt in front of her. As I moved my head towards her, however, her legs barely parted. I slipped a second finger inside her pussy and put my tongue against her clit and as I licked, she relaxed, at first a little and then more. I circled her clit with my tongue until I could feel her slightly arching her hips towards me. When she did, I flicked at her clit, exactly how she likes it.

With my left hand on her chest I carefully pushed her backwards in the chair so that her body was more horizontal and, as I continued to work her pussy with my fingers and tongue, her eyes closed and her head slowly tilted back. I told her to keep her eyes closed.

At this moment I remember thinking about the times when we are in bed and I would start to talk about watching her taking on more than one man. Her body always betrays her in those moments and she becomes instantly electrified with excitement. Her hips begin to grind into me and her breath shortens. As I talk about her taking one man after another, her body begins to buck against mine, trying to force my cock deeper and trying to grind her clit against my pubic bone. And when I talk about her mouth, pussy and ass being filled with hot cum her body begins to shudder in orgasm. Just seeing how excited those thoughts made her was a massive turn-on. I loved seeing her turned on and I loved how her body and sexual being took her over.

I wondered whether she was already thinking that far ahead, but I concluded that she was still existing in the moment for now. I thought that if I could just get her past the point of no return I would get to see her totally release the sexy animal that I had seen on many occasions.

Will was now standing close and was ready to quickly swap with me. Keeping my fingers in her pussy I moved to kiss her again, our lips locked and she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I took my fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips and she greedily sucked them clean of her juices. As she was doing that I motioned to Will with my other hand.

"Will has just given me this," I said to her as I showed her a pink chip. She opened her eyes briefly to look at it. "That means he gets to touch you wherever he wants, with his tongue. He is currently sitting between your legs with his mouth just a fraction of an inch from your pussy," I carried on quietly but firmly. "He is desperate to lick you but wants to be sure that's what you want."

She could now feel Will's hot breath close to her wet pussy, "If you want to pay off your debts you need to offer your pussy to him." I continued.

"If you want to stop then you need to reach down and cover your pussy with your hands," said Will, taking over from where I left off.

"It's up to you." I said as I got up and as I did, I leaned over her and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back forcefully and urgently, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth.

The room was completely still as we waited for her response.

Slowly, she moved her hands towards her pussy and we all were sure the evening’s entertainment was about to end. Her hands paused momentarily at her pussy as if they would cover it.

I asked her later what was going through her mind at this moment and she said "lots of things. First, I knew I was wet. I was desperately turned on in fact. I had spent the best part of an hour wiggling my ass onto a variety of hard cocks. Second, I knew that if I stopped you'd take me back to our room and fuck my brains out. Whatever happened, I was definitely going to get an orgasm. Third, I was feeling in control, so I knew I could stop at any time. And finally I really wanted my pussy licked and more if things went that far."

And with that final thought, instead of her hands stopping over her sopping pussy, they continued moving until they were hooked behind her knees and then she started to pull her knees up with her legs spread wide.

'Fuck me' I thought, she is actually opening her legs for him and offering him access.

At that precise moment, Will leaned forward and locked his mouth around her clit. As I moved away, I saw Will start to suck on her clit. She moaned in pleasure and as she did Will began to tongue fuck her pussy, reaching into her as far as he could. It was fabulous to see her so very turned on. My cock was so hard, it began to hurt.

Will lashed at her clit with his tongue for what seemed like forever until I saw John stand up with a pink chip between his fingers. John moved over to the side of the armchair to speak to her.

"How about having my tongue next?" he asked. She didn't respond. Instead she reached around his neck and pulled his face towards hers. She kissed him passionately leaving us all in no doubt that she wanted his tongue inside her.
And then, seamlessly, Will and John swapped. Will stood up and leaned over her and he too kissed her as he left. She responded to him with the same enthusiasm she had me. A pattern was established, we were all to kiss her immediately after we had tasted her and each of them were to experience the excitement that I do when I kiss her. .

John was now in position, his broad shoulders forcing her legs wider. He was obviously good at it as she lifted her legs high and wide to let him get complete access to her clit and her mouth hung open as he circled it with the tip of his tongue.

She began to moan softly, not wishing us to see she how much she was turned on, but that was impossible. Whatever John was doing with his tongue was obviously working as her hips were bucking and writhing at his face. Maybe she was simply thinking about the fact that in the last 10 minutes three men had buried their heads between her legs and three more were standing in line. She later told me that what really turned her on was thinking of his girlfriend squaring up to her earlier and knowing that her precious man was now on his knees between HER long legs.

Mike was next. He didn't even have a pink chip. He simply leaned over her and waited for her to put her arm around his neck and pull his lips towards hers, which she did. However, her disappointment as John made way for Mike was apparent. But Mike too made her push down onto his tongue, this time his fingers pushed inside her as he licked. First one finger, then two and then he moved his head back so we could all see his index and middle finger slowly fuck her.

All I could think, as she was letting him show his fingers inside of her sopping pussy, is that is exactly what she wanted him to do.

Dave was next and was the fifth person to taste her pussy. As he started, Mike was letting her suck her juices off his fingers, which she did willingly. Dave meanwhile jabbed his tongue at her entrance and buried his face between her beautiful legs. I knew, by the pressure his face was patently exerting that he was pushing his tongue into her as far as he could and swirling it around, lapping up her juices.

Finally, Jason had his turn. All the time she had been lying further back in the leather armchair as each took their turn. She spread her legs wider, making it easier for them to kneel in front of her and pleasure her.

As Jason licked her, Alisha’s ass was right at the edge of the armchair, her legs hooked over the arms. She showed us every intimate part of herself. We could all see how excited Jason was, his trousers were unable to disguise his pleasure.

Jason's little finger was locked straight and began teasing her ass. As he licked I recognized the tell tale shift of her body as she centered his finger and pushed it slowly into her ass. Jason moved his fingers allowing two and then three to enter her pussy while his little finger pushed into her ass to the first knuckle.

With his fingers safely stashed in her tight pussy and ass, Jason moved to kiss her. She met his tongue eagerly with hers. And God did she kiss him. Their tongues thrust back and forth into each others mouths and all the time he was working his fingers further and further into her. Just as his little finger reached the last possible knuckle he returned his tongue to her clit.

This was the moment where there was no turning back, her breathing quickened and her body started to rock to take his fingers further and further inside her. She no longer cared that we were all watching. She wanted to orgasm with his fingers in her pussy, and her ass gently spread as his tongue lashed against her clit.

But Jason wanted to make a spectacle of the event and pulled her to her feet. He began attacking her pussy from every conceivable angle. As we were all going to discover later, Jason liked to flip his women between positions. He was like an accomplished porn star, incredible stamina with an eye for what looked good. He also knew exactly what he was doing and I don't doubt he could have given her an earth shattering orgasm whenever wanted. For now, however, he simply wanted to make a show for all of us to watch.

As she stood, he crouched down and pushed his head between her legs and forced his tongue upwards to reach her clit. He drove his tongue in and out, forwards and backwards, round and around and from side to side. She pressed down to increase the sensation, and, as she did, Jason began to lower his body to the floor.

Soon she was squatting right over him, her knees were apart and her pussy pressed against his mouth as he lay on his back. She was facing his feet and we, depending on our viewpoint, could either see the delicious outline of her ass as it hovered above his face or her cleanly shaven pussy. But all of us could see his expert tongue go to work on her.

I could sense that her thighs were beginning to give way, and, at the moment I thought it, Jason swiftly moved to flip her into a new position.

Within moments he had her on all fours on the sofa with her rounded ass pushed towards him. He quickly sank his tongue into her. Then he took his index finger and started to tease her asshole. He pressed gently against it as he licked her slit. Then he twisted round and moved his head under her so he could attack her sweet wet pussy and press against it. He moved his right hand and stuffed two fingers into her pussy and started to rock them in and out.

Jason kept his rhythm and Alisha started to moan, her breath shortened and her moaning got louder. Then with a sudden grunt of joy her body started to convulse with pleasure. All the muscles in her body tightened and she shook as her orgasm started. The orgasm swept through her, her body arched with it as if it was passing through her like a wave. And it did not stop. Alisha continued to cum and just carried on shaking until the biggest and longest orgasm I have ever seen her have gradually subsided.

Jason slowly stood up facing her.

When her eyes eventually opened, Jason was standing right in front of her holding the $100 pink chip.

"You have one more debt to pay Alisha," he said calmly.

She was still flushed from her orgasm but had regained enough of her senses to know what was being asked of her. She looked at me to see my reaction but I gave none.

"Why don't you just get it out Alisha? All you have to do is lick it a little and the debt is settled," Jason said with a wicked grin on his face.

She looked at me again. This time I half nodded at her and smiled as I said, ‘It's ok, go ahead and do whatever you want.”

Without a word, she turned round and sat forward and began to rub his bulge through his pants. It seemed to extend halfway down his leg and she traced it with her fingers from his balls to the tip.

She didn't take your eyes off it. She first struggled with his zipper, but he moved her hands and helped her to unzip him. I watched transfixed as she reached in to take out his cock. Jason let out a slight moan at the sheer ecstasy of her touch.

Her jaw visibly dropped when she saw the size of it. It was just as big as I had imagined from his bulge. Her hand could not close around it and it would have taken four of her delicate hands to completely cover its length. Her eyes remained riveted to it. He stepped forward a little and his cock bounced at eye level in front of her.

"Before you lick it" said Jason "would you just stroke it a little?"

She actually didn't need to be asked. The moment she had released it, her hand had naturally started to stroke it up and down and due to its size, her other hand had joined in.

She worked at it with her hands and with it just brushing her lips she pushed back the foreskin to expose the shiny head which was slick with pre-cum. She started to stroke him but, as it throbbed and strained, she could not get her fingers around the shaft sufficiently to keep it in her grasp. It took both her hands to keep it under control and as she stroked it, it appeared to grow in length and girth. It was rock hard and perfectly straight. As she worked on it she kept stopping momentarily to marvel at how big it actually was.

It was such a sexy sight. Her naked body sitting at the edge of the armchair, her legs wide apart either side of Jason's, her hands corkscrewing up and down his impressive dick. The tension in the room was high. Noone made a sound and we watched as she slowly looked up at Jason.

"So where do you want me to lick you Jason?" she said provocatively and with a wicked smile.

"Here?" and as she said it, she slowly licked from his balls to the tip leaving a glistening trail of her saliva along his massive cock with the tip of her tongue.

"Here?" she said as she flattened her tongue and licked across the purple head of his engorged cock removing the pre-cum that had oozed out.

"Or here?" This time pushing her tongue to the end, licking the tip and pushing gently against the opening at the tip of his penis.

Jason smiled. "I think you'll find that the deal was that you would lick whoever won where he wanted." She looked at him slightly confused.

Jason smiled again "I want you to lick the head of my cock with the back of your tongue while the tip of your tongue licks as far down the shaft as you can."

She had known she was not going to get away with just licking and Jason was making it very clear he expected her to take his massive shaft in her mouth.

"Put your tongue out Alicia ." He ordered, and, because she could not think of what else to do, she complied. Jason placed the tip of his cock on her outstretched tongue and pushed it forward until the massive head started to force her lips to stretch around it. Jason very slowly started to move his big dick in and out.

As Jason was beginning to fuck her mouth, I wondered how long she would continue to pretend to be paying the debt.

She looked directly at me. Without breaking my gaze she slowly allowed his massive dick to part her lips until the head was completely engulfed. Her pretty mouth was stretched to the limit, but despite its size, she began to suck him in and out and all the while her hands never missed a stroke.

Jason was in ecstasy "OOOhhh my God!!! Jesus! Oh my god that feels good!!!" Jason groaned.

God I knew that feeling, I knew Jason was getting the cock sucking of his life. She had learned to deep throat with her first boyfriend. As a much more experienced man, he had told her that that was what she should be able to do. She had told me that he had taught her to control her gag reflex and how to contract her throat to send pulses of pleasure to the cock in her mouth. It had taken her some time to be able to deep throat me in the same way as I was considerably larger than any of her exes and Jason was considerably larger still. But she resolutely allowed Jason to fuck her mouth deeper and deeper without backing off in the slightest.

Jason kept repeating "This is incredible."

Watching her take more and more of Jason's enormous dick in her mouth had caused almost total silence among the onlookers.

Mike was the first to speak "Fucking hell! She is hot!" Breaking the silence like that caused us all to suddenly stop holding our breaths.

Will began to stroke his hard cock through his pants. "Oh-my-god she's fucking delicious."

John, whose view was partially obscured, moved closer to get a better look. "Look at her, she's fucking amazing"

"Jesus Christ!" said Dave as he too moved closer to the action.

Her cheeks were hollowed with the effort of sucking. To demonstrate just how hard she was sucking on him she sucked hard as she moved her head back and off his pole so that it made a popping sound.

"Pop!" she held it and looked lustfully at it before devouring him again.

"Pop!" and then she jacked him furiously for a few seconds.

Pop" Everyone was losing it, their cocks straining against their pants.

She began to look at those who were watching. She looked at each of us in turn as she worked her lips around his shaft. She was showing us what we were missing. And she made sure that she made eye contact with each of us. It might have been Jason's cock in her mouth, but, to each of the men there, she was sucking their cocks and giving them Jason's pleasure.

I recognized something as she looked at me. It was the woman who relishes a dare and who sometimes and deliciously allows the devil inside to take control. She was no longer paying back a debt, but she was putting on a show. I knew this was not a one guy occasion and she was not going to let it pass without milking every drop of excitement from it. There was no plan. Neither of us knew that this was going to happen. It was just happening and it was exciting and she was just going with it. It's what makes her exciting in and out of bed.

As she worked on him, Jason swung around to sit on the arm of the sofa. As he did, he took her hand and guided her to her feet, keeping her mouth close to his thick cock. She was now standing with her legs apart slightly as she bent over him and continued to stroke and suck him.

We all stared at her perfectly round ass, but what struck me was how her pussy appeared to have opened in anticipation. It glistened with wetness and an invitation.

She moved onto the sofa and now on all fours she gobbled on his cock for all she was worth.

This was truly an amazing sight and I was incredibly turned on to watch her gorgeous mouth wrapped around someone else's thick dick. I had watched it many times, but this time it was much better than I could ever have imagined.

The others moved around slightly to get a better view of her perfect ass. It bobbed provocatively as she worked her way as far down Jason's shaft as she could. Again the tension began to build… I started to realize that far from this being the end it was just the beginning. Her mouth began to work his cock furiously and the slurping noises coming from her mouth clearly showed that she is loving every second.

At first I thought I was mistaken, but then she began to wiggle her delicious perfect ass towards us, swaying it, invitingly. Will didn't need it to be any clearer than it was. He moved closer and his hand dropped to between her legs cupping her pussy and exploring her slit with his fingers. First one and then two fingers disappeared into her sopping pussy. Then he slid himself slowly to the floor and, leaning across the sofa and by parting her knees a little further, he was able to put his head between her legs. His nose was pressed against her ass and his tongue reached out to lick her clit and along her slit.

She never missed a stroke on Jason's cock and began to slowly gyrate and apply pressure to Will's tongue. Because each of us had already licked her and because she was so turned on she didn't seem to care at all that he was getting seconds. Nor did she seem to care as each of us took turns to lick her and finger her as she sucked Jason.

Each time we changed places, she pushed her ass further out in search of the next tongue. She moaned a little each time she found one.

When it was my turn I was simply amazed at how wet she was. My finger slipped easily inside her as she ground down on it. As I began to lick her, she stopped sucking for a moment to ask me to fuck her. Well, rather, she simply said "What are you waiting for?"

I stripped off and placed my cock at her entrance. It was hot and despite its wetness, tight. I was so turned on I nearly lost it there and then. I slowly and carefully buried my cock inside her. Then I just held it there as she continued to suck Jason.

He started to fuck her mouth again, slowly at first and then slightly harder and deeper. As he did, I remembered something she once told me. “If you let a man fuck your mouth you are telling him he can fuck you anywhere.” I knew that, she knew that and, no doubt, Jason knew that. I thought to myself, ‘She has always wanted a gang bang and it is going to happen right now.’

After a few moments I regained a little composure and I was able to move a little. We slowly developed a rhythm as I fucked her gently. She was, as ever, wet and very tight. It took a while before her pussy was able to accommodate the entire length of my long thick cock. But eventually I was fucking her as deeply as I could. I gripped the perfect curves of her hips and each stroke gradually became longer. I was so excited I had to move quite slowly at first, I was pulling out until her pussy lips were stretched around the swollen head of my dick and then working it right back in to the maximum depth. As I continued, and while each outward stroke was always slow and deliberate, I gradually made the inward stroke harder until each was a forceful ramming into her stretching pussy.

I suppose I wanted to show these men that it was me who owned the fantastic creature who was suddenly the object of their lust, but I also knew that, each time and the harder I pushed, I was pushing her mouth further and harder onto Jason's long thick dick.

I know that this is not the first time she ever had two dicks in her at the same time and I could tell by her moans, that were being stifled by Jason's dick, that she is loving every second of it. A part of her brain may have been asking her what on earth she was doing, but the delicious devil inside her was relishing every stroke, every slurping noise that escaped as she sucked and stroked Jason's enormous dick and the fact that 4 more men were watching her and patiently waiting.

I noticed suddenly that her pussy was sopping with excitement. Each stroke was now accompanied by a loud squelching noise. There was no hiding it, whatever her brain was saying, her body was announcing that she was loving the sex she was getting from two big cocks. I needed to claim her, before she belonged to everyone there. I began to finger her ass while I fucked her pussy. I worked my index finger as far in as I could. Her moans became louder and I knew the thought of the audience seeing me finger her ass was turning her on as much as the sensation.

God I was desperate to fuck her tight little asshole, in front of them all, there and then, but I couldn't continue as I knew I would explode and the spell would be broken, so I withdrew. She turned round instantly and momentarily to see why I had stopped.

"Why are you stopping?" she said breathlessly and with a certain amount of frustration.

Jason was quick to take his opportunity and disengaged his cock from her mouth and moved behind her. His cock seemed to have grown from all the sucking. It was now completely rigid. When Jason had held his hands about a foot apart earlier that night, I hadn't thought to believe it, but it was quite true.

He placed his tip at her entrance and located it between her moist lips.

As he did so, he said calmly and firmly. "Ok, Alisha, your debts are all paid off. You can stop now if you want or you can keep going." She immediately tried to back down onto his cock. But, as she did, he moved with her, stopping her from getting what she wanted. She tried ramming her ass back. She desperately wanted that fucking big cock in her but Jason just kept teasing her by pulling away every time she tried to impale herself on it.

He just kept the tip of his huge cock right at her entrance and instead of plunging it into her he spoke again. "I can see you want to fuck me and, to be frank, I want to fuck you, but you have got a lot of my friend's dicks hard in this room and there is a lot of tension. So I say again, you have a choice. You can stop now or you can keep going. It's up to you."

He beckoned Mike over to stand in front of her. She knew what he wanted and what she wanted. She desperately wanted Jason's dick in her pussy and if she had to drain Mike's cock to get to it so be it. She would finish him off in a few seconds and soon she'd be sinking her pussy onto Jason's huge pole.

She reached out and started to unbutton Mike's fly. His cock sprang out and she grasped it with her right hand and slowly started to stroke him.

It immediately hardened even more to a size similar to my own. Just shorter than 10 inches and quite thick.

"Will," said Jason, "let's see if she can handle two at once".

She looked up at Will as Jason beckoned him further forward. "Ok", she thought to herself as she imagined how Jason's dick would feel. As she did, she dropped to her knees and began to stroke Mike a little firmer than before. She momentarily stopped as Will arrived. His bulge was evident and she traced its length before starting to unzip him. She reached inside to massage his cock and released it for us all to see. It was a good size and ever so slightly larger than Mike's.

She looked up at the two strong handsome men in front of her and took one in each hand. She didn't rush. Each had a sizeable pole and while they were hard she knew she could get them harder still as she rhythmically stroked them.

It might have been obvious before then, but I think it was at this moment that I realized Jason intended her to drain every drop of cum from all of us. I wondered if Jason would limit her involvement with others to blowjobs or whether anyone was going to feel that tight pussy of hers softly but firmly gripping them to a climax.

And there she was, on her knees, two fit, good looking men standing side by side in front of her. Her perfect body bobbed as she stroked them. She seemed to be sizing them up and comparing them. Each was big but almost as if she were weighing them. She worked out that Will's was the biggest and decided to take them in order of their size.

She licked the pre-cum from Mike's swollen cockhead and tried it for size. Compared to Jason this was a breeze and she could tell that she could take most of it. Will had his tip licked clean next and she wrapped her mouth around it as if to confirm her earlier assessment.

She looked at Mike and took Will in her willing and eager mouth and then vice versa. It was incredible to watch as she pulled them closer. She disappointed neither and let them take turns to fuck her face. She brought each to the edge, and then Jason spoke.

"Ok boys, she wants a mouthful of cum. She's begging for it. And when you've cum all over her pretty face I'm going to fuck her. Now Alisha prove to me you want to be fucked."

With that she tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide and let her tongue widen ready to receive their loads. They saw what she wanted, but, in case there was any confusion, Jason told them anyway.

"I want you to cum over her face. Give her every drop you've got. Come on, come on, she wants it, you know you want it Alisha."

And then suddenly, together, they started unleashing jet after thick jet of hot cum into her open mouth. Will jacked off several streams of warm cum which pelted her cheek, nose, and lips. Mike's cum smashed against her forehead, and dripped down her nose and cheek. She held her mouth open and flicked her tongue out to catch the flying cum. Mike and Will grunted in joy in seeing that her awesome body was covered in their semen. A huge glob of cum hung from her chin and we all watched as it hung further and further down as gravity got hold of it.

Despite her attempts to smear it off with their cocks, wads of thick creamy sperm still covered her hair and face. And from her chin cum was dripping onto her tits.

She half smiled at Jason as she just took her index finger and scraped a good dose of the mixture into her mouth and closing her lips around the base of her finger and slowly pulled it out scraping it clean. A half smile cracked across her face. The saucy pussy cat had got the cream, I thought to myself as she ate their cum.

"You're not finished yet Alisha" said Jason, "Dave. Come and lubricate Alisha's pussy with your cum and, while you're at it, stretch it a little as otherwise I've got no chance of getting my dick in there."

Dave stepped forward, pushing Will, who was almost doubled up with pleasure, out of the way. She hadn't thought of fucking anyone but Jason, but she needed something in her throbbing pussy. Dave would do for now. She would get to Jason next.

Dave already had his cock poking out through his open zipper. Dave's cock was thick indeed and although we couldn't see the base it was not short on length. He pushed it forward towards her cum covered face and she moved her head forward to meet it. Her mouth had to stretch to its limit to accommodate it. It seemed to grow as she sucked and stroked it.

said Jason softly "Show Dave where you want his cock."

She stopped and turned to look at Jason. She sat back and leaning on one arm she started to finger her clit with the other, using her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart as he watched.

"You want to be fucked don't you?" said Jason. "You want to me to push my massive cock into your pussy don't you?"

All she could do was almost imperceptibly nod in agreement.

"You want me to fuck you while your boyfriend watches my big dick pounding in and out?"

Nothing escaped her lips. But she didn't disagree either.

She turned back to Dave and started to suck him again.

She looked up at him and jacked him hard.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy" he told you.

With that Dave edged back onto the sofa and sat down. He guided her forward so that she straddled him, cowgirl style, and she slowly lowered herself onto him. "This is going to feel so good, so good." he whispered as she closed her eyes and slowly worked the strange cock into her hot pussy. Her pussy stretched to accommodate the fat prick. She slowly moved up and down, each time going a little further and letting him thrust back and push deeper into her.

"C'mon Dave fuck her pussy!" Jason said quietly to him as if he were the only person in the room, but we all heard it.

He did as he was told. She wriggled in pleasure as he forced deeper into her until he was buried to the hilt, his balls banging against her ass. His size caused her to let out a massive groan as he pushed in right to the hilt until she was stuffed completely with a big thick cock. He started thrusting, and grinding his hips upwards into her forcing his way in even deeper. As he pulled out her tight pussy lips were pulled too and then as he thrust into her they were squashed as he continued driving his cock into her willing pussy.

"Come on, fuck her" Jason said to him just audibly.

"Come on, cum in her!" As Jason spoke she looked directly at him and as she did she began to step up pace. Beads of sweat appeared on both of them as she slammed down harder on Dave's thick rod meeting his upward thrusts. Each time it looked as if both of them were at their limit. Jason commanded him, "Harder, deeper".

As we watched I could see that already Mike and Will were hard again, each stroking their cocks, each lost in their thoughts. She bounced up and down as she rode Dave's fat cock harder and harder.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum." Dave said suddenly forcing himself deeply into her.

"Yes Dave, do it." said Jason as she moaned, still trying to impale herself further onto him. She wiggled from side to side, her eyes tightly closed. Dave started to grunt in pleasure and he convulsed as he came inside her. He involuntarily continued to pump for what seemed like forever. His hands released their grip on her firm ass. He was spent and he collapsed onto his side. She slowly dislodged herself from him and rolled off and onto her back next to him.

"Ok" said Jason "You just need to drain John and then I'm all yours".

All this time John had been watching from one of the chairs at the poker table. At this moment he brought it closer and turned it to face her directly. She looked spent, she was covered in sweat and her hair was matted with cum. He guided her hands to the bulge in his trousers. As soon as she touched it she looked straight at him. It felt massive and, despite the fact that she felt spent, she wanted to see it. She unbuckled his pants and reached in. Although she pulled, it was not until she used both hands that she was able to free it.

John's cock was hard, but too heavy to support itself completely and it pointed at 45 degrees towards the floor. She grasped his enormous cock with both hands and lifted it upwards so that it was pointing directly at her face and then she gripped it firmly and squeezed it hard.

"Fucking hell," she said as she started to work her hands from the base to the tip.

John's was almost as huge as Jason's was. As with Jason she had to use both hands to slowly jack him. To my amazement, as she did this, the veins in John's dick started protruding along the full length of his shaft. John had one rugged cock. The ridges and veins would surely excite her from the inside.

We all watched as she lowered her head and began to lick up and down the sides of his cock. She tried to get his huge dick into her mouth. Before she could really start though, Jason stopped her by touching her shoulder. He shook his head gently at her. "I want you to take it in your pussy," he told her.

She slowly pushed John's thigh to remove him from her mouth but her lips clung tightly to his shaft as she did. This time though, his monster dick did not sag at all. Even though it no longer had her hands to support it, it pointed skywards.

John sat down and held his thick cock vertically and it jutted out from his groin. She climbed onto the sofa so she was straddling him and knelt on cushions so that her pussy was just rubbing the tip of John's cock, she began to lower herself down onto this mighty phallus. I could see she was dripping wet and her pussy juices and Dave's cum were thankfully lubricating John's tool. Her pussy lips began to spread wider and wider apart as she took more and more of him inside her.

Inch by inch, she took John's dick. We could hear her moaning as she did, "Oh god you're so fucking big." She didn't, she couldn't take him fully the first time, but, as she started bucking up and down on him, she gradually took more and more of his length, I could tell because she was leaving a shiny ring of juices around his shaft that was getting further and further down. John grabbed her ass cheeks and finally pulled her right down his length. She let out a squeal of both pain and pleasure, and John started to fuck the living daylights out of her. John slowed down his fucking rhythm and pulled her ass cheeks apart rubbing his finger over her tight little ass. I was surprised to see her try and sit back slightly so his finger tip slid into her ass.

With her hands on his chest she squatted over him and rode him furiously to a conclusion. His whole body shook as he came and it looked like he pumped a gallon of hot cum into her, he was shaking for so long and as he shook and pumped another load of cum inside her.

“You came in me twice!” she moaned to him.

Jason immediately pounced. He moved towards her and placed the tip of his massive dick at her entrance. God it suddenly looked huge against her tight body, notwithstanding that John's dick must have been the biggest she'd ever had until that point. He took hold of his cock by the base and rubbed the head against her pussy lips smearing cum and her juices around the tip to lubricate it.

He smiled at her lying there with her legs spread and pushed against her pussy.

Nothing happened except her lips spread and depressed with the force he was exerting. He stopped to smear more juices on his dick and tried again. This time the head disappeared and she let out a huge sigh.

"Omigod – you're fucking huge," she gasped.

He pulled out a little, but her lips were now locked around him and they stretched and hung on to him. This time when he pushed further, two more inches penetrated her. Another moan escaped from her mouth.

Jason kept working away… each time a little more of his huge cock went inside and each time her moans got louder. And then he was buried to the hilt. He was all the way and he was fucking her. He owned her pussy and he owned her. My cock was about to explode watching her take all these big cocks, I needed to cum.

"God your pussy is said Jason as he fucked her. While he fucked her, we could hear his massive dick dislodging Dave's cum from her well fucked pussy. He pulled almost all the way out and held it there then he would slam it right back inside her as far as he could go. slam ……. slam …..slam ….slam ….slam, slam, slam…He was having the time of his life. He owned her pussy… he was fucking her in pleasure, but also to show her that she was his.

He said nothing, but I could see it in his face with each thrust… "Take that ….", "and that", "and that", over and over he smashed her tight pussy with his massive dick. The sight of his huge brute of a dick making her whimper was a massive turn on for me.

Jason flipped her over onto all fours and gripped her hips firmly. For the next minute or so he fucked her furiously, with each thrust the sounds of pure pleasure came from her mouth almost as if his cock was forcing the sound out. It looked amazing that her small body could take a dick that big, thrusting that hard, but she remained there with her tight body arched and her eyes screwed up moaning with pleasure as Jason fucked her royally. He pounded her mercilessly and all she would do was moan… over and over again.

Suddenly it was show time again as Jason took charge of her body. He flipped her and fucked her from every angle. He first bent her flexible legs back until her feet were touching her ears. Her pussy was spread wide and he took his cock right out and plunged it back in over and over again. Then he lay next to her on the sofa and brought her legs together and fucked her from the side.

When he was through with that position he lifted her up and fucked her while he held onto her. He carried her over to the bar and fucked her standing up. He lifted her on to the bar and fucked her like a porn star.

Then he lay on the bar and had her squat onto his dick. She put her hands on his chest to support some of her weight and then began to move her hips up and down to massage his long thick shaft with her pussy. She moved up so that his tip was almost disengaged and then she lowered herself until he was all the way inside and then she repeated the move again only this time she paused a little longer at the top of her stroke and quickened her descent. Jason was loving how she loved being in control of his sensation.

She rode his mighty cock in this position for several minutes until his dick was dripping with her juices. Jason then stopped her at the bottom of her stroke and, holding on to her. He swung his legs over the side of the bar and dropped down to the floor forcing his dick ever further into her. He placed her butt on a bar stool and continued to fuck her.

He was giving her one hell of a fucking, but it turned out that he had barely started.

Next he turned her round and fucked her from behind as she leaned against the bar. He slammed into her with her legs together and then he lifted one of her legs so we could all see him driving his cock into her willing pussy.

Then, in a flash, she was back on all fours.

Jason grunted as he bent over her back and slammed into her, grabbing both her tits with his hands. She screamed in pleasure this time as her pussy clenched his cock. Jason worked his massive member in and out of her as quickly as he could, and her moans soon grew in intensity and frequency until she convulsed as her orgasm took hold of her. Jason saw that she had gone over the edge and simply quickened and deepened the pace as she rode and rode the orgasm on and on and on. Juice gushed and sprayed from her as she came, forced out from her by the savage slam fucking she was getting.

That was the first time I ever saw her cum from pure power fucking and I think she was as surprised as I was. Jason, without even touching her clit, had just fucked her pussy into total submission.

Jason finally stopped to recover his breath and disengaged his enormous dick from her yet still sporting a massive erection. But he was not finished.

"How about I fuck your tight little ass?" said Jason as she looked at him.

It was a rhetorical question and she knew it. She raised her ass high and put her shoulders to the ground. My god it looked fantastic, her freshly fucked pussy was puffed out and glistening with her juices and cum. Jason needed no second invitation and placed his dick against her ass.

For a split second I had slightly mixed emotions that a man we had just met was about to fuck Alisha up the ass.

She realized what he was going to do and protested that it was too big. He ignored her and told her to relax as he slowly rocked back and forth and just kept probing. Then he was in, the head of his cock inside her ass hole. I didn't think it was possible, but the cum acted as a fine lubricant. She tensed and then started to relax. Jason started moving again pushing a bit deeper, she tensed again but relaxed quickly.

She grimaced slightly and told him not to move. Jason stopped momentarily but soon started to work his dick further and further inside. It was very gentle compared with the savage fucking her pussy had just experienced, but he was in her ass and Jason knew, as we did, that he needed to take things slow. Soon the pain would subside a little and he could begin to demolish her ass in the same way he had her pussy.

Jason slowly built up the pace. His gentle strokes grew faster and deeper and I could see the slight grimace had gone from her face
She turned to him and said, "you can fuck it a bit harder now".

"That's it Jason,you can fuck it as hard as you like".

Jason was now banging into her tight ass for all he was worth, and then without realizing what I was doing I heard myself speaking out loud.

"Come on Jason. fuck her ass, fuck her ass, fuck it good, cum in that perfect tight ass, make it overflow with your cum!"

Jason grabbed on to her hips and slammed forward into her colon. I knew what he was feeling. Her sphincter muscle was pulsating around his throbbing dick, trying to push him back out.

She started to become very vocal, urging him on as he fucked her ass hole with long powerful thrusts. He looked as if he was about to explode and stopped suddenly.

Jason's strong arms suddenly gripped her hips firmly and he lifted her up while still keeping his massive dick safely stashed in her tight ass. He then maneuvered his hands until they were hooked under her legs and slowly stood up as he lifted her with him. I could see his cock was about three quarters of the way up her ass and her open pussy was open for all to see.

Jason had the strength to lift her until his cock tip was almost visible and then to pump her up and down. I have no idea what it felt like but she didn't give the impression it was painful, quite the opposite. She had a look of deep satisfaction and concentration and I realized she was about to cum again. Her body shook for the umpteenth time that night.

Jason slowed and stopped to allow her to catch her breath but his dick remained in her ass.

Jason slowly moved backwards and began to sit down slowly on the armchair. The final part of his movement was sudden however and the jolt as he hit the chair caused his dick to be buried in here ass to the hilt. With that, Jason, with his arms still hooked behind her knees lay backwards so that she was lying with her back against his chest. Her legs were spread wide and while her ass was quite full of Jason’s cock, anyone who wanted access to her pussy could just walk right up and penetrate her..

I knew what Jason had in mind. He and I were the only ones left with full loads of sperm and I could see exactly how this was going to end… and I wanted it. Within seconds I was kneeling in front of her and slowly pushing my cock into her cum filled and well fucked pussy. The fact of Jason's massive dick in her ass, however, made her pussy tighter than ever.

Cock in pussy, cock in ass, pussy, ass, pussy, ass, pussy, ass. Our rhythm built and we fucked her like that for several minutes.

The others were loving the show – "Jesus Christ" said Mike "she is so horny". I was aware that as we fucked her the others had been stroking their dicks again. Every so often one of them would lean over her so she could suck the remaining contents of their balls. I didn’t count the number of loads she swallowed in this way, but I guessed everyone, other than Jason and I, had given her a second helping.

Her mouth hung open and with each thrust she said "oh god", "oh god",

She started saying "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God" over and over as Jason pushed his cock deeper into her ass. As he buried it fully into her, she started saying loudly "FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME HARD YOU MOTHER FUCKERS". Jason began to thrust in and out of her ass as I started thrusting into her widely stretched pussy. Jason was fucking her ass faster and harder. By now she was loving every inch and every second.

"FUCK ME HARDER, DAMN IT!" she yelled out as Jason and I were thrusting our cocks in and out of her body. She swore and moaned while we had our way with her delicious body.


And then at the same time we both pushed inside, filling her to the brim. Her body shuddered as she came almost instantly. Jason and I came at the same time. Huge loads of hot cum shot inside her from both directions. Jason was grunting as he started shooting his huge load into her ass and I shot a second massive load of cum deep into her pussy, filling her pussy completely with my semen. She could see Jason's cum leaking out of her stretched asshole and mine leaking out of her well fucked pussy. As she disentangled herself I could see cum running in streams down both legs.

We all looked at the messy gaping holes we had made of her ass and pussy and then we all dressed quietly. Without speaking we returned to our hotel room.

In the morning I went to breakfast on my own. I let Alisha sleep. I knew she was probably still exhausted. When I got to the restaurant, everyone, except for Jason, was there with their girlfriends. No one mentioned the previous night and we acted more like old friends, except I knew we'd never see any of them again and her secret… our secret… was safe.

After I finished breakfast, I sat at the table thinking about the previous night. I was miles away in thought. I snapped back to the present when the waiter kept asking, are you />
“I’m fine,” I snapped, just have something on my do you want?”

“I was wondering if you wanted me to clear the table and if you would like anything else.” the waiter sheepishly responded.

“No, just bring me the check.” I said.

When I got back to our room Alisha was lying on top of the covers, naked and incredibly horny. She got up and pulled me onto the bed saying, “Get your clothes off, I’m going to give you the most incredible fuck you’ve ever had.”

As we made love we talked about the previous night. I remarked that she was still very wet. She just smiled at our video camera whose red light, unknown to me, was blinking on the dresser.

When I shot my load of cum inside her, she smiled again, knowing my cum was mixing with Jason's. Had I known this I would have realized why he hadn't made breakfast.

She lay there sated and happy, looking forward to watching the video with me later as she takes me deep inside her once again.

Colin and Alisha loaded their bags into the Town Car and headed out to the airport to fly back to Maui. Alisha was still tired from the previous night. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, she asked Colin for the tenth time, “Are you upset with me Colin, I know we didn’t plan on a gangbang, it just sort of />
He cut her off, “Alisha, I’m not upset with you, damn it, I love you with all my heart. We were both there and wanted it to happen. It was something you have talked about ever since I met you. I would not have denied you your fantasy. Alisha, I love you and watching you take all those cocks and draining all of the cum from everyone, was truly hot and I thoroughly enjoyed watching. The only thing I want to know is if you had a good you like it?”

“Oh, Colin, I loved it, I just didn’t want you to be upset with me, when they dared me, I couldn’t help myself, by the time I realized what was going to happen, it was too sorry my love.” she told him.

Alisha finally realized that if Colin would have had any objections, he would have voiced them last night before it turned into a gang bang. It had felt wonderful, to have that many guys take her and, should the opportunity ever arise again, she will take it. Now, it was time to get on with the honeymoon. What a honeymoon gift she had gotten last night.

They got back to Maui and went to the house. Cody and Justin were gone somewhere, so Colin and Alisha went out to the hot tub and soaked in its hot waters. It was quite relaxing. They talked about Alisha’s gangbang and how well she had held up to the heavy assault on her body. She remembered back to Jason relentlessly banging her holes from every direction and the control he had had over her. His was the biggest cock she had ever taken in her life. When he knocked on her hotel door, this morning while Colin was down having breakfast, she didn’t know exactly what to do. She had slept nude, so when she got up she put on her short terry cloth robe and went to the door.

She remembered that huge cock and how good it felt inside her. Before she opened the door, she sat their video camera on the dresser and turned it on. If he did want to fuck her again, she wanted to record it and show it to Colin later. He came into the room and grasped her by the shoulders and kissed her deeply, his tongue gliding across hers to the back of her mouth. In and out, in and out, in and was like he was fucking her already. Alisha felt herself getting wet again. Jason loosened her robe and pulled it down off her shoulders saying, “Alisha, you were so good last night, no woman I have ever been with fucked me like you did. I just had to have you one more time. I know we will never see each other just want to be inside you one more time.”

Alisha stood there in front of him, naked. He was slowly removing his clothing, releasing his semi hard cock. She fell to her knees saying, “Oh, I do want you once more, Jason.” She stretched her mouth over his monster cock and began to suck it feverishly. In a short time, he was totally erect. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her to her feet, then led her to the bed and had her lay on her back, her legs spread wide apart. She held her arms out to eased himself onto the bed, between her beautiful long legs. He put the huge head of his phallus between her soft lips gently pushing it through her folds and into her waiting inch in, pull out, two inches in, pull out, three inches in, pull out and so on and so on till his 12 inches was buried inside her, his cum swollen balls laying softly against her beautiful ass.

He laid there, not moving, for the longest time, just looking into her eyes. Alisha wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him to her. His lips went to her hard nipples and began nibbling on she felt great, she was so full of his cock. It had stretched her vagina to its limits. Then he slowly began to pump her…..she wanted to scream, she wanted the world to know the pleasure she was feeling at this moment. Two more strokes and Alisha was was having an orgasm that tightened every muscle in her body.

She lunged her pussy up to his pelvis, her pussy dripping her juices down her crack. Three or four more strokes, and she believed she must be in heaven. Alisha began to cum again, this time squirting all over Jason. He continued to pound her pussy with his jack hammer for the next 20 minutes, sending Alisha on a rollercoaster ride of orgasms. Then she felt it, that explosion deep inside her that radiated in every direction inside her body.

He kept hammering her pussy with long, hard strokes and he soon began to fill her vagina with his cum. He would pump his cock in and out of her cum filled pussy hearing the squish, squish, squish sound it made as he pounded her. Alisha’s body was reeling from the intense orgasm she was hosting. Cum was running out of her in torents. He collapsed on top of her, completely out of breath. She could feel his heart pounding against her tits as he lay there. Soon, he recovered and got off of her. He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself, got dressed, kissed her and left. She lay there, her legs spread wide, cum running from her and a smile on her face that wouldn’t leave for some time. She finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, Colin would be returning soon. She wiped the cum from the sheet and blow dried it till it was dry. She had just got back into bed when Colin arrived. He was so handsome and she loved him so much. She wanted him, she wanted him to fill her with his hot sperm. Soon he was back inside her, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. When they both started to cum, Alisha pulled him as close to her as she possibly could, whispering in his ear, “I love you Colin…..I love you….I love you…..I love you.”

Every time she blew those words into his ear, he shot another stream of hot cum deep inside her. At this time only she knew he was mixing his seed with Jason’s somewhere deep inside her vagina. She would tell him later, when she played the video from their camera for him.

Now, relaxing in the hot tub, they rested and tried to regain their strength. Cody and Justin got back and came out to see them.

“Did you guys have a good time last night,” Cody asked.

Alisha smiled, “You wouldn’t believe how good of a time we had.” She and Colin could only smile at each other. They have a secret that they would not share with />
Cody and Justin went to their room to change clothes. Soon, Colin and Alisha could hear them enjoying each other’s bodies. Cody could be very vocal when she was deep into sex, and, it sounded as though she was having a very exciting bout of sex with Justin.

Alisha and Colin went up to their room to be alone. Colin was still trying to convince her that he had enjoyed watching her taking multiple men and that he still loved her as much, if not more, than ever and that her actions had excited him beyond explanation.

It was another beautiful day in Hawaii. A deep blue ocean could be seen from their balcony, which seemed to extend forever into the picturesque horizon. A warm breeze could be felt from the north side of the island, causing the palm trees to sway back and forth in an enticing manner. As they held hands and looked at each other, they could hear Cody having another huge orgasm, screaming at Justin to ’fuck her hard’. Alisha was gazing at Colin with those penetrating blue eyes that can make one feel transparent, as though she could read his every thought.

As a whole, the day had been really good for them. As they sat on their lounge chairs sipping Patron, Alisha excused herself for a moment, telling Colin that she would return shortly. Usually, Alisha was very direct when it came to sex, choosing to send Colin those little signals that only a woman can. Experimentation and newfound pleasures are something common in their relationship, particularly with the upbringing she had experienced. Guiltless pleasure is the norm and not the exception. Perhaps it was the warm Pacific breeze or the euphoria of the day, but the quiet, relaxed atmosphere was soon to change.

As he lay on the lounge chair, Alisha suddenly appeared through the sliding glass door, wearing lingerie that quickly brought his attention away from the swaying trees to her beautiful figure. This was certainly the type of gown that he was used to seeing her in! A black see-through teddy adorned her body, hugging her long, tanned legs and extending upwardly to expose a portion of her large round breasts, which could only be described as breathtaking.

As Colin lay stunned in amazement, she quickly seized the moment and bent down to place her breasts in his mouth before he could say a word. With her straddling over his torso, he began to suck her breasts, lightly biting down on her now erect nipples. As he caressed her supple breasts in a circular motion with his tongue, he glanced upwardly to see her eyes flutter in response to the stimulus. After caressing her pink nipples for some time, he turned his attention to her neck, lightly kissing her ears as she positioned herself on his now growing cock which was busting from his shorts. Running his tongue down the side of her neck, he wrapped his hands around her sultry hips, pulling her even closer to his body.

She continued to move up and down on him with precision as he watched her breasts calling him from above. Satisfied now that he would eventually explode with the tension of her warm body riding him from above, she stood up and told him that she wanted him to watch as she performed a striptease that was sure to get him off. Shocked at the forwardness of her statement, Colin sat there in awe wondering what would her next move would be.

With her sultry brunette hair providing a backdrop to her gorgeous silhouette, she began running her hands up one of her legs, stopping to undo one of the garter belts that clung to her voluptuous frame. Moving her hands further towards the neckline of her lingerie, she slowly unlaced several ties one by one in succession, fully exposing her size 38D breasts. While gazing into his eyes to witness the satisfaction on his face, she wrapped her fingers around one of her nipples while messaging her entire breast with her hand, driving him absolutely wild.

No longer able to control himself as he watched her caress her breasts, he succumbed to the pressure and pulled down his shorts, exposing his fully erect penis. Now free, he grabbed his shaft and ran his hand up and down as he watched his brunette goddess pleasure herself in front of him. Understanding his lead, she pulled up her teddy to expose her now wet lips that had only moments earlier straddled his cock in pleasure. As she moved her hands downward towards her crotch, he could hardly contain himself as he continued to stroke his swelling cock, now at a much greater speed. She moved closer next to him, spreading her pussy right in front of his face. Obviously moved by the look of ecstasy he had on his face at this move, she slowly inserted one of her fingers into her pussy while at the same time staring deeply into his eyes, as if telling him that she too had succumbed to the moment.

No longer content with just he pulled her midriff towards his face so that he could also pleasure her with his tongue as she continued to message the outer folds of her lips with her fingers. His action was quickly met with appreciation, causing her to grip his head with her other hand, pulling his tongue deeper inside her, arching her back in delight as he moved his tongue deeper inside. He ran his hands up and down along the small of her back, causing her body to shutter in sheer pleasure.

Sensing that reciprocity was in order, she knelt down beside him and proceeded to caress the tip of his shaft with her tongue, periodically bobbing up on down on him. With each successive motion, she wrapped her mouth more tightly around him, bringing him even closer to orgasm. Small amounts of his warm cum were beginning to seep from his cock and the pleasure was intense, how he wanted this moment to last forever!

Deciding that no good deed should go unrewarded, he rolled his honey over onto her back and thrust himself inside of her, causing her to gasp in excitement. As he slowly angled himself deep inside her warmth, she wrapped her hands around his butt and pulled him closer so that she could feel every inch of him. At that moment, he could tell from the fire in her eyes that she wanted him more than ever. Her hands gripping him tighter with each thrust, she suddenly pulled Colin’s entire body down onto hers as he felt her achieve orgasm. The strong pulsations of her climax rippling through her exquisite body. She was cradling him as she gazed directly into his eyes in utter delight causing him to soon follow, releasing the tension that had been building up from those first few moments when she appeared at the balcony.

As he continued to lay on top of her, gazing into her wanting eyes. He softly ran his fingers through her hair and whispered to her how amazing she was. Enjoying the moment, they continued to embrace each other for the remainder of the day, periodically taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of the island that surrounded them. At this moment in time, Alisha knew that Colin loved her deeply and they would be together always. The events of the preceding night were now nothing but memories. They realized that their bizarre sexual habits would only bring them closer. They were truly in love and so content, in this beautiful paradise!

All of them spent a quiet relaxing afternoon and go out to dinner that evening. Justin and Cody found a restaurant that specializes in luaus, so they had made a reservation. The evening began being seated out on a stretch of beach around some very low tables. Exotic Hawaiian drinks were served to them as they watched a group doing authentic Hawaiian dances. The meal was served, more drinks and more entertainment. It was truly an enjoyable evening and they all had a really good time. Everyone being still a little tired from the day, went to bed and enjoyed the warm breezes blowing in off the Pacific.

Somewhere around 3 am, Colin was a little restless. He got out of bed, put on his boxer briefs and went downstairs to the kitchen to find a snack and something to drink. He found a light snack and got a bottle of iced tea and went out onto the veranda to just sit and enjoy the quiet, peaceful night. The full moon cast its soft light over the landscape, giving it an eerie appearance. He could hear the waves breaking on the beach a short distance from the house. He could hear crickets and an occasional call from some nocturnal bird. It was beautiful here, even in the light of the full moon.

Suddenly, he felt someone’s hands touch his shoulders. He turns to see Cody standing behind him. “So you couldn’t sleep either?” she said to him.

just a little restless, I guess. Thought I’d just sit here and relax, maybe drift off to sleep in this chair.” he told her. “Why aren’t you sleeping…. problems?” he asked her.

“No, I was just a little restless also. I heard you get up and come downstairs, so I thought I’d come and keep you company.” She told him as she walked around in front of him and sat on the foot stool.

“I’m glad you did, after all, you are my favorite sister in law.” he teased her.

Not until right now, did he noticed how much Cody and Alisha looked alike. Their hair was almost identical, their figures, their breasts and legs and curves were strikingly similar. Cody was wearing a t-shirt. She had nothing on underneath. In the dim light, he could see the clean shaven lips between her spread thighs. Her nipples were hard and protruding from under the thin t-shirt.

He moved to the edge of his chair and reached out and took her head between his open palms, pulling her to him. As they kissed, her lips parted slightly and her tongue snaked its way into his mouth, entwining with his. Their kiss was long, warm and deep as they melted into each other. Colin slid his hands down to her magnificent breasts, cupping them and gently rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefinger. Cody let out a low moan as he caressed her tits. His hands went down further and grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, then he pulled it up and over her tossed it aside.

Her arms went around his neck and pulled him to her moist lips as she hungrily kissed him. Again his hands went to her breasts and he continued the gentle caressing that he had begun only a short time ago. Cody’s breathing was becoming heavier as their kiss became more intense. Colin slipped off the chair onto his knees. He wrapped his arms around Cody and pulled her firm tits into his chest. He could feel her erect nipples pressing into him. His head went into her cleavage. He ran his tongue over her tits and to her nipples, then softly nibbled on them with his teeth.

Cody moaned and pulled his head tighter to her bosom. Colin slid his hands down her sides to her hips. He lifted her up to her feet and put his face between her legs and probed her moist pussy with his tongue. He sucked on her enlarged clitoris making her continue to moan with pleasure. As he continued to lick her slit, his hands gripped her nice round ass and he squeezed those perfect butt cheeks.

He stood and kissed her again and as he did she could taste her juices on his lips. She slid both hands into his boxer briefs and grasped his hard cock with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. Colin let out a gasp from the soft feel of her hands on him. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pulled them downwards to his feet. He stepped out of them and sat back into the chair. Cody leaned forward and took his cock in her hands and began to stroke it as she licked the drops of pre-cum from its head.

Cody sat back on her heels as she continued to stroke his cock, gazing at it intently. It was a magnificent tool. She could not wrap one of her hands around its was long and so hard. She leaned back over it and placed her slightly parted lips on the head. Her tongue slithered out of her mouth and under the head. With just the tip, she touched that little spot just on the underside and moved the tip back and forth across it. She felt his cock jerk as she continued stimulating that sensitive area. Next she took his cock deep into her throat and rubbed it’s underside with her tongue. Again, as Colin moaned, she felt it jerk again and it gave up a few drops of his sweet cum. She continued to slide his cock in and out of her warm mouth, sucking on it vigorously. She could hear Colin whispering, “Ohhhhhhhh, Cody …that feels so good.”

As she continued sucking his cock, she could tell that he was fast approaching an orgasm. She pulled her lips from his cock and stood in front of him. She moved closer and put her knees into the chair on each side of his legs. Colin readjusted, sliding his ass down closer to the edge of the oversized chair so that Cody could take his cock inside her wet pussy.

As she sat down on his hard cock, she felt it slip deeper and deeper into her vagina till it pushed against her cervix. She just sat there, not moving, savoring the feel of his big cock filling her most intimate area. He had grasped her ass and buried his head between her beautiful breasts as she began to move up and down on his hard throbbing shaft.

She was experiencing the most wonderful sensations as Colin touched all of her private parts simultaneously. His cock felt wonderful inside her. It was so big and hard that as it slipped in and out of her, it rubbed against her clit, sending shivers up her spine. They enjoyed each other’s bodies for the next hour, not ever moving from this position.

Colin had taken Cody to orgasm 4 times. Each time he would feel her body shudder and her stomach muscles tighten. Her pussy would clamp down on his hard cock so tight he could hardly move it in and out of her. Then, when it was over she continued to raise and lower her beautiful ass up and down on his cock again.

After her 4th orgasm, her hands were grasping his shoulders. She could see the urgency beginning to show in his orgasm was eminent. She felt him push his cock completely into her. Then, as his body stiffened and his abs hardened, she felt his body spasm as his hot fluid erupted from the end of his cock, filling her vagina and running out of her onto his balls. He was cumming like a volcano, eruption after eruption of hot cum shooting into her belly as his hands pulled her closer to him. As his orgasm subsided, they held each other tightly as they regained their strength.

Cody lifted her pussy off of his softening rod and went back to her knees in front of him. She took her tongue to his cum soaked balls and licked up the sweet nectar, sliding the tip up his shaft to the head. She took his flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked all the remaining semen from it. Then she licked him clean, tasting his cum and her juices mixed. She stood up in front of him, spreading her legs wide apart. With her hand cupped below her dripping pussy, she pushed his spent cum from her vagina into her looking directly in his eyes, she licked her palm clean and swallowed all of his sweet juice.

Colin leaned forward and grasped her beautiful ass and pulled her toward his open mouth. He locked his lips onto her wet pussy and sucked the remaining juices from her love tunnel. She spread her legs wider for him and he licked her clean. He felt Cody shudder slightly. He knew she was having another orgasm so he locked his lips around her clit and pushed two fingers into her vagina. When the orgasm subsided, Cody sat back down on the foot stool in front of Colin, smiling. Colin looked deeply into her eyes and told her, “Cody, that was wonderful, I know that the four of us will be very close for the rest of all our natural lives. Intimate moments, like this, we will all continue to share.”

Cody moved onto Colin’s lap and wrapped her arms around him. They sat there, holding each other till the horizon began to change from blue to dark red. As the sun began to peek above the edge of the world they watched, feeling their naked bodies touching the other.

They were in no hurry, they continued to sit there kissing and holding each other. They could hear someone in the kitchen making coffee and soon the aroma swept out onto the veranda. Shortly Justin came out sipping from a cup. He looked at his naked bride and brother in law and said, “So that’s where you ended up last night, I wondered what had become of you.”

“I couldn’t sleep so I came down and found Colin sitting out here, so we passed the time hope you didn’t mind.”

“Not at all, darling, I’m glad you two enjoyed each other. I think I’ll take a cup of coffee up to Alisha and see if she wants to have a little morning pleasure also. I’ll see you two in a while.” he said to them. Cody laid her head against Colin’s chest again and they continued to enjoy the morning.

Justin went back to the kitchen and fixed Alisha a cup of coffee, just the way she likes it.
He took it up stairs to her bedroom and went in. She was naked, lying on top of the sheets. He stood at the foot of the bed for quite some time just enjoying looking at her naked beauty and also realizing how much she and Cody looked alike.

The sunlight illuminated her tanned skin and accentuated her perfect breasts. He thought to himself , I don’t know how Colin and I got so damn lucky. We have the two most beautiful wives anywhere, and we share them openly and without life is good.

He sat their coffees down on the dresser and went back to her bed. He bent down and began to kiss her toes, causing her to stir lightly. He removed his underwear and crawled onto the bed straddling her beautiful long legs. He got down on his hands and knees and slowly moved up till his lips covered one of her nipples. He began to lightly lick her nipples, first one then the other, causing her to stir a little more. He backed down to the end of the bed and gently spread her legs apart, then put his head between them and began to lightly lick her outer lips.

Still asleep, she arched her back slightly as he pushed his tongue past the folds of skin inside her outer lips and into her wet pussy. He could taste a mix of her juices and Colin’s cum. He grasped her behind the knees and lifted her legs up and apart, spreading her lips wide. He could see her pussy glisten in the morning light. Again he put his lips to her and took her whole pussy into his mouth. He continued the tongue assault on her juicy cunt, licking her clean of any left- over cum.

Alisha had begun to awaken, feeling the pleasure that Justin was giving her. With his head between her legs, he looked up at her as she opened her eyes and looked down at him. “Damn, what a way to wake up, I thought it was a dream.”

Justin rose up onto his hands and knees again and crawled up to her face and kissed her. Alisha reacted to his kiss by putting her arms around him and pulling him to her. As he was pulled down onto her beautiful chest, he pushed the head of his penis into her warm pussy. Slowly he slid it further and further into her till his balls contacted her ass. She wrapped her legs around him and he began to fuck her very slowly.

Their kiss continued as he plunged into her depths, feeling her tight vagina gripping his manhood as he went in and out of her beautiful body. Soon she felt him explode inside her and it pushed her over the edge to an earth shaking orgasm. She cried out loudly, “OH GOD ME GOOD, I’M YOUR COCK ALL THE WAY INSIDE MY GOD FUCK

Justin was releasing a gigantic amount of cum into her. He knew it was spilling out of her and onto the bed. Soon they both lay there, the afterglow of their orgasms looming around them. He rolled off of her and onto his back and looked at her. She was looking at him smiling. “I love to wake up like that.” she said.

“If you will bring that beautiful pussy of yours up to my mouth, I will clean you good and make you cum again and again.” he told her.

Alisha didn’t have to be invited but once, she rose and crawled over him till her cum dripping pussy was above his waiting mouth. She lowered herself till she felt her outer lips being parted by his tongue. She held onto the headboard and felt the pleasure of him licking her from her ass to her only to suck on her engorged clitoris. As he clamped onto her sopping pussy with his mouth, she pushed and felt the cum inside her slide out. He never missed a beat, he sucked harder and got it all. Alisha began to cum again, squirting streams of her cum into his mouth over and over. Justin continued sucking on her and stimulating her as she continued to orgasm, time after time. Soon the earthquake stopped and she raised up off of Justin. She lay down on top of him and asked, “have you seen Colin, he got up during the night and hasn’t />
“Yes, he and Cody have been down on the veranda fucking all night, when I found them this morning they were cuddling in a chair, watching the sun rise.” he said.

Alisha thought back to Tuesday night when she took on 6 guys for many hours as Colin watched and participated. She hoped that she hadn’t messed things up with him by having done it. She wondered if he had left their bed last night because of it. She knew she had to quit obsessing about it, she knows that Colin loves her.

They got off the bed and Justin gave her coffee, then they went downstairs to see what the other two were doing. When they got to the veranda, Colin had Cody leaning against the railing, giving it to her up the ass from behind.

Justin and Alisha sat down in chairs and watched as they drank their coffee. Colin and Cody looked at them slightly then she smiled as her yes rolled back in her head when she began a giant orgasm. Colin continued pumping his cock into her faster, a look of desperation on his face. In a few seconds, Colin grasped Cody’s ass hard and shoved his cock deep into her ass. They knew that he was emptying his balls deep into Cody’s bowels. The two of them stood still, their bodies shaking with pleasure for several seconds, before Colin pulled out and sat down. Cody straightened up and said, “Good morning guys.”

Cody was always happy, bubbly and enjoying life immensely. She bounced over and sat in Colin’s lap and kissed him, “Thank you lover! That was fantastic.”

Colin was continuing to fondle Cody’s tits and his cock was getting hard again, pushing up between her legs. Cody had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. She looked down at Colin’s hard cock sticking up in front of her pussy. She smiled and raised her ass up and slid his cock inside her dripping pussy. Colin’s hands were on her hips lifting her up and down on his hard shaft. It didn’t take long and Cody had another orgasm. She continued to pump Colin’s cock till she made him cum. She turned around and kissed Colin again. “I think I’m going to fuck Colin all day, do you guys mind?” she asked us.

Justin looked at Alisha and shrugged his shoulders, Alisha said, “No, if you guys want to enjoy each other today, its fine with and I talked about going to the beach, we can go over by ourselves, if you guys want to stay here.”

“Ok, you guys go do that, and we’ll all go out to dinner at that steakhouse over by the pier when you get back.” Colin said.

Cody lifted up off of Colin’s cock and she and Alisha went in to fix some breakfast. “Thank you Colin, I appreciate you taking Cody off my hands for a while,” Justin told Colin. “she is about to fuck me to death, I need a break. A nice quiet afternoon with Alisha will really be nice, hope you are ok with it.”

Colin laughed, “ I can understand. Cody has always been a little hyper. I’ll take good care of her today and then get back to some really slow and sensual sex with Alisha tonight after dinner.”

“I think it is absolutely great that you and I can share our wives. We have the most beautiful women anywhere and when you fuck one of them, it’s like fucking the are so much alike. When I went up to Alisha this morning, she was lying on top of the covers naked. I just stood and took in her beauty and as I looked, I could see Cody lying there, it’s />
“I had an experience like that this morning with Cody,” Colin told Justin, “I looked down at Cody sucking my cock and in the moonlight, I had to look twice, thinking it was two are very if you throw Anne into the mix, it gets more />
They sat on the veranda laughing. Meanwhile, the girls were about to get breakfast done. They had been talking comparing the two men. “Cody, we have a couple of really fantastic husbands, I know that Colin is exceptional. I did something Tuesday night that I shouldn’t have, but Colin supported me. I know he probably didn’t want me to do what I did, but the Patron took my better judgement away, then I got dared, then everything went out of control. He stood by me and supported me, I love him so much.”

“What the hell did you do Sis, nothing could be that bad.” Cody asked her.

“It’s a long story, Cody, but, long story short, I fucked 6 guys, with huge cocks, at the bar after the was fucking fantastic, I have to say, and it was one of my oldest fantasies come true.” Alisha confessed, “Just don’t spread it around, OK?”

got it Alisha, damn, I’d love to do something like that sometime. Will you tell me the whole story when we have the time?”

“Yes I will, Sis, if you ever do decide to do that, let me know and I’ll help you set it up. I learned a lot and got really lucky, the guys I fucked were all really nice and gentle guys, so I didn’t get hurt, but, you get the wrong people involved and it could be an experience you would want to forget as soon as possible.” she told Cody.

“You don’t mind that I want to screw Colin all afternoon do you, I mean, if you want to spend time with your husband, I sure don’t want to interfere with that.” Cody said.

“No, Cody, it’s perfectly fine. After the fucking I got Tuesday, my pussy needs a little rest. I can screw Colin tonight once and be happy. Justin gave it to me good this morning when he came up, I don’t need any more till later, so you two get your rocks off all you want, I’m fine taking an afternoon at the beach, doing />
They all had breakfast and Alisha and Justin went to the beach, while Colin and Cody went out to the pool and gave each other oral sex. Everyone was happy.

Alisha and Colin found a beach not far from the house. It was over on the north shore of Maui. They took a cooler, towels and an umbrella. When they got to the beach, there was a security guard giving instructions to people as they arrived. He told them that this was a clothing optional beach and they needed to be informed, so that if they didn’t want to be exposed to nudity, they should go to another beach about two miles down the road.

Alisha wasn’t bashful, so they went on in. They found an area where there weren’t many people around them and opened the umbrella and spread out their beach towels. Alisha immediately took her top off and tossed it on top of the cooler. Justin smiled as he admired her perfect was so beautiful.

She laid out on the towels and asked Justin to rub some sunscreen on her back, which he enthusiastically did. When he had applied an ample amount to her back, he told her that he should apply some on her front while he was at it. She grinned at him and rolled over saying, “Go ahead and get to it.”

Alisha rolled over on her back. Justin took a long look at her perfect breasts. He put sunscreen in his palms, rubbed them together then started rubbing it in. Alisha was enjoying having her tits massaged by Justin. He put more in his hands and worked downward onto her stomach, then on down from her crotch to her toes. While he was at the top of her thighs, he rubbed the back of his hand on her protruding lips, exciting her some. He rubbed the sunscreen on her arms, then back to her tits and shoulders. Alisha completely enjoyed the whole experience. As she rolled over on her front again, a good looking guy walking by had been watching her.

“I’ll be glad to help you too if you need it beautiful.” he said.

Alisha looked up at him and politely declined.

“Come on doll, let me rub some lotion on you, you’ll like the way I do it, I promise.” he continued.

Alisha looked up at him with an irritated look on her face, “I fucking said NO you fucking asshole!” she snapped at him.

That stopped him in his tracks. A scowl appeared on his face. “Got some mouth on you don’t you bitch.” he grunted.

At this point Justin got up and told him to apologize. He looked at Justin and told him to ‘fuck off’ as he poked his finger into Justin‘s chest. That was the wrong thing to say and do to a guy that is a martial arts instructor.

Justin stepped forward and said, “The lady said no, if you don’t understand English, I’ll say it clearly for you… get the fuck out of here or I’ll wipe this beach up with your ass mother fucker.”

The next mistake the guy made was to take a swing at it was a big mistake. Justin defended himself and before the guy even knew it, he had been hit 3 times and was laying in the sand on his face with Justin on top of him saying, “You stupid cock sucker, you’re lucky I don’t break you up some, now apologize or I’m going to />
Right then, the security guard that had met us when we came in showed up on his ATV.
“Ok, bread it up,” he said as he got off the ATV. Justin continued to sit on the guy and told the officer what the guy had done. The security officer said he had seen the whole thing, then told Justin to get off the guy so he could cuff him. “Do you two want to press charges?” he asked Justin.

“Damn straight, I want this guy locked insulted my sister in law then tried to hit yes, I want to press />
The officer finished cuffing the guy then helped him to his feet. got it sir, I’ll take him down to the station. I need you to come down and give a statement and sign the complaint. The office is about a quarter mile down the beach,” he said as he pointed to the West. “I’ll be there shortly.” Justin told him.

The guy spoke up, seeing that he was going to jail, “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean any harm.” He then looked over at Alisha, “I’m so sorry I insulted you, please accept my apology, I promise I won’t bother you so />
Justin walked over to Alisha, “What do you want me to do Alisha, it’s all up to you, just tell />
Alisha got onto her feet, putting her bikini top back on. She walked over to the guy and said, “I’m going to ask my brother in law to not press charges, but, if I ever see you again, I’ll tell my husband what you were up to and you’ll probably have a serious you get my drift, you’re right, I do have a mouth on me and my husband likes it when I suck his cock with you’ll never get the chance to find him loose.” She then walked back to the umbrella.
Justin told the officer that he was not going to press charges and to let him go.

The security officer said, “Ok, but assholes like him have a habit of showing up again and again, they think they’re some fucking Don Juan or />
ok officer, I think I can handle a piece of trash like him if he comes back.” Justin told him.

“From what I saw, I believe you’re right, you could handle about 5 of him.” he laughed.

The officer removed the cuffs and sent the guy on his way. He told Alisha and Justin to enjoy themselves and he was sorry the jerk had messed with them, then he went on his way. When Justin went back to the umbrella, he could tell that Alisha was really excited. As he walked up she wrapped her arms around him and planted her lips against his, sliding her tongue into his mouth while she rubbed her front against him. “Damn that was hot, it made me wet to watch you work that guy want to fuck you, I am really turned on and I need your cock.” She continued kissing him and pushing her tits against his chest.

Justin looked around, eager to find a place where they wouldn’t be seen. He reached down and picked up a towel and led her by the hand behind a nearby dune. He spread the towel out on the sand while Alisha took her bikini off and stretched out on top of the towel. Justin pulled his trunks cock was hard and throbbing in anticipation of being inside her while she was so excited. He went down on his knees and pushed the head of his cock between her wet outer lips. Alisha gasped and pushed her pelvis toward Justin, impaling herself on his hard shaft. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her while she kissed him. He started pumping her hard as she wrapped her legs around him and desperately fucked him back. It took about 30 seconds of their hard thrusting for them both to cum. If someone had seen them they would have thought that they both were having epileptic seizures.

Alisha looked up at Justin and said, “Damn, that was the quickest, most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, I’m ready to go back and lay in the sun. Justin got off of her. She went up on her knees and licked his cock clean and sucked the remaining cum out, then she was ready to go. She didn’t put her bikini back on and walked back to their umbrella. Spread the towel back out and laid back on it and began to sun herself again. Justin went to the cooler and got out a beer, sat back and observed Alisha’s nakedness. He thought to himself, ‘what a beautiful piece of ass, damn, Colin and I are the luckiest two mother fuckers in the world.’ He took a big drink of beer and watched his cum oozing from between her pussy lips.

The afternoon was really relaxing for Colin and Cody. They had walked back to the waterfall and skinny dipped in the cool water of the large pool. As Cody was lying on her front on a big flat rock, Colin kneeled down over her and ran his finger down her but crack to her damp pussy. She didn’t look up… she just moaned her approval, so he continued fingering her.

She started moving her ass and telling him to keep going. “it feels ohhhhhh so good Colin, please put your cock in there, I want to feel you inside me.”

Colin didn’t have to have it repeated, his cock was hard. He spit on it to lube it, then pushed it down along her ass crack. He spit a big gob of saliva down her crack to add to the lubrication. He crack fucked her for a little while, then she raised her ass so he had access to her pleasure hole.

Colin slipped his rod into her, causing her to gasp and moan as it slid in. Cody raised her ass to him as he pushed in and out of her. With her legs together like this, she was tighter than normal and Colin was having a great fuck. They fucked for about 10 minutes when Colin’s knees started hurting from the contact with the rock. He pulled out of Cody and rolled her over on her back, then mounted her again.

Within a couple of minutes they were both cumming, being very vocal as their orgasms consumed them. Cody felt Colin blasting her insides with hot cum while her body shook as she convulsed. Soon they both lay on the rock, exhausted. Colin regained his strength first, then went down on Cody and began to eat her pussy, cum and all. Cody raised her head and watched him lick the thick white fluid from was thinking to herself ‘god this hot, he is licking me clean of his cum, wow, hot hot !

He raised up with his huge load in his mouth. He opened his mouth and Cody saw the thick white cum on his tongue. She immediately kissed him and pushed her tongue into his mouth and retrieved the wad of cum and swallowed it. She continued to kiss him and run her tongue all over the inside of his mouth till she got all the sperm he had sucked out of her. She licked her lips and smiled.

“Damn, Colin, that was great, I’m still turned on, do me again, she pleaded. Colin obliged her. He wasn’t hard again yet so he gave her an oral orgasm. Cody was wild with passion, she bucked and yelled as she came, confirming to Colin that he was doing her good.

When she came back to earth, she lay on the rock, her legs spread and breathing like she had just ran a marathon. Colin stared at her beautiful body as she laid there with her legs spread. He couldn’t take it, he laid down on her and fucked her again, much to her delight. He screwed her for at least and half hour before she came again, then in rapid succession she came three more times.

When her body had settled, Colin ejaculated inside her once again, feeling as though he was going to blow his balls out the end of his was no doubt Cody was having a great time. They both dived into the cool water to cool off. Colin never tired of seeing Cody and Alisha naked, they definitely were the hottest women anywhere.

They swam for a little while then started the walk back to the house. Alisha and Justin would be there soon. They would have to get ready and go to dinner.

Everyone got back to the house about the same time and went to clean up, dress and go to dinner. Alisha told Colin about the guy at the beach and what Justin had done to him. Colin wanted to know if they had the guy’s name. Alisha told him that she thought that the security officer had given Justin all the guy’s information.

“Why do you want that?” she asked Colin.

“Oh, no reason, just curious.” he told her.

Colin was ready before Alisha was, so he went downstairs to have a drink before they went out. He found Justin at the bar doing the same.

“Hey, for taking care of Alisha today, I appreciate it. I’m just glad she wasn’t there by herself. by the way, Alisha said you had the guys name and he asked.

“Yeah, the security officer gave it to me, in case something comes up or he gives us any more problems.” Justin said.

“Why don’t you let me write down all that information, just in case I might need it for some reason or another.” Colin said.

“Hell, Colin, I’ll just give you the paper he gave me, I don’t need to keep it.” he said as he pulled a paper out of his pocket and handed it to Colin.

“Great, and let’s not discuss this with the girls, no need to remind them of the Colin asked Justin.

“Sure, it’s all water under the bridge anyway.” Justin said.

Alisha and Cody came down the steps and into the bar area. Colin and Justin feasted their eyes on them. They were dressed in almost identical low cut in front and back and a length about halfway down their thighs with 5 inch black heels.

Colin and Justin said in unison.

“You guys like?” Alisha asked them as they gave the guys a 360 degree view.

“I like very much,” Colin told her as she walked up to him and kissed him, “and I love you more than anything in the world.”

“I love you Colin,” she said to him as she kissed him again, “I love you very much.”

Cody and Justin were in an embrace also. Colin said, get going, dinner awaits.”

They arrived at the restaurant and went in. Colin had made reservations so they were seated as soon as they arrived. Alisha and Cody wanted wine, so Colin ordered a very good bottle. They all sat, sipping wine and talking about their honeymoon.

Alisha raised her glass and said, “I have a wonderful man that I love very much. He has joined me in all my fantasies and desires and helps me fulfill my dreams. He joins me in my dreams and becomes a part of them. I have learned during our honeymoon, just how much we mean to each other and I’m so glad that the four of us can share each other, without any problems or jealousies. I propose a toast to the three of you, the most important people in my life!”

They all put their glasses together and together all said, “Here, they took a drink. Justin, Cody and Colin all individually said that they agree with Alisha, totally, That the four of them have a bond that will last forever.

Cody smiled and said as she held up her glass, “To us all, we have found that we are all each other we shall always stand together and share each other with the other.”

Again they all said together, “Here, here, and drank. The four of them had indeed become one. The girls had freely made love to each other’s spouses, and the guys had both realized, during this honeymoon, just how much Cody and Alisha look and act alike, almost like they are the same person.

Alisha and Cody held hands across the table and looked directly at each other as Alisha said, “While Cody and I were dressing tonight, we discussed one fantasy both of us have and would like have fulfilled tonight if possible, and if you two will help us realize that fantasy.” The two women then looked directly at their husbands.

Colin was the first to speak, “I told you once, Alisha, that I would do absolutely anything for whatever this fantasy is, if I can help you attain it, I will.”

Justin said to Cody, “Cody, I love you more than my own life and I will do anything for you, I can help you see your fantasy come true, I will help you.”

Cody and Alisha looked back at each other smiling. Cody said to Alisha, “Alisha, I told you that our husbands would help us, do you want to tell them, or shall I?”

Alisha smiled her wicked smile, “By all means Cody, tell them what we want.”

Cody looked momentarily at both Colin and Justin and said to them, :”Our fantasy will take both of you by surprise, and, we are not sure that you two will want to help us fulfill this fantasy. But, let me assure you, when this fantasy is completed, the four of us will truly be one. I will tell you, that we know this will not be easy for either of you, but know that completion of our fantasy will make Alisha and I love you two more than you will ever know.”

Colin and Jason looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. Justin said, us, what do you want us to do?”

Alisha and Cody exchanged looks and smiled at each other as Cody said, “We want you, Justin, and you Colin to have sex with each other while Alisha and I watch. We want to see you two have oral sex and we want to see each of you penetrate the other to orgasm.”

Justin and Colin looked at each other across the table with shocked looks on their faces. Cody and Alisha looked at both of them and smiled. Alisha said, “Guys, only then will you two know exactly what Cody and I do for the two of you. Once you understand how it feels for us to give and receive to you guys, only then will we all be tied together forever as is your answer?”

Colin and Justin looked at each other anxiously, not knowing what to say. Colin spoke up first, “Do you two mind if Justin and I go out onto the patio and talk this over before we answer?”

Justin said, “Yes, I think you two should let Colin and I talk about this first, ok?”

Alisha and Cody looked at each other, nodded and Alisha said, “Yes, let’s order dinner, then you two can go outside and talk it will anxiously await your answer.”

They all ordered dinner and the bottle of wine was finished so Colin ordered another one. The women could tell that their request was weighing heavy on the guys minds and frankly, scaring them to death.

The new bottle of wine arrived. Colin poured them all about half a glass, then he and Justin excused themselves from the table and went out onto the patio. Cody and Alisha anxiously awaited their answer, it is something that they both want to happen and they know if these guys mean what they say, that they love them and will do anything for them, it will happen.

Colin and Justin looked at each other rather sheepishly. “Well, what do you think Justin?” Colin asked him.

“Colin, I will do anything that my wife asks of me, including this. I love her so much and I know that she loves you are willing to go along with this, I will also be willing. It’s not like anyone but the four of us will ever know anything about it.” Justin stated.

“Well Justin, I love my wife more than anything and if this is her wish and if you are willing, I’ll do it also. Hell, we’ve already been putting our cocks in the same places and we’ve both had each other’s cum in our mouths already, so what the hell.”

They shook hands and toasted themselves and gave each other a very tight hug. They took a big drink of wine and went back to the table. The two girls looked at them, their hearts beating rapidly, in anticipation of their answer. The waiter came to the table and delivered their meals. Justin and Colin drank down their wine and poured themselves another glass. Colin said, “Well Justin, do you want to tell them our />
Justin answered, “I’ll be glad and I have he took a drink of his wine. “We both love the two of you deeply, and because you two are our whole world, we will make your fantasy come true while you watch us. We hope that you guys will then know the extent of our love for you and never doubt it.” He held his glass up and toasted everyone. They touched glasses as the two girls looked at each other with wide smiles. It was a happy time for them and the guys had shown their total love and commitment to them.

The mood was jovial as they ate their dinner. Colin and Justin knew that they were about to go through one of the hardest things they would ever have to do. But, they loved their wives and were willing to show their love for their wives. As the evening progressed, they ingested more alcohol, which took the edge off of things. As they left the restaurant, their wives walked with them, holding them close. As they drove back to the house, there was little conversation.

When they arrived at the house, they went in and the four of them went to the extra bedroom and took all of their clothing off. Alisha and Cody opened the bed, then pulled two chairs up close to the bed and sat down. Justin and Colin looked at each other, not knowing exactly where to start.

Alisha said, “Why don’t you two get on the bed and embrace each other and kiss, that‘s a good place to start, everything else will fall into place from there.

The guys did as she said and lay next to each other on the bed. They put their arms around each other and slowly moved their lips together. As they kissed each other, their free hands moved down the other’s body to their cocks. Somewhat apprehensive in their next move, they grasped the other’s cock and began to jack each other. Another kiss, this time, it looked more like they meant it. When they got completely hard, they moved into the 69 position and momentarily held the other’s cock, looking at it, before they took it into their mouths and began to suck each other

Cody and Alisha were getting hot watching their husbands. They both were fingering themselves and rubbing their clits, their juices running freely. The vision of their husbands giving head to each other was so hot they could hardly handle it. Now the guys knew what they went through when they gave head. Cody spoke up, “We want you guys to cum in each other’s mouths and swallow it, you’ve done it before, sucking it out of our pussies, its all the same cum.

Colin and Justin continued sucking each other’s cocks and tasting the pre-cum that was seeping from each of them. After about 20 minutes, Colin began to cum. Justin pulled back with just the head of Colin’s cock through his lips. He felt the hot cum filling his mouth and began to swallow wasn’t half bad. Colin finished just when Justin began to deliver his gift to Colin. Same thing, he pulled back with just the head of Justin’s cock in his mouth. Justin shot a load of hot sperm into Colin’s mouth and Colin swallowed it, continuing to suck Justin dry.

They sat up and looked at the women, both finger fucking themselves and squeezing their own tits. Cody got down on her knees and began to eat Alisha. Almost immediately Alisha had an orgasm, shaking and shuddering as Cody tongued her and sucked on her clit. When her orgasm diminished, she returned the favor to Cody, making her cum almost as soon as her tongue entered her wet pussy.

Cody said to them, “that was hot guys, I liked watching you two together. Now, guys, Alisha and I will get you guys hard, then it’s time to for you two to fuck each other, are you ready,” she asked

They both nodded yes at them as Cody and Alisha took their cocks in their mouths and began to suck them hard again. Alisha had come into the room before they left for dinner and left a bottle of lube on the dresser. She got it and handed it to Colin, “I thought you guys might need this.”

Colin decided to go first. Justin laid on his front, his legs spread wide. Colin poured some lube on his ass and worked it into his ass hole, then lubricated his cock. Justin got two pillows and put them under his pelvis. Colin moved in close and began to push the head of his hard dick inside Justin. Slowly he moved it in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke. Soon he was all the way in and slowly fucking Justin.

Alisha and Cody noticed that Justin was actually getting into it, looking like it was feeling good. Actually, Colin’s cock was massaging his prostate and it really did feel good. After a few minutes, Colin delivered his load into Justin’s ass. Colin laid down on top of Justin for a few minutes before pulling out and taking his place laying over the pillows.

Justin lubed his cock and Colin’s ass then began to press his hard cock into Colin. He slowly worked his cock into Colin’s ass till it was completely buried. He began to fuck Colin slowly. He fucked him for about ten minutes, then shot his wad of hot cum into Colin’s colon.

In a minute, he pulled out of Colin’s ass and laid back down on the bed. Alisha and Cody retrieved wash cloths from the bathroom and came to their husbands and washed them clean. Then, side by side, they sucked their husbands cocks till they were hard, then mounted them, cowboy style, and began to fuck them slow and steady. After at least half an hour, all four of them the same time. When they finished, the girls laid on their husbands breathing heavily, their bodies and minds satisfied completely by their loving husbands. Alisha and Cody got off of their men and led them to their respective bedrooms.

Alisha opened their bed and the two of them crawled between the sheets and held each other. Alisha said, “Colin, you’ll never know what it meant to me for you to do this. All of us are now as close as we can possibly get, all tied to each other, all with our deep dark secrets, our lusts and our perversions. I hope that you enjoyed tonight, I very was one of the hottest things I’ve ever love you Colin.”

Colin said to her, “I love you to tell you the truth, it felt good. I know what you experience now, taking a cock inside your mouth and in your body, the taste of a man’s cum shooting into your mouth. I was really apprehensive at first, but as we went along, I really got into you Alisha, I do love you.”

The same conversation was happening in Cody and Justin’s bedroom. All of them cuddled up together and all had indeed become one and they all shared common secrets and had all shared each />
The next morning, as the sun broke, Alisha and Colin awoke in each other’s arms, just as they went to sleep. They kissed each other and got out of bed. They went to the bathroom, showered and prepared for another day in paradise.

Alisha went to the kitchen and began breakfast. Soon the others wandered in, following the scent of fresh brewed coffee. Colin and Justin shook hands and gave each other a tight hug. Their night of intimacy was still fresh in their minds. They sat down to breakfast and all had a very good discussion of the events of the past evening, concluding that it would never be discussed outside the four of them.

Alisha told the two guys that now that they know the feeling of servicing a cock and what they feel, it will make them better which, the others all agreed. As they continued breakfast they planned what they would do for the remainder of their stay. They wanted to do a lot of sightseeing, but mainly just spending the remainder of their time here, together.

So, for the next few days, they went around Maui and one day flew to Honolulu to spend the day there, exploring. The four of them found that they were as close as four people could get and learned to trust the others, without was a bonding that they would find would last a lifetime. During these next days, they only performed sex with their spouses and then only a few times. Most of their time was spent just being together and learning of the other’s lives.

On Saturday morning, they went to the airport to fly home. As the Gulfstream lifted off the ground and pointed its nose toward the rising sun, they all sat in their seats and reflected on the past week and the adventures they had experienced. The hours passed and shortly after sunset, they landed in Alamosa.

They got off the plane and loaded their luggage into their vehicles. They all hugged each other and went to their respective homes and went to bed and slept. After the long flight, they were all tired and it felt really good to be home. They slept soundly, getting up late on Sunday and just lounging around, being together and preparing to get back to their normal lives again on Monday morning.

As they sat at the breakfast bar and opened their mail, Colin opened a letter he had received. The return address was from “The Hunt Club”. He smiled as he opened the envelope. It was his membership that Alisha had purchased for him. Alisha was smiling widely as he opened it, looking at the schedule of events and his membership card.

“I thought you would like this, it’s your wedding present from me. I hope you enjoy it.”
She told him.

“Oh, Alisha, I will enjoy it you. By the way, can I hunt you while we’re out there?” he asked her.

“The rule about couples, is, that you cannot hunt or fuck your significant other while the hunt is in progress. You may, however, stop and watch someone else fucking your significant other, should you come across them. But, for the significant other, the rule about not talking to the extends to the hunter that has caught the So, if you come across some guy fucking me, you can watch, but you cannot talk to either of us and when the hunter is finished with the you must move she told him.

“Well, damn, I thought I’d just find you and stay on top of you for the two days,“ Colin told her, laughing. “I think this will be a lot of fun and a great way to spend a weekend. It looks like the first is in two looking forward to it.”

Alisha smiled and rolling her eyes. meee too.”

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