sex stories

Gail Holmes

Guys in the town couldn’t for the life of them see as to what the attraction was. If anything he was just a computer boffin. Just how he came to be one heaven only knows because his daytime job was on the roads, resurfacing the freeways okay his body reflected it; he was built like a brick shit house; on the beach, in the pool, the girls couldn’t keep there eyes off him. His huge shoulders and muscular arms, his pectorals any woman would willingly have swapped for her boobs. What’s more he knew it, but he’d never hang about with the same girl for more than two weeks, sometimes not even that, he’d been through more than half the females in the town as it was, basically it was his choice, no matter what their age, for some reason they had to be taken by him.

Only Robert knew the real reason, he had pulled from the year dot, ok guys had seen him in the changing rooms, perhaps he had a little bit more than most, yes he was well hung, but not outstandingly, some speculated it was because he’d been cut (Circumcised) but then he wasn’t the only one in town, loads of the guy’s had it done, even more so in the Jewish area of town.

The girls all huddled together, laughing and giggling, at the poolside what they were talking about was anybodies guess, but you may depend it was on the subject of Robert. The girls that had been out with him never really explained as to the dissimilarity to other guys, and as to why he was challenging. He’d never been out with the same girl twice, and he was never really seen on his own. He was known to be a big spender, but that was his choice, he knew how to look after a girl, they all clarified that in more ways than one. No one knew who’d been his earliest lay; some girls never even revealed that they’d ever been out with him, normally they’d been a one-night stand, not wanting to admit it. Ok, they knew of his style, which was a very demanding one; even they’d look back shuddering as the experience jogged their thoughts.

What the girls couldn’t really comprehend was his stamina, his staying power for the use of a word. Most contemplated he’d be burnt out by the time he was thirty, they knew there was a secret to his capability, which none had been with him long enough to detect.

Emma had been bored to tears for most of the day, she couldn’t wait till the evening; her mates had arranged a girly night out at one of the local nightclubs. It had been a hard week, the office that she worked in had been doing admin all week, and a more boring task couldn’t be had. However, it was only one week within the year. She looked up at the clock in front of her desk, another hour before she’d be home, then a nice hot shower followed by a cold one she loved this after work, Friday’s never seemed to come quick enough for her, she’d been with the company for six years now, climbing the ladder of success within two, she was bright to say the least; and her pay-packet reveal her accomplishment. She answered only to Mr Richardson, one of the directors of the company, she was paid even more that the office supervisors.

“Ready for the night out then Em?” She didn’t have to turn, she knew it was Patsy her long-term friend.

“Boy am I glad that this week is over, pity they can’t farm this admin out to one of the sister companies. Yes I’m really looking forward to letting my hair down; should be a cracking evening, I’m looking forward to it!”

“What are you wearing?” Patsy inquired.

“Hell, I hadn’t thought about it!” Emma wasn’t a jeans girl; she always dressed, as much female as she could, wasn’t into trousers of any deion, considering them hot and sweaty. Liked to feel air around her body especially in a hot nightclub. She just broken off her relationship with Peter, she been with him for nearly two years, the chance of a girl’s night out in truth, appealed to her.

“Still, we’re not out till nine are we, I’ll have a good look through my wardrobe, I’m sure I have something to suit the occasion. What I want most is a nice shower get my feet up for a couple of hours, and I should be as right as rain”

“I’ll come around at 8.30, you should be ready by then shouldn’t you?”

“Fine we can go down to the Wine Bar first have a couple of drinks to get us in the mood!” Emma chuckled

“Catch you later then” Patsy moved between the rows of desks heading for her own.

Emma slumped into an armchair as soon as she got home. “God, thank goodness that weeks over, any more and I think I’d have gone out of my mind,” She told herself.

The shower was invigorating, really pulling her body and mind back to normality. It was strange without Peter; he’d been gone for just over a week now, she’d heard from him. However, she thought she’d made the right choice, not ready yet for a long relationship, it was to confusing, she had missed the sexual side though, if anything he’d been a good lover.

It took her at least an hour to make up her mind as to what to wear; her wardrobe was half on the bed with the other half hanging on each of the doors. Her hair was the main problem, she didn’t know whether to wear it up or down, she found with it’s weight if it was up she’d suffer a headache over a period of time. Peter always like it down, she’d beautiful hair down to the middle of her back, her friends had often informed her they envied her for her hair, blonde and so silky. She looked at herself in the long mirror beside her dressing table, pushing it back, then over one shoulder to the front. “God, don’t know how to wear it,” she thought.

The doorbell rang; she looked at the bedroom clock.

“Hell! It has to be Patsy, it’s 8.30 already, and I’m nowhere near ready!” She told herself, before rushing down the stairs.

‘Always on time I’ll give you that!’ Emma smiled as she open the door.

you not ready yet? Thought we we’re going to the Wine Bar first’

‘It’s my bloody hair, I just don’t now what to do with it!’

‘Looks fine to me, you don’t know how lucky you are having such a head of hair like that. Hope your going to wear something underneath that?’

‘Under what pray?’

‘That dress, in the right light you’d be able to see right through it’ Patsy laughed.

‘It’s not that light in the nightclub; still what do you think?’ Emma swung around in the small hallway her dress flaring out as she did so.

‘God, you look a million dollars, always did know how to dress, still you have the body for it. Now come on or else will miss the opening, don’t forget first drinks are free to newcomers at nine, so we’d better be on the move!

The club was reasonably busy when they arrived, but they got their customary free drink, her other friends had already found a seat in a nice location near the bar but also in the vicinity of the dance floor, to start with it was traditional just to view the talent, see what hunks had come in.

‘Looks as if all the guy’s are matched tonight!’ Patsy implied.

‘It’s early yet. Anyway we have to get Emma sorted, she the only one on her own at the moment!’ Judy chuckled.

the way I want to stay at present, glad of the rest, my home is my own” Emma replied.

not turn down some nookie I’ll be bound?’ Paula the oldest of the group implied with a grin.

‘I’ve already heard her state that that’s what she misses most; she doesn’t like the plastic!’ Patsy sniggered.

‘Plastic, I don’t own such rubbish. It’s the real thing or nothing for me, I can wait!” Emma grimed. ‘Anyway there’s not much choice here tonight!” she replied looking around the dance floor.

The evening was going great, when Emma said she wanted to let her hair down she really meant it, the club was getting really full now, and the girls were more than enjoying themselves. They’d been a few guys that had asked for a dance, but nothing outlandish, they we’re all much of a muchness, nothing you’d leave home for.

The drink was flowing, and the group we’re just about all in when Judy noticed Robert come in.

‘Now there’s the man for you Em!’

Emma turned to follow her jesting finger.

chuckle Patsy. “Never got the chance, supposed to be something out of this world by all accounts. Have you been out with him Judy?”

‘Yes I had my fling!’ she replied with a silly grin on her face.

The girls knew she’d had more prick than a second hand dartboard.

‘Well come on then what is it about him then that makes him so special?’ Emma stated her eyes still glued to the dance floor.

something no one has found out as yet, but he is something extraordinary in bed, so be warned, once he’s bedded you you’ll know you’ve really been fucked for the choice of a word’ Judy implied.

‘Well come on then, if you’ve been there, what’s his gift then, a cock is a cock, what’s he got that the others quizzed Patsy.

‘It’s not that easy, he’s definitely has something; but you have to try it to find out, so far no girl that I know that’s been with him, can understand him, but he certainly has a way of making sure you’re need if you like, is fulfilled” She grinned.

‘In what way?’ asked Patsy?

‘Well, I think he try’s you out on your first date. Seeing if you can stand the pace, after that it’s good but not so long’ Judy sniggered.

‘Trying you out, I’m not with you?’ Emma stated turning back to the table.

‘Well, let’s put it this way; what bloke do you know that can fuck you for hours on end without taking a breather, in doing so I might add, he cum’s more times than you’d ever want. You can really say you’ve had a good fucking if you’ve been bedded by him I can tell you!’ Judy didn’t mince her words. ‘I’ve never been fucked like it I can assure you, and I’ve had a few!’

‘He has to stop for a breathing space sometime surely?’ Patsy inquired, picking up her glass, swallowing the remaining dregs.

round is it, come on the nights young yet!’ she chuckled holding up her glass.

‘I’ll get them, I think it’s my shout’ Emma stood collecting the gasses then made for the bar.

‘What do you think then, should we set her up then?’ Paula smiled.

‘I don’t think we need bother!” Judy implied pointing across to the bar.

‘I told her about that dress, look with the lights under the bar you can see straight through it.’ Patsy implied.

The girls looked toward the bar, and yes where she was standing the lights beamed through her dress, her legs, yes right to the top one could see straight through it, quite a few of the blokes were standing just viewing the scene before them, the girls didn’t realise what a hornier site it was to a guy. However, the thing was whom was she talking to.

in there, Robert’s chatting he up!’ Judy implied. ‘But I’ll tell you one thing if it’s a date it will be for tomorrow; I’ll bet my life on it!’

‘Why do you say that?’ asked Patsy

‘You wait till she comes back I’ll lay a fiver on it!’ she implied.

As Emma left the bar all eyes were on her, the girls said nothing as she arrived back at the table.

never believe it but that Robert has just made a date with me for tomorrow afternoon’ Emma informed them.

‘Pity you never took the bet on’ Judy implied, looking around the group.

‘You make sure you’re ready, did he mention sex?’ Judy quizzed.

‘Well now you ask; I suppose he did, in a roundabout sort of way!’ Emma replied.

‘Believe me if you take him on; your in for the fucking of your life!’ Judy smiled.

‘I’ll take a bet on that with that, I’ve never known anyone with the staying power of my Peter!’ she exclaimed.

‘Your on!’ smiled Judy ‘Now you tell me if you’ve had a man with the same. I’ll lay a fiver on it!’

‘But why tomorrow, why not tonight?’ exclaimed Patsy asked looking at the pair.

‘As I have said he has staying power, he’ll want to prove it, if he’d have made the date for tonight that doesn’t leave him much time, anyway Em is tired now, so she’d not up for the long haul!’ Judy smiled.

‘How come he’s so different?’ Paula added.

‘That is something one day somebody will work out!’

‘Lucky cow!’ Paula sniggered. ‘I wouldn’t mind getting him between the sheets myself’

“He’d split you in two!” Judy sniggered.

During the evening Emma had about five dances with him, some of his remarks we’re a bit near the bone, but it only made her fancy him even more. He’d made sure that he’d asked her for the last dance which was needless to say a slow one, he pulled her close, pressing his chest next to hers, his hands manipulated her bum as they danced.

‘So they’ll be no chance of seeing you tomorrow then?’ Paula quizzed as they left the nightclub. ‘I was hoping to do a bit of />
‘We can still do that, I don’t meet him till 2.30; I could possibly get something outlandish to wear, you know, get him really going’ Emma chuckled.

Robert was looking forward to his date, he’d fancied Emma for sometime now, but she’d always been out with her fella whenever he’d seen her. He’d laid in on the Saturday morning, getting up around 1 pm, which left him an hour and a half before he actually met her, being as he was taking her out to a restaurant he didn’t bother with any breakfast.

They’d arranged to meet in the Wine Bar; Robert was already at the bar as she walked in. He’d noticed her before she actually walked in the doorway; she looked stunning wearing an off the shoulder dress, which was somewhat short, but not short enough to make her look tarty.

She smiled as she came up to the bar, Robert stood back allowing her to sit on the stool beside him. He lifted his arm inspecting his watch.

‘I’ll give you one thing; you’re a good timekeeper, and you look ace, I love your dress?’

Emma smiled, pulling her dress over her knees as it had ridden up as she sat.

‘What would you like to drink, our table will be ready in fifteen minutes so we’ll have plenty of time for a drink!’

would be nice’ Emma shifted on her stool placing her handbag onto the bar. ‘You haven’t been waiting to long I hope?’

‘Just time enough to order myself a pint. I’ll just have a word with the waiter tell him we’ve ready when he is’ Robert smiled, handing her the glass as the barman placed on the bar.

Robert had already given the waiter the nod; it wasn’t him he wanted to see, he left and went into the toilet, now he was sure she was here, and almost certainly ready for him, now was the time for his Viagra, he’d never take it until he was certain that his date had turned up. It wasn’t that he needed the tablet, he’d get the horn just looking at his capture as he called them, it was just that it gave him immense staying power, once he’d fucked them, he could go on and on again. There was a good twenty four hours to one pill, normally on the first date, he always like to put on a good show, if they we’re up for a good fucking then he might stay with them longer, once the first date was over, he never bothered to take anymore. He knew that they’d expect that he needed sex, and always be at the ready for him.

Robert computer skills were all self taught, basically he was a wiz kid with spreadsheets, and doing work on the side for various firms. But his main object of his own spreadsheets were to keep records of the women he’d bedded, which gave out a lot of information, even down to a head and shoulder photograph of each. He was swollen with pride of this, more so that it gave him not only all the details of each and every woman that he’d bedded, but as to their performance. At 24, not many men had bedded over 350 named women; he’d hated to think of what would happen should his private spreadsheet become public; the amount of married women out shone the single girls. However, they we’re the easiest to drop once he’d finished with them, his record with one woman was 15 days, when seen in the street, they ignored him; but he could tell by the look on their faces that they envied the girl on his arm so to speak.

‘My, you do live comfortably but you can see it’s a bachelor pad’ Emma informed him when they’d finally done the town and arrived at his flat.

‘Make yourself at home; I’ll get some drinks. I take it you’ll have Robert walked over to his cocktail bar as Emma removed her coat.

do fine, not to much ice’ she replied, continuing to walk around the room, examining the finery.

‘Robert reached for the Pimm’s bringing it down onto the bar, he turned checking on Emma’s whereabouts, knowing she was out of vision he collected a bottle of Polish spirit from below the bar, he needed to speed things up, the Polish spirit was 100% proof but not always detectable when mixed with a sweet drinks like Pimm’s

‘Have you been here long?’ Emma sat down on the sofa as Robert handed her drink. But this time not being so pedantic about her knees as her dress rode up over them.

‘I take it you like it then, the view is out of this world from the balcony.

Emma turned looking over her shoulder out of the French doors leading to the balcony; she was about to stand once more.

‘Time for that later, have your drink!’

Emma lifted her glass raising it toward her lips, taking a taste.

‘My this is stronger than that of the Wine Bar’ she chuckled, turning to Robert with a smile.

‘So how long have you lived in the town then?’ Robert inquired, as if trying to raise conversation. live at home?’

‘With my parents you mean; no I have my own flat, it’s not far from here, but its not a patch on this place. It must cost a fortune to rent!’

‘I own it, didn’t see the sense in renting, got it at the right price so I snapped it up. The sun all day, no traffic noise, suits me fine,’ Robert reach for a remote control on the coffee table in front of them.

‘All the modern cons here!’ he turned pointing the remote at the curtains at the French doors, they closed without as much as a snag.

Emma grinned.

Robert directed the control toward the music centre, soft music started to play. Emma slipped down in her seat, taking another sip of her drink.

‘I like it here, so comfy’ Already she could feel the effects of her drink; she leaned across nudging herself up toward Robert. He immediately put his arm around her shoulder pulling her in closer toward him.

‘By the looks of it, you’re ready for another drink’ Robert took the glass from Emma’s hand then headed for the small bar. He looked back as he picked up the bottle of Pimm’s, he didn’t want to take her too much over the top, so he left the Polish spirit out of the glass this time. She was more than ready; she had a warm glow in her smile.

“Why are you looking at me like that?’ Emma grinned.

‘Just wondering, you look the business sitting there, but how would you like to see the rest of the flat’ Robert walked back and stood in front of her. ‘Well are you coming!’ he smiled.

Emma reached for the arm of the sofa and pulled herself up, taking the drink as she stood.

‘My that Pimm’s of yours is really something, it’s certainly warming. Lead on she chuckled.

Robert took her for the tour leaving the bedroom till last, she was mesmerised by the décor of the flat, and the bedroom was out of this world, what hit her first was the four-poster bed, she’d always fancied herself in or should I say on one of these.

‘My you live the life of luxury here don’t you?’ she walked over toward the bed, running her hand across the satin duvet, turning she plonked herself down placing her glass on the nearby cabinet, then laid out fully on the bed, ‘God this is sheer bliss!’

‘Mind if I join you?’

‘Why not may I ask, that’s what you got me here for in the first it?’
Robert never answered her question but lie down, taking her into his arms. ‘I’ve been waiting all day for this!’

Emma snuggled up into his arms, kissing him on the lips, feeling his hand move around her waist; for moments they just embraced, whether it was the Pimm’s or just her need for male company, she could not tell, but she was warmed by his closeness. Momentarily, she eased away looking up into his eyes.

she smiled, then renewing her posture.

His hand could be felt as it tried to slide under her arm and up to her breast; for sheer devilment Emma held her weight on it with her elbow, restricting its advancement realising the pressure only to move her hand up around his neck, pulling his face down toward her. His hand felt warm and masculine, cupping her whole breast in one swoop.

The Viagra had already cut in with Robert more or less as soon as she’d first sat on the bed, he felt the blood quickening down his body, his cock really didn’t need the superfluous, nevertheless, it was substantially thickening his shaft. He felt somewhat worried in case its dimension would trouble her once revealed, although he’d never taken virginity, to some of his women, they’d thought he had. One friend, a woman with a six-year-old child couldn’t manage his cock.

By this time Robert had managed to undo the buttons on her dress and was soon past the clip on her bra. Emma readjusted herself allocating him more freedom. Now nibbling her ear; his eyes were glued to her open knees, his visualisation of just what was between them made his cock throb with the notion, removing his hand from her breast then allowing it to steadily move down over her dress, as it reached her lower tummy her legs unexpectedly opened; as if willing him to delve between them. His hand cupped her pussy through the light material of the dress; Emma threw her head back heaving a sigh as she sensed his long fingers spreading and manipulating over her pussy.

Emma’s hand went across to his trousers, moving it down steadily until he’s cock could be felt then squeezing it softly. Her mind was to distant to realise its extensiveness at this stage, her senses we’re between her own legs, Robert’s hand advance downwards, his fingers now toying with the hem of her dress, tucking it underneath, as if to remove its presence. His hand then found her inner leg; he’s cock jumped once more; this time it brought Emma back to reality, her hand but not her fingers we’re wrapped around his cock, it was then that she realised its true magnitude.

Her lips went up to his mouth once more, as she fumbled with his zip, not wanting to make an issue, thinking her mind was running wild nobody had a cock that big, it just wasn’t plausible. Her mind went back to her pussy sensing his fingers now tugging at the thin lace at the edge of her panties; once more she shifted her position allowing him freedom. Her hand had found his cock, but before she could influence her mind, it was whisked away as his finger was felt sliding within her pussy walls.

that fucking good!”

Robert wasn’t sure whether it was she or the Polish Spirit talking, she was exceptionally wet, he knew her mind was awash when she’d sense the size of his cock, immediately he forced another finger up inside her, then fingered her ferociously. Emma cum almost immediately, her hand fell from his flies as her body rocked with his violent fingering. Her moans could have been heard in the flats below, but Robert paid no heed, he lifted himself from the sofa laying her out before him, arranging himself between her legs. Bending his back forcing his lower body to hers, then pulling her panties to one side.

Emma’s eyes opened extensively, sensing the globular helmet of the huge organ spreading her pussy lips open as Robert leaned down on her.

no! There is no way I’ll have that God Almighty thing inside me!’

She may have eaten her own words, never would she have assumed that his cock would fit so comfortably, leaning gently, he could feel the ripples of her inner muscles as his cock passed through them. Under no circumstances had he experienced such a snug fitting pussy excepting him so />
He started to fuck her in slow deliberate strokes, Emma lie back holding his forearms, her body tightened, every nerve had drawn itself inwards, her heart beating rapidly. Her first orgasm came in a series of eruptions soon after another pecking; Robert had speeded his rhythm now, her climax took over her body, she was walking on the clouds, even the sound of birds could be heard but in the distant. He could feel his juices building up within his bollocks, he knew she was ready for it; the turmoil inside his body was ready to explode. Although the Viagra encouraged erection; with the added blood forcing into his cock, his centre channel would be restricted, making his ejaculation ferocious.

He sensed she wanted to draw her legs up between them; he wasn’t ready for this yet, and there would be ample of time for this later.

‘Not yet…later maybe?’ Robert took her legs easing them back down onto the bed.

Emma never spoke; her mind was in a daydream, working with his every stroke, he knew it would be soon now adjusting his position, placing his hands above her shoulders ready to hold her back should she decide to wriggle up the bed away from him. The tingling sensation had reached his balls, his seed was at the base of his penis, welling, boiling readying itself to be forced through the long restricted avenue. Robert eased his cock up her and held, throwing his head back as the seed passed along his shaft letting out his own sounds of justification. Emma was aware that his cock was swelling, but wasn’t ready for the razor like jets as they spurted up deep within her pussy.

‘God, that stings!’ As Robert had expected Emma tried to squirm up the bed away from him, he held her firmly. He eased his cock slightly allowing the inner pressure to subside. The feeling was good, never had he remembered blowing with such ferocity, his balls ached with the volume of seed being transported from his cock. Emma pushed her hand down between them, spreading it over her tummy above her pussy; she could almost sense the engorgement through her fingers.

‘Robert, for Christ’s sake how much more?” She stammered, holding his face towards her with her free hand as she spoke.

‘Nearly there!’ he smiled.

‘A rest?’

‘Rest! Not yet, we’ve not finished yet by a long chalk!’ He grinned withdrawing his cock back down from inside her pussy, he stopped when the helmet was within her outer lips, not allowing any seepage to spill.

Emma was weakened, looking up into his eyes. ‘A rest sounds good; would you like a drink?’ she asked

‘In a while, lets just rest for a few />
Robert knew that with the Viagra, his cock would soon be pulsating again ready for more. He lowered himself kissing her on the lips; Emma placed her arms around his neck, pulling him the remainder of the way down.

‘That was delightful I enjoyed it. You truly are a good lover aren’t you?’

Robert never spoke continuing to nibble at her ear, then down toward her breast, assuring that his cock sat stationary within her pussy lips.

It was only moments before he sensed the rush, his cock thickening once more, gently he eased forward, their combined wetness making entry smooth, her inner muscles taking up any form of slack, of which there was little, but he took pleasure in her manipulations.

‘You are a glutton for it aren’t you?’ Emma never realised that this would be another of many fuckings he was going to administer upon her that afternoon.

Every part of his erection was as before, filling her, spreading her inner walls, this time he allowed for her knees to come between them, adjusting himself for the extra depth it sanctioned. This time Emma wanted to take on more of the effort, she lifted to his every stroke, sensing the improved position, feeling more of his manhood, she excepted each orgasm as it came, and came they did, her hips moved in circler movements, inner muscles contracted holding, then releasing him.

Moving her hand down she cupped his heavy balls as they swung into her, squeezing them gently, the inner balls felt enormous something she never noticed with Peter. Robert gave out a low moan of pleasure as she toyed with them. He held his cock deep, forcing blood down to it; Emma sensed the thickness the extra blood made, giving her own little muscles a squeeze. She pulled her hand back up, cupping his face kissing him softly on the lips.

Robert stopped all movement then slowly withdrew from her, rolling to one side of the bed, his arms held high coaxing her to take the lead. Emma straddled him then taking his cock within her small hand, slowly lowering herself, she didn’t look down, she knew its size by the way her hand had to stretch around its broadsides. As his cock sunk into her there was a loud fanny fart, this was the first time his cock had been totally removed from her. Both laughed at the vulgar sound.

She slumped forward, holding onto his manly shoulders for support, her long hair falling about his chest tickling his nipples. At the start her movements were short and sharp, only allowing her the use of half of his manhood, as her movements and depth progressed her body stiffened as orgasm came, Robert took over lifting his hips, ploughing into her at an alarming rate, at the peak she could no longer draw breath, her heart pounded, she was floating then soaring into a world of make believe, the pleasure ebbed into sheer satisfaction. Again orgasm came this time a multiples she collapsed over him, her shoulders ached, and her legs felt numb. Robert held onto her buttocks lifting as he continued to fuck her in earnest, until he blew, again it was a never-ending gush.

Both lay in each others arms exhausted, this time minutes went by, finally Emma sat up pushing back filling herself with his cock.

‘We can stop for refreshment now?’ She smirked.

‘Rest awhile,’ Robert grinned.

‘Surely not more, I’m exhausted!’ Emma wriggled her bottom, his cock felt the movement and he tried to force blood back along his shaft, but it wasn’t time yet. ‘I must go to the bathroom!’ She declared “Or an accident we shall surely have”

time enough yet, hang in there for just a while longer?’ he pleaded with her.

Emma knew that she was full to the bursting point, if she didn’t go to the bathroom soon allowing her to force at least an amount of his seed out of herself, very soon they’d both be smothered in it. She recognized that even lifting from him she was bound to leak. No man could want more after the fucking she’d had.

‘You want more, don’t you?’ she noticed the twinkle in his eye as she looked down at him.

He beamed. you yourself enjoying it?’

‘Well yes, but you can’t have that much more left? You’ve the stamina of an ox’

wait until your full?’

‘I am chock-a-block now, I don’t know how to hold what I have got, let alone more?’ Emma implied.

‘Was that chock-a-block, or Robert smiled.

Emma felt the surge in his cock once more, she couldn’t believe that he was ready to fuck her again, knowing each time it was getting longer and more time consuming.

‘Please Robert, I must rest!’ she pleaded.

Robert had never only fucked his girls twice, plus he wouldn’t dream of wasting the Viagra, he’d paid £10 for each tablet.

‘You rest this time, I’ll do all the work’ Robert grabbed her hips and eased her around beneath him in one fowl swoop. Making sure that his cock didn’t slip out, even then his cock was thickening more.

Emma went to object, Robert put his finger toward her lips.

he whispered. ‘Lie back and thing of England!’

She’d little choice now, his cock had regained its strength and was ploughing into her, as if it was the first fuck it had had in weeks. Emma was more worried about messing up his bedding. Peter had always placed a towel or something beneath her if he was going for the long haul, nevertheless he’d never fuck her twice in one go, even he didn’t cum as much as Robert had, she knew she couldn’t hold much more without leaking, but if he didn’t take his cock out of her, how could it seep out.

How she did it she couldn’t tell, but in all he’d fucked her six times without pulling out, at last he seemed knackered. Her pussy felt as if it was at bursting point, never had she been fucked six times in one day let alone three hours.

‘Now can I get us some drinks?’ Emma suggested, lifting his face up into her hands.

Robert grinned. ‘Are you sure you’re up to it?’

Emma would be glad to just be able to get out from under him, at least now she could say she’d been well and truly fucked.

‘Meaning what?’ Emma asked.

Robert knew she be in no condition to leave the bed so soon.

Emma managed to pull herself from underneath him, and then went to swing her legs onto the floor. They were numb to say the least.

‘Jesus, my legs they’re dead!’

‘You want me to go’ Robert laughed. ‘All this eagerness for a drink, and at the end I have to get it’ Robert threw his legs off the bed and stood beside it. ‘Will it be another Pimm’s or tea or coffee?’

‘Would you have a soft drink, Orange or Lemon?’ Emma replied in a pleading like tone. ‘And some tissue if you wouldn’t mind?’

‘Your wish is my command, but do get undressed, it will be a lot easier for us both.” Robert sniggered as he walked off.

It was the first time Emma had got to see his cock, though in a lifeless state it still seem huge to her. She felt drained, and from the waist downwards it seemed as she was paralysed. She reached down rubbing her legs as if to will them back to life.

It was a few moments before Robert reappeared, dawned with a tray with two glasses on it, but that wasn’t what caught Emma’s attention, his cock was once more jutting out like a flagpole, with the tissues draped over it.

She looked up to his face, noting the broad smile.

“There we go, little refreshment then back to work?’ Robert chuckled placing the tray onto the bedside cabinet.

not saying you want more, Robert please, I’m />
hardly done any work as to worry I’ll take over again!’ he smiled handing her the Orange juice and the tissue.

Emma place the tissue straight between her legs then took the Orange juice from him.

‘Now don’t you get making that little pussy of yours to dry?’ He grinned, as he sat down on the bed. ‘How d’you feel now then?’ he inquired of her.

‘I don think I can quite put it into words at present’

‘Your not telling that you’re not enjoying />
get me wrong, it’s just that it appears to be very taxing’

‘You up for some more then?’

Emma didn’t want to let the side down so to speak; she could do with a nice long rest. ‘Let me recuperate for awhile whilst we have our drinks I should be alright by then’ Emma hoped. She knew she wouldn’t stop over wondering just as to how she was going to get home, as Robert didn’t drive.

So far Emma had leaked a little amount, she’d have thought she would have left snail tracks all over the bed by this time, as to where it had all gone heaven alone knows she thought. As far as enjoyment was concerned, yes she had enjoyed it, never had she been through so many orgasms in her life in such a short space of time. Robert reached across the bed picking her hand up by the wrist, and then placing it onto his cock. Emma took it and encircled it into her hand; it felt enormous as she run her fingers around it, every now and again it would throb, Emma look up toward Robert.

‘He’s more than ready when you are sugarplum’ He grinned.

Emma removed the tissue from between her legs, it was but damp, it didn’t make sense, she still felt as if she was still full of cock.

Robert eased her down the bed, nibbling at her neck as he did so, her breasts and nipples had already peaked, her body was ready but was she.

‘Well be different this time, I’m sure you’ll love it?’ Robert started to twist her over onto her front. ‘Come on up on your knees’

Peter had often done it this way but normally she done all the work by rocking backwards onto him. Robert pulled her to the edge of the bed, standing behind her.

Firstly he started to finger her, she wasn’t wet, she was saturated, after he’d toyed with her pussy for a few minutes, he exchanged his fingers for his cock, still he spread her as he pushed himself in, Emma suddenly felt the two bulky fingers being driven up her back passage, the feeling was enjoyable to say the least. He’d keep withdrawing his cock, wiping the juices onto his finger and then forcing them back up her anus. Emma was taking pleasure in both holes now, which was until Robert levelled his cock up to her back passage. Emma pulled a pillow down in front of herself and buried her face into it as he gently forced it up her.

‘Mary, mother of Jesus, Christ Robert, there is no way that that will go in there,’ She bellowed back to him.

For an instant she felt his fingers back in her pussy, she sensed there were more than two, he was now gyrating them at a colossal rate, her head went back into the pillow, but this time it was to cover her screams. Because of the wetness of her pussy all manner of strange noises were coming from her rear end. Robert was fucking her now like a man demented, going from one hole to the other, orgasm after orgasm came and went, never had she experienced such sensations Emma was mumbling unintelligible words as she punched at the pillow. She wanted to rock in time with his motion, but her legs ached, she felt numb from the waist down, if anything Robert was now holding her in the position, She didn’t know whether to cry or scream. He pulled her back onto him, his cock buried deep, again she sense the hot needle like pains as he blew his load, she felt almost as if her spine would break in two. Never had anyone ever cum in her back passage. Peter had always pulled out, forcing his cock back up her pussy when he downloaded. This would be her seventh load, surely now she could rest.

“Your doing well” Robert chuckled as he withdrew, easing her over onto her side.

Emma could only sense by his words there was still more to come. She tried to straighten herself on the bed her legs were now unresponsive.

‘Here, have a drop of juice, that’ll make you feel better I’m sure of that.

Emma reached up taking the glass from his hand. ‘Robert I’m knackered, no more please!’

‘The nights young yet, anyway I’ll be taking you out for a drink later!’ Robert inferred.

“I think I’ll be needing crutches at this rate!” Emma implied.

be silly, you’re doing fine?”

Emma couldn’t believe his words, where was he getting his stamina, if Peter had lasted half an hour with her, that was good, and then she’d have to do everything for the rest of the evening. She felt drained, how would she explain herself to her mother and father, she’d arranged to stay with them this evening. She held the glass out towards him.

“Thank you, I needed that. I have to leave before 7.30, my parents are expecting me, I’m staying over’ Emma stated, looking at her watch.

‘Well that gives us at least another hour, we’ll make it a long slow one this time.”

“Robert, I’m shattered, no more I can’t handle it!” Emma tried to give sense of meaning to her tone.

you worry none, nice slow and gentle, but I thought you like the rough bits, you seemed to moan more anyway?” Robert laughed at his own words as he climbed onto the bed once again.

Emma knew he’d not take no for an answer, he eased her back up into the middle of the bed, spreading her lags as he did so. She’d not the energy to hinder his requirements; her legs just fell apart as he laid her back down once more. She looked down between them as he positioned himself above her, the immense organ swung from side to side; he reached down guiding it toward her.

This time he went straight in, she felt nothing but knew he’d hit bottom as he’d pushed her up the bed in doing so. So much for his gentleness, he started to fuck her hard, almost as if he knew she couldn’t feel his aggressiveness. All the pleasure was now gone, she could feel nothing; she knew that she’d be more than sore in the morning. Oh how she wished it were morning. It was no wonder that Judy had said nothing of her session with him, by all accounts none of his past encounters would speak of their ordeals, only between each other, possibly to evaluate notes so to speak. He was going at her like a steam engine, sweat was poring from his brow, and Emma could only assume the damage that he might be doing to her. Suddenly he reached under her armpits, pulling himself up into her, Emma sensed the hot sperm gushing up into her belly her once more. With this Emma past out, more because of the lack of energy than anything else.

When she came to, she was sitting in an armchair fully dressed; Robert was tapping her on her arm.

“Brought you a cup of coffee. How do you feel?”

Emma blinked her eyes; the light was very bright in the room. She really didn’t know how she felt; she sensed the numbness was still there. Knowing that the ordeal was over she felt somewhat relieved.

“Alright I think” She smiled taking the coffee.

“I’ll order you a taxi when you’re ready to go, drink your coffee. Shame you arranged to stay at your parents, we were getting on so well there!”

“Always once a month, it’s a sort of get together, my brother stays also”

After a while Robert rang for the taxi, then they sat and talked.

“How long was I out for?” Emma quizzed.

“Only about ten minutes” Robert smiled.

Emma looked at the clock on the wall, which would make his so-called lovemaking eight times within five hours. Now she was in the club so to speak, Judy might let out her secrets on his performance, she laughed to herself thinking back on her words in the club Thank God for the pill, she’d have bound to have been pregnant with the amount that he’d pumped up her, and she did mean pumped.

“That must be your taxi!” Robert jumped from his chair and made for the window and looked down. Yes, it’s here.

Emma went to stand. “Can you walk okay?” Robert inquired.

“Walk, I can’t even stand!” She chuckled.

Robert walked over taking her arm, “I’ll help you down to the taxi”

Thankfully there was a lift, her legs felt like jelly, as if they just weren’t there anymore, the taxi driver got out to open the rear door as saw them coming out of the front door.

be alright by the time you get home, you can be sure of that!” Robert gave her a peck on the cheek as she slumped onto the back seat.

“What have you been up to then?” The taxi driver asked once he’d taken the directions of his fare.

“Just hurt my back, but it’s effected my legs also” Emma explained.

“I don’t know what happens in there but I had two or three girls leave here in that condition in the past”

Emma didn’t know what to say when she got to her parents front door aided by the taxi driver. Her father paid the fare.

“You look as if you’ve been in the wars, whatever have you done?”

“I’m alright Mum, think I’ve just jarred my back, I’ll be okay after a sit down!” Emma didn’t know quite what to do; she knew she couldn’t stand without assistance.

“Come over here Em…Come on Colin, let Em lay out on there!” Her father had turn to her brother who was sitting on the settee.

Emma eased herself down and lay lengthwise on the settee.

“I’ll make you a cuppa, I’m sure you’ll feel better very soon, how did you manage to hurt yourself then?” Her mother inquired of her.

“Just fooling around I’ll guess, I’m sure its nothing to worry about” Emma grinned to her audience.

At that moment the phone rang, her father went to pick it up.

“Yes, she’s just walked in the door, or should I say hobbled, I’ll give her the phone’

“Who is it Dad?” Emma asked knowing that Robert hadn’t the number and Peter didn’t know she was staying with her parents.

“It’s Judy pet, now you keep your feet up” Her father implied as he handed her the phone.

“Hi Judy!”

this; hobbled in, what have you been up to” She chuckled. “Did you have a good time then, thought you’d be home about now”

“Hobbled, I can’t even stand!” Emma whispered down the phone. “You could have warned me!”

“How could I, you’d have never gone if I’d have told you. He’s one hell of a lover though isn’t he, what staying power!” Judy laughed. “How many times then?”

“No, you first!”

Judy sniggered.

“Eight with me!”

“Jammy bitch, are you seeing him />
“Not on your life, by what I’ve been through I think I’m going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow, couldn’t go through that again”

“He’s only like that on the first date, sort of trying you out so to speak, everything is fine after the first date, just a couple of times a night and once in the morning if you happen to stay over”

“But where does he get the energy from, I couldn’t believe it, once finished he’s back in the saddle again so to speak within minutes. I just know I’m going to be sore in the morning”

of us have tried to fathom that out, one day we’ll have the answer, I only rang to see if you wanted to come down the club />
“I really don’t think I’m moving that far, I don’t know how I’ll make the stairs at />
“You should have stayed with him, at least he’d have put you to bed” Judy could be heard chuckling in the background.

“And the what else!” Emma stated. “In for more of a hammering I’d expect, he didn’t like the idea that I was coming home”.

“I think you should ring him tomorrow; honest, he’s as right as rain the second day! At least try and stay a week with him, you might be the one to work out his secret. Must fly I have to get dressed ready to go out, catch you over the weekend”

Emma put down the phone and picked up her coffee, then lay back onto the settee. ‘She is right!” Emma thought, “He must be on something, how could any man do that, he wasn’t interested in staying power, why should he be, if he can do the same basically straight afterwards. Peter would have to wait at least three maybe four hours and he’d only done that once”

“How do you feel now dear?” Her mother quizzed. “How would you like me to run you a nice hot bath for you?”

“I think I would like that Mum,”

The bed was a mess in the morning, Emma had to get up twice in the night as it was, what’s more her pussy just ached, and she still walked funny.

“So what are your plans for today then pet! Dad had always called her this from her younger years.

“Into town, I have some friends to meet this afternoon” Emma smiled.

your back today?” Mother asked.

“Heaps better thank you Mum, legs are still a little unsteady though!”

Her brother sat at the opposite side of the table ginning at her, with a twinkle in his eye. He was about three years older than Emma.

“Why are you looking at me like that for?”

“Fooling around, I bet I know the cause of your back and leg pain or numbness might be a better word?” He beamed. “Lucky fella I’d say”

“Why would you say that?” Emma quizzed.

“Body language, it stands out a mile!”

Emma never spoke another word to him over breakfast, she did wonder if anyone else had noticed her body language as her brother had put it.

Colin was the first to leave the table, making for the patio, sitting one of the low sun beds. Emma followed, with her tea, sitting along side him, placing the cup on the table…over the years they’d both been close, never much friction between them.

“I’m sorry, did I say something out of place in there” Colin implied. “I hope you haven’t taken />
“No, I’m the one to blame; but what did you mean exactly by body language.

“Sis, forgive me, but being a man, we notice things about a woman, Ok, you’re my sister, I can assure you I meant no offence by what I said, okay, perhaps I spoke out of turn. But to me…you have a sexual />
“You think Dad suspects that also?” Emma stated, looking back into the house.

“Not likely, the problem I’m talking about didn’t happen to much in his younger days, at least I would think not!

“Can we talk about your theory?”

“As I said Em, I was talking out of turn, it doesn’t really doesn’t matter, and that sort of thing is your own private affair”

“Colin, it’s been straight with each other before. What actually did you mean?”

“You mean by lucky fella?”

“Partly, but it was the body language that took my surprise, what body language! I didn’t realise I was showing any?”

“Em you said your legs or back for that matter ached or felt numb. Normally a girl gets this after a good session of sex, depending on how long it lasted, as far as the body language is concerned, your hand has seemed to be sandwiched between your legs quite a bit since last night. Let me put it this way, from my own experience with women; you’ve had more than a good seeing to. As to the Lucky fella, with a girl looking like you, sometimes I wish you weren’t my sister, good luck to him!”

Emma reached forward picking up her cup with a smile on her face. know Colin its nice having a brother like you, Ok, I’ve known you to be protective of me in the past. However, now I’m old enough to look after myself, Nevertheless I’d like to run something passed you, see what your reaction would be?”

“Go for it! How can I help?”

“If I asked you, this is off the record so to speak” Emma grinned. “How many times have you had sex, in how short a time?”
not that easy, but as I recall three times in four hours, but, she was an outstanding girl”

Emma looked back into the house once more. “Would you say eight times in five hours was a great />
“Are we talking about you…with how many guys?”

“Colin! Not so much me, but one guy?”

see that happening. I don’t think a man could recuperate that />
Emma felt a numb ache at the top of her virginal passage, almost as if something was swollen within, she went to put her hand down on her tummy, but thought better of it, after Colin’s mention of body language. She did wonder as the hammering that she might have had when she’d passed out on Robert.

not saying that this is what happened to you; surely not?”

“I’m afraid so!” Emma shifted in her chair as she spoke.

“I’m not doubting you Em, but that is one hell of a tall story, if it had be from another’s lips, I cane assure you I wouldn’t believe it. Who is this guy, do I know him?”

“Yes, I should think so, his name is Robert,”

Colin cut her short in her words. “Not, Robert Thorpe?”

“I thought you might know of him!”

“He’s supposed to be the town’s stud, but I’ve never heard that of him. I mean that of what you have said, I know he’s been through half the town’s girls by all accounts. Is he as good as what he the impression he gives, lot’s of us would like to know of his style”

“Colin you don’t want to know of his style!”

“He can’t be that bad surely?”

“It’s not really style as such, it’s just that once he starts, he seems to have the stamina of an Ox. As soon as he’s finished, and I can tell you that’s an ordeal in itself. He doesn’t lay back and rest, or give you a cuddle, in fact he’s still within, it’s then that you feel the engorgement starting as life comes back to him, and again he starts. It seems only minutes and his up and running again.”

“How do you mean ordeal?”

Emma looked at him and smiled, she didn’t think he’d be querying the finer points, hoping that details wouldn’t prompt his own sexuality.

“Well putting it bluntly, when he came, it was like a red hot geezer erupting inside me. He wouldn’t move until he knew I’d got the last drop and each flood was quite heavy, and as I said, he never pulled out, so it was building up after each session. With all that inside you, then he’d start ploughing into you again, I felt as if I would burst!”

“Lucky Beggar!”

“Colin I’m your sister!”

“Sorry, but I was just thinking of his luck, God I wish I could fuck like that, and with someone like you, no question as to why he was blowing buckets, so would I?”

“So what happened to all this fluid build up then?”

“Well, when I had my bath last night I thought that was it, that was until this morning, the bed was smothered with it!”

“Sorry Sis, but you’re making me feel horny just talking about it!”

“I not referring to it to get you worked up, I wondered if you could throw some light on it, and as to why he has some much endurance, Peter was never like that!”

“Without trying you…I wouldn’t know?” Colin had picked up is cup to drink, looking over it for her answer, hiding his sheepish grin.

“Colin, what are you />
“Like I said, I wouldn’t know unless I tried myself. How could I?”

Colin left her to work out his meaning, he’d often fancied fucking her. This way there may even be a chance.

“So what are you two up to this morning? Were going into town, shouldn’t be back until around 2 />
Colin threw his hands into his lap; he wasn’t expecting anyone to come out of the house. He knew he’d a raging hard on.

“Were fine, I want to take a shower!” Emma smiled.

stay for a bit of lunch then when we come back?” Her Mother implied.

“Sounds good Mum, I’d like that!”

“No point in asking you Colin is there?”

“I’ll go along with that Mum, I’m in no rush today!” Colin replied. “Anyway, I have a couple of things I’d like to get />
Then we’ll leave you to it, be good!” Their Mother replied as she walked back into the house.

“Well at least you sound as if you’re going to be busy?” Emma exclaimed, “I’ll finish my tea, then go up”

Colin looked back into the house, assuring the coast was clear before he spoke.

“Mind if I join you?”

Emma nearly choked on her tea, with his sudden outburst, she pulled her cup away from her mouth wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

“For a minute there, I almost believed you!” Emma laughed.

“I’m deadly serious Sis. How can I be of assistance to you if you don’t give me an opportunity to discover for myself? What better person could you ask?

“Colin you’re my brother for Christ sake, and the way I feel at this moment, I think that’s the last thing I want! Now perhaps I can throw those sheets in the washing machine. I don’t know what Mum would have though should she of seen them”

“I know that, why d’you think I’m asking, I guarantee that I’ll be nothing like you have spoke of, anyway I have my own name to live up to! God I love it when you talk dirty”

Emma quizzed

“The sheets, Christ Emma, you know how to turn a guy on!”

Both turned sharply to look inside the house as they heard the front door close with a bang. Colin lifted his arm viewing his wristwatch.

“Three hours then!” He winked, standing from the table, his hands freeing his throbbing hard on. forget the washing machine!” He grinned.

Emma watched as he left the table to walk back inside the house, she’d seen for herself that he was aroused. Still, she insisted within her mind he was teasing.

Emma pulled the sheets and duvet cover from the bed, both we’re stuck solidly together, she knew she’d have them washed and dried before her parents returned.

The shower felt invigorating as the hot streams hit her body, she pored the liquid shower solution into her hand, and then running it over her body, she felt suddenly revitalized. Her fingers reached down inside her pussy; thankfully it felt more constrained since last night, the sensation of her fingers felt good. Her mind went back to the previous afternoon with Robert, remembering the intensity of her orgasms, the feelings of her tummy when he downloaded his seed deep inside. God what a capacity he had, never had Peter left her feeling this way when he’d cum. She knew in her mind that she wanted more of him; Judy had told her that he would be gentle after the first date, she threw her head back allowing the vigour of the shower on her face, she sensed the thickness of his cock reaming her inner pussy walls. The numbness of her inner pussy had left her, now just the recollection of the afternoon was in her mind.
“Room for a small one!”

Emma came back to her senses, at the suddenness of the voice. Colin was standing with the shower curtain pulled back, viewing the stunning body before him, he said no more but stepped in beside her.

“Colin, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Relax Sis, this is our special time, I’ve thought of this for years!”

Colin moved into the shower pulling the curtain closed behind him. His mouth went straight onto her breast, whilst his hand slid up the within her legs, just one finger manipulating her pussy lips. Emma threw her head back once more, only this time with a full gasp, her mind was racing; her voice paralysed, all disapproval gone, reaching down she took his cock into her hand. Never had she fantasized that her brother had such maturity, his cock pulsed within her fingers she felt like lifting herself upon tiptoes; allowing him to penetrate her there and then, his lips moved leisurely down her body, nibbling, inching nearer to her hypersensitive region, his finger could now be felt slowly sliding within her, because of his posture her hand had slipped from his pounding organ, placing her hands onto his head running her slender fingers through his tight curly hair. As his tongue found its mark, she thrust out her hips out enthusiastically eager for more tranquillity, tongue and finger now working in complete synchronization with each other.

Her hands fell back clutching at the rails in the shower, her whole body at his charge, his tongue lapped soothingly, clitoris standing firmly, enjoying the enormous stimulation he was bestowing on her. The whites of her knuckles stood out, so hard was she gripping the rails, orgasm was upon her, her head dropped forward as she let out a long low moan.

Colin stood back lifting her feet up onto the edge of the shower tray spreading her legs in doing so, he moved in between, lifting his cock. Emma let go of the rails placing her hands onto his shoulders as she sensed his cock sliding up in the bounds of her moist walls It felt solid, strong, she lowed her body facilitating an eased his position, then pulling him toward her kissing him hard on the lips. The spray of the water jets aiding their eyes to close; Emma sensed a feeling of excitement as Colin forced his cock deep lifting her body as he did so, her hands dropping suddenly clutching his buttocks pulling him in closer and deeper into her body.

Eddy turned the key in the door, opening it in front of himself, dropping the two carrier bags onto the floor. He stuttered to himself “Dam women, always forgetting something. Why would anyone one forget the dam chequebook when they went shopping!” he thought. He’d left her at the café on the other side of town, knowing she’d be browsing with the money she had. He climbed the stairs two at a time, going into the bedroom collecting the chequebook from the top draw of the bedside cabinet. He stopped suddenly standing upright.

“What the hell is that noise?” He thought.

There was a gasping sound coming from the hallway outside the bedroom, he tiptoed slowly out onto the landing.

“The bathroom, it could only be from the bathroom?” He sensed.
Slowly he move cautiously along the landing, the door to the bathroom was ajar, the sounds had a now touch of urgency about them, a low moan, then gasping.

He pushed the door with the tip of his fingers allowing the door to open on its own, permitting him to stand back as to view the interior through the fine crack.

Two shapes could be seen behind the shower curtain, more moans and breathlessness. He crept forward slowly drawing the curtain with one hand. His daughter was with her back against the shower wall her eyes closed, and a hunk of a man thrusting into her. The sight was horny to say the least; he’d just realised the man was his son.

Never had he assumed his daughter, or even his son for that matter in such a compromising position.

Eddy turned pulling a stool in behind him, this was a sight he couldn’t have wish for. He sat within full view, but the pair were to preoccupied to even notice. Emma gasped as Colin humped his cock into her, gripping his shoulders, easing herself up, her feet now lifted off the shower tray dangling in the air.

He just couldn’t help himself, such an erotic sight he’d never observed, and his hand went down to his flies, easing the zip. His cock bounced out of the opening like a flower searching for the sun, it had been a time since he’d had pussy, his horny fingers clasped around the solidified shaft.

Emma opened her eyes slowly against the rivulets of the shower spray; it was moments before she could actually believe the scene before her. Eddy smiled up into her rosy face, still she was panting, gripping Colin’s shoulders.

She whispered into his ear. “Look behind you!”

The last thing at this stage that Colin wanted was to bring to an end the sensations he was so enjoying; forcing his dick firmly up her he turned.

Neither could comprehend, they watched as Eddy thrust his hand up and down on his cock.

“Well don’t stop because of me! That unless you want a real man to take over?”

Colin lowered his body allowing his cock to fall away, they both turned to look at Eddy.

“For Christ sake man! She was enjoying that!” Eddy blurted out.

“So was I!” Colin replied.

Eddy valued the scene before him; Emma’s body was like no woman he’d seen, so sensuous.

“You can’t leave her there man. Dry yourself my sweet, and you Colin, we might as well make it a family game. Lets give the young thing a seeing to she’ll never forget!”

Emma stepped out of the shower clasping a towel and wrapping it around her.

waste out because of me sweetheart, Colin bring her though to your bedroom. Make an old fellow’s day, its years since I had a double up!”

Emma clutched at her brothers arm. “We />
“For God’s sake Lad, bring her along!” Eddy stood from the stool, swaggering towards the door, his trousers around his knees.

never live it down if we don’t, he has us both by the short and curly. Come on, as he says make his day?”

“Wants he mean by a double up anyway?” Emma quizzed.

“God only knows…come on or we’ll both live to regret it!”

“Why say that?”

“You don’t think he’ll let this go. It we don’t respond he’ll hold it over us for life!”

what’s worrying me?” Emma replied.

“Well we can’t back down now!” Colin suggested.

Eddy was laying stark naked on the bed when they entered the bedroom, mind you his manhood wasn’t that diminutive, in fact it was quite large, putting Colin’s to shame.

“Come, lay yourself down along old Dad my beauty!”

As Emma lay herself on the bed Eddy was straight between her legs; it took her by complete surprise not only that; but his aggressive tonguing, took her onto cloud nine. The sound of his lapping brought Colin’s cock back to life, he wouldn’t have thought the old fella had it in him. Emma clutched the bedding, not only was he toying her clit, but his tongue also found her back passage, this she’d never encountered. A more thrilling sensation she’d under no circumstances had she managed, now his finger and thumb were working in each fissure. Eddy looked down at his cock.

“Well, she’s more than ready old chap, just the way you like them!” He chucked to himself.

As Eddy moved up between her legs, Emma looked down the swaying organ seemed huge, although the skin looked slightly wrinkled, she felt its firmness as soon as he crossed the threshold, her body went tense as he pushed it straight in and up.

“By Christ, that feels bloody good, you couldn’t have done much lad!” Eddy turned up looking toward Colin. “She as tight as hell!”

Whether it was the protruding veins along his cock she couldn’t tell, but the sensations were out of this world, his cock rippled on her inner pussy muscles. Colin couldn’t believe the expressions on his sister face, or as to the new noises coming from her mouth. He didn’t know as to whether to leave them to it, he turned to leave the room.

“And where the hell d’you think your going?” Eddy stammered his breath laboured not wanting to lose his momentum.

“Well you seem to both be doing />
“Get your arse back over here, can’t you see the poor girls desperate for a good fucking man!” Don’t be so flippant, you could learn something here lad. Trouble now a days, its you only think of

Emma’s mind was blocked to her fathers words, his cock was doing wonders; never would she have thought the older man had it in him; one minute she thought he was ploughing a field and the next combing a tapestry, her senses went back to her childhood days, supposing mummy was crying in her sleep. Colin came back to the bedside; Eddy patted the bed looking up toward him

“Get you down here along side me lad!” Eddy lifted himself from her. “Get you to the centre of the bed lad, Emma was somewhat dazed by the suddenness of what was happening.

“Now sweetheart on top of him, he’ll be a bit dry for where I’m going!”

As Emma moved across the bed his fingers were straight up her pussy, gyrating working her juices along his bony prongs, even this was a new sensation to her. Colin gripped his cock guiding it into her moistness. “Now hold fire the pair of you!” Eddy chuckled, all Colin wanted was to thrust, Eddy worked the fluid from his finger up into her back passage, then suddenly she sensed the reason.

“Right, together lad!” Eddy started to ease his cock in.

Emma was lifted up the bed, burying her head into the pillow, she’d heard of it; but never had she willingly tried it, it felt good, a strain to start with but Eddy seemed to know what he was doing. Soon both were ploughing into to her, their momentum gracious in movement. Never, would she have contemplated that her body would capable of receiving so much gratification, as if by contemplation both father and son speeded their stoke. Her body bouncing between them, her words, utter nonsense, neither men were interested; cocks grinding, thrusting, forced up to the hilt’s. Emma was in a world of her own all she could do was to hang on to the bedding for fear of being thrust out of retch of her honour, never had she had the pleasure of two cocks.

If this was the double up that her father had exposed, it was enjoyable to say the least.

“I can’t hang on much longer, I have to cum soon!”

This was the last thing Eddy had wanted from his son. He pushed his cock deep holding firm, allowing his son no chance of movement. Emma was pushed up on top of her brother, locked with two cocks holding her.

“Colin if you let me down on this one, I’ll renounce you as a son. I promised this girl a double up and that’s what she’s going to get. You hang in there, a few adjustments have to be made, and my daughter will get her double up if it kills me!”

Eddy slowly withdrew his cock, lowering himself adjusting himself up to her pussy. Emma couldn’t believe what was happening, two cocks in her pussy, the strain on her pussy lips was sensational, she identified her father was more than well blessed for his age. Once more she gripped the pillows, his cock felt enormous, gradually he pushed, the two cocks more than stretched her lips, she leaned forward gripping her teeth into the pillows edge. He unhurriedly worked to and fro allowing himself entry, from his own point of view this was two sudden, but with his son almost ready to blow he had no choice in the matter, Her muscles suddenly gave leeway and he was in.

Dad, that’s tender, easy now!”

“Hang in the sweetie pie, all is not lost. You just hang in there!”
Colin couldn’t believe his fathers nerve, two cocks in his own daughter. Even he sensed the engorgement.

“Now we work opposite, I’m in your out, this will give all stupendous pleasure! D’you hear this Colin?”

“I hear you Dad!”

“Right I’m in your out; this way she’s always be full of cock, and if you kill you. This is her height of />
Gradually they both went into full swing with their in and outward thrusts, Emma couldn’t believe her fathers words, yes, and it was sheer sensation, vibrations were journeying from corner to corner of her total body, from head to foot, her pussy was sending electric shocks down her legs, she wanted to stretch them downwards but realised this would restrict penetration.

Colin couldn’t believe his father’s energy, it was as much as he could do to retain his own stokes. Both helmets bounced as they past each other. Emma was panting as if she was trying to draw her last breath, all she could do was to hold still as they both ploughed into her, it was a breathtaking experience. Needless to say, Colin was the first to blow he couldn’t accept the volume that he was propelling up her, Eddy’s cock was pressing along Colin’s cock assuring she got every drain from his balls.

“Leave it in there boy, or they’ll be no feeling at all, I’ll not be long behind you!” Eddy stammered as he continued plunging into her pussy.

Eddy was enjoying himself to the full, he’d not done this for years, and he just hoped he’d taught his son some new tricks. Emma was still panting loudly, orgasm came and went. But the height of it all was when Colin blew; he was fucking her like it was going out of fashion. Eddy hands gripped her waist holding her firmly, as Colin’s cock slid out, Eddy lifted his cock back up to her back passage, straight in; thankfully she was still moist in that region. Emma dipped her head like a raging bull, letting out a gutterish moan, Eddy threw his hands up to her shoulders gripping each pulling her back onto his cock, then leaning his pelvis forward he forced his cock in, and blew. Emma felt the enormous gush; it felt like he not drained his bollocks for years, Eddy collapsed rolling over onto the bed, Colin was at the mucky end, spunk draining from her pussy and arse all over his waist and lower regions. Emma just held herself above him on all fours allowing her crevices to drain.

Eddy managed to get off the bed and stand, his cock hung like a bullocks.

“Come on you two, who’s to the bathroom, I have to get back to meet your mother, or I’m in for it!”

Emma managed to step across the bed over Colin. “I’ll go first if you don’t mind” When her feet touched the floor the old feeling came back, she nearly collapsed her legs were like jelly.

“Come on young lady, take Dad’s arm!” Eddy smiled, moving in toward her. He looked over his shoulder Colin was completely knackered lying the full length of the bed. “The young un’s haven’t the endurance He chuckled.

As soon as Emma got into the bathroom she was down on the toilet, straining for all she was worth, pussy responding straight away, sperm poring into the bowl, but nothing from her anus. She did wonder if this was the problem last night as to the bed getting smothered. Try as she may her back passage wouldn’t give up its contents, she knew he was in deep when he came, but what would release it, she couldn’t carry it around with her for the rest of the day.

“Sounds as if you having a bit of trouble there young lady” Eddy was standing at the sink washing his cock, he’d looked towards her after hearing her straining.

“Think I’m ok now Dad!” Emma smiled, knowing only to well she’d lost nothing from her back passage.

“Are you two going to take all-day, Thought you we’re taking another shower?” He implied looking down toward Emma who was still sitting on the loo.

“I’d better get in there first, I have to meet your mother or they’ll be hell to play!” Eddy implied, walking across the bathroom to the shower. “You two can take your time!”

“Well that was a turn up for the books, I didn’t think that Dad had it in him. They say you can’t teach old dog new tricks, but I’ve certainly learnt something. God, I haven’t blown that much since I don’t know when! Like another cuppa?” Colin asked lifting his own cup from the table.

Emma looked up from the kitchen table as Colin spoke. say no!”

“Well we still don’t know anymore about this Robert of yours, I can assure you after that little episode with Dad, that’s certainly taken the wind out of my sails!”

“It was new to me, I can tell you, and I didn’t realise that any woman could take two. I’m not even sore! I did wonder what was going to happen when I saw him sitting there in the was until I saw what he was doing. He’s good for an old um’ ”

“When are you seeing Judy again?” Colin quizzed

Emma looked up to her brother, her hand when straight up to her mouth. “My God, I was supposed to met her at 2 Emma looked up to the kitchen clock; it was five to three.

“Now there’s a girl I’d like to bed, is she seeing any one at />
“Must ring her, God I hope she’s not still waiting!” Emma jumped from the table moving straight toward the phone.

Colin laughed.

“Well what?” Emma asked as she dialled the number.

“Is she going out with any one at />
Emma didn’t reply as Judy picked up the phone in an instant.

“Sorry Judy, something came up and I lost all track of time!”

“Something came up!” Sniggered Colin; with a silly grin.

“Thought it had to be something, unlike you to be late. I take it your at home?”

“Yes! I am really sorry”

got over yesterdays date! I know just how you felt. Don’t worry you’ll get over it; soon be back in the saddle again. Meet me down the wine bar in an hour, I want to see how you got on?”

fine, about an hour then” Emma looked up at the clock as she returned the receiver.

Judy was already at the Wine Bar, she ushered Emma over to her table. “I’d anticipated it would be She smiled as Emma sat.

“Fine, not many in here this afternoon!” Emma didn’t want to get straight into a conversation about Robert. “My, we do look sexing in our mini don’t we?”

Judy looked down at her skirt, trying to drag it over her knees, “Well it’s a nice day thought I’d get a bit of air around my body. We didn’t get together to discus the my skirt now did we!” Judy grinned as she lifted her glass. “So come on; what happened?”

“I don’t know where to start really, but he doesn’t give you much chance of a breather does he?”

“Did you enjoy it, that’s the main thing? I take it you couldn’t walk />
“Walk, I couldn’t even stand, even the taxi driver had to help me to the front door when I got home”

“So we’re no closer to finding out just how he does it then?”

“You could have informed me!”

“As I said, I don’t think you’d have taken him up on the offer should you have known?”

“I’ll agree, I’ve never known a man like it!” Be all right if you had a chance to go to the bathroom every now and again, I felt so bloated at the end, even then nothing came away until I got home”

put you off then?” Judy smiled.

Emma didn’t have the heart to tell her about her Father and brother. It was then that she sensed a gurgle in her back passage, she nipped her muscles together straight away, the last thing she wanted was to break wind, and the thought of the mess horrified her, she knew that it wouldn’t be a diminutive amount, she’d felt it going in. She reached for her bag placing it on the table.

“Get a couple more drinks in; I have to go to the loo!” Emma took coins from her bag placing them into Judy’s hand.

There was a broad smile on her friends face. “More remnants!” She grinned.

“You could say that!” Emma grinned, as she stood.

“I don’t envy you, after my own session it last for days! Don’t take to long!” Judy chuckled.

Emma hoped it was only surplus from her father; she’d not been to the toilet as such that morning.

Robert had got up late, deciding to have a lay in; after all it was Saturday. What he couldn’t make out was why his balls were causing him so much discomfort, okay he never fucked a girl eight times before, six was the most; they’d never ached this much before, he’d spent most of the latter morning in his armchair with a hot water bottle between his legs, it had given him some comfort. Perhaps he’d praised himself to soon, thinking as to what a stud Emma had found him; then his thoughts went out to her, he was a mite brutal towards the end, he’d never had a girl pass out on him before. He remembered the look on her face when she’d come to in the armchair finding herself fully dressed; other girl’s okay they’d found it hard to walk, but she had a job even to stand on her own. She was cute, and an enchanting fuck to say the least, he’d not organized further date with her, even his cock convulsed at the sheer thought of her, the dull pain in his balls thankfully was now subsiding.

The warmth of the shower felt good as it streamed down his body over his balls. He knew he just had to see her again, the one nightstands were all right for a quickie but she was above that, she was something of a good looker, something he wouldn’t mind spending a few bob on, she wasn’t that experience in sex either, he hated that in a woman, the ones that try and take over, he’d always preferred to take the lead; she’d not had to many cocks in his mind’ he thought.

As he put his watch on he notice the time.

“Um, 4.30, wonder if I gave here a ring, wont know if I don’t try” Robert thought, looking around for the piece of paper that Emma had scribbled her phone number of the evening before. Picking up his mobile he began to punch in the numbers.

Came the reply

“Is that you Emma? It’s Robert here, remember we had a date />
Judy had heard the phone ring and took it out of Emma’s bag, not knowing how long she’d be.

“No it’s Judy…her friend”

“Oh I remember you, Judy with the long dark hair!”

“And I remember you to Robert!” Judy felt a sudden spasm between here legs. “Yes, she remember him!” she thought be back in a moment…and how are you then; saw you at the club the other night!”

“Now there was a good lay!” Robert grinned to himself. “Yes pretty good evening wasn’t it! What are you doing with yourself these days?”

Judy knew this was an opening for another date, but Emma was walking back to the table; she knew she’d have to give the phone up to her.

“It’s Robert, I heard your phone ring thought it might be urgent!” Judy handed Emma the phone and sat back with a beaming smile on her face.

“Hi Robert!”

“Emma, nice to hear you, I was a bit worried about you; are you alright. You should have stayed over!”

“No I’m fine, Judy and I are at the Wine Bar, thought we’d come out, such a nice />
“Would you mind if I join you?”

Emma looked toward Judy, waggling her face as if to say no. “Robert wants to know if he can join us?”

Emma was hoping for Judy to come out with some excuse but this time she didn’t. a great idea, how long will he be?”

Emma knew that Robert must have heard her. “How long will you be?” She inquired.

“Ten minutes; may be less. See you soon!” Robert replied then hung up the phone.

“That wasn’t very nice was it; you knew I didn’t want to see him. I feel embarrassed enough over last night as it is, he must think I’m some sort of wimp!”

“So you passed out on him, I wish a guy was that good with me? Believe it, I’ll bet he’s real proud of himself!” Judy smiled up to her friend.

Robert was out of the flat in second’s; the first thing that came to mind was having the two of them, he’d fucked them both they we’re more than just friends. He did anticipate more Viagra; but thought better of it, if only for his own balls sake, it’s not as either weren’t attractive.

Judy was just about to leave the table to get more drinks as Robert came into the Wine Bar.

“ I’ll get these, what is it Pimm’s and a G & T for you if I remember right Judy!”

“Spot on Robert! Judy smiled sitting back down at the table.

“Now how the hell would he have remembered that?” Judy implied. It must be six months since I went out with him. “He really is some guy, any day he can visit my />
“Judy, people might hear you!” Emma stated looking around at the nearby tables. One woman looked at her and smiled “She knows how to pick them, I admire her taste!” The woman grinned.

“God, I could just do with his fat cock at present!” Judy whispered turning back to the direction of Robert.

“Let me know when you want me to leave then!” Emma stated feeling somewhat disappointed by her remark. Thinking that Robert had really come to see her.

“You hold fire, lets get some drinks down us first!” Judy grinned. “And you don’t go anywhere yet!”

“We both can’t be with him, Judy for Christ’s sake!”

really see what kind of man he is, it might even give us a chance to find out his grounds for having such a staying power?”

saying we let him bed us both?” Emma exclaimed.

“Well he’s enough cock for us sure you’ll agree to that. Lets see if he can produce another eight portions between us!” Judy smiled.

Emma had already been fucked ten times in all within the last eighteen hours, could her pussy put up with more. What would happen if he left her as he did yesterday afternoon, or more so both of them? She thought.

Robert’s eyes were on Emma when he sat at the table, she looked up and smiled.

“Thank you Robert” Emma took her glass pulling it in front of her.

“You okay?” He inquired.

Emma felt slightly flushed by his question knowing fully as to its meaning, even now she’d a sudden twinge between her legs. She knew that Judy was waiting for her answer as much as Robert.

“Of course, why shouldn’t I be?” She finally responded looking him straight in the eye, ignoring Judy’s gaze.

“So what are you both up to today then?” Robert quizzed. “It’s a good day!”

“Depends on what you have to offer?” Judy smiled, giving Emma a wink.

Robert didn’t quite know how to answer, knowing fully as to what he’d like to be doing.

about a Toga Party?” He grinned.

place I take it?” Judy leaned forward in her seat, her eyes glued to his. “What do we do for clothes then or will you supply them?”
“What form of clothes do you want, I have plenty of sheets!” he grinned.

Robert looked toward Emma. “You don’t have a lot to say Emma, what do you />
“I’ve not heard of a Toga Party, so I wouldn’t really know!”

Judy could make out by the tone of her voice, she meant what she said, but wasn’t too sure of the idea, and what it involved.

“What your really saying is that you’d like us both to come back to your place for drinks I take it?” Judy implied.

“Well that depends on Emma here! What do you think of the idea?” Robert bowed his head lower to catch her eyes. be fun!”

Judy was all for it Emma could tell by the look on her face.

“I’ll go get some more drinks and you have a chat about it!” Robert stood collecting the glasses and putting them on the tray. the rest of the day untouched yet” he grinned looking over his shoulder as he walked away from the table.

fancy the idea then!” Judy smiled.

“Both of us?” Emma questioned. up for that?”

“If you’re willing why not; it will be fun. And as I said we might just be able to find out about his little secret!”

“Why should he have one?”

“I’ve been around enough to know he has some kind of trick up his sleeve? No guy can carry on forever. He has to be into something. Come on be a sport, I’m sure you don’t mind sharing, I mean you’ve had a good rest since yesterday?” Judy pleaded.

“If it’s what you want, so long as I don’t go home like I did last night!” Emma implied.

be no chance of stay over, free breakfast as well, and he cooks a mean breakfast I can assure you!”

on then, but you first, I wouldn’t know where to start with three of us!”

“God I’ve been dying for that fat lump of his, you’ve made my day!”

“Sorted then, sorry it took so long, new barmaid on duty!” Robert informed them, placing the tray onto the table, his eyes still on the barmaid at the bar.

“So when is her rendezvous then, she is knew she’d not seen her before?” Judy smiled as she looked back toward the bar. “Believe in keeping up appearances, hasn’t he done well!” Judy knocked Emma’s knee under the table, then signalled toward the bar. “Lucky we’ve got in first! Hope we don’t drain you to much”

Judy never minced her words, often bringing embarrassment to her friends.

“So you’re both up for it then?”

Both girls nodded their consent.

Robert looked over his shoulder back at the barmaid, giving her a wink, his arms around both of the girl’s waists when they left the wine bar. In his mind he knew that after the session with Emma yesterday he’d need back up, or he’d look a right fool. To expect him to handle these two beauties on a long session, without showing himself up would need his magic Viagra.

A quick trip down to the off-licence to replenish his stock, and they were all soon back in the flat. Robert had to leave the girls whilst he collected the remains of the goodies from the car.

“Right Em, into the bathroom, sees if you can find any evidence in there!” Judy rushed to the window, viewing down into the car park, assuring Robert was out of the way.

Within moments Emma was back with a small packet in her hand.

“What have you got then?”

“Well, for what it’s worth Viagra, surely he can’t be on these?” Emma inquired.

Judy took the packet from her examining the shrink pack and it’s contents

“There should be four tablets, there’s one missing. Now could that have been yours yesterday? This tells a story, now if he’s taking these, that has to be the answer”

“I didn’t imagine people his age would need these!” Emma quizzed.

“This is his staying power. Put them back; we’ll check later to see if he’s taken />
we hide them…see how he makes out without them?” Emma asked, scrutinising the packet.

“Not on your life, if he wants to bestow us both with a good seeing to and these are his antidote, why lose out. Now put them back we’ll check later!”

Robert placed the rest of the bottles on the drinks cabinet, then siting then all in their correct places on the shelves behind the bar.

“There we go girls, help yourselves, I’m going to freshen up and then we’ll let the party begin!” Robert grinned, rubbing his hands together removing the dust from the bottles.

know; I think you could be right!” Emma smiled as they watched Robert head for the bathroom.

“Well it answers a lot of questions, it will be a turn up for the books if we’re right!”

cheating!” Emma implied.

“I didn’t hear you complain?” Judy chuckled. “When we’ve had a couple of drinks and the party is going, sneak back into the bathroom and check the pack! I just feel in the mood to check his staying power to night!”

“After last night I’m glad there’s two of us!” Emma grinned.

be such a wimp!” Judy grinned.

a wimp?” Robert inquired as he came back into the lounge.

“Emma! She’s frightened of your booze!” Judy laughed.

The party began, the girl’s didn’t realise that Robert had also brought nibbles as well. Music, soft lights and smooch dancing they we’re well on their way when Emma sneaked off to the bathroom. For a start she had a job to find the packet, she knew where she’d found it but he must have moved it elsewhere, whether to cover his tracks she didn’t know but she was adamant to find it. And find it she did, now there were only two tablets in the pack; she couldn’t believe her own eyes; why would he at his age need such medication.
Robert had taken Judy into the kitchen, her short skirt really setting his blood flowing, pushing her up toward the kitchen worktop, cupping her backside in his hands he lifted her up before; him forcing himself between her slender legs. She was already fighting with his flies, his huge organ flopped out as soon as they were open, he tugged at her panties lugging then to one side. Even Judy had to gasp yes he’s cock was solid, and once the panties were clear he forced himself straight into her

On returning to the lounge Emma was surprised to find Judy and Robert were not there, however, moans were coming from the kitchen, Emma picket up her glass and headed in the direction. She was more than surprised to see Judy perched on the kitchen worktop, knees up under his arms as Robert ploughed into her, her head on his shoulder, her eyes were rolling and her breath laboured. She was gripping onto his arms so tightly her knuckles had whitened.

“God, not to deep…not just yet!” Judy murmured.

Emma hadn’t realised just as to the magnitude of his cock, in the brilliant light in the kitchen it looked colossal, shimmering with Judy’s juices. Whether it was the effect of the Viagra Emma didn’t know, but it was bigger than she’d ever seen, she could sense the tenderness as he forced it up inside her friend, as he withdrew her complete inner pussy wall seemed to cling to it’s sides as if willing it back in. Judy’s body shook with the force of his deep thrusts.

Neither had heard her enter the kitchen, perhaps due to the noises that Judy was making; Emma walked up behind Robert and touched Judy’s nose, her eyes flickered open. Emma put her finger up to her lips, as if to beg quietness, then she mouthed Viagra. Judy nodded with a smile, knowing fully as to Em’s meaning, nevertheless she was enjoying the cost of the tablet, knowing they’d both receive quality time with it throughout; she could draw out his time, enjoying him fully; knowing there would be an abundance of cock to come throughout the evening, with both girls sanctioned a rest when the need applied. Judy’s idea was to bring him to his knees, one way or another her thoughts were to out run the tablet.

Emma slowly made her way back into the lounge, smiling at the noises coming from behind, knowing full well that very soon she’d be taking pleasure from the huge organ. Firstly to the bar to top up her glass, she looked along the shelf, then under the bar. It was the tall clear bottle that caught her eye, she lifted it up onto the bar, the fluid was quite clear, with a hand placed label Polish White Spirit she lifted the bottle unscrewing the cap holding it toward her nose, it had quite a strong smell to it, it was then that she noticed the label telling her that it was 100% proof. She smiled to herself ‘and there I thought it was paint remover!’ she chuckled.

By the sounds coming from the kitchen Judy was having one of her out of this world orgasms, it sounded like a wolf howling. Emma walked back to the side of the lounge having full view into the kitchen. Robert was carrying her around kitchen riveted on his cock, whilst fucking her at an unbelievable rate. Her arms gripping him tightly around the neck as he lugged her up and down in front of him. Catching view of Emma setting in an armchair, and turned into the lounge.

“You took your time!” He smiled.

“A girl has to do what a girl has to do!” She smiled realising he meant in the bathroom.

Robert walked around the lounge couple of times and then plonked himself on the sofa; bringing Judy down with an almighty thrust, she squealed loudly. From the position that they were now in Emma could see all, Judy’s skirt had ridded up to her waist, her legs extend around his body, his cock appeared gigantic as it was forced up the side of her panties, at this time Judy was doing most of the work.

Emma lifted her drink with a smile. you ever feel worn out, I don’t know where you get your energy from?”

“As you see, I don’t have to use to much energy, most of the work is done for me!”

Judy let out a deafening moan as she went into orgasm. Robert took over thrusting his cock in and out of her in a frenzied fashion.

“Come on then lets ride you through it!” Robert shouted over her moans.

Judy fell toward him in a lifeless manner when orgasm had completed, her weight lie dead in his lap. He managed to roll her off his lap, turning her onto her back along the sofa delicately pulling her panties down her long legs, placing them on the back of the sofa then spreading her legs beneath him, he crawled in between, his cock swaying from side to side, reaching down his fingers clasped it firmly directing it up into her pussy. Judy drew her left leg up allowing him the essential space. Her hands went up onto his shoulders as she sensed the firmness of his cock sliding up within her.

“More! More.” She raved, as Robert started to fuck her.

Emma had never thought she actually be in the front row so to speak, a hornier sight she’d never encountered, it certainly superseded any form of thought. In reality, it was much more tantalising, she was becoming wet just watching; knowing only to well she herself would soon be in the same situation. Just studying he’s body, gave her a chill down her spine, his muscles stood out, slightly glazed by his own perspiration, he was ploughing into her now at an alarming rate, Judy had lifted herself pulling her shoulders up to him, gripping him hard. Robert threw his head back with a roar as he came, forcing his cock in deep, for moments he held. Judy lie back; her eyes glued to his, watching the tension within his face as he forced his seed into her, her hips were held upwards encouraging him to go deep.

“I suppose you could do with a drink now?” Emma inquired.

“Well, I know I could!” Exclaimed Judy, “That was real good, I’ll have a rest now and you can take Em on!”

Robert eased himself off her and looked down wagging his head with a smile. “I suppose I’m not in on the offer then?”

“Will you have time?” Judy grinned throwing her legs onto the floor.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

“But you’re not Jack you’re our Robert?” Judy replied.


“Well at least for tonight anyway!” Judy chuckled.

“Before I do anything I must take a quick shower, that’s hot work I can assure you. I’ll have my drink when I come back!”

The girls watched as he headed for the bathroom, then turned to each other with a sly grin on their faces.

“G & T!” Emma smiled.

“Nice large one!”

“Ever tried Polish White Spirit?” Emma called across to Judy.

“PWS, haven’t seen any of that for years!”

“It’s 100% proof I’ll have you know?”

“It would be. I don’t think we need that!”

“Need it?” Emma quizzed.

“It’s a sure way for a guy to get into a girls knickers. It soon warms you into />
Emma smiled, sitting down alongside her offering her the drink.

“So he takes Viagra then, that is a turn up for the books. It explains />
“I’m glad you’re here I don’t think I could handle another session like yesterday!” Emma smiled.

“Between us we should be able to get him down on his knees! Making out that he was the town’s best stud. Anything you like; he’ll come out of that bathroom with a raging hard on again”

“About that PWS, I think he might have given me some of that yesterday, I’m sure the Pimm’s he gave me was a dam sight stronger than down the wine bar?”

more than likely right, he didn’t want to waste time getting you in the mood I’ll expect”

“Come to think of it I was a bit quick off the mark!” Emma giggled.

Robert came out of the bathroom stark naked, and as Judy had implied, with a raging hard on.

Emma snapped her legs together, the twinge at the top sending spasms through her body. To see a man with such physique, and a raging cock really made her heart beat. Even Judy would have been willing to jump back in the saddle again.

“No drink for me then?” Robert grinned.

to sure of what you’d like!” Emma smiled, “What would you like then?”

“I’ll have some of your Pimm’s, nice and cool; plenty of ice!” Robert replied sitting back on the sofa next to Judy.

Emma took the tall glass from the shelf, after putting in some ice she looked at the Polish White Spirit, then back toward Robert.

“Right lets see how you like it!” she thought to herself, poring an amount into the glass followed by a good measure of Pimm’s.

“God, I’d forgotten what this tasted like!” Robert smiled after he’d taken his first sip from the glass.

“See your up and ready to go then?” Judy sniggered, looking at the size of his manhood as it lay firmly along his leg

“Bedroom this time, it’s to cramped on this sofa,” said Robert taking a sip of the Pimm’s and holding the glass up to the light. “I didn’t realise this stuff was so scrumptious, might go onto this myself!”

Emma gave Judy a wink as he took another sip from the glass.

“We can’t sit wasting time all-day here; come on into the bedroom!” Judy sniggered.

Both girls took him by the arms and lugged him through to the bedroom, laying him out on the bed before them. He sat up straight away reaching to Emma; his hands went up under her dress, gripping her panties wriggling then slowly down to her knees, then down to her ankles. One hand lifted her dress allowing him freedom to move in with his head; Emma stood spread legged with her hands on her hips as she felt his tongue kneading her pussy, Judy knelt down on the floor removing her panties as Emma stepped out of them. The Pimm’s had reinforced Roberts eagerness’ it was almost as if he were chewing a melon, his mouth was going from one side to the other, his tongue darting in and out as it passed over her clitoris.

Emma stepped back, it was too much for her, placing her hands onto his shoulders she pushed him back on the bed then straddled his face with her pussy. Judy took full advantage and went straight down onto his cock, sucking and licking like it was her first lollypop. Robert was soon getting out of breath, not so much that his cock was being licked dry, but for the fact that his mouth and nose was completely engulfed by Emma’s wet pussy. Although he was enjoying the taste and bouquet of her pussy, his lungs were being staved of inhalation, as he started to splutter Emma lifted of him as she would a motorcycle; Judy threw his legs fully onto the bed.

“Bed him girl!” Judy laughed, holding his cock upright.

Emma knew of her meaning and lowered herself down firmly onto his cock, absorbing it fully in one downward movement, enjoying the strain it put on her inner pussy muscles as they were forced to the sides accepting the gigantic organ as it slid up inside her. Placing her hands behind her onto the bed, she started to rock backwards and forwards, assuring he lost no depth from within her whilst doing so.

“Feel good?” Judy chuckled to Emma, as she moved in above stepping over Robert’s head, and then lowered herself. Robert wasn’t too sure of this, as he knew she still had a full pussy load that he’d given earlier.

Judy anticipated his dilemma and lifted slightly, compressing her inner virginal muscles, just stimulating enough to ease the juices down. Emma leaned back as far as she could, foreseeing Judy objective.

Thick globular cream surrounded her pussy lips mingling within her mass of dark pussy hair.

Emma nodded with a smile, as if to say Judy lowered leisurely, rocking her hips until she sensed his mouth underneath her, then held herself down; the cream covered his lower face as she smeared her pussy across his lips.

Emma glanced up to Judy with a grin on her face as if to say “Job, jobbed!”

The pressure on Roberts cock with the continual force of being curved backwards, it was giving him agony; with the additional blood being forced into his cock from the Viagra and the PWS stimulation; he surely felt as if his cock would break in two. He knew he’d wanted the two girls, nevertheless didn’t anticipate them taking over he’s body in such an unfair way. Digging his heels into the bed, pulling his body downwards; nearly hurling Emma on top of him with the forcefulness of his movement drawing him sharply down the bed, once clear of Judy’s pussy he took a deep breath, with a mouthful of cum and having his nostrils full to over flowing didn’t make things any easier. He leapt from the bed and stood beside it, clasping a handful of tissues from a nearby box, he held them up under his nose and blew hard.

“So you want to play do you?” He gave his nose another full blow, and then threw the tissue in a bin.

Robert grabbed Emma spinning her over on to her back then pushing her knees up under her. “You want cock; then you shall have it!” He laughed.

Emma wasn’t expecting the abruptness; he more-or-less aimed his cock at her backside then ploughed straight in, whether it was moistness from the dregs of her father she couldn’t tell; but his cock was straight up her. He grabbed her buttocks; holding on firmly then started to fuck her hard. Emma knew he was using his full shaft, as with her father he was laying into her with his entirety, the huge helmet reamed her back passage.

Judy sat on the bed in front of her friend, her hands underneath supporting her swinging breasts as her body was thrust foreword and backwards. Robert slapped Emma’s rump, the stinging sensation seemed to enhance his rhythm. He knew on this occasion he’d fuck her until he blew; he eased himself up, moving his legs to each side of her, and then dipped his angle, lining his cock for full penetration. Emma hollowed her back leaning into his deep thrusts. With her breasts being supported she could take full advantage of her position, her head went down like a raging bull, low moans, squeals, even an onslaught of fowl language broken by snaps electrical orgasms. Suddenly Robert went into turbo, long, deep, majestic thrusts; his balls readied themselves for the eminent, he reached forward grabbing her by the shoulders, his hips bent; then he held. Emma felt the expansion along his shaft, bending her back, and pushing her rump up to his aggression. She could feel the flow as it erupted deep in her passageway, bubbling, boiling; her fingernails snapped as she gripped the pillow.

that was real good!” She finally stammered, collapsing down onto the bed before him, and then rolling onto her back. “This I could take all day!” she smiled.

Robert sank onto his knees, there was a numb ache in his balls, he knew he’d taken on too much; but there was no way he could let the side down now.

“Drinks all round again I take it?” Judy smiled leaping of the bed.

The Viagra once again started to kick in and thicken his cock, Robert did wonder if he was overdoing the tablets, remembering as to how his balls felt that morning. Judy was back all smiles, placing the drinks statically at points around the bed for easy reach.

“His ready for more then?” she implied, her hand reaching forward stroking the reddened shaft. “He looks sore?” Her eyes went up to Robert as she spoke. “He’s not going to let us down is he?”

He knew that he’d fucked Emma eight times in his last session with her, this ment between then, he’d to fulfil at least six more portions.

“Fear not, we’ll not let you down!” Robert chuckled.

you have help then?” Judy smiled.

“Figure of speech!” Replied Robert, his hand went down to his cock smoothing its rippled skin.

Both girls had moved to the top of the bed with their knees pulled back to the breasts their feet slightly apart, Robert could not help but look, there were still globule’s of cum in the entrance to Judy’s pussy.

mind if I take over this time, it will give you a rest?” Judy said with a cheeky grin.

Robert looked down at her open lipped pussy, thinking its moisture would ease his soreness.

“Why not, you can keep him warm whilst we finish our drinks!” Robert moved up the bed between the two girls, pushing his legs out before him. “There you go, sit on that for a few minutes until we get our energy back!

Judy clambered back down the bed then spun around positioning herself onto his cock, driving down on it, as it was some kind of joystick.

“Is that nice and warm?” She grinned, giving a little nip with her inner muscles, whist holding her glass up to her lips taking a long sip.

Robert winched to her tightness; her pussy felt not unlike a nutcracker. He continue to drink from his glass, hoping to hide his discomfort, nevertheless, Judy clung onto his cock, whilst continuing her own drink, her eyes glue to his; wondering who would break first, the pain was becoming excruciating.

“Are you two going to stare at each other all afternoon, I thought we were going to have fun?” Emma stated, putting her empty glass on the bedside cabinet.

“Rest a while longer!” Judy smiled as she wriggled her way further down his cock; she wanted her muscles to be just below his helmet. “He break then!” she thought.

Emma could see the tension on Roberts face; she looked down between Judy’s legs, she was in no doubt that she had the whole of his manhood within the boundaries of her pussy. Nevertheless, her pussy lips appeared to be nibbling, a slight sucking noise could be heard, as if the juices left within were being sucked back up inside her.

Robert looked back up into Judy’s eyes, she grinned back “You like!” She inquired of him, then giving him an extra tweak.

Although quite painful at this stage, Robert decided to hold fire, he knew before very much longer he’d cum, which would be another portion under his belt so to speak, that would give him another rest, he would prefer to fuck Emma anyway, she never seemed to have any of the abilities that Judy had with her sexual experiences. He knew that in the end, a girl with this ability would often end up with more pain, than he himself would.

“Fine, I’m just fine; be prepared for a good load though, and it won’t be long now!” He replied, in the hope that he was right.

Emma felt somewhat left out, as there didn’t seem to be any real movement between the two of them, but she could tell whatever it was that Judy was doing she was undoubtedly getting pleasure from.

Robert knew he’d have to withdraw somewhat, as if she still had him in deep when the force of his load started; he wouldn’t be able to cum, which would only cause him more pain from the back pressure which would inevitably build up.

“Your turn to get the drinks I believe?” Robert implied, wanting to get Emma out of the room, allowing him to change position, he knew Judy would hold out as long as she could. He make it longer next time, using the comfort of Emma’s inexperienced pussy.

Emma left them to it, she just wanted to get his cock back between her legs, and not understanding as to Judy motives for what she was doing. She liked it hard and fast with buckets of cum at the end.

As soon as Emma was out of the room Robert reached forward gripping Judy by the hips lifting her off his cock, then pulling her underneath him, without delay thrusting his cock up her then fucking her like a madman, with his forceful speed, she no chance of retaining her grip, if she gripped to soon, his helmet would be forced through, hurting her more than she’d have liked, the only way was after he’d past the powerful muscles, but he was to fast for that.

When Emma came back into the bedroom Robert was fucking her like a man possessed, only this time he was mustering the pain, hitting bottom more times than Judy would have liked. He then blew, pulling his cock straight out of her, leaving her no chance to continue her spitefulness. Lucky for him her pussy was stretched enough to hold in all.

“My turn!” Emma smiled.

“A rest first, then we’ll finish with you for to night” Robert claimed, turning sitting on the edge of the bed.

“My, that’s looks sore?” Emma sighed seeing as to how red and inflamed his cock looked, and noting how swollen the helmet was.

why I’d like a rest till morning!” Robert held out his hand taking two of the glasses, putting on onto the bedside cabinet. yours!” he turned around looking down to Judy, who was still laid out along the bed.

“Thanks Emma!” he implied holding he’s glass up.

all after Em’s, you can’t be serious?” Judy sat up when she realised as to what he’d said.

a mite rough, you can’t be doing that all the time!” He pointed to his cock.

Judy to up her glass and looked down at his cock. “That can’t be all my doing?” She smiled up at Emma.

“No good asking Emma, she wouldn’t know where to start; />
“You caused that Judy?” Emma questioned.

“No, he’s had to much pussy lately, that’s what’s caused that I’ll be bound!” The last thing that Judy wanted was for her to take blame for his lack of ability.

Robert’s cock started to revitalize, possible due to the fact that Emma’s skirt had ridden up. Trouble was so did his tenderness increase, and there was no way you can shut Viagra off unless you swallow a bottle of aspirins.

“Hell Robert! Are you sure about this, it does look mighty Emma bent down between his legs taking his cock into her hand. “Can I see if I can make it feel better?” Emma looked up to him with a cheeky smile on her face.

Robert knew she’d do no harm, or at least not mean to, so he opened his legs allowing her room to move in close. Leisurely she licked its full length going from one end to the other. The feeling was good, but it also encouraged its growth, causing more pain. He knew the only way was to lay her out and give her what she wanted. Reaching down he cupped her head into his hands, “I think we’ll give you what you dearly want most; come on up onto the bed. You can have it anyway you like!”

Emma gave his cock a swift kiss on its helmet, and then got onto the bed kneeling on the edge, with her legs spread extensively. Judy could but watch as Robert stood behind her offering his manhood. With the extra swelling it looked enormous, Judy was in hope that it would be too much for her friend, knowing she would love it herself. Emma gripped the bedcover as she sensed the spread of her inner pussy, but it wasn’t through pain by a long chalk. Robert tenderly pushed his cock up her, edging it in and out at given intervals, to him it was soothing, no course muscle power, gradually the pain eased, with her juices and laid back pussy power both we’re enjoying the slow rhythm. Even Emma didn’t want speed now, this she could take for as long as he liked, she would have like it up her back passageway again, like her father had accomplished that morning, and her mind went back. She felt somewhat proud of having two cocks at the same time; perhaps now living on her own life would be more exciting.

His helmet must have swollen even more, the feeling within was all at one end of his shaft, and Emma wanted to squeeze it, but thought better of it, envisaging the soreness that he must already be in. She threw her head back and arched her back; the orgasm was immense. Judy could but sit and watch his face, trouble was, even orgasm flexed the inner pussy muscles, Judy sat and smiled just to watch the anguish in his face. “That will teach him!” She thought.

Robert knew he couldn’t take to much more, he really wanted to run some cold water over his cock to bring down the swelling, knowing very soon now he would blow, Emma’s pussy was a tube of sheer delight, to his cock, it felt not unlike a jar of compacted worms. But the unanticipated pain came, Emma had a multiple orgasm as he himself came, his cock was locked. He fell over her, his hands spread out on the bed each side of her body, his moan was loud and deep, as his seed pumped so did Emma’s muscles flex; His cock felt as if it were in a vice.

Emma ached her back twisting her head toward him, kissing him on the cheek. was good!” She murmured in his ear.

Judy sat on the bed whilst they both went to the bathroom; her head was in her hands.

“I my own fault. So what if he does take Viagra, yes I’d enjoyed it; perhaps the world would be a better place if all men took it!” She thought to herself.

Most of the evening was taken up by watching a film on the TV, Robert had been allowed the sofa, but the girls constantly bathed his cock with baby oil; even Judy had now succumbed, knowing that with luck they’d both get his cock in the morning.

By the time bedtime came, his cock looked in a much better state, the bed was king size so they’d all managed to get in together, Robert sandwiched between them both. Even now his cock pulsed, both girls had their backs toward him, he knew he wasn’t that sleepy yet but the girls seemed to both be bushed. He edged up behind Judy, his fingers found her spot, slowly he eased his cock up her, there was a slight moan, as he just pushed it in deep and held the feeling was good, her pussy was relaxed, with little tremble every now and again, the experience was excellent. Slowly he manipulated the blood flow allowing his cock to thicken, Judy pushed her bottom toward him, offering him slightly more depth, and gradually he started to fuck once more.

Although asleep, it wasn’t to long before Judy’s breath started to labour, he knew it was an orgasm; he reached over her clasping her breast gently, manipulating it within his fingers. Judy muttered something then let out a series of squeals as her orgasm took control.

Robert withdrew slowly turning to face Emma, with her pussy still very moist his cock went straight in, he pulled her bottom into his lap, allowing his cock to slide deep, perhaps a little to deep as Emma winched, but still she slept. Her pussy was not unlike a well-greased sausage skin, inside out. As Robert started to fuck her, her arm came up over her shoulder hugging him around the neck.

“Thank-you, I thought I was going to miss out there!” She whispered.

awake!” Robert leaned forward kissing her ear.

“As are you, I take it…it feels better now?”

your friend is an aggressive fuck, it’s fine if she only wants to be fucked once or twice. Very painful if she wants more!”

Emma lifted her leg allowing him fuller penetration, whist she cuddled the pillow against her chest. His cock still felt huge to her even now, but the slow rhythm was gratifying. Judy had explained earlier as to what she’d done to his cock, and apologised for cutting their session short. Telling Emma that she’d felt somewhat jealous watching him fuck her, she’d never been in a threesome before; Emma did wonder if she should tell her about her father and brother that morning, but thought better of it, knowing she might think of it as taboo. Her hand went down to Robert’s leg pulling him in deeper.

With the rubbing and stoking of his cock that evening Robert was ready to blow once more.

He pulled himself close to her ear. “I’m sorry I think I’m going to cum again soon!” He whispered, giving her ear a little tweak.

worry…but make it deep!” Emma muttered.

She arranged herself so that his cock had little or no restrictions. He went in deep, it was a fabulous feeling, firstly his cock would swell, then it almost rippled, and then of course the gush, with the slight stinging sensation, deep inside.

yes, that feels good!” Emma murmured, clutching at the pillow. leave it there, we’ll sleep now”

Judy was the first to wake in the morning, she’d rolled over, Robert was on his back beside her in a deep sleep; her hand moved to his private regions, his cock was flaccid but it still felt thick, moving her head under the bedding she took it into her mouth, she sensed the dry flaking juices along its length but paid no heed thinking it was just dried juices from himself. Her mouth soon started to bring live back; gradually her hand went down between her legs, dragging her fingers through the soft down, she’d only to touch the tip of her clitoris and her pussy was alive once more, it was even still moist inside. She was sure it just had to be her turn; slowly she clambered up the bed drawing the duvet down as she did so. His cock stood proud, she move over him, guiding his cock up toward her pussy, then gradually lowering onto it, the feeling was sensational, making sure no weight was placed onto his body she started to fuck him.

Robert was awake; he had been for the last hour, however he didn’t want Judy to know this in case she decided to give more of the aggressive pussy treatment.

Emma stirred; Judy placed her hand onto her shoulder bringing her finger up to her lips. Emma nodded understandingly as to her meaning; she lifted herself up on one arm and turned to look at Robert, with a smile she looked down between her friend legs, his cock seemed to have gone back to normal size, even though it still looked big. Emma sensed a slight seepage between her own legs and pulled them together, the last thing she wanted was for Judy to know that he’d made love to her since they’d retired; and by her awareness, he’d given her a first-rate load.

The pleasure of Judy on his cock, with no feeling of her weight on his body felt like a gentleman’s wank, only with silken gloves on. He wanted to lift, to force his cock up her. Why the hell she’d been so sadistic the night before he couldn’t tell; he could hear the girls whispering, Emma’s voice even made his cock throb, he knew he’d have to take her out for a couple of weeks, she was one of the best fucks he’d had, he might even hang onto her.

His balls started to fill, Judy sense the shaft thicken as he blew. Judy sat hovering above.

“He’s cumming! God what a feeling!” She smiled across to Emma.

There was a faint bubbling noise from her pussy; it was obvious to both girls. Judy still had air inside her before he went in, with the added volume of spunk; it was forcing the air back. Emma smiled noticing the bubbles breaking around her pussy lips as the fluid was forced down the sides of his cock.

Judy stretched forward pulling hair from his face and smiled. “Makes you wonder as to where he gets it all from. I wonder how fertile he is?”

Emma grinned.

“Well, I for one wouldn’t mind his child!” Judy hesitated for a moment, wondering if he’d woken, “I know of one girl who went out with him just for that reason?”

wrong!” Emma stated.

“Oh, don’t worry he’d have never known of it! She’d like to try again”

Robert couldn’t believe what he was hearing; he waited in the hope that he’d find out her name.

“Do I know her?”

“I’ll tell you sometime, not here. Should we wake him to a breakfast, or would you want to wait a while. I think it’s died this time!” Judy smiled, giving his cock a slight squeeze.

Trouble was the squeeze was just too much for Robert; he sat up with a start.

“God, are you at it again!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it!” Judy smiled, not realising her own strength within her pussy.

“I take it you’ve had your fill then?” He was sitting up now his eyes down between her legs.

“No point in wasting it! Anyway it was my turn” Judy grinned.

“Fancy a cup of tea?” Emma smiled.

turn I think! But you make sure you get off nice and easy” Robert smiled.
Judy’s slowly lifted herself from him, making sure there were no dribbles then staggered to the bathroom, making it look as if she was having a job walking.

not that full I know!” Emma chuckled.

“Did you sleep />
“How long did we stay together?” Emma quizzed.

“Not to sure, I feel asleep soon afterwards, but it was />
Emma leaned forward kissing him on the cheek. “For me to, but I think I’d better go to the bathroom, you sure have left your mark!” She grinned.

story by: Gail Holmes

Tags: fiction young erotica extreme sex story

Author: Gail Holmes

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