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This is from the book Ruined Hearts, and it is not sex based, but it may seem like it at the beginning.
I will continue this as a story. Let me know how you like it. Again it’s not sex based, but it may seem like
it now.

The fact is that when my mother died she left behind something. Something that threatens to
take over, and end my life. For this very thing it’s only one, but it hurts every day. It aches constantly
to find something, someone that was taken from me since I was five years old. My ruined heart.

The men that took my mom, not only crashed into her, but were drunk. The police found her a
few feet away from the car naked, and dead. She had been shot in the head, and there were signs of struggle. They came to a conclusion that she had been crashed into, and then the men realizing
what they had done, drunk and stupid, raped her, and killed her. Leaving her. Someone had found
her the next morning, and had called the police. They pulled DNA samples, and found the two men responsible. They were at the back of some bar fucking some women.

Now they were at Fort Rogers Prison. They were safe from any harm except for the other
men who were just like them. But I wanted them to pay for what they did. They got food, and shelter,
and a place to stay in the winter. Though they were going to be there for awhile, I still wanted revenge.

Because of what had happened, my dad was very protective of me for the following years.
Now at eighteen, he had to let me go. He knew that, but it still hurt him. I told him that NUSD wasn't
that far from here, and that he shouldn’t worry. But he told me it was his job to worry. Of course that
wasn't really where I was going to be. No, I had other plans, and they involved getting into a highly
guarded prison.

Over the years I had gotten close to a boy. Alex Frazer. His dad was one of the security men at
Fort Rogers. I had planned this all out, and I was going to have to be a little slutty. Though I could
pull that off. At 5’7, blue eyes, and blonde hair, and 118 pounds, I was pure sexy. I worked out a little everyday to keep my carbs in check, and my body looking good. I had inherited the good genes from
my mother, and I knew for a fact I was sexy. I was tan, and ready for revenge. Greg, Alex Frazer’s
dad, was coming home for a week before he left again for Fort Rogers. My plans were to cozy up
next to him, and at the end of the week get him to take me there on a tour.

Alex, though, was going to be a probably since he and I were dating. Who knows, I thought as
I walked up to his house, maybe we can have a threesome. I knocked on the door, and when no one answered, I opened it and went inside. Alex said he’d be waiting for me. There was a noise coming
from up stairs, and I silently tip toed up the stairs to Alex’s room. I put my ear against the door,
and listen. There were some muffled voices, but then I heard something.

be here any second now. We shouldn’t be doing this.” Alex’s said as he grunted, and I heard someone moan.

hear the door bell when she gets her. Relax.” My hand flew to my mouth as I heard Alex’s
dad’s voice. There was more grunting and a few moans.

Alex and His dad were in his bedroom fucking!

I thought about what I should do, but then an idea came into my head. Maybe I could use this
to my advantage. I took out my phone, and got the camera up. I then wrapped my hand around
the door knob, and yanked the door open. Alex and his dad swore together, and tried to cover
themselves up. They were in the doggy position, and Greg had his dick up Alex’s ass. I got in
about five pictures when they both realized what I was doing.

“Vanessa delete those pictures!” Alex said trying to grabbing the phone away.

“Oh no. These are such great pictures. Let me just send a few to my friends first.” I said pretending
to text.
“No!” Greg half shouted. “Why are you doing this?”

“Why are you fucking your son?” I asked in return. “Alex, I didn’t know you ain’t gay.” I said sitting
down on the bed. They both stood there staring at me in hatred with nothing on.

Their dicks were pointed out towards me, and looked pretty big. Actually, they looked huge.
Ten inches or more. Greg’s dick was still hard too, and when they noticed me staring, they both tried covering themselves with their hands.

“Oh please don’t on my account.” I giggled, and stood up.

“What do you want?” Greg asked looking at his son, then back at me.

“Well, now that I think about it. I’m a little horny watching your erections.” I circle around them both,
and they just glared at me. Alex shook his head at me, and looked down in />
“Oh come on Alex. I know what you guys can do for me.” I said putting my phone in my bra. “If you
don’t want this all over the internet.” I threaten.

Greg asked slowly.

“Have a little sex party with me.” I grabbed the bottom of my shirt, and pulled it over my head.

I had a great body. I knew that. My breasts were 36C, and my nicely toned abs were the ideal
package for the perfect body. I didn’t really have an ass, but I still had one, and I had flawless skin.
The boys both just stood there, and watched as I slid my jeans down to my ankles, and stepped out of them.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Greg asked shock filling his face when he realized what I was doing.

“Just having some fun. Join me.” I said winking at him. I walked over to the bed, and got on my knees wiggling my butt at them.

They didn’t say anything, and stood there looking at each other, and then at me.

“Well..if you don’t want to join me…I can always send those pictures. Unless you, Greg, want to finish undressing me.”

I winked suggestively at him, and reached behind me unclasping my bra. I took it, and threw it at
his face.
Greg stood there for a few more minutes, and finally walked over to the bed. Alex was about
to say something when I took my phone, and opened it up.

“No, wait! Fine. Whatever you want.” Alex joined his dad, and I got rid of my phone, and my panties.

“Lay on the floor.” I ordered Greg.

He did as he was told, and I pulled Alex into a passionate kiss. His arms instinctively wrapped
around me. His hands slid down to cup my butt, and he pulled me against him. Greg sat up, and
pulled me back to his so that my ass was in front of his face. I spread my legs apart, and he dove in
with his tongue. I gasp as he licked, and sucked at my lips while Alex squeezed my breast, and
kissed my neck. I groaned, and Greg slid a finger inside my pussy.

I yelped in surprise, and he began fingering fucking me. After a few minutes he put another finger in,
and he starting kissing the inside of my thighs. Alex moved his lips down, and started sucking on
my left breast while lightly pinching my right breast. They continued for awhile, and then Alex switched breast, and Greg added another finger. I was in total bliss, and was about ready to cum.

My body was so close as Greg removed his fingers, and stood up. He pressed up against
my back, and I felt his dick grazed my pussy lips. I moaned in his ear, and he grabbed his dick
pressing it, teasing me, against my pussy. I wanted him so badly right now to ram his dick into
me, and fuck me. Alex straightened, and gave me another passion-filled kiss. He gripped my ass,
and I locked tongues with his as we made out. Greg pulled me away from Alex, and turned me towards him. He pushed me back into the bed, and shoved me down.

He got on top of me, and lined his dick up to my pussy. Then he rammed it in, and started
fucking the hell out of me. I screamed because it was so big. Bigger than Alex’s, and his was ten
inches. I clutched Greg’s back as he thrust in and out never stopping for a break. He leaned down,
and kissed me. Alex, missing out, went behind his dad, and started fucking his ass.

Greg’s dick was big, and it stretched me quite a bit, but it felt so good. Thrusting in and out of
me I felt his balls slap against me, and I moaned against his mouth. Alex fucked his dad, and his
dad fucked me, and we were having a fucking party.

Not long after I felt an orgasm coming and screamed out I was going to cum. Greg pumped
harder, and Alex picked up his speed, and they both yelled they were cuming! I screamed out as
he gave one final thrust, and squirt his cum inside my vagina. I felt him fill me with his cum, and I
groaned in pleasure. Alex came at the same time, and we fell back onto the bed after the last drop
had been squirted.

“Now see. Wasn’t that fun?” I asked exhausted. Our breaths were heavy, and we were all panting.
I was between the two men, and they both turned toward me, and began sucking on my breast.
I moan but then quickly sat up.

“How about a nice show?” I asked looking at them.

They both looked at each other, and grinned.

After I left the boys had probably returned to fucking, and I walked out of there a happy woman.
I had got to fuck two very sexy men, and Greg promised me that tour. I decided to go home, and make
a few extra copies of the pictures in case they deleted the ones on my phone. I heard someone
coming up to my room, and I quickly got rid of any of the pictures, and turned to face my brother.

Paul, age 23, was home for the summer, and knew all the wrong times to enter my room. He once came in when I was half dressed, and didn’t have a bra on. He had been completely embarrassed, but after he left I kind of hope that he’d come back. Paul was like me in several ways. One, he hated
those men for what they had did to my mother. Two, he had an insanely sexy body. I had seen him
plenty of times without a shirt, and he had taken my breath away. Sure he was my brother, but he was
my dream fuck.

“What are you doing?” He asked eyeing me suspiciously.

“None of your business, snoopy.” I said crossing my arms, and eyeing him back. He had on an
old t-shirt, and shorts, and must having been running because he was all sweaty.

“Well, dad wants to talk to us.” Paul said raising an eyebrow at my wandering eyes.

“I’m busy.” Dad was always trying to keep us in our place. Ever since mom died he wasn’t the same.

He took care of us just like she would have, and sometimes he was hard to think that that
should be her. Not him. He cleaned the house, and went to work. But recently he had started dating.
The girl that he had been interested in became more of a permanent thing, and I wasn’t sure if I liked
her yet.

I looked up and saw Paul take a step closer to me as if to comfort me.

I got up and turn my computer off.

I made sure everything was put away, and turned right into Paul. He had snuck up behind me,
and I ran right into him. Thankfully he caught me before I fell.

Paul grinned, and I knew I was done for. He did things like this when I was down thinking
about our mom. It always made me feel better though I’d never admit it to him.

“No-” I was cut off when Paul threw me over his shoulders, and ran downstairs with me on his

I beat him on the back yelling for him to let me down, and when he finally did he let me down,
and I fell back into the couch.

“Glad to see you guys are getting along.” My father was sitting on the other loveseat with Tammy
sitting next to him. She was smiling, and holding his hand. What I noticed most was the fact that
on that hand, was a diamond ring.

I snapped up right, and didn’t bother to hide my staring.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” She asked me showing it off a little.

Paul began but didn’t say anything else.

“I know son.” He said grinning. She turned to him, and kissed him on the check.

I realized that everyone was staring at me, and I snapped out of it. I looked once more at the
ring, and got up, and ran up the stairs to my room. I heard Paul say something to dad, and then
he came into my room. I tried to shut the door but he pushed it open.

Paul raised his arms in a what-the-hell motion.

I asked heatedly. But I knew what.

play stupid with me. You know what I’m talked about.” He said grabbing my arm.

“Get out.” I said trying to yank my arm out of his grip.

He warned. He didn’t let go, and I was getting pissed off.

“Let me go, Paul.” I glared at him, and he just shook his head. He let me go, and turned to leave.
But he wasn’t done, and he grabbed me, and threw me on my bed. Before I could get up he held
me down putting some of his weight on me.

“Tell me what the fuck is wrong. Why can’t you just be happy for him?” He asked grabbing my arm
when I tried to elbow him. He made it so I couldn’t move, and I just closed my eyes, and refused to
talk. I wasn’t going to say anything.

I heard him sigh, and then I felt him shift his weight. Then I felt him lift my shirt, and then he blew
a raspberry on my stomach. I shrieked, and kicked with all my might. But he held me tight, and I didn’t budge as he did it again.

“Gonna talk now?” He said stopping to ask me.

“Fuck you.” I said.

He shrugged, and again I tried to escape. I had done so much fighting that I got my leg right w
here I could knee him, and that’s what I did. I saw his eyes go wide as my knee came into contact with
his stomach, and he went down. But he took me with him, and we both landed on the floor. I fell first,
and he fell on top of me. I was laughing at the sighting of what I had just down to him, and he just
cursed me out. After a few minutes I thought maybe I had killed him, but he slowly raised his head,
and locked eyes with me.

The look he gave me was pure evil. A grin formed on his face, and I knew I was in trouble.
But then he straightens, and stands up. The grin leaving his face, and he became all serious.

“I’m going to take a shower. You should too. You stink.” He said walking out of my room, but not
before smacking me in the ass. I stuck my tongue out at him, and he just grinned again.

I knew I didn’t stink, but a shower still sounded good, and I strip while walking into my bathroom.
I turned the water on, and adjusted it to my liking. I stepped into the shower, and let myself be lost
in the hot streams of water as they ran down my body. This was the one time I could fully relax. I ran
my hands over my breast, and down my body, but stopped when I heard something. I looked up
when I saw somebody come in.

“Hey Vanessa, got any soap?” I heard Paul ask.

“What? No! Paul get out!” He never asked me for soap. What was he up to?

“I know you have all the soap.” I covered myself with the shower curtain, and peeked out to see
what he was doing. He was looking through all my draws in the cabinet, and he looked up when
I peeked out.

“Are you hiding it in there?” He asked with a very mischief look on his face.

“What? No. Paul, I don’t have any soap.” I had one bar in here, but I wasn’t about to share with him.

“I think you’re lying to me.” He said stepping closer to me.

“Paul, get out before I-” I stopped in mid-sentence when he started stripping. “Paul? What do you
think your doing?” He was done to just his boxers now.

“Well, if you won’t give me any soap, then I’ll just have to come and take some.” He said pushing
down his boxers he stood in front of me naked.

Don’t get me wrong I thought about my brother naked before. I mean, who hasn’t. My fantasy
didn't just stop with Greg or Alex. No, they only began there. But here and now. Like this. It just
seemed wrong. But they again, what I had done to them, that was wrong?

“What do you think, sis?” Paul asked after I could only stare at his large dick. He had to be about
nine inches. But it was thick, and hard.

“Paul, you’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you in this shower with me.” I stopped staring long
enough to glare at him, and he only laughed at me.

“Come on Vanessa. You know you want me. Think I don’t know about your wild fantasy about me.
I’ve heard you at night.” He took another step, and stroked his cock.

I didn’t say anything. I mean what could I say. That he was right, and I secretly wanted to fuck him.
That I wanted him to fuck my brains out, and make me cum until I could anymore? Yeah right.

“Alright then. That’s settled.” Paul said after I didn’t say anything. Before I knew it he grabbed the curtain, and yanked it open. “Damn sis.” Was all he said.

I stood there completely naked in front of him with the water still running behind me. I didn’t
bother to hide anything. I just stood there. Finally after he had memorized every last bit of my body he
came up to me, and got in the shower with me. He pushed me back in the shower a bit, and closed
the curtain. I still didn’t say anything as he pulled me up against him, and leaned down to kiss me.
I kissed him back and let his tongue explore.

Paul was a good kisser no doubt. I had heard from his girlfriends that he was not only good
at kissing, but he was good in bed as well. I wrapped my arms around his necked, and his hands
slid over my butt and pulled me even closer. Paul groaned when I fell to my knees in front of him,
and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock like a pro, and he leaned back against the wall
for support. Alex had always liked when I gave him a blowjob and I knew I was good. It wasn’t long
before Paul shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it all, and he pulled me back up to him, and
we kissed passionately. His hand found its way to my pussy, and he stroked it slowly.

Paul moved his lips to my neck, and downward to my stomach. He then got on his knees, and
spread my legs. I just about came right there when he moved his mouth to start sucking my pussy.
He licked, and sucked while I, this time, lean on the shower wall for support. I moan when he
slipped in two fingers into my pussy, and started to fuck me with them. It drove me crazy, and I came
not long after that. He kissed me once more before he shut off the water.

go to the bed.” He lifted me into his arms, and carried me to the bed.

“I want to make your fantasies come true, baby.” Paul told me as he lowered me down on the bed.

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story by: DannyLuv

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Author: DannyLuv

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