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In the eight grade I had the most awesome teacher ever. She taught me sooo much and I still remember every bit of it, and envy those that have her now and will have her in the future.
She was a redhead with smooth skin, warm hands sensual lips, stone gray eyes with blue around the center. She never wore panties, except for one week a month. Her clothes were always skin tight and hot, whose shade of red made even women horny. She had one of those soft, but firm, shapely and gentle bodies that you only wish that you could feel, you could undress, but never could find the porn or anything that gave you any hint other that which you saw to know what lied beneath.
One day I went to class one day and there my teacher was there, and there was every body else just as normal as could be, but little did I know nor any one else what was about to conspire. I had just recently started puberty, and all of the girls were, of course, farther along. Any ways I had a dick about5 or 6 inches, long at the time, and there were soooo many hot girls; it was dream like that year…
"Ok class today we are going to learn about anatomy." My teacher said. "Does every one know what the word anatomy means?"
"Yes!" we said in unison.
"Ok, what part of the body do you want to study?"
"SEX!!" said a few eagerly. She smiled, and said, "OK, lets do that then. Pair off, girls and boys. and then take seats next to each other." we all did so, except[t for myself, who was left alone. partner less. So I went and told her this. She said, ok, you can be mine ." That was the first great thing to happen to me that year.
"OK class, I want to make sure that all of your parents signed the release forms." We all nodded, little did our parents know the hands on experience we would get this year.
"Ok, all of the girls, put your hand in the lap of the boy next you." Some giggled, others squeezed, I was the example, and her hand went in my pants. Her soft, gentle, loving, caring, and leading hand. She said, now feel around but don’t squeeze too hard. You may find it easier to find this stuff with your hand inside, but only do this with the boys permission." I have no clue what, or how many guys gave permission, neither did I care, I had a woman in my pants, and they had only inexperienced girls in theirs. She said, "Not all penises will be the same size, some, Like Mr. Carpenter have big and long for their age, some will be short, and some will be fat. None of these is anything to be embarrassed about. It is similar to the size of a girls breasts, some are big, some are small, and no one has natural control over their size." I was in pure heaven, I was honestly seconds from exploding in my pants. She realized this and said, "I almost forgot…" got up, and got a humongous box of condoms out of the closet. "Put these on the young men," evidently all of the other guys had given their partners permission to go into their pants. She described how to put one on, using my Penis as an example. "You open the condom, out it over the top, while it is erect, pinch it to get all of the bubbles out, and then roll it down the shaft. Go ahead and try it, I will be around in a second to check their fit." She was about to leave me, made me unhappy. She left, but was back with five girls in about 5 minutes. She said, "This penis is defiantly large enough to practice on." "Go ahead," and they each with much less skill and many missing pinches got it on. It was like one of the most pleasurable jerking offs ever when she came and put one on again to show them.
"OK, the guys may pull their pants up, it is time for lunch, we will resume after that time. Also please do not go around talking about what has happened here to all of your friends in other classes, are getting an experimental new class."
We went to lunch and all of the sudden, I was the most popular guy, I even had the head cheerleader trying to feel me out. But what did I want with such inexperienced and fickle girls? When I could have a true Woman, who knew what she was doing. One thing, any time, anywhere, sex, whereas I couldn’t do this with my teacher, I had to secretive and such things. I chose the teacher, and lived to enjoy it.
Anyways, lunch was over and it was time to return to class.
It was the most hands on and memorable time and most effective yet. So once back in class, we all sat down in our respective seats and waited for our teacher to arrive. When she came in she was caring a box that she had brought from home. Inside were vibrators, and much much more. "Sorry I am late class, but I needed to run home and get some more materials. if any of the young ladies are uncomfortable with what we did this morning or will be uncomfortable doing something similar please raise your hand." To my surprise only two girls did, and they were thought to be sluts… "Are you two comfortable working together? Ok, Well, are there any young ladies willing to have a second male partner?" the two young men evidently were more popular than I thought, because they were taken quickly. "Ok guys please ask the young lady sitting next you where she is comfortable letting you roam." As an example she prompted me to ask her, and I did. She said anywhere you like. So I started feeling out her breasts. Those supplant succulent ripe and firm breasts. She was SOO warm and comfortable with my hands. So, I decided to go lower, as I had never been this far before. So, I started loosening her belt and un-tucking her shirt. She said "one second." She then got up and set eh box of vibrators, and such. Then she said, "Ladies, please show the young men how to use these, then allow them, if they like to try it. BUT NO INTERCOURSE YET!" We all nodded in acceptance. Her pussy trimmed and the hairs were red, it smelled at first disgusting, but a second sniff, it proved to be very very attractive. Nest she started saying where and to press and get into her pussy, where her G spot was and all kinds of great information. She then started using the vibrator, and I then got to use it. Next thing I knew she was kind of shaking and then relaxed. So I leaned forward, and kissed her sweet and damp pussy. Then I slowly slipped my tongue in and started searching
Felt for the growing lump, and then I found it, she reached forward and held my head there. I just kept licking it like a lollipop, it kind of tasted good. I just kept licking, and then her Pussy stated squeezing my tongue and taking away the candy. So I flowed it, I was more than horny, I was actually getting a full out boner, while sitting there. Then she kind of tightened up more than before, and then my mouth was filled with a moist sweet, and hot juice. I realized that I had just brought her to an orgasm!!! "OHHHH GAAWWWDD Yes!" Then the bell rang for the end of school. Wow that took a good while. But I was soooo horny, along with the rest of my class, but we all had to go home because of school activities after school. All though that night I had a great time with my dick whacking it off, to what had happened that day. Then I got a call, from who else, My teacher, she told my parents that she needed me to over to show her my presentation that I was supposed to present the next morning. little did I know the value of "Alternate /> So she came and picked me up at my house and told my parents that I would be home before 12. Not like they even cared. So when I got in the car the first thing she said to me was that I had done something that not even most grown men could. I was her prodigy, and she felt that it was her to teach me. I was very horny at this time, we got to her house, and went in. Inside was her neighbor Susie, boobies sister, any ways, she was like, I to let you get some extra practice, and for a young girl that I feel deserves to have more experience than her partner. So I continued into her bedroom. She was like, ok I am going to give you both a lesson in eating pussy. First, your biggest mistake, you never plow right in, you gently make your way in, and then stroke her pubic hair, like this, she said as she leaned in and did it to Susie, who to my surprise just grinned. Oh god this was going to be a good night. Next you search with your tongue, hit the g-spot, then back off, and hit it again, at this time you can get any thing you want from a woman, all she wants is for it to continue. So your turn, as she said this she got up from Susie, and then let me have free access. I was expecting her to draw away and watch, but instead she started on my dick. She was taunting me, but I continued with Susie. She smelled different, sweeter, and had the best red bush ever I think. it was thick on the edges, and thin in the middle. and nonexistent at the glory hole. So she came so close to her version of an orgasm, so much sooner than I, who had more endurance and resistance with my hours and hours of whacking. But I came within 5 minutes, in her mouth and all over her. Then she told Susie to get up and lick it all up, and I said, no, let me. As I licked it up she started again on my dick. So she did. And then she said Are you ready Susie? She nodded in agreement. Ok we had an idea for some adventurous, how up to it are you? Ready and willing, yes I had just come within 5 minutes, and was ready for more. Ok well our idea was to call your parents, and see if you could stay over at Susie house, and then come back over here, and we can finish our studying. Cool, This was done and when we came back she had made some food, and gave Susie a few condoms, said ok, lets practice the only part that you had trouble with now. She got down on her knees and pulled down my pants with her teeth, scary but defiantly horrifying, flat to flag in about 10 seconds. She laid me flat on my back and then stroked the shaft a couple of times with her pussy, up and down with the lips on either side, it was sooo warm and wet. Well next she got off ,ad put the condom on me, pinching it as before. getting all of the air out, then I swear not even 5 seconds later I flipped her over and was on top, slowly and with great care fucking her pussy, and pinching her breasts, she told Susie to come over and then she ate her out at the same time. Needless to say Susie was gone first, and I kept going, as was nearly out of Cum and I held on until my teacher came and then I said ok my turn. And blew a nut so great that I had trouble getting my dick out of her pussy. Then we all crumpled onto each other tired and worn out from all of the sex. The next day, I was put in the group with the lesbians, and then, we never carried on past that day. The teacher and I, but I luckily got a large supply of Condoms, and had the greatest years of my life thru all of High school. They all knew what I could do and loved having me do it to them. But from that day on I sat on the front row, and filled blew up several condoms a month.

story by: Jpawww

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Author: Jpawww

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