Out of town basketball game

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We were driving south along highway 45 in Texas from Dallas to college station. Tracy and I were headed to College Station for a basketball game. I was driving my Lincoln Navigator with a lot of room and comfortable. She was wearing slacks and a blouse that did little to hide her beautiful breasts. I was in my usual jeans and t-shirt.

There wasn't much to see outside as we had left before the sun came up and it was still very dark out. As we drove along we talked about everything and anything thoroughly enjoying our time together. I suggested that she put the seat back and catch a nap. I assured her that I was fine. She finally did put the seat back and took a nap. I kept gazing at her as she slept. So beautiful! I place my hand on her knee and just left it there needing to touch her. She slept for an hour and when she awoke she leaned over and kissed my cheek, her hand moving to my crotch. She kissed my ear, her warm breath sending tingles through me and she squeezed my rapidly hardening cock.

I squirmed in the seat, trying to get more comfortable as she kept kissing and nibbling my ear and sliding her hand along my very obvious erection. She reached for my belt, unbuckled it and sliding the zipper down. She had me lift up slightly and she slid my pants down a bit bringing my shorts with it. My cock sprang up, standing almost straight up and she closed her fingers around it. I gasped at her touch; she kissed me and said,
" Do you think you can keep us from getting in a wreck? I need to taste you again."
" We won't be getting in any wrecks!" I assured her.

She lowered her head and I felt the tip of her tongue flick across the head of my cock causing the electricity to shoot through me once more. She swirled her tongue around the head, licking at the ridge then sliding her mouth down my shaft keeping her lips tight and sucking her cheeks in tight so they added to the sensations flooding my cock.

Moaning " I lifted my hips up a bit, trying to get deeper into her mouth. My right hand was sliding along her side and hip as she lay across the console with her head in my lap. Her head began to bob up and down and she kept her lips tight around me, gripping and sucking me as she slid up and down. I slid my hand below her to feel her tits with the hard nipples straining at her bra and blouse. She moaned " OOOOHHHH " as I rubbed her nipple, the vibrations of her moan added to the shocks on my cock.

I pulled my hand out and once again caressed her side and hip, moving to her back. I lifted her blouse a bit and slid my fingers onto her silky smooth skin and tried to get into her slacks. The waste band was too tight so she unbuttoned it allowing me easier access. I slid my hand inside and beneath her panties cupping her ass, slowly working my hand down her crack, over her ass to the absolutely soaked pussy. Leaning slightly to the right to have more reach I slid two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her as she kept up her sucking on my extremely hard cock. We were both moaning, our breathing coming in short shallow gasps.

She sucked me deeper and pulled up completely then licked all around my shaft then from balls to tip like an ice cream cone. Swallowing me deep again, her tongue was caressing and lapping at me and she began to gently squeeze my balls as she sucked. Her pussy was flowing and the car was filled with the sounds of her sucking and my fingers pumping. Not sure how much more I could take, I was looking for somewhere to stop so we both could get the release we needed. I saw a sign ahead that said there was an off-ramp for some country road one half mile ahead. With no further thought, I slowed the car and took the off-ramp.

When she felt the car slow, she asked what was wrong and I told her that there was nothing wrong, but we needed a little more room and soon! She took my cock into her mouth again, sucking harder than ever. My fingers were buried in her pussy still and my hips started bucking on their own. Coming to the bottom of the ramp, the road Tee'd and there was a big turn-around just to the left. I drove into the turn-around pointing the car towards the freeway. The sun was just beginning to lighten the sky in the east and we could see the color of the cars flying by on the freeway 150 feet away.

When I got the car stopped, she sat up, kissed me deeply, smiled and asked,
"What's on your mind?" "You'll see!" I answered. I got out of the suv and went around her side, opened the door and helped her out. There was still a chill in the air, but we were quite warm from our activities in the suv. I guided her to the back of the suv, I opened the tailgate placing a blanket over the tailgate area. I had her lean over then I slid her slacks and panties down as well as my pants and moved closer. She looked back over her shoulder and gave me an incredible smile!

" Excellent idea!" she said, and wiggled her ass a bit. Moving closer I guided my cock to her drenched pussy lips and slid the head up and down. She groaned " OOOOHHHHH " and pushed her ass back towards me urging me to enter her. I rubbed the ridge across her clit a few times then slid down her wet lips to her opening again and this time I pushed forward the head sinking into her tunnel. Immediately she reached back grabbing me trying to pull me deeper, her ass backing up towards me.

I pulled out and rubbed her clit again, and then moving back to her opening plunged into her deep and hard. My balls slapped her clit and I held there, moving my hips in circles so my cock could rub her pussy everywhere. She gasped " UUUHHH " and moaned " OOOOOHHHH " as I drove deep then she ground back against me, moving her hips. Such an incredible feeling! Holding her hips I begin pumping in and out, her pussy gripping me, trying to keep me as deep. We were fucking each other rough and hard now, our moans urging the other one on, reaching for all the pleasure we could get and give, not paying any attention to the cars driving by on the freeway.

My hips developed a mind of their own and I slammed her hard and fast. She was moaning " " and groaning " pushing back, grinding hard. I knew that I couldn't last much longer since in this position her pussy does some incredible things to my cock. Slamming her harder and deeper, urged on by her cries of pleasure, I feel my balls churning and boiling. I plunge all the way in, holding there letting my balls let go and my cum explods spraying her walls, coating her cervix. " OH, fuckkkkkkk!" I cried as the waves crashed over me.

" Yessssss! Yesssss! She yells and grinds into me harder, her hips bucking against my cock. Stream after stream of my cum floods her already drenched pussy and I begin to stroke in and out. Our mixed cum soon is flowing out around my plunging cock running down covering my balls and her pussy. I collapsed against her back, kissing her neck, holding my cock as deep inside her as I could. I could feel her pussy still quivering, gripping at my shaft. " Damn, Tracy, you are incredible!" I whispered. " You're not so bad yourself." She giggles.

We stood there, my arms around her, she still leaning on the trunk, my cock still inside her and we realized that it was now quite bright out and people in the cars flying by could certainly tell what we were doing. Reluctantly, I pulled out and with my pants around my ankles, went to the car door, reached in and got a couple of towels. We quickly cleaned up enough to pull our pants up then got back in the car and continued to the game.
We looked at each other once we were back on the freeway and burst out laughing together.

After the game we checked into a motel close to the freeway. The door of the motel room opening as Tracy went in first, the rapid shedding of clothes, the pulling back of the bed sheets and cover, knowing that any second I could enter. The nervous excitement, the biting of lower lip, running my hands through her hair, trying to settle herself on the bed, so the first thing I see is her, waiting for me. Draping the sheet around herself, nipples pressed tight against the white cotton. Hand slipping beneath, brushing against the mound of her pussy, relaxing back so her hair spills across the pillow, a deep breath and she is ready.

She glances up as the door opens, and there I stand. I step further into the room as she pushs the sheet down over her body, kicking it away with her feet, lying naked before me. Her hands trailing over her curves, cupping her tits, sliding over her stomach and slipping between her parted thighs. I watch every move of her hands, every brush of her fingers, my gaze fixed on her pussy as she softly parts the lips allowing me to see the glistening folds within. That's when I shrug off my jacket, pulling my t-shirt off and she climbs off the bed, coming to stand in front of me, hands eager to help. Grasping my face, she raises her lips for a long, deep kiss, then I push her back onto the bed and drop to my knees, still partially clothed.

She gasps at the first contact of my tongue " OOOHHH," lapping at her pussy, swirling around the hard bud of her clit. Tasting her, probing her wetness. Her fingers sliding into my hair, pulling my tongue deeper, feeling my muffled moans " uuuhhhh " against her skin, the tip of my tongue teasing her clit. She hears me, continuning to pull at my clothes as I hungrily lick and suck every inch of her delicate, dripping cunt. I make her so wet, so hot, as she rubs herself against me. My tongue centres on her clit as I push two fingers into her cunt and she fills my ears with the sounds of her moans. " />
My fingers inside her thrusting deeper, as my lips take her clit and I suck her sensitive flesh into my mouth. She is lost completely in what I'm doing to her, every nerve is on fire, a dull ache starts deep inside. Rolling a nipple between my finger and thumb, her ass raising up off the bed, pressing herself tight against me, my teeth grazing her clit as suck…….and that's when she can't stop, her whole body tensing, heels digging into the bed, hands gripping tightly as she explodes over my tongue. Her body trembling and heaving as she feels me draw back, holding her cunt open so I can see the spasms, gaze as the juices flow out of her. She feels my tongue lapping up her cum and each touch paints her with tingling heat.

Rising, I shed the last of my clothing, my cock so hard and throbbing and I bend to kiss her, sharing her taste as my tongue dips into her mouth. " Turn over," I murmur against her lips. One last taste of her on me and she rolls onto her stomach and raises herself onto hands and knees, looking back at me over her shoulder, as she arches her back, thrusting her ass into the air and exposing her soaking wet pussy. Hearing me groan " AAAAAAHHHH " as I move forward, cock grasped in one hand, the other pressed into the small of her back.

No teasing, as my cock head nudges her opening, my hips thrusting forward and on a sigh " UUUHHH " I embed the entire length of my hard thick cock into her tightness. Looking towards the end of the bed she can see my cock thrusting in and out of her cunt in the mirror, meeting her gaze as I slam deeper. My eyes wandering over her body and fixing on her tits, as they bounce with each thrust. I feel your hand stroking up my body, cupping one of my tits and squeezing, pinching the nipple between my fingers. Her response is to thrust back to meet me, hard and fast. She loves the way my long thick hard cock fills her, the way her cunt stretches around me, so tightly like a vise. Her fingers stroking over her swollen clit as my cock pumps into her like a engine piston. " Fuck," I'm impaling my shaft deep in her and she needs that, thrusting back, feeling my hands on her hips. Her fingers deliberately brushing against my cock as she pleasures herself. She wants to cum again, around my cock.

The moans as we fuck each other, that musky smell of sex. Rubbing harder and faster as my pace rough and fast. Her cunt clenching tightly around my cock sheathing and sheathing it with each thrust as her body shudders into waves of orgasms. As her pussy walls tighten she feels my cock swelling becoming thicker, that groan " " as my cum erupts deep inside her, your hands holding me tightly as you buck against me. Thrust after thrust, spurt after spurt. She feels me shudder and knows that I'm spent.

Hand on her stomach, I pull her over so she lays nestled with my back against my chest, as those last shuddering breaths die away. She feels my cock starting to soften and turning quickly she captures it in her mouth, sucking mixed cum. We do taste delicious.
"Next time, cum in my mouth." She says. When we arrive home be ready to get you ass fucked long and hard.

story by: graylover

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: graylover

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