On the boardwalk

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Ramsey walked down the wooden boardwalk, to his left were closed vendors and to his right was a strip of sand around 20 feet in width, and at its edge the moon glistened off of the gentle ocean. The boardwalk was well lit, with lamps just far enough apart that when the light from one dimmed, the edge of the light from the next came to meet it. Most evenings, he took a few walks up and down the beach, his eyes usually wandering to the well formed asses and breasts of the women that he passed. On nice nights, low cut blouses were common and even bikinis, and he would trace a line from the base of the neck to where their perky breasts rounded and then imagine what it would be like to lick and suck them, and after they passed, he'd turn around and stare at their backsides, imagining what it'd be like to lube up his cock and force it in their holes. Ramsey always returned home alone and sexually frustrated.
Ramsey spent most of his nights alone, he did not enjoy the company of others. It wasn't that he was unattractive, with dark hair and eyes, well toned muscles and olive colored skin. Ramsey was also very charismatic, Ramsey could convince almost anybody to like him, at least for a while. He had wet the bed until he was 11 years old, and regularly abused his younger brother. He was a diagnosed sociopath. Most nights, he laid awake for long periods of time thinking about the women he had lusted over. He always thought about pulling the ones who were alone off the boardwalk to where the light didn't shine and just taking what he wanted from them, however fear of the law deterred Ramsey from doing so. Ramsey could care less about how other people thought about him, when dealing with other people he was very calculating and thought of them as a means to an end, in this case the fulfillment of his sexual desires.
Kayla had just turned 18 a few months ago, and was about to graduate from high school. Most nights of the week, she would go for a walk on the boardwalk many stories below the luxury condominium her parents owned. She had brown hair with artificial blond highlights, and usually wore fairly sexy designer clothes that followed and exemplified her form nicely. She had 36C sized breasts and silky smooth legs that flowed into a perfect ass. Her stomach wasn't completely flat, but was only slightly round, with very slight love handles. Her height was 5'5. Every night when she went walking to burn pounds, she would notice some creep checking her out. He was attractive enough, but the way he followed her and stared was decidedly disturbing. To make matters worse, tonight the boardwalk was nearly empty, and it seemed like this guy was following her.
Ramsey had decided that tonight was the night. He had been anxiously thinking about raping someone, almost anyone, for weeks. He brought with him a rag to gag his victims mouth with, some duct tape, some plastic gloves, a condom and a knife. He had also decided that he wouldn't return to the boardwalk for some time, just in case the police came looking for him there. Ramsey had seen his prey the first walk down to boardwalk. She was a hot, young brunette around 17 or 18 years old who was walking out of one of the most expensive places to live in the city. He thought he recognized her from other times from how hard she made him. It was slightly overcast, and nobody else was out. She made her way to the boardwalk and he followed her a short distance before she turned around to him and said, “Umm.. If you want to ask me out, you will have to wait in line. I already have guys lined up the block, thanks anyway.”
Ramsey was only slightly stunned, he had not expect her to say anything to him. Ramsey's eight inch cock began to swell inside his pants, and he couldn't help himself any longer. Before Kayla could react, he grabbed her, stuffed the rag into her mouth and duct taped it over. He pulled out his knife and pushed her over the Boardwalk's railing. He climbed over, and then rolled her under the wooden supports after checking for broken glass. Ramsey said to her in slightly broken English, “You better not try to do anything you will regret.” and he pushed the knife to her throat and demanded that she undo his belt and pull down his pants.
Kayla complied without question. She had trouble undoing the buckle because her hands were trembling, and as she pushed his pants and underwear she noticed his medium sized cock springing out from between his legs. She had had sex quite a few times before, and this cock was about the same size as the biggest one she had ever taken. Her rapists next command was to roll the condom onto his cock. She did, and then he checked to make sure she had done it correctly. She could still feel the cold steel of the knife against her throat, ready to slit it if she made any wrong moves, and for some reason, she thought that he could care less if the body he fucked was breathing or not.
Ramsey was so horny he could barely retain the sperm inside his erect cock. He had never felt the touch of a woman to his genitals until that moment and he could feel his testicles rising up to meet their erect master. He lowered the knife slightly and made a small cut into his helpless victims shirt and then ripped it in half. He then cut the bra strap, accidentally incising a 1 inch wound into her left breast. She let out a tiny but greatly muffled whelp as he licked her breasts and tasted her blood, and nibbled forcefully at her now erect nipples. With one of his hands he reached down to her skirt and pulled it down to her feet, and then stuck 4 fingers into her pussy as hard as he could. She moaned as he finger fucked her. He kept stroking until she was wet.
Kayla knew her cunt was probably wet judging by the fact she no longer felt any pain from the hand shoved into her pussy. She was upset that her blouse was ruined, but at least she had stopped trembling. She was getting excited, as much as she tried not to be. She could see the blood on Ramsey's lips and knew her chest must be smeared with it. Ramsey kept putting his hand deeper and deeper into her pussy and he was stroking fiercely, waves of pleasure started hitting Kayla until her legs shook with orgasm. She started making noises again, but this time they were soft moans. Her rapist was very rough and she was ashamed that she had enjoyed it.
Ramsey thought it was rather exciting that Kayla was still shaking with fear, and his cock was starting to hurt. He decided that her cunt was wet enough after that hand fucking to stick his cock in, so he moved himself up a little farther, knife still at Kayla's throat, and demanded that she put his organ into her sex. Kayla was actually a little excited now, and complied willingly. The pussy felt so exquisite, and Ramsey said aloud, “ Oh, yes!, I wish I had raped you sooner!” as he put his cock in until his balls slapped against her ass cheeks. The warmth and moisture covered his erection completely and her vaginal walls encased him, reflexively pulling his penis back into it every time he stroked in and out.
Kayla hadn't had sex for a few weeks and the penis inside her was releasing some tension despite the circumstances. She was getting into it and began to thrust into the cock that was now fucking her. They developed a slight rhythm, and the man dominating her moaned slightly as he kept fucking her. The man above her began to lick her chest like a dog and humped her as hard as he could muster. Kayla was surprised how long her was taking, but was glad because she could feel her climax slowly building, she still felt ashamed but her inner animal had taken over and she was moaning with more and more pleasure as she was violated.
As Ramsey kept humping her cunt he was licking her and stroking her tits. Some of the blood still wasn't dry and he smeared it around her nipples in a circle, which were erect. He heard the bitch under him moaning, it felt like a bucket of cum was ready to erupt from Mt. Ramsey and fill his condom with its hot fluids. He groaned and exploded, the condom stretching out another three inches to catch his load. Kayla moaned and her fluids started to pour out onto the ground in larger volumes than before as her legs shook and her vaginal muscles contracted. Ramsey later found out that she had had an orgasm. Ramsey removed his cock from her cunt and put it into his pocket simultaneously removing another condom.
Kayla watched as the silhouette in front of her began to stroke his limp cock until it was full size again. Kayla had decidedly finished and was anxious for this to be done. Once his cock was erect, he forced her to put the second condom on. She reluctantly complied like before, and got ready to be fucked when he grabbed her, turned her around, and got ready to fuck her anus. She had had anal sex one time before as a birthday present for her ex boyfriend, but had decided that it was too painful. This time didn't seem like it'd be different.
She felt the head of his cock go down the entire length of her butt crack until it reached the warm spot. He pushed it in, attempting to force the entire thing in at once like he did with her cunt, but only an inch went in. He reached around front and rubbed his hand in Kayla's pussy to get some juice, and then mixed it with some of his spit. This time he managed to get two inches in the first thrust making Kayla whelp. He pulled back slightly and then rammed it in another inch, continuing to do so until the whole thing was in and a little more of Kayla's blood had trickled down into the sand.
Ramsey spat on his cock a few more times as he rammed it into her asshole. Kayla's whelps began to turn into moans after a few minutes of his pounding and it was decidedly tighter for him. He gave her a few slaps on her asscheeks as he thrusted harder and harder.
Kayla was enjoying this ass fucking a lot more than her last one. It was so painful and exciting at the same time, she could feel her bowls getting pushed and squeezed but also the pleasure of the back walls of her cunt getting fucked. She couldn't control the orgasms that she had, she had never just been fucked before. The abrasive sand was burning her sore cunt and the cut on her tit but as he fucked her the pain was dulled by the pleasure. She had another orgasm because of the stimulation and moaned with every one of his thrusts. A short while later he groaned and then he exited her anus, stood up, then pulled up his pants.
Ramsey looked down at the young woman laying face first in the sand and the little pool of blood under her anus and the duct tape around her mouth. He told her to lay there for another few minutes trying to get her clothes back on while he left.
Kayla, still very afraid of the psychopath, pulled her skirt up and put her bra on by ripping a small piece of duct tape from her mouth and taping the center together. She left her blouse. She finished ripping the tape off and she started to cry from the quick pain induced from it. She told her parents about it, and the police searched diligently for her rapist, but he was never found. She still has a small scar on her left tit, to remind her of how she was violated, and ever since has not talked to any men when she was alone, and always carried a pistol with her.

story by: L3g4cy

Tags: fiction male/teen female first time anal rape cruelty fisting sex story

Author: L3g4cy

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