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To not bore anyone with a long background, I must give a brief on myself. My name is Thomas Hitchcock (or, it is as far as you are concerned). As far a looks go I was about average, 5‘8“, regular build with a little basket-ball muscle on me, blond hair and blue eyes. At the time this initially took place I was 20 years old and a college student at a large university. I came from a medium sized town in the same state. I knew early on I was a bisexual. Or rather I was a as I would try anything to get off. Few sexual acts or taboos turned me off (within reason). The first sexual experiences I had were male/male type. I had a friend at 14 who I it stereotypically goes started looking a porn together and later ended up sexual, the sexual behavior lasted to this day as he is now my roomate. But that is another story.

It was the middle of my sophomore year at the university. The spring semester was about to start and I was in need of a roommate. I lived in the dorms and my previous roommate had to move back home to do his low GPA. So, I was less than thrilled as everyone I knew had a roommate and I was going to be forced to live with some guy I didn’t know. Hearing the horror stories of assigned roommates didn’t help in any either.

As January rolled around I received my room assignment in the mail. “Room: 325, Thomas Hitchcock/Andrew Danvers,” the notice read. I assumed he was an obsessive Star Wars fan or some other form of nerd who lost his roommate over the break. Around the 20th I packed my stuff and trekked back to campus. It was near the end of move-in week. I had put off moving up as long as I could. When I arrived at my room I was surprised to see nobody had been there yet. My mystery roommate still was not there. I began unloading my stuff and making this closet into a home.

As the day wore on I got bored. Once done packing I decided to see who was around. It was a co-ed floor, lots of good looking girls chit-chatting and giggling and a lot of party animal guys. I always make it a point to meet the next door neighbors. I saw that my neighbors had their door cracked and seemed to be playing video games. I knocked and was acknowledged with a ‘Who dat?.’ I opened the door and entered. There was a skinny white guy who was of the Eminem influence and a meaty black guy playing some basketball game on xbox.

“I’m Thomas Hitchcock, I just moved in next door,” I said.

“No shit, I’m Freddie, this Wanksta William,” said the black guy.

“Yo,” was William’s input.

“Good to meet you guys. You two live here this past fall?”

Freddie said with a chuckle, “we was here.”

so funny? You guys know my roommate or something?” My worst fears had struck, my roommate was probably some freak.

“Yeah, cool guy just heard some stories as to why he ain’t got a roommate now,” Freddie said still amused.

“Well, what was it?” I tried not to sound too eager.

“Supposedly his roommate left cause he was a fag ya know?” William said, never breaking his view of the game. “Story goes he got caught sucking a dick at a party or />
There it was the awful truth about my roommate. Although I acted as if it was gross and belittled him, I was oddly excited. But, I knew how rumors go. There is always some story like that and 90% of it is false. So I returned to my room pondering my situation. All I could think about was what to expect. Was I going to get a pink shirt with a popped collar limp wristed fag? I hoped that wouldn’t be it. Granted I have sucked and fucked with both sexes in my time I don’t like the ‘fag’ type, at all. I attempted to sleep but all I could do was think about the looming cloud of bad possibilities for hours before finally dozing off.

The next morning I was awaken by noises of somebody moving around in my room. I looked over to see a short haired brunette male, about with a skinny build unloading some stuff on the other side of the room. As I sat up he turned around.

“Hey, sorry man didn’t mean to wake you,” he said in a normal male voice without a lisp in site.

“It’s cool, I needed to get up anyway.”

I stretched and approached him extending my hand, “I’m Thomas, Thomas />
“Andrew Danvers , good to meet you.” He had a firm handshake, which was a good sign.

After a while we got to know each other and became pretty good friends. We exchanged what a re majors were, where we were from, ect. He seemed completely normal straight guy. Over the next two months he did nothing to suggest he was a homosexual. We hung out with friends came to parties with me and what not. He was even hitting on girls. He has several friends who were girls, hot ones at that. Seemed like a regular guy like me. Only difference being while he would say he thought a girl was hot he never went much further than that. No bragging about chicks he fucked or anything. When a friend of ours asked him why he was shy about it some dumb bitch said it was cause he was sensitive and respectful of women and that was that.

However, the long awaited proof finally surfaced. I woke up one afternoon with the exclamation ‘Oh shit!’ I had to do an online quiz for a class, and it was due in half an hour. My computer was at the computer store being fixed as it was eat up with viruses, which was common on the campus. I didn’t want to get dressed and go to a computer lab, not to mention I didn’t have time. So with Andrew gone to work I decided to use his computer, a pet peeve of mine I had no choice, and I just wouldn’t tell him. His PC was on so I sat down and shook the mouse and brought up the internet. After I completed the quiz I got curious. Being naturally snoopy I always have to look around a person’s computer, the same reason I hate when people use mine. Two clicks away and there it was, my proof. I found two files, one of pictures the other of videos. It was gay heaven. He had to have at least 100 porno picture of men. And based on the collection he favored the sub-genre. Not being a picture fan I began watching the videos, he had at least 50. I was myself in gay heaven. My cock instantly became hard as the first video was a great fucking with a pull-out and a fantastic cum-shot. I was mesmerized and watched video after video all the while rubbing my cock through my boxers. Finally I exploded and slumped back in the chair with a sigh. I closed down the windows and got dressed. Of course I never let him know about it and things went on as normal until that May.

The arrival of May brought Finals and the prospect of the semester being finally over. I had been having trouble in my math class, mainly cause I didn’t want to study but mainly cause I hated math. Andrew had the same teacher for the same class I did only at a different time of day. One night we decided to go study at the library. We spent hours on end studying before finally my concentration was broken with the sound of rain drops.

I exclaimed.

“Well, let’s go before it gets to bad. I am fried anyway,” Andrew suggested.

We left the library in a hurry, we had walked there as our dorm wasn’t that far. Our only option being to run back and so we did just as it began to pour. We came streaking into the dorm and took the elevator up to our room. We were drenched. We quickly got into the room and instinctively began to strip out of the we clothing. I had gotten all the way down to my whitie-tighties before I noticed it. He was staring at my, and more appropriately my cock which was visible through the we material. I froze as did he when he saw that I saw. It had been along time since I had gotten some cock and my mind went racing. The thought of him looking at my dick excited me and I felt myself starting to get hard and lust override sanity and I did the craziest think I could have done at that moment. Without reasoning I looked him in the eye and without saying a word grabbed the waistband of the underwear and pulled them off and tossing them to the side. There I was standing in all my glory in front of him, neither of us saying a word . He just stood there and swallowed hard. I noticed he began to grow staring at my now erect cock.

I threw caution into the wind once again and walked across the room to him and instinctively began kissing. Tongues and saliva were instantly exchanged as we pressed out bodies together . My cock could feel his hard member straining against his boxers. The kissing grew more intense and I moved from his mouth to his ears then down his neck to his chest. From his chest I kissed down slowly going to my knees. As I reached his stomach with a push I pushed him back to sit on his bed and drew his wet boxers off to his ankles. He knew this wasn’t my first time. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock and like licking a lollipop started with one long draw of my tongue from the base to the tip of his cock’s head. He shivered. I slowly began moving my hand up and down the shaft as I kissed all around his cock. I finally kissed the very tip of his cock before taking him into my mouth. I almost gagged at first, been out of practice. I began going up and down, sucking him slowly. He placed his hand on the top of my head, I could hear him breathing harder. I began sucking him faster and faster using my left had to rub his cock and my right to jerk myself off.

Finally I felt it. I knew he was about to cum before he did. His cock pulsed and I heard him say ‘oh shit’ just before he exploded in my mouth I drew him back a little as only his head was still in my mouth and his seed filled my mouth. I slowly milked him into my mouth with my hand and finally pulled my lips of him. I leaned back and gulped his cum down my throat still jerking him slowly. Cum oozed down his cock, I slowly rubbed him as he went limp occasionally licking excess cum off. He reached down and took my by the face pulling him to him to kiss, remnants of him cum on my lips and mouth.

The kissing became more intense and he fell back on his bed, I was on top of him. It was animalistic and intense. He began to jerk me off, my pre-cum serving as the lubricant. It was fast and hard before long I said ‘I’m cumming’ and he immediately took my ear into his mouth. I sprayed his stomach, my stomach , and his already damp cock he rubbed me till I went limp. The rain water had been replaced by sweat and cum. We lay, legs intertwined and limp cocks on one another. We kissed a while. Until he broke the silence.

he said, swallowing.

was all I could muster.

“I’ve got a question for ya.”

I said.

“Does this mean we are gonna be roommates in the fall?”

story by: Tommy Tenderloin

Tags: bi-sexual true story oral sex sex story

Author: Tommy Tenderloin

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