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I unlock the rusty old door, open it and Christine walks inside. The air inside is dry and dusty. The old warehouse has large ceiling windows and light enters in beams. We walk up the stairs to a loft area, Christine is a former lover now living in LA. I wrap my arms around her as we watch the dusk settle. She wanted to feel this way forever. She is so comfortable. Completely and absolutely comfortable with everything, with her and with me. She is happy. The ease of these feelings surprised her, for the first time in her adult life she feels truly relaxed with me. I turned
on the light, illuminating a bed. Christine realized what I had planned, she is an attractive Korean woman just 5'5" tall, about 110 pounds, with long black hair, green eyes, and creamy skin. She was the sweetest woman I had ever met too, kind, always concerned about others. We had been lovers off and on in Dallas, when this job came available in LA I made a call and got her the job. I hadn't seen her in almost six months, she looked beautiful – she is wearing a white slip-dress that showed off her petite figure to perfection. She kissed me longingly, and smiled up at me. " Oh John, I'm so glad you're here!", she said sweetly. " I'm glad to be here, darling" I said, holding her close. " I've got a surprise for you", and then I handed her my gift.

She opened it and squealed with delight as she beheld the diamond tennis bracelet I'd gotten her. " Oh John, it's gorgeous!” she said. I let out a deep breath, moving closer to her, so that my hips and legs press up to hers. I put my arm round her waist. " I never knew you felt like that. About me." " What?" Was he getting the wrong idea?
" I'm so lucky. You're so, so, sexy." I lean toward her, wrapping mt arm round her waist, pulling her to me. She turns her face away as I move my mouth in. My lips connected with the side of her face, my tongue passing gently over her skin. My hand is suddenly on her breast, covering it almost completely over her small white wrap. She jumps and grabs my hand. My mouth met her ear, she feels my teeth biting her lobe, my tongue flicking inside her ear. " No," she protested meekly. " Don't worry. Nobody's here. " My hand moves between her thighs. She clamped them shut.
" Please, no," she said. Suddenly my hand is on her throat, sliding down over her breastbone. My fingers crept inside her wrap, she grabs at my wrist. She knew she had to prevent my fingers reaching her nipple. " Just relax," I said. " It'll be ok. We'll just have some fun." " John, stop. You can't." My fingers cover the rise of her breast, heading lower. " John, no, please stop.

My thumb and forefinger closed over her nipple. She feels a gush of moisture between her legs, her pelvis bucks against me and she feels dizzy. " There you go," I said. " Relax and enjoy it. I promise it wont hurt much."
My body covers hers, my mouth pushing apart her lips, both hands working her breasts and nipples. She feels her hips thrusting with a life of their own, her tongue twisting with mine, her climax approaching. Suddenly I seem to stop. She is panting and dizzy, glancing around her, trying to remember what is happening. She is on her back in the middle of the bed. Her wrap is wide open, arms out to her sides, legs spread open. I knelt between her legs, my fly open, my thick cock hard and curving up. It is insanely long; it is about four inches thick. The thickness is another story; it is as thick as her wrist and it is abnormally curved upward. The curve increased along the length, even if the shaft is hanging down half-limp from the base, the dark purple uncircumcised head pointed toward her legs. As I keep looking at her sensual body, my deformed penis is throbbing and rises up. The scrotum is at least two times bigger than any man's and instead of looking like two balls hanging in a loose sack, it resembles a water filled leather sack. The skin is stretched enough to make it look smooth and shiny as she tries to come up with a logical reason for a scrotum to look like that. As she keeps looking at the one eyed monster while her jaw hanged with disbelief, the shaft is steel hard and made a 45 degree angle with my stomach while the head pointing straight to the ceiling.

The shaft was full of thick blood pumping pronounced veins and rough looking wart like lumps. It is ugly, deformed, rough and menacingly brutal looking. Any woman would run away if they encountered anything similar to that and lock themselves up in a room. " Oh, John…" she shook her head, I'm leaning into her. " Shhhhh," I stroke her head. " I'm wider than normal, so just relax, then it wont hurt as much. She sees my purple head against her pussy lips, realizing I had been circumcised, which is why it looks so fat. I rotate my hips gently, my cock coming alive, moving around her pussy, softening her up and looking for the path of least resistance. Opening her mouth for a final plea, all she can do is gasp as I push, easing the massive head half an inch inside her. I took her breast in my mouth, caressing her nipple gently with my tongue. She bit her bottom lip, moaning, " Ngghhhhh!" Her hips pushing up to meet me. " Are you ready?" I asked. She wasn't, but she knew she couldn't stop me. She isn't strong enough, and her body needed and craved me. I wrap my arms around her, pinning her own arms to her side, as I thrust deep inside her. " She feels split wide open. She panickes, thrashing around. I'm going to kill her. I pull out slowly, then thrust again, harder. She sees stars as the room spins round. " Noh! Stop. I can't take it." But I continued on regardless, thrusting into her moistness. " God, you feel so good, Christine. So tight. Unbelievably tight. You smell sooo good." As my speed increased, the pain subsided, as she feels her orgasm rising. She feels her knees coming slowly up, giving me more access, stretching her further. " I'm gonna cum in you." She groans but can't speak. I stroked her belly. She whimpers, writhing in confusion, her head spinning. She can't believe what had just happened, and she didn't really understand what is happening now.

She started to get up on hands and knees with the intention of climbing down off the bed as fast as she could. But that is not what happened. With shocking roughness I took one of my fingers shoving into her from behind, into her now exposed pussy. My finger, though not long as my penis, is just as wide and she begins to squirm on it. My other hand fell from her breasts curling around her ass, pulling her closer. She screams, flailing against my chest, as she
twisted and turned trying to escape from my grasp. But no matter what she did, she couldn't break my grip on her. I keep up my fingering of her pussy and she kept struggling to get away. I finally grew tired of fighting with her, I pushed her down onto her stomach into shocked submission again. She is stunned and had temporarily lost her wits. I'm still totally aroused, moving between her legs over her, my huge cock is again positioned to penetrate her. All thoughts of anything else flew away with the sight of it, and she immediately knew what was going to happen to her, she can't believe it, she had never even thought that I would fuck her again so soon. My finger thrusting in and out
of her pussy, which is wet from the fear she feels and her excitement, she didn't care anymore. Christine is moaning louder and louder, just as she is about to orgasm, I pull my finger out of her. As she begins to pick herself up, she feels my huge cock filling her pussy again. My breath came in gasps as I shove my tool deeper and deeper into her. She begins to groan louder as my pace quickened. After a few minutes of this, she couldn't hold back any longer. Her cunt exploded in a series of orgasms around my spike.

She bucks her hips upwards against my huge body, with her contractions came a jerking from deep within me and after a second or two she feels my cum filling her. She can't believe it, I just kept pumping sperm into her, in quantities that begin to squirt from between the seal of my cock, and her cunt lips. She looks down under her stomach and saw my sperm flowing down the inside of her thighs. I slowly stop my ramming, allowing her to climb out from under me. She realized that I had supported myself on my hands the entire time to avoid crushing her. She sat there looking at me, her knees pulled up, her head resting on her arms. So many thoughts are racing through her mind. She slowly and painfully, climbed down from the bed. She showered and dressed. We went to dinner and an evening out, we returned just after 12 am. Christine went upstairs to bed, she was wearing a sheer nightie. I came to bed later, I laid beside her. I let her spit covered breast go free, rolling over the top of her, completely covering her petite body with my huge body, proceeding to lay my body on her. Only the hands and the spread creamy white legs are visible of her as she stopped struggling to surrender her body to my sinister intentions. She whimpered as I rub my cock head up and down her pussy lips. Then my cock head nudged between her folds that are dripping with my precum. Without warning, I thrust in burying the huge cock head in her sheath as she shrieked in pain. I closed her mouth with my hand and kept feeding my shaft into her soft sheath. Even gagged, her pain is evident through her muffled screams as I start a full scale impalement. As I pull out the shaft from her, her stretched sheath clung onto the shaft, and when it slammed down into her, my bloated scrotum bounced on her soft ass.

It is wild, brutal and unbridled fucking. There isn't a hint of compassion or love as she got ravaged by me for the third time. Like a rag doll her flexible sensitive sheath struggles to adapt to the shape of my invader. I now had her legs pinned to her shoulders as I slam my shaft into the deepest regions of her body. Each plunge resulting in squirting out fluids from the tight seal of her opening and my cock due to her sheath being filled by the pre-cum. The speed my hairy ass moved up and down is increasing as she abandoned her grunts and resorted to emitting squeals. Her small hands that had been clutching the bed sheet with all her might, now had found their place on either side of my hairy ass as she is urging me to defile her with more vigor. My thrusting became erratic as she changed her squealing into moaning as her orgasm is approaching. I suddenly let out a loud roar and buried my cock to the hilt in her. She let out a lustful scream as her vulva visibly pulsated around my thick shaft that is buried in it. Her sheath milked my invader. My hairy ass clenched and my bloated scrotum pulsated as it emptied my essence into her. She lay panting as her orgasm subsided and laid beneath me.

When the pulsation stopped, I pull cock out of her with a suction sound. Her once beautiful looking pussy had become a thing of past and had transformed into a symbol of obscenity and vulgarity. Christine a ravaged woman is now sobbing since her mind became clear realizing the brutality of sex with me. She knew she couldn't avoid it, but she regretted welcoming it by giving into carnal pleasures. I gave a final grunt and rolled off her to fall into a short blissful sleep as I had achieved my objective for now. Finally freed Christine, painfully pulls down her long legs that were pinned to her shoulders for a long time. She gasped in pain when the undersides of her legs touched the mattress. The sudden change of internal pressure forcing out more cum out of her ravaged opening joining the pool of liquids that were gathering under her. After lying on the bed for few minutes to catch her breath and strength; clutching whatever remained of her once beautiful sheer nightie to her nakedness, she stood up to go to the bathroom. Christine who was once a symbol of feminine beauty now looked like a total mess as she walked slowly towards the bathroom while the vile essence of me dripped down her thighs.

story by: horny fox

Tags: consensual sex fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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