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Josie, as usual, was on the phone to her sister. I had slipped away into my study to work on the computer, knowing that I would have at least an hour uninterrupted. This happened two or three times a week.
Josie was very close to her family and I knew what a wrench it had been for her when we had moved. We had been married for about six months when I landed this job here. It would have been madness not to take it – great salary, excellent prospects for promotion. We had both hesitated before making the decision, because I had grown to like her family, too.
Josie‘s father was a little, roly-poly, bald guy; her mother a large, statuesque woman. The two daughters were as different as their parents, Josie was tall, with a mane of natural blonde hair, Maureen was short, round, dark-haired. I still couldn‘t believe my luck that Josie had fallen in love with me and married me. After six years, four years of them married, I was still crazy about her perfect body, her firm, bouncy tits, her pert little bottom. I had started going out with her when we were both eighteen and Maureen was fifteen. Mo was a right royal pain when Josie and I were, as her mother called it, courting. She didn‘t have a boyfriend of her own, and always seemed to turn up and hang around just as we were getting down to some serious petting. But her little-sister interruptions didn‘t seem to do any damage to my relationship with Josie and I gradually developed a liking for Mo’s cheeky, impish sense of humour.

I was concentrating on the computer screen, when I suddenly felt a pair of thumbs massaging my neck and a gentle kiss on the top of my head. Josie swung the swivel chair until she could park her bottom sideways on my lap.
Mo?” I asked.
dumped her”, she replied. “The poor kid’s pretty cut up.”
“No loss.” I had met Phil at a family get-together and hadn’t been taken by him. He was a sport-obsessed guy with not much sense of humour who seemed to treat Mo as if he was doing her a favour by being seen in her company.
“Anyway, she’s coming”, announced Josie. “She needs to get away for a while.”
I said, meaning it. “We haven’t seen her for, what? – over a year. She’ll be good company for you, too.”
My job was going well, but had become pretty demanding lately. And Josie had never really settled. She missed her family and was often homesick. She was becoming low-spirited, though she tried not to show it.

When we went to bed that night, we made love, the way we had started to make love over the past few months. We snuggled up, kissed. I slipped a hand up the sloppy t-shirt she wore in bed, kneaded her breast until the nipple started to swell. She stroked my cock, flopped it from side to side until it started to grow. I slipped a hand between her thighs and rubbed her slit. She wet her finger in her mouth and used the spit to lubricate herself. She lay on her back, opened her legs, I rolled on top of her, tried to push my semi-rigid member into her. It bent, squirmed out from between her lips and slipped into the crack of her arse. She reached down, grabbed my cock, squeezed and pumped it a couple of times until it started to get a little firmer, then guided it to the mouth of her vagina. I pushed a little harder, it slipped in reluctantly. I rocked back and forth on her for about five minutes. Looking down at her face, I could see that her eyes were closed and she was frowning in concentration, trying to make herself enjoy the sensation. But my dick was almost numb. It was pushing in and out, but there was little feeling. I was a long way from coming, and so was Josie. I pulled out, my dick immediately shrank.
“I’m sorry,” said Josie, as if it was her fault, pulled her t-shirt down over her thighs, turned on to her side, pushed her bottom into me, and fell asleep.
We didn’t even try to make love for the rest of the week.

On Friday afternoon, I drove home after work, picked up Josie from the house and we drove to the station to pick up Maureen.
The train pulled in, a crowd of weekend commuters got off and jostled along the platform. As the crown thinned, Josie caught sight of Mo struggling along the platform with a sports bag almost as big as herself. She screeched and ran up to her sister. The two clasped each other in massive bear hugs, squealing and bouncing up and down like a couple of teenagers. After a couple of minutes, Mo disentangled herself.
“Hi, bro”, she grinned.
“Hi, sis”, I returned. We embraced warmly, kissing each other wetly on the cheek.
The train had been late, of course, so we dumped Mo’s bag in the back of the car and drove straight to a Greek restaurant, where the girls talked non-stop and managed to get through two bottles of retsina during the meal. I was driving, so had only a glass of wine. I didn’t get a chance to say much. It was astounding how two people could spend at least three hours a week talking over the phone and still have so much to say to each other. But I was contented. I hadn’t seen Josie so bright and bubbly in ages, and Maureen, although a little more subdued than I remembered her, was still full of life and good humour.
We drove home, and Josie opened another bottle of wine while Mo dumped her bag in the guest room upstairs. I poured myself a large whisky. We sat around the kitchen table and talked for another hour. This time I managed to get into the conversation, and caught up on the gossip from home. Around midnight, the whisky and the heavy Greek meal made my eyelids begin to droop.
“Well, it’s been a long week”, I said. “ I think I’ll turn in. Great to see you, again, Mo. Good night.” Maureen stood up, threw her arms around me and kissed me on the mouth, in a warm, but sisterly way. Her soft body against mine was warm and cuudly. I tasted the wine on her lips. I stood behind Josie and nuzzled her in the nape of her neck. She put her hand up and rubbed my cheek tenderly.
“Be up soon,” she said.
I went upstairs and slipped into bed. I could hear their voices drifting up the stairs from the kitchen. They seemed to be talking more quietly now, and I couldn’t make out any words. I had a lingering memory of Mo’s soft lips and the aromatic fragrance of the wine. Maybe Josie was telling her sister what a lousy lay I had become. I drifted off into a deep sleep.
The next morning I surfaced slowly into a state of The alarm clock hadn’t jerked me awake as normal. It was Saturday, I was vaguely aware, and relaxed into the floating, luxurious sensation of half-sleep. I turned over and my face buried into the delicious smell of sweet herbs that was Josie’s silky, tousled hair. I hadn’t heard her or felt her coming into bed. She was sound asleep and breathing deeply. Her body was giving off a warmth that made me snuggle up close to her, and had another sensation in my groin. I had a hard on! My hand slipped down and grasped it, almost as if it wasn’t mine. It felt firm and tingled as I touched it. Josie was lying on her side, her back to me, her legs drawn up in a foetal position. Her t-shirt had worked its way up during the night and her sweet little arse was uncovered. I pulled back my foreskin and slowly traced the crack between her cheeks with the sensitive tip of my cock, applying no pressure, just savouring the velvety warmth. The crack widened as it curved down and then I could feel the wiry hairs on her pussy lips delicately scratching the exposed flesh of my head. Holding my cock with thumb and forefinger, like an artist with a paintbrush I gently dragged the tip of my penis across the back of her thighs where they met her arse cheeks, feeling it dip into the exquisite hollow where the end of her slit merged into her bottom. Pushing my stiff cock down, I gently laid the length of the shaft along her pussy. It was warm, dry and soft. Josie stirred, but did not wake and I didn’t want to wake her. With her hairs tickling my cock, I drifted off to sleep again. It couldn’t have been for more than a minute or two, because when I awoke again, Josie hadn’t moved, but my cock had lost its stiffness. I felt another pressure in my groin. I needed to have a piss. I got out of bed quietly so as not to wake Josie and padded along to the bathroom, naked.
The bathroom door was slightly warped – with the steam, I suppose – and the catch doesn’t fit any more. Since we live alone and seldom have guests, I have never got around to fixing it. The door was ajar, I pushed it open and walked in.
The air was warm and humid. Mo was standing at the mirror above the wash-basin, wearing bra and panties and brushing her thick black hair. She turned towards me as I entered. I was slightly taken aback, but it was too late. I was busting and anyway, she was only my little sister-in-law.
I greeted her and strode up to the toilet. “Sleep well?” I said as I lifted the seat.
“Yes, thanks”, she replied without embarrassment and returned to brushing her hair. My cock was no longer rigid, but was still swollen and thick. It felt heavy as I lifted it and pointed it at the water. It hadn’t felt so good in ages. I was actually a little proud of it as I released the pent up stream straight down into the water.
My back was towards Mo. I couldn’t see her.
“Pisses like a stallion” came a very good impersonation of W.C. Fields from behind me. I laughed and almost lost control, the stream wavering dangerously up the inside of the bowl. I finished, shook, flushed and turned around. She had turned towards me and looked unashamedly at my dqangling member. She tilted her head one way and then the other, holding her chin.
she murmured, like an art critic appraising a painting. I looked at her, also not disapprovingly. She was short and had thick legs, but not fat. Her hips were wide and she had a cute little belly under the waistband of her lacy panties. I caught a glimpse of black pubic hair through the lace, Her hips swept up to a very definite waist and large heavy breasts swelled over the scalloped cups of her bra. Her round face with its little nose and dark almond-shaped eyes was very pretty.
“Cheeky brat”, I laughed at her. I strode to the wash basin and swung my hips against hers to bump her out of the way to get at the taps. My heavy cock swung like the clapper of a bell when I bumped into her. She bumped me back and we jostled playfully at the washbasin. Josie walked into the bathroom, yawning and tousling her blond hair. She wasn’t at all fazed as she lowered the seat, hiked up her long t-shirt, squatted and released a wiz tinkling into the water. I sat on the edge of the bath, the cold enamel on my the back of my balls making them jump. My cock started to shrivel to its normal unimpressive size, but nobody was paying any attention to it any more. Mo propped herself against the washbasin and Josie stayed sitting where she was.
“Well girls”, I said. “What are the plans for today?”
“Today is girls’ day”; said Josie. ”We planned it all last night. We’re going into town to hit the shops until that credit card bleeds. Nature boy,” she turned to Mo, laughing, “can stay here and get on with his work.”
“Suits me”, I said, knowing that it would probably do both of them good to be alone together for a few hours.
After breakfast, they headed off and I sat down at the computer.

About five in the afternoon the front door burst open and I could hear the girls bustle in, laughing and giggling, struggling with laden bags.
Josie bounced up stairs and into the study.
“Present for you,” she said, handing me a couple of bags.
I hugged and kissed her, thanking her. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement, her face was glowing. I hadn’t seen her so happy, or so attractive for ages.
“Have a shower and get shaved”, she ordered. “Put these on”, mentioning the bags. going to dress for dinner. When you’re ready, stay in here and don’t you dare to come downstairs until we tell you! We’ve got a surprise for you”
She put her arms around my neck, kissed me passionately, her tongue darting into my mouth and seeking my tongue, grinding her crotch against mine. I grabbed her firm buttocks and pressed her closer, letting her feel the swell of my awakening cock.
“Not yet,” she murmured, half to herself, and pulled away. “Now do what you’re told,” she commanded in mock sternness, slapping my buttock and pushing me towards the bathroom. She went downstairs again.
In the bathroom, I opened the bags. There was a shirt, wild silk with a monogram on the breast pocket, a pair of slacks with a shiny black leather belt, a pair of hand-tooled, soft leather moccasins, a pair of black trunks and a bottle of very expensive after-shave. I stripped off, shaved carefully, had a long, hot, luxurious shower, towelled myself dry. Naked, I opened the bottle of fragrance. It was not too pungent, very masculine. I dribbled a few drops not too much, on to the palm of my hand and dabbed my face. On impulse, I lifted my cock and rubbed a couple of drops on my scrotum. The astringent was cold and made the skin wrinkle and shrivel, then I felt a warm tingle as it did its work. My cock started to swell again in my hand. I stoked it gently a couple of times and when I let it go, it slapped down heavy against my balls and hung there, thickening and lengthening. I admired myself in the mirror. My cock was not yet rigid, hung down over my balls, which had begun to drop down and were clearly outlined in my loose scrotum. The slit of my cock was just peeping out of my foreskin. A thick blue vein twisted down the coffee-coloured shaft. I couldn’t resist hefting it on the tips of my fingers. It felt good. I pulled on the trunks. They were tight, with short legs that came a couple of inches down my thighs. My cock and balls were held snugly and firmly and the bulge was emphasised. The slacks were light cotton, a perfect fit at the waist, but loose and baggy at the crotch. The shirt was also loose and felt good on my skin. My feet slipped easily into the moccasins. I looked and felt better than I had ever felt or looked.
As I came out of the bathroom, I called, “I’m ready!”
“OK, you can go downstairs now. We’ll be down in a minute,” came a muffled voice from behind the closed door of Mo’s room.
I went downstairs to the kitchen, where we normally eat. The table had been covered with a white damask cloth, a long thin candle glowed in the centre and around it was a selection of the finest delicacies – a platter of smoked salmon, plates of cold meats, feta cheese, green and black olives, sun-dried tomatoes.
The girls had really spent a fortune, but what the hell. We could afford it. We seldom went out or spent our money on holidays. I had just been working too hard, I realised. I hadn’t spoiled Josie in too long. And now she was spoiling me.
I heard the two sisters coming into the klitchen and turned. My jaw fell open. Josie had her hair piled up on top of her head. She was wearing a black chiffon dress with a bouncy, knee-length skirt and a halter which was two strips of material going up from the waist and around the back of the neck. They barely covered her breasts. I could see them swell out the sides. Her slim, straight back was completely exposed. Her long, slim legs were sheathed in sheer black nylons. She was absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with her all over again. Maureen was wearing a red, close-fitting skirt which emphasised her narrow waist and wide hips. She had a black silk blouse tantalisingly almost see-through. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her large, generous breasts bounced and quivered as she moved.
was all I could manage to say to both girls.
“Wow to you, too”, replied Mo. he just gorgeous? Don’t you want to eat him?”
We sat down and started to eat and drink a crisp, cool white wine.
We talked about the day. Josie was lively and animated, Mo funny, doing impressions of a snooty shop assistant. We laughed a lot. The conversation flowed, the atmosphere was relaxed. We drank more wine.
“This is fantastic”, I said. “We haven’t done this in… well, we’ve never done this. Candlelight dinner, smart clothes. This is a wonderful surprise. Thank you, ladies.”
said Mo. “We haven’t had a lot to celebrate recently, what with Phil and me. And Josie tells me things haven’t been too bright around here, either.”
Josie put her hand on my arm and whispered loudly in my ear, “But you know I still love you. I’d do anything for you. .And you haven’t had your surprise yet.”
I squeezed her hand and kissed her on the cheek.
“We sisters always help each other out”, continued Mo.

We moved into the living room. Josie and I sat on the black leather sofa, Mo curled up in one of the large armchairs.
We said nothing in the afterglow of a good dinner.
Josie snuggled up to me and started nuzzling me, flicking my ear with her tongue.
“Mmm, you smell goood”, she drawled.
I started to kiss her. It developed into a French kiss, our tongues twisting and writhing together. She opened a button of my shirt and slipped a hand in. She tweaked my nipple with her long, cool fingers. The sharp nip made my cock start to tingle and swell inside my pants. Our eyes were closed, but I was aware of Mo watching us. Just like old times, I thought, me and Jo making out while the little brat was in the room. I opened my eyes and glanced across. Mo wasn’t the little schoolgirl making faces. She had unbuttoned her blouse and opened it, revealing both her magnificent heavy breasts. She was kneading them, squeezing them together and pushing them up, then circling her nipples with her thumbs. I could see them swell and rise as I watched. She hitched up her skirt and hooked a leg over the arm of the chair, opening her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties. I could clearly see her thick black bush and plump, rounded pussy lips. She slipped a hand down through the hair and started to rub her middle finger slowly up and down the slit of her quim. The finger started to glisten wetly.
“Like what you see, bro?” she said with a broad cheeky grin. My cock was swelling rapidly, smothered by my tight trunks. Deftly, Josie undid my belt, pulled down my zip and plunged her hand into my pants, fumbling for my cock. She slipped her hand down over my balls and levered the waist band of my trunks down, hooking it under my balls, so that they stood out swollen and proud and my rigid cock sprang free. She wrapped her long slender fingers around the shaft and started licking the head with sweeping circular movements of her tongue. She slipped her mouth over the swollen head, rubbed it over the warm, smooth, wet inside of her cheek. She sucked and pulled the head out of her mouth with a soft plop. Cradling the shaft in her hand, she kissed the head gently, like kissing a baby, three or four times. Then she slipped the head into her mouth again. Her tongue writhed and wriggled around it like a living thing. I looked down. Her piled-up hair had left the nape of her neck bare and a perfect pink delicate little ear. I gently stroked her neck and tickled her ear. She moved her head around, trying to escape the tickling finger, with my cock still in her soft wet mouth. She took her head off my cock, licked her lips and looked across at Mo, who was still fingering herself, more rapidly and deeply now.
“Want a taste, sis?” she said, offering my straining prick at Mo as if it were a cigar. Mo gave her slit one last upward stroke, slid off the chair and crawled across to the sofa on all fours. Her pendulous breasts, pear-shaped as they hung down, slapped together as she moved. She knelt on the floor between my legs, seized the waist of my trousers and pants and pulled them down and off, leaving them crumpled in a heap. Pressing my cock against my belly, she licked and kissed my balls, one by one. She pushed her hard tongue into my scrotum, separating the balls, then ran her tongue slowly up the seam of my scrotum, up the underside of my shaft. She grabbed my cock in her fist and started wanking it roughly.
warned Josie. Mo grinned again and plunged my hard dick into her mouth. She started slurping and sucking noisily and wetly. It was a contrast to the delicacy of Josie but I enjoyed it.
Josie undid the clasp on her halter, The two strips of cloth floated down, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her breasts were smaller, but firmer and more pointed than her sister’s, Her nipples had swollen and were erect. She got up and stood on the seat of the sofa, her legs straddled, facing me, so that her crotch was at my face level.
“Now comes your surprise”, she said, lifting the hem of her skirt slowly. She was wearing black sheer stockings with lacy tops which came up almost to the top of her thighs. She lifted her skirt further. She, too, was not wearing panties. I breathed in the fragrance of an aroused woman. The hem of her skirt rose some more.
She had shaved her pussy! It was naked and exposed as a little girl’s. Her soft mound shone. I kissed the soft flesh above her slit, enjoying the new, unique sensation of cleanly shaved skin. I kissed her slit as if it were her mouth. She opened her knees wider and pushed her pussy closer to my mouth, The two tendons on her thighs were like a gothic arch, with her sweet pussy the keystone. Her thin pussy lips opened as she opened her legs. The long stiff ridge of her clit, with the little bud peeping out of the hood at the end. The two pink rose petals of her inner labia protruding. I ran my tongue down the shallow valley between her thighs and her lips, and across the petals, I took then between my lips and sucked and pulled at them. I licked the shaft of her clit and dabbed at the little button with the tip of my tongue. She squirmed and moaned and pushed her quim tighter against my mouth. The tangy, fresh aroma and savour of her juices were intoxicating. My cock stiffened in Mo’s slurping wet mouth. Josies juices dripped on to my tongue and lips. I lapped them up avidly, the tip of my tongue probing the opening of her vagina. I lapped like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Licking, probing, flicking. She ground her smooth wet pussy into my face harder, seeking my tongue and lips, her liquor flowing faster.
“Yes, yes, now!” she shouted. Mo pulled her mouth away from my quivering cock. I could feel her saliva run and trickle down my cock. She grasped the base of the shaft in a vice-like grip. Strangled, my cock swelled and pointed rigidly straight up, the veins throbbing. Josie squatted down over it. Mo manoeuvred my cock like a joystick between Josie’s slit and arse-crack. Josie put her hand down and spread her lips with two fingers,. Mo finally pressed my tip at the opening of Josie’s vagina. She slowly lowered herself. My swollen tip squashed and squeezed, but, held rigidly, was unable to escape. It pushed in, slowly and painfully and suddenly the glans popped in and the shaft swiftly followed as Josie impaled herself on me. Mo never loosened her grip around the shaft, Josie raised and lowered herself on my rigid pole, faster and faster. I could feel her cunt muscles contract and loosen around me on every stroke. Mo followed her rise and fall with her hand. As Jo’s muscles relaxed, Mo’s tightened. I was in ecstasy, but couldn’t move. Mo’s weight pressing on my thighs meant that I had to lie still. My cock was a passive victim of this delicious punishment. My face was level with Josie’s. Her eyes were wide, her head thrashed from side to side. She was groaning rhythmically with every stroke, faster and louder until she screamed in orgasm and thrust down as far as she could on me. Mo’s hand was trapped between Jo’s cunt and my balls, pressing on them painfully. Jo’s pussy contracted on my aching member sucking and trying to milk it dry. But Mo’s grip kept the pulsing stream down in my balls. My cock throbbed and pulsed, seeking release. After a few seconds, Josie raised herself from me. Her dripping wet pussy made a sucking sound as it pulled off my swollen slippery penis. Mo’s tongue licked her sister’s juices from my glistening, still rigid cock. Josie slipped down on to the floor opposite Mo and helped her lick my cock clean. Mo took my cock into her mouth again while Jo kept licking up and down the shaft, gently massaging my balls. The two sisters alternated, one sucking while the other licked. Soon my cock started to twitch and pulse again. I knew I was coming. My breathing and groaning got heavier and louder. The mouth action stopped. Mo grabbed the top of my cock and started to jerk it hard and fast with short, powerful strokes. The first drops of semen oozed out of my cock and over Mo’s fingers. She kept pumping mercilessly, The head of my cock was stinging and tingling. I could feel the second wave build up deep in the roots of my cock and pulse up the shaft. A great gob of creamy white spunk arched out of the tip of my cock and splattered on Mo’s cheek. Josie quickly clamped her lips around the end of my cock. The next shot squirted straight into her mouth. She pulled away and Mo greedily stuck out her tongue to catch the third, weaker spurt. I was spent. My cock slowly died, drooping and wilting and coming to rest on my belly. Josie leaned over me and with her thumb, wiped the rivulet of cum off her sister’s cheek then stuck the cum covered thumb in Mo’s mouth. Mo sucked on it hungrily, then put her hand around the back of Jo’s head and pulled her towards her. They gave each other an open-mouth kiss, exchanging my fluids. Jo licked the rest of my cum from Mo’s cheek and again exchanged it with her. Their kissing became more passionate. They slipped off my thighs on to the floor, embracing, kissing, their tongues intertwined. Josie rolled on to her back, Mo on top of her. The sight of the two made my cock start to twitch and come to life again. I grasped it and slowly stroked it, massaging it. Josie propped herself up on her elbows and watched me over Mo’s shoulder as Mo sucked and nibbled on Jo’s nipples. Jo whispered something in Mo’s ear. Mo lifted her arse and came up on her knees, still licking and sucking Jo’s tit. Jo stretched forward and slid Mo’s skirt up over her bottom. The wide, round globes of Mo’s arse were revealed in front of me. Her red, inflamed pussy with a fuzz of dark hair, stood out in a perfect oval between her thick thighs. Mo opened her knees. Jo’s slender long fingers crept between the soft white thighs and cupped her pussy, squeezing and rubbing it gently. Jo’s index and ring finger spread the lips and her middle finger slipped in and disappeared. The cheeks of Mo’s arse clenched momentarily, then relaxed. Jo slipped her ring finger in beside her middle finger and slowly pushed both fingers in and out. When the fingers came out, they were glistening. In and out moved the fingers. The pussy started oozing wetness. My cock was fully rigid again.
“Fuck me”, pleaded Mo, her head cradled on Jo’s breast, like child seeking solace. “Fuck me”. “Fuck her”, said Jo, slipping her fingers out of the dripping wet twat and holding Mo’s head to her breast.
I got down on my knees behind Mo. I fondled the soft, generous cheeks of her arse and ran my fingers down the soft, slippery fuzzy lips of her pussy. I offered the swollen head of my stiff cock to the dilated opening of her vagina and pushed. My cock slid into the willing, welcoming pussy with hardly any resistance. I pushed again until my pubic mound was hard against the soft cushion of her arse. I started to thrust in and out with long, deep strokes. Her pussy was hot and slippery and wide. I could feel her muscles try to squeeze my cock, but there was no strength in them. It was a very pleasant, effortless feeling, thrusting smoothly in and out. She matched my strokes, pushing down as I pushed in, withdrawing as I pulled back. The head of my cock bumped against the mouth of her womb. I thrust as deep and hard as I could, maintaining a steady rhythm, my belly slapping her arse. I reached around her soft belly, through the wiry mat of her bush and found her clit with my finger. It was hard and round, as big as a pea. I started to rub it as furiously as she had wanked me. The tip of my finger could feel my oiled cock sliding in and out. She moaned softly and continuously, starting to move her cunt from side to side as I moved in and out. Her knees started to slide out as we fucked and soon she was flat on the floor on her stomach, her head still on Josie’s breast. Josie’s legs were wide open. I was flat on top of Mo, my hand with one finger still pressed to her clit was trapped against the floor by her soft mound, my rigid cock deep inside her.
“yes, yes, yes, do it, do it, do it, don’t stop, don’t stop”, chanted Mo as she reached her climax, her wide, generous cunt weakly grasping my straining cock. I kept pounding. Josie wrapped her legs around us both, crossing her ankles just below my shoulder blades.
For a few minutes we were as close as a family could get as I released a gush of hot cum into the warm wet cunt of my sister-in-law, embraced lovingly by my wife.

story by: Barometz

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Author: Barometz

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