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Kathy’s boyfriend had been distant for some time. It wasn’t entirely his fault, as he worked a lot of hours, and by the time he would get back to the home that they shared, he was dead tired. By the time the kids were in bed, and he got his dinner, the only thing he wanted to do was go to bed. Kathy however, wanted more. She needed more. Even in the rare case that he was awake, and had the energy, she had kids at home. It never failed that the two year old, having radar like they do, would wake up and start crying at the most inopportune time.
John had a hobby, outside of work as well, that he really enjoyed, but took up a lot of his free time. She really loved him, and wouldn’t ask him to give up anything for her, and he had this hobby long before they’d met. He raced cars on the weekend. Kathy liked to watch him and actually found it quite arousing. A man and his machine could be quite erotic. Unfortunately for Kathy, after race day and all of the preparation, once again, he was tired. Usually after a good day, not only was he tired, but after the celebration, he was a little drunk too, which drained his energy even more.
Most times Kat put the two kids to bed, hoped they wouldn’t get up, and after John went to bed, she masturbated while looking at Internet porn, or while reading a good erotic story to ease her sexual tension. On one occasion while trying to ease the desire, and wanting between her legs, one of her co-workers called. With her mind in the state it was in, the subject inevitably turned to sex. The two talked themselves into frenzy. Her co-worker liked her and she knew it. She also knew at the time that she may be taking her teasing, and flirting too far, but she honestly didn’t care. The two had phone sex late into the night, but she still felt empty.
She didn’t want to have sex with anyone else. She loved her man. She just wished that John would please her sexually the way she wanted him to. Deep down she knew it wasn’t his fault, and things probably would get better, but still she was frustrated. She longed to be touched, and tasted. She longed to feel the heat of sexual passion from the man she loved.
One Saturday before a big race on Sunday, as usual, he was out in the garage tinkering with the car. She’d just put the two-year-old down for his nap, and the other was at her father’s house for the weekend. She was doing the laundry, and had just pulled a pair of coveralls out of the dryer. She started to fold them, and had an Idea. If he wouldn’t come to her, she would go to him.
She gathered up the coveralls, and headed to the bathroom. She got completely undressed, and then decided to put on a sheer pair of thong underwear. She usually shaved her pubic hair, and since she’d just showered this morning, things were still smooth down there. She touched herself and found that she was already getting moist from anticipation. She pulled the coveralls over her bare skin, dabbed some of his favorite perfume on her neck, and in between her breasts. She looked at herself in the mirror. “It’s missing something.” She thought to herself. She grabbed the hair brush, teased her hair a little, put on some bright red lipstick, then pulled the zipper of the coveralls down to around her navel showing off her ample breasts, and lots of cleavage. Satisfied that she would make his cock throb, she set out on her mission.
She opened the door from the house to the garage, and saw John bent over the engine. It was running, loudly, and with the open exhaust, she could feel the powerful noise deep in her body. He was definitely distracted. She moved around the back of the car to the passenger side. She leaned seductively over the roof, and waited for him to notice her.
John flipped the switch on the remote starter, and the engine shut off. He noticed that she was standing there. “Oh, Hey babe.” He looked back down at the engine. “Can you hand me…” He looked up at her again, and truly noticed her. Her hair teased hair, her red lips, and her beautiful body peaking out of his coveralls. His mouth hung open, and he just stared at her.
“Hand you what?” She smiled seductively, reached for the lapel of the coveralls, and peeled it back a little giving him a view of her erect, wanting nipple.
“Wow Kat.” He managed before she put her finger to his lips.
She pulled the zipper of his coveralls down revealing his bare chest, and then the waistband of his underwear.
“Kat, She slid her hand farther down into his coveralls and gently grasped his now hardening manhood, cutting off his words. He put his arms around her and wiped his hands off on a rag, then threw the rag on the workbench. He let his hands drift over her back, and ass and kissed her, while she continued gently stroking his cock through his underwear.
She gazed into his eyes. They wanted her. She wanted him. She grasped a little harder on his now erect cock, and backed up pulling him gently with her. She backed up far enough to open the passenger door of the car, and sat down on the floor of the car where the passenger seat had been before it was removed to save weight. She reached into the fly of his underwear, and pulled out his now throbbing member.
She looked up at him seductively, before she kissed the head. She lightly sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. The look on his face told her that her attention was having the desired effect. She sucked a little harder, and started bobbing her head up and down causing his shaft to slide effortlessly between her full lips. Reaching around him, she pulled him closer, drawing his cock deeper into her mouth until it was tickling the back of her throat and beyond. She bobbed her head faster and sucked harder as if she couldn’t get enough of his hot member into her mouth.
He took his arms out of his coveralls, and let them fall to the floor in a bunch by his ankles. She reached below his cock and lightly fondled his balls through his shorts. They were starting to tighten and she knew he would cum soon. She glanced up at his face and saw pure passion, a wanting that she’d not seen in quite a while. John threw back his head, arched his back and began pumping rope after rope of hot sticky man seed deep into her throat. She swallowed every drop, and gently sucked until she could taste him no more.
She let his limp member slip from her lips, and wiped her mouth with her sleeve. She stood up, pushing him back wards a little, and slipped her shoulders out of the coveralls letting him have a view of her large white breasts. She let the coveralls fall to the floor and stepped her high heel clad feet out of the legs revealing that the thong that she’d worn just for him, was the only thing she had on. He stepped out of his coveralls, and put his hands on her heaving chest. He squeezed her full breasts, and tweaked her nipples sending shockwaves through her neglected body.
John looked down at her thong-clad body and felt his loins start to stir again. She looked incredible, smelled incredible, and felt luscious. He placed his hands on the sides of her ribcage under her arms and effortlessly lifter her up onto the roof of the car. He positioned her so that her ass was barely on the roof, and gently laid her back on the cool metal. He gently lifted each leg, and put a high heel on each of his powerful shoulders. He leaned down, hooked his thumbs into the thin straps of the thong, and pulled the thin material down revealing her sweet, hairless, pussy that demanded his passionate attention. She raised her leg, allowing him to pull the thong completely off,
John started lightly kissing the insides of her knees, stopping to gaze wantonly into her eyes. He moved his kisses farther up the insides of her creamy thighs until he could smell her sweet musk.
Kat spread her legs and pulled her knees up to give him uninhibited access to her hot, steamy tunnel of passion. She could feel his hot breath on the outer lips of her pussy and her nipples hardened. Her insides ached as she saw the look of passion in John’s eyes. That look that told her that he wanted her. That look that told her that he loved her, and in this moment, there were no other people on the planet. Her and him alone in passion filled world of lust and love.
John let his lips graze against the outer lips of her puffy vagina, tickling them ever so lightly. He could feel her body tense. He let his tongue lightly graze the space where her lips and thigh met causing Kat to moan quietly. Moving to the center, he ran his tongue the entire length of her damp, musky slit tasting her sex.
Kat moaned at the sensation, and put her head down on the roof of the car in ecstasy as his tongue found her throbbing love nub. His attention to her twitching clit made her jump, and filled her body with pleasure. She had goose bumps and soon was trembling from pleasure that can only be felt from the sexual attention given by a man. The attention she received from her man.
John lightly sucked on her clit, and inserted a finger into her now dripping pussy. He angled his finger, and curved it just right finding her g-spot. He could tell that his lover was close to climax. With his free hand he reached up to her chest and tweaked, and squeezed her nipples one by one. He felt her hands clasp behind his head, then he felt her pussy jump, and contract around his finger, and on his face.
Wave after wave of orgasmic delight swept through Kathy. The sensation that she’d longed for was finally overtaking her, enveloping her. She squeezed and tugged at her own breasts, and screamed loudly. “Yes John, I’m cumming hard John, feel me? I’m cumming so hard, Oh my God!” She grabbed his head, and pulled him close to her hard. He kept sucking and slurping until she was spent. She lay down on the roof of the Camaro with a thud, the waves of intensity, starting to diminish.
John, finally free from her grip, gazed into the satisfied face of his lover. He pulled on her hips gently, sliding her off of the roof of the car. He guided her legs around him, and held her sweaty body next to his own. He carried her gently to the side of the car near the back, side window. He pressed her body against the car, reached below her, and guided his throbbing man meat into her sopping wet passion palace. He thrust himself easily inside, feeling the heat of her sex.
John propped her knees up with his strong arms, and started moving his hips back and forth. He pistoned slowly in and out of her, their eyes locked on each other’s. She felt so hot and her passion filled pussy grabbed and squeezed his throbbing rod. He picked up his pace, wanting to fill his goddess with his powerful missile. She had her hands wrapped around his neck, riding him, bringing him closer to orgasm. He could feel his lover starting to quiver, and could see in her eyes that she was getting close to orgasm. She buried her head into his shoulder, and let out a muffled scream. He pounded his cock into her hot cunt, over and over. Her pussy clamped on his rod, and he began to cum with her.
Kathy felt her orgasm over take her being, at the same time she felt his hot seed being shot into her love canal in hot sticky jets. The sweat from their bodies melted them together into a quivering pool of sexual pleasure. He bucked his hips, as she arched her back, and then it was quiet. Their breathing was the only sound that could be distinguished above the pounding of their hearts. He pulled his shrinking penis from her, guided her shaky legs to hold herself up. He held her tightly, their nakedness providing a last, perfect feeling of intimacy. His hands lightly drifted from her back to her ass. They stood there holding each other, slowly ceasing to remain separate entities. He and she became one.
“I suppose I should get cleaned up.” Kathy said first. “The baby will be awake soon.”
John said kissing her gently on the forehead. “We should get cleaned up.”
Kathy gathered up the coveralls she was wearing, and started walking towards the door that led into the house.
John gathered his, and slid them on over his naked body. He got them over his shoulders, and watched his lover leaving what used to be his domain solely. He called, walking up to her, and putting his arms around her again. “I love you. You know that don’t you.”
Kathy smiled at her lover. “I know John.” She smiled. “I know.” She turned to walk into the house. “You better get that thing right so you can kick some ass /> John turned and looked at his powerful ride, “I will, but Kat,” she stopped and turned around to look at him. “Tomorrow, can you wear those />

The End

story by: george

Tags: fiction blowjob erotica male/female cum swallowing romance sex story

Author: george

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