Shannon looked at the ceiling thinking about everything except what as going on underneath the covers. She asked herself random questions like "Did i pick up fresh fruit from the market" , or "Did i remember to put out th fire in the fire place".

Jake licked her pussy over and over again but she just wasn't into it. He asked her if it felt good and she said rolling her eyes with exhaustion from pretending. Jake slowly crawled up her body kissing and licking her which she thought didn't actually feel all that bad if only he could put that much passion in everything he did while the fucked. Shannon Knew her face probably showed that she wasn't enjoying it so she put on the best sexual face she could muster up. Jake looked at her and smiled feeling accomplished "Like he actually did something" thought Shannon. Jake kissed her neck and ran his hands all over her body, Shannon moaned she loved this part of their love making the most the part when they didn't actually have sex.

Jake spread Shannon's legs and she just let them fall apart as though she had no hip bones at all. He thrust forward and entered her pumping his hips in and out breathing heavily. Shannon rolled her eyes again because she was really tired of faking her orgasms and had begged him to not had sex tonight because she really was tired. She didn't mind letting him get his rocks off and when they were still newlyweds she loved fucking him every night . Jake's dick was at least 12&1/2 inches and at first he knew just how to please her but over time he had grown very boring and predictable, and he just couldn't stay hard as long. He started to fuck her harder moving faster she knew he was on the edge so she decided it was time to play up her excitment. She began moaning and egging him on "ohh baby yes yes yes oh god yes uh uh uh cum baby cum in my BIG WET JUICY PINK PUSSY…CUM BABY CUM'…Jake cam exactly the same time he did ever night. He rolled over his chest moving up and down rapidly for a while until he finally feel asleep.

Shannon waiting until he stared snoring then she slowly rose from the bed, dressed quickly in sweat pants and a jacket, grabbed her keys and drove to her best friend Malekas' house. a difference between making love and having sex she said walking through the door of the five story mansion. Maleka had heard this line many times before so she simply striped down completely naked and followed Shannon to her bedroom. When she walked in Shannon was already shoving the big black dildo in her pussy. She sighed and moaning rubbing her clit. Maleka walked over and started sucking on her nipples. Shannon moaned and started fucking herself harder enjoying the sensation. Maleka started rubbing her clit and removed the dildo from her pussy, she licked her clit for a few seconds then stucked three fingers in Shannon's pussy. Shannon jerked and pushed back on her fingers. They stayed like this for several minutes until Maleka was dripping wet. She slowly ran her tongue all the way up Shannon's body kneading her breast. Shannon reached in the draw next to her and pulled out the two sided dildo. She stuck one endin her now dripping wet pussy and the other in Maleka. They both fucked the dildo while kissing and sucking on each others lips and breast. They both started moving a little faster tyring to reach their climax. The y fucked faster ans faster..harder and harder..until they both cam at the same time squirting each other with their cum. Shannon got down and licked Maleka's pussy slurping up all her cum and swallowing it. Maleka did the same to Shannon who cam again when Maleka stuck her tongue in her pussy. Shannon lay in Maleka's bed and signed she wished deeply that her husband could please her like he used to when they first got married, she thought about their relationship and how everything else was perfect. Jake was an amazing husband always faithful and he stuck by her after her accident when she couldn't have sex at all. Shannon only wished he would fuck her..fuck her hard and long like he used to. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Maleka hadn't been expecting anyone so neither of them knew who it was. Shannon got up and got dressed in the spare clothes she usually leaves at Maleka's house. Maleka rolled oer in bed not interested enough to even move. Shannon walked down the two flights of stairs instead of using the elevator which now that she thought about it would have been a smart idea since she had just got finished fucking and she felt kind of groggy. When she reached the bottom she stoped for a second to catch her breath she would have to ask Maleka why she got such a huge house for ust on person. She walked oer the the grand window and pulled open the curtain just a liitle when she saw the car that was parked outside she gasped. She stood for a second then threw open the door….


story by: WetPussy100

Tags: fiction job/place-of-work cheating female/female sex story

Author: WetPussy100

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