Preteen exploration v2

I was 12, in my first year of secondary school. I was 4’6”, slim build, and twinky look. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and an awakening 5” erect penis – I was just figuring out the joys and pleasures it had to offer, the same as every normal boy. I was always quiet, in a family of 8, quiet was the best option – I didn’t mind – I read, listened to music, played Lego, and met up with my best friend – Mark.

Mark was also twelve; we were next door neighbours from the day we were born. 4’9”, slight, brown hair, blue eyes – he was devilishly attractive, with a mischievous glint in his eye, and a smile that would light up Denmark. I never really know when I started to find him attractive – I was always attracted to him, and his smile.

We never spoke about sex. Not until that day at least. Mark and I were playing Lego in my room, and were doing the role-play – having already built our houses, cars and furniture. It was night time in Lego land, and we decided it was best to leave Mr and Mrs Lego rest for a while.

“They should have sex”, Mark declares. I look at him a shocked state.

“MARK, shut the door – the others will hear”, I demand.

“What? Do they never say the S-word?” he asks.

“No. Never”, I reply.

He snorts, as he reaches into his pocket, and produces 4 small packets.

“What are they?” I enquire.

“Oh come on”, he retorts. condoms”, he adds.

I say.

“Condoms. You put them on your willy when you have sex. I heard me Da say so – he was giving orders to me Ma to put it on his willy”.

As he elaborates, I feel movement down below. I like the idea of this. I don’t know why, but it sounds like it should feel good.

“Where you get them” I ask.

With a look of obviousness, Mark replies “Where you think?” His father’s supply. I am handed a packet, and told to open it. I take it with shaking hands, and tear the packet open. I pull out the condom, and wonder how on earth one is supposed to wear such a thing while having sex. I was still a virgin, and really had no interest in sex per se – I was just getting used to the euphoric feeling of jerking off, and the resulting orgasm, obviously.

“How do you wear them?” I ask.

“You slip it on your willy when it’s big, and roll it down” replies Mark the learned.

joking” I say.

“No way, man – check it out” he replies. Before I have a chance to argue, Mark jumps up, unbelts, unzips, and pulls his school trousers down.

I exclaim, “What are you doing?!” As he pushes his underwear down, I am filled with intrigue. His 5” cock flips out over the hem.

“Showing you how they’re used” he replies. I am stunned into silence as I watch with awe, as he effortlessly opens the condom, pulls it out, slips it over his pulsating cock, and rolls it down his shaft. He moans slightly.

“Can I touch it?” I ask.

as he moves closer to me. I reach out to feel the plastic, his cock is still pulsating, as it continues to grow. It stops at about 6”. My intrigue leads to action – I take his cock firmly in my hands, and start to wank my friend. Slowly at first, but by impulse, Mark starts to thrust his hips forward into my hands. I move my hand faster as his abdomen muscles tense. I know what’s about to happen, and my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I keep pumping his cock, until with one prolonged moan, he cums in the condom. Cum collects in the reservoir, as he continues to shoot load after load from his still hard cock into it.

I want to try this. I stand up, push down my school trousers, followed by my underwear, my cock flops out. I tremble as I open the condom, I feel the coldness of it against my foreskin.

“You make sure the roll is on the outside, hold the reservoir firm, place the roll over the head of your cock, push the roll down your shaft until you reach the end” – I take the instructions.

The condom feels awesome against my skin. Is this what it feels like to have sex I wonder? I don’t know, I just know that I am in heaven. I walk over to Mark, who has now sat on the bed, his cock still hard. He instinctively takes a good firm hold of my meat, and starts to jack me off – I am already so close – I thrash my hips forward as my cock moves between this boys hands, my muscles tense, my balls have Goosebumps on them, and with one final pump – I release into the condom. I keep moving, not wanting the feeling to ever end, I want to keep going – keep this feeling forever. I laugh when the feeling subsides, my cock is sensitive in the condom, sensitive but still hard. I want more.

“How was it?” Mark asks.

I breathe in. “I could do that again”.

“Wanna try something different?” Mark enquires.

I ask, inquisitively.

he replies.

“With who? You need a girl, no?” I retort.

“With me, boys can have sex with boys. Instead of putting your willy into a fanny, you put it into the other boys bum”.

I follow Mark’s lead – he tells me to lock my door. Check. He tells me to take off my jumper, my tie, my shirt, my tee, my shoes and my socks, I slip off the trousers and underpants off completely. I am naked. Totally naked. I tell him to get naked, quickly. He strips off his clothes. His body is magic, I want it badly, and I want it now. I walk over to him, he lies on the bed, face down. He tells me to take the condom off my cock, and pour the cum over his butt hole. I do so. He then tells me to lie down over him, and to move my cock between his butt cheeks up and down to lube him up. He reaches around with his hand, guides the head of my cock to his entrance, and tells me to push gently in.

we be wearing condoms?” I ask.

both virgins. Condoms are only for people who have fucked others” comes the reply. I go back to concentrating on my cock, oh fuck, the head slips into his butt crack. Ecstasy, just simple ecstasy. He is tight, and warm.

Mark instructs. I push my cock in gently, little by little, inch by inch, until I am all the way in. “How is it?” Mark asks.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum in a sec I think” I breathe out. Sure enough, I gently maneuver myself in Marks ass, and it sends me over – I move as gently as I can, all the while trying to satisfy the itch that has overtaken me. I am laughing again – my cock is all too sensitive, but again, still hard. I want more. Once I recover, I gently move my cock in and out, working Mark’s ass around my cock, he moans gently.

“You OK?” I ask.

“Oh yeah” he replies, />
“Fuck yeah” I reply. I allow Mark’s ass get used to my cock, as I gently move in and out, I know I’m close, but I know if I do long strokes, the feeling subsides. I want this to last as long as possible. I pull out, turn him around, and push myself back into his ass. I can see his face, I lean in to kiss him. Our lips touch, his are warm, his tongue meets mine, his hips undulating over my cock. I move slowly, concentrating on Mark’s orgasm. I remove the condom from his cock, the smell of cum fills the air. I wrap my hands around his cock, massaging the remnants of cum into his cock, making it slick. As his hips move faster, his moans get louder, and his body tenses and he shoots rope after rope of cum onto his chest, one shot landing on his neck. I lean in, kiss his lips, and lick his neck. The cum is salty. I run my tongue along his body, collecting all his cum. I run my tongue over his cock – the head still dribbling out cum. I start to pick up speed.

Mark says. I guess I am doing something right. I thrust in long strokes, pushing myself in as far as I can, almost pulling out completely. I am jerking Mark’s cum covered cock – I pump it faster and faster. He moans, I know he is getting close, so am I. I continue pumping, and after one last pump, I can feel Marks cock pulse in my hands, and his ass spasm around my cock. This sends me overboard, and I thrust myself into the depths of Marks bowels and shoot rope after rope of boy cum into him. We slow down, kissing, our tongues wrap around, our breathing heavy, our bodies tired, our virginity gone.

story by: Intel080284

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Author: Intel080284

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