Something for stevie part 2

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I was frantic all day – I just couldn't wait until 3:00 oclock came so i could see Kathy again.

her scent of our sex, left in my house, drove me crazy and it was all I could do to not masturbate all day so I had a good cock and good cum for later that day.

as 3:00 O'clock came, I heard Kathy and her daughter in the courtyard – where they being louder than usual to make sure I knew they were there?

I ran down the stairs, opened the door, and cooly strode into the HI ladies" I day for a courtyard dance isn't it?" I asked Nancy – and she blushed….she was ADORABLE.

I went to Kathy, we didn't kiss…but our eyes locked and could both tell our hearts were racing…she was blushing too….I guess I was also.

hi Kathy – did you have a good day at work, I asked…"yes she said, but ughhh…I have all this unpacking to do"…

"I'll be glad to help you unpack" I said, dying to get her inside

"he's nice mama, I like him" exclaimed Nancy….I looked at her big brown eyes, adoring me for being nice (I guess her dad was never nice) adn I said "well I like you too cutie" and again she blushed a deep red….

With that we all walked up stairs, Nancy running in her dress, leading the way – and man were there boxes everywhere as I walked in…I apartmet was the mirror image of mine, so I knew the layout adn for the next hour, we all carried boxes and placed them in their right room. I had the job of opening the boxes as well as carrying the heavy ones. This was good, as I got to see pretty much everything they had.

Kathy joked when I opened a box of Nancy's clothes with underwear and socks on top "oh…cute underwear" she said…Nancy grabbed the box, BLUSHING…and running into her bedroom with it. I called, "I didn't even get to see" and we both started laughing.

with Nancy in her room – Kathy approached me, "thanks again for last nigt" she said, mashing he body to mine, and her pussy into my growing />

we kissed and kissed, hearing "ooooohhh mama…" when Nancy finally came out of her room, and we pulled away.

"would you stay for dinner?" Kathy asked, and with that Nancy started chanting "stay for dinner! stay for dinner!" and when I said "well…..I guess I can" knowing I had nothing really to do, they all cheered.

she didn't cook – so we ordered out and we all sat on the sectional in the living room, Nancy kept getting up coming over to me and taking my hand whenever she had a question. Her mom said "do you have to hold Stevies hand every time you have a question?", she blushed, but I saved her with "I like that, it's a good tradition, you can hold my hand whenever you want" and this made her blush even more.

I could tell she liked my attentiveness and approval of her, it made her feel good, and it made me feel good too at that.

every time Nancy turned around, Kathy would kiss me, or if Nancy went to the bathroom, we'd kiss and she'd rub my cock through my pants, while I rubbed her 'a' cup breasts or pussy, both of us torturing each other. I knew I was not leaving this house until we had fucked again, she had me soooo horny.

We talked and talked and eventually Nancy had to go to bed, so she went and got changed into her PJ's – really a long nightie, and came out and said good night and gave me a hug and I kissed her and said good nigt, her eyes all aglow and gleaming as she went back to the bedroom where Kathy was waiting to tuck her in.

Kathy hadn't returned for 2 seconds before we were laying on the sectional, kissing and peeling each other clothes off again until her panties were around her ankles and my pants and underwear off, desperately fucking her…her pussy was HOT inside, and so WET and she was so skinny and tight, we fucked and fucked and when I came, she held me tight, to make sure I came inside her…I did not complain….we laid naked on the sofa…her in front of me, watching tv, talking and when I was hard again she took my cock and inserted into her pussy agian from behind, this time we fucked slowly, side by side, for a LONG LONG time..until I came inside her like that. "do you want to sleep over?" she asked…and took my hand and we wlaked naked, past Nancy's room to the bed room, where we fucked again and fell asleep naked.

I woke up in the morning, to the aroma of coffee, and a massive erection…my cock hadn't seen this much action in a long long time…I was thinking that I was with a nympho, and my thought was confirmed, when Kathy came in with a cup of coffee and blew me while I sat up and drank the cup….after I put it down I was able to lay back and give her the semen I knew she craved. when we heard Nancy stirring, Kathy put on my t-shirt that I had worn the night before, while I slipped on my pants and we both came out into the kitchen.

"good morning sunshine" I smiled and said to Nancy who stood there wide eyed, seeing a man, maybe really for hte first time in her house. as I sat at the kitchen chair, she came over to me and stood in between my legs…and grabbed my hands, playing with them "why are you here so early?" she asked your shirt?", "why is mama wearing it?", "can I wear it when she's done"…and I would chuckle and answer her I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and said "well today is Saturday, no one has to work, we can do whatever we want".

"how about some breakfast first" Kathy asked – to a resounding "YAY" from Nancy and I – and Kathy said, "you guys go watch cartoons, and I'll bring them into the living room when done" so we bounded off to the living room and Nancy sat practically in my lap, she was fascinated by me…and like her mom, couldn't keep her hands off me!

when Kathy came out witht he breakfast, we all sat eating it, well Kathy and I did, Nancy was full of energy, curiosity, and asking me a million questions…Kathy said "if you don't eat that, it's going to get cold and I won't be happy", which made Nancy pout..

I said "would you like me to feed it to you, and she smiled, and blushed, and nodded yes, so she sat in my lap, while I fork fed her the eggs. When she was done, I kissed her cheek and said "good girl, now can you bring these plates into the kitchen, and as she skipped into the kitchen, mom scooted over, caressing my cock through my pants…and said "do you have enough energy at me with her big black eyes….

that confirmed it – I was with a nympho..and a daughter who never had male attenion….I said getting horny…and we slipped into the bedroom where we fucked standing up…

Kathy was very very very affectionate – I was nice to her, very sweet to her daughter, and she showed her appreciation by LOTS OF kisses, hugs, hand holding, body of the time in front of her daughter…who imitated mom.

I have to admit, 2 sexy girls…one 27 and one 7…straddling me, kissing my face all over…loving me was amazing.

I in turn would get so hot and worked up while Nancy straddled me, kissing me, imitating her mom and that would lead to me fucking her mom like an animal several times a day – everyone was happy.

essentially, on day 3 – I was basically living with them.

story by: Handsome Older Guy

Tags: young first time fantasy sex story

Author: Handsome Older Guy

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