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Tim and Nancy had been married for over ten years. Tim was a construction worker and Nancy was a nurse. For the first few years of marriage everything was great, but as time went on Tim became more and more unhappy in their relationship, and started becoming aggressive towards Nancy. On a few occasions Tim, in a fit of rage hit Nancy! Tim was a “mans man” kind of guy who believed that males were superior to women and that a woman’s place was to serve a man! Tim’s behavior seemed to come out of nowhere, because he had never exhibited this kind of behavior before, but Nancy suspected that he has always been this way, but never showed his true colors.

One morning at work Nancy’s close friend Samantha noticed some marks on her neck and asked her what happened. As Nancy tried to think of an excuse she couldn’t hold her emotions in any longer and started to cry. Her friend Samantha asked her what was wrong.
replied Nancy!
“Come on Nancy I know you better than that. What happened did you get into a fight? Did you get mugged?”
Sensing that this was something serious Samantha brought her into the locker room so that they could talk in private. After a few minutes Nancy calmed down and started to tell Samantha what was happening between her and her husband Tim.
“He hits me!” she blurted out!
“He treats me like shit and constantly puts me down! He tells me what a worthless piece of shit I am and the only thing I am good at is to cook and clean! I don’t know what happened to us!” Nancy cried!
Samantha was appalled by what her friend was telling her and couldn’t believe it! She always pegged Tim as a nice guy and never thought he would be capable of such horrible things. As Nancy calmed down, Samantha tried to stay calm and hide her anger.
“Have you guys tried she asked?
“No, I mentioned that to him and that was the very first time he hit me.”
“And I think he is cheating on me!” Nancy explained!
“I smell perfume on his clothes when he comes home, but I am too afraid to ask him because he will hit me!”
“I hate him,” cried Nancy!

it,” said Samantha, “We are going to teach this bastard a lesson!”
After work that night Samantha and Nancy devised a plan on how to make her husband Tim sorry for everything that he put Nancy through the past few years! After a few days Samantha and Nancy gathered everything that they needed to seek revenge on Tim. They stole some medical equipment from work, and after a few days slowly stock piled what they needed.

Nancy waited till Friday night to put her plan into action, so that Tim wouldn’t go missing at work and so she could have the whole weekend to exact her revenge on him. That night as Tim slept; Nancy very carefully attached a set of handcuffs to one arm and attached it to the bed post. Then she did the same with Tim’s other arm. Tim slept like a rock, so this part of the plan went off without a hitch. After his hands were secured she did the same to his legs, so that Tim was now on his back in a sort of spread eagle configuration. While Tim slept Nancy began to prepare for what was to come. She had setup a table alongside the bed and began to lay out the tools that she was going to need. After a couple of hours Tim began to wake up and noticed that he couldn’t move.

“What the Fuck,” he said! He looked over at Nancy and said,
“What the hell is going on?” “Who tied me up?”
“I did,” replied Nancy!
“Why did you tie me up you fucking bitch?”
“I hate you!” Replied Nancy!
“I’m going to make you pay for the way you have been treating me and all of the abuse!”
“You better untie me bitch.” Replied Tim.
“When I get up from here I am going to make you pay for this.”
Nancy slowly walked over to the side of the bed and said,
“That comment will cost you!”
Tim couldn’t believe his normally submissive wife had done this too him. Nancy walked back over to the table that she had setup and now Tim started to realize that Nancy meant business! She came back from the table with a pair of scissors and started to cut Tim’s clothes off.
“I swear Nancy you better untie me.”
Nancy grabbed his hair and said, “Shut your mouth you fuck!”
“You don’t make the rules anymore, I do!”

Nancy walked over to the table and picked up a vial of medicine. She walked back over to Tim and said,
“You see this?”
As she jiggled the vial of medicine in her hands,
“This is a very interesting drug that I stole from work. This drug is not normally used on patients when they are awake, but I can’t wait to use it on you!”
“When this drug is injected it causes intense pain! It blocks the pleasure sensors in the body and makes you feel pain instead of pleasure! That’s what I want you to feel Tim, nothing but pain! And I am going to take great pleasure in causing you pain like you have caused me over the years.”
“Nancy wait,” replied Tim, but Nancy just ignored him.
She walked back over to the table and picked up a syringe. She walked over to the bed and began filling the syringe with the medicine. She withdrew the syringe from the vial, held it up in the air and squirted some of the contents out into the air. She bent down to Tim’s face with the syringe in her hand and said,
“You ready baby?”
“Wait a second Nancy, let’s talk about this!”
Again Nancy ignored him and went and sat between his legs. Tim was now naked and spread eagled on the bed. Nancy grabbed his cock and slowly began to insert the needle into his cock.
“Ahhhhh cried Tim.”
“What the /> Nancy slowly injected the contents into his cock and slowly withdrew the syringe. Nancy purposely gave the injection very slowly because she wanted Tim to feel every bit of pain possible.
“There we go.” Nancy said.
Tim started to feel the pain in his body already. Nancy sat beside him and slowly started to rub Tim’s cock. Tim noticed that what felt good at first actually started to hurt. Nancy began to stroke his cock and Tim started to wither in discomfort. Nancy started to smile and said,
“You feel that Tim?”
“Fells good huh?”
“Your suffering brings me pleasure!”
Nancy began to stroke Tim’s cock faster and faster!
“You better hold off cumming as long as you can,” Nancy said.
“Because thanks to the shot I gave you, when you cum its going to feel like lava erupting from your cock!”
Tim was now trying to get away from Nancy, but he was tied to the bed and couldn’t escape. After relentlessly stroking Tim’s cock he began to feel an orgasm building. Nancy could see the expression on his face and said,
it Tim, let it out.”
Tim began to cum and was gyrating his hips from the pain of the cum coming out of his cock.
Ahhhhhhhh!” cried Tim.
“Oh that hurts so fucking bad!” Tim cried.
Nancy leaned in to his face and said,
“That was just a taste of what’s to come Tim!”
“Fuck you!” Tim replied.
Tim was a “mans man”, so he wasn’t going to break easily, but Nancy didn’t want him too! She wanted him to resist, so she can prolong his torture!

The next morning Tim woke up and was still strapped to the bed!
“Hey bitch,” he screamed.
Nancy walked into the room with her friend Samantha.
“What the Fuck,” cried Tim!
“This is my friend Samantha from work.”
“She is going to help me train you.”
“Train me, said Tim”
“You are both fucking whores,” cried Tim!
“Oh I see we have a lot of work to do huh Nancy,” said Samanth.
Samantha walked over to Tim and said,
“You are going to regret calling me a whore you piece of shit.”
“I’m going to take pleasure in watching you suffer.”
Both of the girls laughed and said,
get started!”
Samantha said. “Do you know what a milking is?”
that you bitch?”
“Well, it looks like we are going to have to show you huh Tim!” replied Samantha.
“I will do the honors on this one,” Samantha replied.
She walked over to the table that Nancy had set up and picked up the vial of medicine that Nancy had used the night before. She picked up a syringe and began to fill it. She looked over at Tim and saw the look on his face.
“I guess you gave him a little taste of this already huh Nancy?”
“You bet I did,” replied Nancy.
“And he loved it,” she said with a smile on her face.
Samantha and Nancy began to chuckle. Samantha walked over to Tim as he began to try and apologize for calling her a whore.
“I’m sorry about what I said,” Cried Tim.
“You are going to be very sorry for calling me a whore very soon Tim.”
you worry about that.”
“Hold his head Nancy.”
“I want him to look into his eyes as I do this.”
Samantha grabbed his balls and ever so slowly began to push in the needle. cried Tim!
“Please screamed Tim.
Samantha slowly injected the contents into Tim’s balls and as she did it Nancy forced him to watch and look into Samantha’s eyes.
“Ohhhhh yeahhhh that’s it Tim.” “You feel that going into your balls huh?”
Tim had the look of agony on his face.
“Yeah that’s it Tim, just let it happen!”
When she was done injecting his balls she slowly withdrew the syringe. Tim was already starting to squirm from the injection. Samantha picked up a tube of KY from the table and walked back over to Tim.
“Tim, I’m going to give you a nice anal milking now.”
“Just like last night when Nancy milked you, your cum will feel like lava when it’s coming out of your dick, but since I am going to be making you cum against your will from rubbing your prostate, I can prolong the inevitable as long as I want.”
“I’m going to enjoy this Tim!”
“Has he ever had anything in his ass Nancy?”
“No he hasn’t Samantha,” replied Nancy.
“Good, I get to break him in!”
Nancy knelt down in between Tim’s legs. Tim was starting to plead with Samantha. “Please don’t do that!”
“I’m not a fag, I don’t want anything in my ass.”
Samantha ignored Tim’s pleas and squirted some KY on Tim’s asshole. She slowly started to rub his asshole spreading the lube around. Slowly she started to slide a finger deep into Tim’s ass.
ohhhhhhh cried Tim.
/> Tim was trying to squeeze and resist Samantha’s finger with all of his might.
“I love it when they fight it, cooed Samantha.”
it Tim, try to fight it, thaaaats it!”
Samantha could feel Tim clenching up.
“Nancy, hold his head up so I can look at his face!”
why I love the KY,” Samantha said.
“No matter how hard they try and fight it they can’t stop something from going into their ass, the lube makes it impossible for them to resist.”
Samantha got her finger all the way into Tim’s ass and started to slide it in and out. While Nancy was holding her husband’s head, she whispered in his ear,
“You like that tough guy?”
“You feel that in your ass?”
“Such a tough guy getting fingered like a little girl and you can’t do anything about it but take it!”
“It makes my pussy wet to watch you squirm as you get fingered!”
Tim had given up trying to fight Samantha’s fingers and now concentrated on not crying from the pain of the orgasm building from Samantha’s prostate milking. Slowly Samantha massaged Tim’s prostate and slowly milked the cum out of his cock. Tim was in agony because the milking took far longer than when Nancy had jerked him off the night before. This was slow excruciating torture! After about 20 minutes of slow milking, Tim passed out from the pain, and only then did Samantha stop fingering his ass and massaging his prostate.
“That was great,” Samantha blurted out!
“Yeah it was,” Nancy replied.
“I loved watching him squirm in pain!”
“He is tougher than I though,” stated Samantha!
“I told you he was a “mans man”, and he wouldn’t give up easily, but tomorrow he will be ours!”
The next morning Tim was exhausted! He hadn’t had any food in two days, only water and he was emotionally and physically drained from the abuse. Samantha and Nancy walked into the room and sat on the bed next to Tim.
our little patient today huh?”
Tim didn’t respond and couldn’t even look into their eyes. A far cry from the tough guy that he was just a few days ago.
“Now Tim,” Nancy said.
“This is the deal; you are going to be my bitch from now on do you
“You will quit your job and serve my every need.”
“You will have dinner cooked when I get home, the laundry done, and you will please me anyway I see fit.”
“You will also be receiving injections on a daily basis to reduce your testosterone levels, so that you don’t act out.”
“Do you /> Tim didn’t respond.
“DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” Nancy asked again as she grabbed a fistful of Tim’s hair.
“I will take your silence as a no!”
“We will see about that Tim!”
Samantha smirked, “Yeah Tim, we will definitely see about that!”
get him ready Samantha,” said Nancy.
“My pleasure,” replied Samantha.
Samantha untied Tim’s legs one at a time and attached them to an eye hook in the ceiling. Tim began to try and break free, but Samantha only untied one leg at a time, so any escape attempts were useless.
“I like that you still have some fight in you Tim.” Cooed Samantha!
“But that will soon be gone, trust me.”
Tim was now spread eagle on the bed with his legs tied back towards his head and up in the air. This was an embarrassing position for any man to be in, especially a “mans man” like Tim. Nancy came back into the room wearing only a robe. Tim had seen Nancy in a robe a thousand times, but it just looked different this time and he couldn’t understand why. Nancy walked over to the table she had setup and started filling another syringe. “No please,” “not another shot”, cried Tim.
Nancy walked over to Tim and said,
worry baby, you are going to love this one.”
“This one isn’t like the other ones we have been giving you.”
This is a mixture of a muscle relaxant so you can’t fight us, and something to lower your testosterone levels. Oh, and something to make your whole body hurt this time and not just the spot that we inject you like the last two.”
Nancy bent down and whispered in his ear again,
“I can’t wait to see you squirm tonight.”
Tim had started to buck wildly in the bed trying to get away.
“Samantha, hold him down!” instructed Nancy.
While Samantha held Tim down Nancy slowly inserted the needle in his neck and slowly started to inject the contents. Slowly Tim stopped bucking wildly and Samantha let go. Nancy was taking her sweet time injecting Tim, so that she could prolong his suffering. As she withdrew the needle, both she and Samantha looked down at Tim who now had a dazed look in his eyes.
“Oh yeah He is ready for us now,” Samantha said.
Tim was fully aware of what was going on, but couldn’t fight or move.
“He is all yours,” cooed Samantha. “Go for it!”
Samantha tilted Tim’s head towards Nancy to make sure he could see her while she took off her robe. The expression on Tim’s face was one of horror! Nancy was wearing a strapon dildo! Now Tim knew what he was in store for. He tried to speak but he could only muster a slight whimper because of the drugs. Nancy walked over to Tim and said, “You are going to be my bitch tonight!”
“This is only the beginning of your service to me, so you better get used to it.”
“I’m going to fuck your ass like you used to fuck mine,” said Nancy.
“Give it to him good,” cooed Samantha.
“Make him pay for all the abuse he has given you!”
Nancy had purchased a realistic 9” strapon that had the ability to ejaculate. It had a reservoir that could be filled with synthetic cum, or any other substance that she wanted too. It had a bulb that she could squeeze to shoot the cum out of the tip. It also had a small dildo at the other end of the strapon that slid into her pussy, so that the pressure of her fucking Tim and slamming into him would drive the small dildo in and out of her pussy. Nancy’s pussy was already dripping wet from the excitement of what was to come. Nancy got in between Tim’s legs and looked directly into his eyes.
“Hold his head Samantha I want to look into his eyes as I fuck him.”
“I want him to see who is boss.”
As Samantha held his head, Nancy began to slowly lube up her strapon. After stroking it a few times she put it against Tim’s asshole. At first she rubbed the tip of the strapon against his asshole, teasing him and making him anticipate what was about to happen. Tim was helpless to stop what was about to happen. Slowly Nancy began to push the strapon into Tim’s ass.
“Ohhhhhh god nooooooo!”
“Please stop!” cried Tim
Tim tried to fight it, but between the drugs and the lube he was helpless. Nancy purposely slid it into his ass very slowly, inch by inch, because she wanted Tim to feel every inch of it as she took his manhood away from him for good. For a “mans man” like Tim, this was the most degrading thing that could happen and Nancy knew it!
Samantha cooed, “Oh yeahhhh Tim, do you feel that cock sliding in your ass?” it be a good boy and take it!”
Samantha’s pussy was so wet from watching Tim get fucked, that the juices from her pussy started to run down her leg. Holding Tim’s head with one hand she sank a finger into her sopping wet pussy and let out a long moan.
“Ohhhhhhhh she moaned in pleasure!
She then took the finger out of her pussy and rubbed the juices all over Tim’s nose and mouth.
“You see how wet this makes me Tim?” said Samantha.
Nancy had about half the dildo in Tim’s ass now and Tim was starting to whimper. it Tim, cry like a little girl as I fuck your ass,” Said Nancy.
But Tim was still trying to maintain what little manhood he had left and held back his tears. Inch by inch Nancy slid the dildo in Tim’s ass until all 9” were in.
it; it’s all the way in now Tim!”
“Does that feel good?” Coooed Nancy.
Nancy could see the look of pain and humiliation on Tim’s face as she buried the cock in his ass.
“Just accept it Tim,” Said Nancy.
“Just let those tough guy thoughts go and give yourself to me.”
“Look, that cock is buried deep in your ass now Tim!” cooed Samanth.
Nancy began to slowly fuck his ass with the strapon. Slowly she withdrew the cock out of Tim’s ass all the way to the tip and then slowly slid it back all the way in. She fucked him with long slow strokes, so that he could feel every bit of the cock in his ass. The position that Tim was in with his legs up in the air meant that Nancy could go deep with the strapon, even deeper than she could from a doggy style position. The pressure of Nancy’s strapon in Tim’s ass drove the small dildo that was on the other end in and out of her now sopping wet pussy. Nancy began to moan in pleasure as she fucked Tim. Nancy’s pussy was so wet that you could hear the squishing sound of the dildo going in and out of her pussy.
“Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh!”
“Fucking you makes me so fucking wet Tim!”
“I love watching you take this cock in your ass like a little bitch.” Cooed Nancy!
Tim was now in pain from both the assault on his ass and the drugs that Nancy injected him with. Samantha had let go of his head and he was now turning his head from side to side on the bed, trying to fight the pain and humiliation. Watching Tim suffer made Samantha even wetter and she began to play with his cock while Nancy continued to fuck him in the ass. Samantha picked up the tube of KY and smeared some on Tim’s now shriveled cock. Samantha began to slowly stroke Tim’s cock.
“Now Tim, I want this cock hard right now.”
“Do you understand me?” said Samantha.
Tim was now in agony and the last thing his cock wanted to do was get hard.
“If this cock isn’t hard for me soon, your punishment will get even worse,” Said Samantha.
Tim was scared to death and knew that Samantha meant business! It took every last ounce of will he had left to try and block out the pain and humiliation of what was happening to him and he concentrated on trying to make his cock hard. After a few minutes of Samantha playing with his cock and every ounce of will he had left, Tim’s cock began to spring to life.
“Yeahhhhhh that’s it Tim!”
“Get it nice and rock hard for me,” Said Samantha.
“Look Tim, your cock his hard and you have a cock in your ass!” cooed Samantha.
“What kind of “mans man” are you?” Samantha said as she let out an evil chuckle.
After stroking his cock some more Samantha stopped, and climbed on top of Tim. She slowly slid his cock into her dripping pussy.
“Ohhhhhhh god!” moaned Samantha.
Samantha started to fuck his cock with her dripping pussy. Slowly she slid her pussy up and down on Tim’s cock moaning in pleasure. Samantha’s pussy juices flowed down Tim’s cock and he could feel her pussy muscles grabbing his cock as she slid up and down on his shaft. Tim was now in agony! Nancy continued to slowly pump his ass with the strapon as Samantha slowly fucked his cock with her pussy. Tim was feeling a mixture of pain, pleasure, and humiliation all at the same time. After a few minutes Samantha began to buck her hips and began to scream
“I’m cumming!”
As she came she let out a slow long moan.
Slowly she slid off of Tim’s cock and stood next to Nancy.
“Did you like that Tim?” asked Nancy.
“I hope you did because it was the last piece of pussy that you are going to get!”
After about 20 minutes of relentless pounding Nancy buried the strapon deep in Tim’s ass, bent over and put her hands around his neck. She looked deep into his eyes and gave the strapon a few more thrusts into his ass. The last few thrusts were hard and it drove the dildo deep into Nancy’s pussy. She began to moan in pleasure as her pussy started to cum. At the same time she squeezed the bulb that was attached to the dildo that made the cum shoot from her fake cock. The cum flowed from her cock into Tim’s ass. Tim could feel something wet in his ass that he never felt before.
“You feel that cum filling your ass Tim?”
“Ohhhhh cried Nancy!
“Fill his ass with cum like a little girl.” Cooed Samantha!
Tim began to cry! He couldn’t take it anymore! His spirit was broken! Nancy and Samantha now knew that Tim had been broken and that she was now his master! Slowly she withdrew the cock from his ass and bent down next to his ear.
“Now you’re mine!”

story by: freakboy80

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Author: freakboy80

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