Skateboard kid

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Skateboard kid

As I pulled up to the convience store I noticed a boy of about 14 standing in front of it. He was a typical skate boarder with no shirt, long hair, and camo pants worn down low. I thought that he looked like the kid who played John Conner in terminator II. I noticed that he was checking me out as I got out of my SUV.

"Excuse me sir but could you buy me some cigarettes" he asked.

I responded. " How old are you?"

"14. I've got the money." he said looking a bit rejected thinking I was fixing to turn him down.

"Well I could." I said which perked him up immediately. "But you know I could get in alot of trouble."

At this he just shrugged.

"Well if you make it worth my while I might." I said.

"How?" he answered.

"Well you know what they say "Ass, grass, or gas." I laughed.

"I only have enough money for one pack of cigarettes." he responded.

"Got any weed?" I asked.

"Nope." he answered.

"Well it sounds like ass then." I tell him.

"Ass! No way." he said. "I like girls. I've got a />
"Does your girlfriend smoke? I ask.

"Yes she does." he answers.

"Tell you what I'll do. You save your money and I'll buy you two packs of cigarettes, one for you and one for your girlfriend. That ought to get you laid." I tell him.

"She does like her cigarettes." he mused.

"What would I have to do?" he asked.

"Let me go get the cigarettes and I'll show you." I tell him.

I was getting myself a quart of beer anyway so I got him a quart too plus his cigarettes. I walked out and told him to get in my SUV. Which he did.

Inside I handed him the beer which he gladly accepted and started drinking.

my cigarettes?" he asked.

"In my pocket. You haven't earned them yet." I answer. He smiles weakly at that like he's having second thoughts.

"Like that beer?" I say.

"Yeah it's good." he saids.

We pull into a deserted dead end and I park the vehicle and get out. He gets out too and I notice that he's got a little buzz from the beer. I go up to him and unbutton his pants and let them fall. He steps out of them, he's not wearing any underwear or socks so he's standing there naked in his tenny shoes with a quart of beer in his hand which he is trying to kill off. His dick is hard as a rock.

"So what do I have to do ?" he slurs.

I open the back of the SUV and get a blanket out and spread it out on the ground at the back of the SUV.

"Kneel down here." I order.

He gets on his knees before me and finishes off his beer. I take off my shirt.

"Take off my pants." I tell him.

He starts to unbuckle my belt. He pulls the belt off and unbuttons my jeans. He slowly unzips my jeans looking up at me the whole time. He grabs the top of my jeans and pulls them down. My dick was hard as a rock and since I wasn't wearing any underwear it sprang out into his face. I rub my dick back and forth across his face and lips.

He grabs my dick and starts to stroke it. I go ahead and step out of my jeans so that I am standing naked in front him.

"Use your mouth." I order.

He starts licking my dick for a few seconds and then starts to mouth it. I look down so I can see my dick go in and out of his out-stretched mouth. I pump his mouth for several minutes during which he starts masterbating his dick. I wonder if this is his first time. With his free hand he reaches up and starts gently pulling on my balls.

I didn't want to shoot off in his mouth yet so I stepped backed and pulled my dick out of his mouth. He was sucking on it so hard that It made a smacking sound as it came out. I stood him up and turned him around and bent him into the open hatch of the SUV. He had his elbows on the inside of the SUV and he was looking back at me as I came up behind him.

I had set some lotion there earlier so I lubed up my dick and squirted a little dab on his asshole. I placed the tip of my dick against his asshole and let him enjoy the feeling. I slowly start to press my dick into his ass. As it eases into his ass he tilts his head back and start to moan in pleasure. Deeper I push my dick in until my hips are pressed against his ass. I don't move for several seconds letting him get used to it then I start to slowly pull out. He's lets out another moan as my dick pulls out. I stop when the only the head of my dick is in his ass and then I start right back in. He is moaning uncontrollably now as I pick up the pace and start some serious ass fucking.

I fuck his ass for at least 15 minutes with him moaning uncontollably the whole time. i feel my orgasm start to build up so I start fucking him even harder and faster until I grab his shouders and bend him up so that his back is against my chest. I start to mouth his ear as I shoot a huge load deep into his ass. I notice out of the corner of my eye that he is shooting off a load of cum on the SUV bumper. We stay embraced like that for several minutes as we recover from our orgasms.

I step back from him and watch my still hard dick come out of his ass. I notice he has cum oozing out of his ass as he turns around and sits on the bumper.

"Damn that was good." I say. "You definately earned your />
"I need one now." he says.

I hand him his cigarettes and he lights up one. We get dressed and I drive him back to the store.

"Here's my number. Call me if you need some more cigarettes." I tell him.

Two days later he calls me saying he needs some more cigarettes.

story by: g1958101

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Author: g1958101

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