Panties for sale? chapter 8

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Panties for Sale? Chapter 8

When we finally pulled into the mall parking lot I had been thinking something over. I was young enough sure, in my mid-thirties, but as far as my body was concerned I wasn't thirteen anymore and there were limits. Our masturbation antics had pumped more cum out of me than I had thought possible in the last twenty four hours and I was beginning to feel…well kinda empty. After this last one, I was worried if I could produce another orgasm any time soon.

She put the van in park and flashing me a smile she popped her seat belt and turned back to the seat behind us to gather her things. I was knuckling one eye and mulling over what was on my mind when she needed to reach farther back and slipped out of her seat to do so.
It's a helluva thing to be evaluating your sex drive when suddenly the worlds most perfect ass presents itself wrapped in black spandex right by your face.

I put aside my doubts real quick when my hand slid over that smooth ass and down the back of her thigh.
She glanced back at me with a grin.
/> “Gotta live in the moment. And this looks like the perfect moment.”
just fascinated with my ass.”
“I never said I
To my surprise I felt myself stir with desire. It was as if my cock was saying never mind the cum, all you need is an erection. My hand slid down under her butt cheeks and up between her legs to cup her pussy through the tight black fabric. I even dared to run my thumb over her asshole.
She didn't stop me and I felt butterflies at how we were casually breaking some more rules.

She didn't seem bothered at all with what had happened behind the grocery store and in fact she seemed more at ease than ever.
“You know at some point we have to go in to the mall.” She looked over her shoulder again. Talk about insatiable. Even as I looked back at her she closed her eyes and bit her lip. She gave me the smallest clench with her thighs.
right. I won't be able to walk in there like this. I”ll be good.” I smiled as I gently slid my hand free.
She smiled and turned around to face me. She put her forehead against mine like she liked to do and gave me a quick kiss.
“I don't need you to be good. Be bad.” she said as she tweaked my nipple through my shirt.
“Hey-ey! That stings you know.”
She laughed as we made ready to get out of the van in a tangle of jackets and car keys.
“You can tweak my nipples later as pay back.” she winked before hopping out her side.

I shut my door and gave out a big stretch in the cool air. It was fine day with fat white clouds and a brisk breeze that was blowing last night's rain away. Everything smelled fresh.
I met her at the back of the van and in one glance I took in how she looked in the clear fall air.
Her hair was like golden silk and the curves of her body were enticing beyond simple lust. Her perfume was intoxicating and my stomach churned with butterflies again. I felt closer to her now in how my hands had been on her, my fingers had been inside her, and her penchants for orgasms made actual sex with other women pale in comparison.

As if she could see it in my eyes she gave me a scolding look as she hooked her arm through mine.
“You said you'd be good now.” she warned.
Arm in arm we headed for the mall entrance.
As we walked I did a little more thinking, unable to help my excitement at being seen with someone like her. Still, I had to ask.
“Are you sure being seen with me in public is ok? You really want to do this?” I dared ask as I steered us around a puddle. It may have been foolish of me to risk ruining the mood but I think she appreciated the concern.
She gave me a warm smile and nodded.
“It's why I brought us here.” she said.

I wasn't really sure what she meant by that but from the moment we reached the great glass doors leading into the mall she was noticed. She literally turned heads as she gracefully walked beside me without a care in the world.
Once inside, she kept a hold of my arm possessively and politely ignored the stir of attention she caused around her as we cut through the crowd of people coming and going.

When we reached the shops and strolled along she pointedly made sure she talked to me alone and even if someone bold enough tried to get her attention she brushed it off and turned to engage me expansively. Most men, some even walking with more provocatively dressed women, suddenly forget who they were with and openly stared as they walked past.
Because of this most women glared daggers at her…or at their own dates, while younger women were another matter completely.

You never really experience the true sex appeal of a grown woman until you compare it to some hard bodied teenager. Girls with bodies younger and tighter and probably even sexier than her own deflated at the sheer magnitude of her presence. They stared jealously as we passed them too.
They couldn't touch her and didn't stand a chance against her confidence and utter sexual maturity. What are your tight jeans and thongs and padded bras compared to an adult woman of her caliber that can out-orgasm anyone in the place? A turn of her head, a smile, a wink, an extra long pause or expansive gesture, even the way she ate her lunch in the food court, laughing and playful.
She was marvelous, bright and sexy and it nearly made my head spin.

What was more her outfit enhanced everything. The sublime curve of her breasts in her smooth sweater with a hint of nipple, the length of her legs in her black stretch pants. A sexy style made oh so appealing and sprinkled with sheer class.
From the moment we left the van all the way into the noise and bright shops of the mall it was so. Having people see us together brought something out in her as our day continued and the longer we were there.

I don't know if it was on purpose or if it just came natural to her. Probably both. And what was more she was drawing desire out of me in waves and sooner than I would have thought possible I was fighting the urge of arousal creeping back over me and down between my legs.
Somewhere along the line I was grinning like an idiot.

The only thing I could compare it to would be a strip-club. Crude to be sure, but the point is not so much the impending orgasm, but the state that the dancer brings you too as long as you are there watching her. You can't touch and too many people are watching. So you are filled to bursting with yearning denial and the part of you that makes you a man soaks it up as if it were air to breathe. When you finally leave and walk back into your own home, your orgasm is almost obligatory because your mind is saturated with all that desire that is woman. Pure, undiluted desire…and today it was a blonde goddess with long legs showing everyone that I belonged to her.

I guess this is what she intended and a more reasonable part of my mind thought about how maybe it was a side of her that went unappreciated so when it was finally let loose, the effect was stunning.
I hadn't mentioned my worries to her of being able to have another orgasm any time soon. And by the time the day drew on it was no longer a worry. I had to be the luckiest man in the world.
I found myself a little star struck and it was with some apprehension I found her guiding me into a Victoria's Secret.
“I hope I don't pass out in here.” I whispered to her and she crinkled her cute nose at me, giggling.

For half an hour she freely chose items left and right, holding them to her chest or waist and asking my opinion. Somewhat at a loss, from time to time I would glance at the clerks present and would see them giving each other sly smiles over at the register. When they noticed me looking their way they started giving me sly smiles.

Maybe it's some kind of female conspiracy to bring a man into a place like Victoria's Secret because while my panty goddess was totally in her element, every now and then a clerk would wander over and offer encouragement. Together they would go on about a particular look, the clerk even holding frilled panties and nighties up for her to partially model and then both of them would look at me, innocently waiting for my opinion.

They both grinned as I stumbled over my words until finally I just sighed and shook my head.
“I would buy the whole damn store if I could.”
When she finally pulled me towards the fitting rooms all the sales women present pretended not to notice.
Plunked down on a small wooden bench I had to suffer even more torture as I watched her legs under her fitting room door. It was a wide, louvered wooden door open at the bottom, and I watched her kick off her boots and completely strip out of her own outfit. I found it incredibly erotic to see her panties drop around her ankles and how she daintily stepped out of them before scooping them back up.

A quick change and she opened the door to step back out barefoot to show me her choice.
“What do you think?” she said, standing there in a black see through nightie and matching bikini thong as if she was ready for bed. I could only nod and she laughed, taking a few steps towards me and doing a little twirl.
“A far cry from that day in the garage hmm? This all would look better with stilettos.” she said, brushing her hair back behind her ears.

I didn't answer. I was feeling beyond horny and bold and proud of her at the same time. Being a man I showed her my approval in the only way I knew how…or at least all I could think of at the moment.
Again I reached out and gently cupped my hand between her legs. It brought her up short with a small gasp, but she didn't stop me. In fact she let herself settle down against my hand. I held her that way as if she were a porcelain figurine. My fingers smoothed back up under her as my thumb pressed into the slight curve of her pussy through the fabric.

She bit her nail again in that delightful way she had and swung her hips back and forth a little as I idly caressed her. For a few moments we stayed that way.
I looked up at her with a shake of my head.
just so amazing.” I said.
turning me on. I'll have to buy all the ones we get wet.” She replied.
“Like I would leave them behind.” I grinned.
She cleared her throat, remembering herself, and stepped back away from my hand.
“It's so hard to choose any one outfit.” She sounded a little husky, aiming her words at the fitting room entrance that led back into the store. For the clerks benefit I suppose.

Acting as if nothing had happened, she walked back over to the stall and swung the door shut behind her. My cock was already completely hard and when she turned her back and I drank in her firm ass and long legs, I almost groaned.
I admired her pretty feet and under the door again as she stepped out of the nightie and thong.
More outfits quickly followed. Stockings and garters, corsets, camisoles edged in lace, cupless bras, bustiers, chemises and baby dolls. Plus a dozen more nighties and erotic panties.

And each and every time she came out and walked up to me for my approval she took my hand back between her legs. I wasn't the only one quivering with desire after that. She wasn't so bubbly now and had stopped commenting on each outfit, running her hands through her hair while my fingers did their dance against her. Her face was a little flushed and each time she lingered a little longer on my hand while my heart hammered at my ribs.
We were heated. It had turned into more than a sexy fashion show.
“We gotta get outta here.” I whispered.
She glanced at the entrance to the dressing rooms.
“I know.” She stepped away again. This last time she had chosen a cute orange sleep wear outfit with a smooth tank top and matching panties. A combination I couldn't resist much longer.
On impulse I reached out for her. I took her by the waist and pulled her back close to me. The side of her leg rubbed up between my legs and she felt my engorged cock straining through my jeans against her. She smiled that dazzling smile.
I gave her exposed belly button a kiss.

She brushed a few hairs away from my face when I looked back up at her. We hadn't planned on anything inside the mall but something was bound to happen if this went on any longer. Neither of us could resist much more.
And it already felt different to hold her intimately like this. More than I wanted to see her masturbate, I wanted to kiss her. I felt the first stirrings of different emotions and desires at war within me.
Quite intimately I brought my lips against her firm stomach again and she bit her lip as I kissed her warm smooth skin. I shut my eyes and let my kisses roam across her firm mid section and she gave out a tiny little moan.
My hands didn't move, they just held her tighter. Possessive in my own turn and she trembled a little under them.

“Excuse me.” the first clerk to help us said, having come unnoticed to stand in the entrance to the fitting rooms.
We broke away from each other guiltily. She took a step away from me and crossed her arms over her chest as if she could hide the fact she was barely dressed. It also hid her incredibly erect nipples.
“Is everything all right?”
“I'm sorry. We're taking to long I know, but I'm probably going to buy everything I picked out.” She motioned to the stall behind her, looking abashed.
“It's not that.” the clerk said, looking over her shoulder back to the sales floor. She took one step further into the room.
“Look…you two are lucky we don't have a lot of customers right now. As it is we have other fitting areas to send them too. So…”
We both looked at each other as the girl stepped back again to make sure it was all clear. Then she looked back at us.
“If you're going to do anything you better do it now.” She smiled wickedly. “Because we can barely stand it out here.”
Another girls head appeared around the corner and she looked at us brazenly.
“I don't know how he stood it this long!” she giggled.
The first girl shooed her away and then with one last look at us she left us alone.

Incredulous, my goddess looked down at me. Her eyes were sparkling as she pulled me up by the hand and headed for the stall she had been changing in.
I was surprised to hear my own voice.
“Whoa. Wait. Is this a good idea?” I whispered.
“We just have to be quiet.” She giggled as she backed into the stall, pulling me inside.
what I mean, is this a good idea?”
She laughed as she reached past me to shut the flimsy door behind us. Her silken hair came close to my face. To close. I felt another rush of desire as I looked at her.
My mouth had suddenly gone dry.

Quickly she stepped back and without looking up she slid those orange panties down, letting them fall to the floor as she had all the pairs before. Then she steadied herself on my shoulders and kicked them aside. The closeness of her made my chest ache.
Even worse, she then turned her attention to my jeans and quickly undid my zipper, pushing my boxers down and slipping my cock free where it jutted right out at her. I gasped despite myself at the touch of her fingers.
In seconds we found ourselves only a foot apart and both naked at the waist in a very small fitting room. But I was even more horrified when she sat down on the small seat behind her and scooted herself down to spread her legs. She pulled her orange top up above her breasts and put a hand to her pussy as she finally looked up at me.

I hadn't dare move, standing there reluctantly holding my erect cock.
wrong?” she whispered, some of the delight fading from her face as she saw my expression.
came my hollow answer. Maybe I could have cooled down a little if we had left for home. But now?
I mean really how much could a guy take? How much could she? Because we had been in public, or maybe from being in public, we had pushed it longer and things had grown more heated than they ever had before in the short time we had been masturbating together. It hadn't even been this bad in the van behind the grocery store. And now to find ourselves like this, in the back of a Victoria's Secret no less, with the clerks out front knowing what's up, after hours of build up and how it was like we now had permission?
Permission to do what? Fuck?
It was overwhelming.

The time spent with her had produced more desire than lust and I was lost between the two feelings. Sudden and uncertain and petrified.
Her eyes went wide as the realization dawned on her, seeing this in my face with one glance.
I just shook my head at her.
For the life of me I actually started to loose my desire and I made to tuck my cock away. I even took a step back but bumped into the stall door.
“I can't do this.”
It was all I managed to say. She understood completely now and her expression was actually pained. You think it would have been easy after the show she had put on.

Under normal circumstances, or what passed for normal with the incredible arrangement I had with this woman, I could have just spurted all over her in here in a matter of seconds. But we both knew now it was beyond that and we stood at the brink of disaster. So much so it was killing me and I was in such need of her I ended up not being able to do anything at all.
I guess that's what it had come to after the initial rush of pleasure and so many orgasms. A deeper appreciation for who she truly was and what I really needed because of it.
“I gotta get outta here.”
Somewhere inside I was dying of embarrassment all of a sudden. I was fucking everything up. She had warned me. She had warned us. Sure she had.
She reached out and grabbed me by the belt of my jeans.
Don't go.” She said.
I looked down at her hand completely mortified.
“For fucks sake, let go of me!” I pleaded with her. My voice jumped as I said it. I tried again to tug up my pants.
“Stay here.”
“Don't do this.” I actually pushed her hand away.
“This is my fault.”
To my surprise I heard myself answer.
“It's your fault. It's my fault. It's our fault. I don't know.” What the hell was I saying?!
“I thought I could stay cool. I can't. I thought I could keep it mutual. I can't. But now? Today? Here? Like this? Somehow in these last few hours it's all /> “Don't you feel it?” I heard myself dare ask.

She didn't answer she just looked at me with a mixture of emotions, sitting up more now with her hands at her sides.
“It was my intention to really get you excited today. A woman knows how. I thought it would be a good idea for later. And I wanted you to feel it with me. While people could see us together.” she said. Her eyes had a strange almost excited and fearful look to them.
As if she was hoping to hear something.
“Well believe me I feel it but now it's more than just I looked over the stall door since I was tall enough but we were still alone.
I looked back down at her.
“It's incredible being with you. Being with you today. Somehow it's been better than anything that's happened so far. I don't know what…”

I didn't get to finish. She stood up so quickly I actually jerked back a little but her arms were around my neck and she was kissing me before I took another breath or said another word.
I guess I said the right thing…and my cock went right between her legs.
She moaned as her lips were pressed against mine and then she forced her tongue into my mouth. If she hadn't held on to me I think I might have crashed back out of the stall right through that flimsy door. Perhaps I even tried to pull away, I don't know. I don't remember. But I do know it didn't take me very long to kiss her back.

My whole body and mind was awash with what was happening. I could barely register the fact of her warm wet pussy clenched over my cock. I hadn't penetrated her, she was just on her tip toes holding herself over it while she strained to kiss me. The heat and wetness from her was irresistible and I surged back up to my full hard length, reflexively moving it under her body. It was that motion that broke our kiss and together we looked down between us.
“Wow. she gasped, looking back up at me, both of us breathing hard.
“What about the rules?” I croaked. She looked for all the world a little defiant. She took a step away from me and picked up her purse. To my utter shock a moment later she produced a condom.
“No way.” I whispered.
“Do you want me to put it back?” She asked with a mischievous grin.
She laughed as she ripped it open and took me in her hands, expertly slipping it over my tip and rolling it down my length with sure movements of her fist.
I stared at the ceiling light and tried to think of something else.

“Well you survived that much.” She kissed my chest. I sighed and took her arms in my hands and really kissed her this time, both of us giggling as my cock prodded her lightly against her crotch.
Once more her forehead was pressed against mine.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked.
“You can ask that after I put that on you?”
“Did you plan all this then?”
“Not at first. I don't know. Maybe. I bought that in the restroom. Just in case. So we didn't make a mess somewhere. Wherever we ended up…but it's all different now.”
“Different in a good way?”
“Oh yes.” She playfully bit my lower lip. My cock brushed over her hip as she turned her back to me to put her hands flat on the stall walls on each side of us. Then she just bent over, lifting herself up on her toes and presenting her naked pussy to my waist. She flipped her hair back over her shoulders.

What an invitation. Plain and simple and above all the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me.
I took the deepest breath of my life and let it out slow.
Damn all the consequences. Damn all the rules. There was no way I was going to take the high road any longer. Not here. Not like this. You reach a point that none of that matters and come what may, what was going to happen here and now was all there was. That's how quick it can change. Like the snap of the fingers.
She must have known my reserves were a little low and she had intended to entice me all day long until such time we secretly made it back to her place. But I guess we had been playing with fire. And it was something more than that, something at what I had said about being with her in public. Maybe she felt all along that this is how she wanted to be seen and how she wanted to be made to feel. To be appreciated. I guess that made up her mind.
I reached out and put my hands on her waist and she sighed.
To think it would all come down to this, in a fitting room at the mall.
I took hold of her more firmly and took a step forward….and she gasped with a new sensation. One she hadn't felt before with me…and one she was going to feel again.
Many, many times if I could help it.


story by: Mickey379

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Author: Mickey379

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