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the next morning i work up in harveys arms thinking the night before was amazing. i got out of bed and headed towards the shower on my way to the shower i looked at harvey still fast asleep. i turned around to keep going to the shower when my cell begain to ring without looking at the callers id i answered it saying "hello" "leon it kyle i need you" then the line went dead. harvey woke up to my cell ringing said "who was that" "it was kyle i need to go" harvey got out of bed completely butt naked walked over to me and said "dont leave" with a look of sadness on his face. forgetting about having a shower i got dressed and said "i have to" harvey got angry at me and said "he will always come first wont he" grabbing my rist. i told harvey to let go of my rist but he never so i forced it out of his hand and said "why do you care so much about why im going to kyle its not like we are in a relationship im just your botty call" before harvey had a change to answer i left. i ran out side and flagged down a cab

when i got to my house about a hour and thirty minutes later i paid the cab driver the £70 i owed him. i ran into my house and my mom said "what you doing here" "kyle needs me where is my car keys" my mom pointed to my keys on a table by the window with flowers in a vase. i ran to get my keys and my mom said "is kyle okay?" "i dont know that why i need to get to him" running outside to my car i raced down the road like some kind of mad man over taking any car that was infront of me. when i got to kyles i knocked on the door. but got no answer

perviously beging in a relationship with kyle for so long i was just allowed to let my self in so i thought the same rules applied. i opened the door and said "kyle?" but got no answer i walked up the stairs to his room and opened it kyle was sat on his bed in tears i walked over to him feeling a little sad to see he was upset when i sat next to him and put my hand around him i noticed one of his hand was covered in blood. "kyle! look at me " i said alarmed kyle turned and looked at me with tears still coming down his face. "what have you done to your hand babe (the word babe just kinda slipped out)" he answered in a sad voice "i cut my self" in a calm voice i said "by accident" kyle nodded his head in the yes direction "how did you do it?" i asked "i was in the kitchen and i was making a sandwich i went to get a knife of the rack and the rack fell of the wall. the knifes started fooling to the floor i went to try and grab them as they fell but when i got hold of one it cut we because it was so sharp" having been away from kyle for so long i forgot that he getting really upset when he sees his blood but i remembered the fight he had with harvey and guesses his mom delt with it then. i told kyle to stand up and come to the bathroom with me

when we go into the bathroom i told him to wash his hand and to sit down. i opened the medic box and found some cleaing stuff "give me your hand kyle" kyle still crying lifted his hand up and i took hold of it "this may hurt kyle but im sorry i gotta clean" i put the wet end of the towel on the cut on kyles hand "that hurts a little" he managed to say i told kyle to keep pleasure on the towel over his hand. i went into my pockets to find my ciggarette's but i had left them at the hotel. "kyle you got a spare cig i could have" "sure you know where there are" he said having calmed down alot. i walked out of the bathroom and into his room opened his desk draw and took the carton out i walked back to the bathroom and asked "do you want one" he nodded in the yes direction. i opened the carton noticed his lighter was in there two i got two cigs out and light them both up i handed one to kyle and he said "thanks babe" as soon as he said that my love for kyle came flooding back like i felt i was going to drown in it. panicing i told kyle i have to go and i hope he would be okay i ran down his stair got into my car and drove home

the next day at school i wasnt looking forward to seeing harvey. i went into my lesson he wasnt there so i took my set and in he walked i couldnt look at him. he walked over to me and said "oi queer you left you cigs last night and your clothes" he throwing a small box on my desk and took his seat. i couldnt believe it havrey had turned back into a jerk. the small box on my desk was my cigs and all i could think was i really needed one right now. 20 mintes later i gave in and asked the teacher if i could have a bathroom pass he agreed and said "dont take to long mr spencer" i ran out of the classroom and headed towards the field i had a quick cig and ran back on my way back harvey walked up to me and said "i was told to come get you" we walked back into the class and said "sorry i took to long" the teacher asked what i was doing harvey answered for me and said "he was smoking on the field" my teacher handed me a pink slip and i knew it was a detention slip i took it off him got my bag and went to the detention room

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