Something to prove part iv finale

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I wake you from your light sleep by kissing and massaging the back of your thighs, enjoying the feeling of your skin between my hands. Sliding an arm under your waist, I lift your midsection up and slide the pillow under your tummy. You smile and look back at me asking what is next. I lean over you letting my semi hard dick touch your ass and tell you that this is the special part of the night. I kiss your check and down the back of your neck before resting on my heels and focusing my attention to your back side. Your skin is cool to the touch on your butt so I decide to warm it quickly. You always enjoyed having your ass slapped during sex, so much so that I would always fear being too rough with you. But I have come to learn that you cannot have it smacked hard enough! So with several quick open handed blows to your buttocks, the skin turns slightly pink and warms quickly. Each blow brings a whimper and a moan from you along with sticking your ass out farther towards me. I squeeze you hard and pull your ass apart with force. I want to begin work on your hole, which I can see peeking out behind your thong, but you look too damn good lying there like that!!! So I decide to pull your thong down and set it to the side of your ass and slit to make room for me to work.

Your breathing is now back up to levels of prior times tonight and you are resting your head on the pillow so that you can watch as I set to work. I take a handful of lube and begin to massage the inner area around the dark little hole. I notice a couple of stray hairs and grab my tweezers to pluck you clean. You whimper as I pull these small annoyances out but I quickly kiss your dampening pussy to quell the pain. After I get a nice base of lube on your skin, I focus on the rim of your hole. You are very clean thanks to my extra attention in the shower and very very tight. I squeeze an ample amount onto your hole just like last time, causing you to coo at the cool feeling. I take my finger and rub it in slowly, using my other hand to massage your cheeks and thighs. I make sure to smack your ass hard every other minute or so to keep you wet. I don’t want to pay much attention to your pussy as I want your pleasure to come from behind now. This does not keep your mound from excreting massive amounts of juices.

It is time to introduce your ass to an object a little larger than my finger. After stretching your tight hole out some with my index finger, I use my free hand to lube up the egg that is attached with a cord to the remote control. Wiggling my finger deep inside of your ass is making you now slowly hump the pillow so I take that sign as one of approval to continue. The egg is slippery wet now and I remove my finger quickly to apply pressure with the egg. I watch your eyes as you look back to me as the egg starts to press open your hole. You gasp and open your mouth wide as the largest part of the egg disappears inside of you. I don’t want your rim to close around the entire thing, so I hold it at its widest part and give you a couple of good slaps. Your mouth goes closed again as your tight little ring adjusts to the openness. I reach for the remote and slowly slide the power up on the egg. This immediately causes you buck and burry your face in the pillow with moans. I smile at this view and reach for my camera. You see me and say no, that I have enough but at this point, I can’t stop. I have to have a picture of you with your ass open to me and you loving it. I snap a couple and you smile despite that.

With you enjoying the toying so far, I want to push you towards an orgasm now. My cock is rock hard and I need to fuck you hard soon. The power on the egg goes to full as I squeeze some more lube on the half that is exposed and push the rest quickly inside of you. The buzzing quiets down, as it is now deep inside your canal. Your hips are gyrating fast and I ask if you think you could cum. You nod your head yes in between moaning so I start moving quickly. I take my thumb and shove it into your ass quickly, smacking with my other hand hard on your cheek. I begin fucking your ass with my thumb, ramming the bullet deep inside of you. The effect of the egg makes my thumb feel to you like a small vibrating probe. But you still weren’t cuming. I could tell that you were close, but your hole was stretched and you had become used to the feeling of my thumb through our prior sex sessions.

This is when I pulled out all the stops. I kept fucking you with my thumb and grabbed the bottle of lube. I applied plenty to my rock hard twitching cock and rubbed it in. Your face is deep in the pillows now with your hips forcing themselves on and off the bed in response to the egg and my thumb. I stand on my knees and lean over you, kiss the back of your neck and pop my thumb from your ass. You momentarily stick it out in the air not realizing what I am about to do, asking me to put it back in. I whisper in your ear that if you want it in, I’ll put it in.

With that, I grabbed the shaft of my dick, placed the head of it at the gapping opening of your asshole and shoved my body on top of you. A violent scream escaped you as you twisted under me, writhing to get away. I held your arms to your side and forced you to remain still while impaled on my ten inch dick. Your scream turned to a soft cry as the tip of my dick reached the bullet inside of your hole and began to vibrate in tune. I kissed you softly and began to slowly pull myself out of you, holding the cord to the egg tight with me so the vibrations followed the tip of my cock inside of you. Plunging down into you again this time was less forceful and more enjoyable for you. You spread your legs wide as your rim relaxed around my slick cock and I began to pump it in and out of you. I ask if it is feeling better and you smile yes, slowly. I want you to cum just from your ass but now fearing that I will have to force you with some work on your twat. So I reach back with one hand and begin to rub your slit. You quickly grab it and say no, that you want to have a assgasm for the first time with me inside of you. I almost blew my load right there as I complied with your wish. You began to again hump in response to my rhythm and asked me to pick up the pace of fucking. I obliged and increased my speed at which my dick is forcing its way inside of you. Your cries turn to moans and pretty soon I can feel your ass tighten around my cock. You are seemingly milking the cum from my cock as I cannot hold out from emptying myself inside of you. The incessant buzzing from the egg and the stretching that my cock gave your ass is finally enough as you tell me to go, our key word that you are about to come. I rear back and smack your ass hard, as hard as I can in between pumping myself in and out of you. I alternate cheeks and they turn quickly red and you turn your head around to look at me. I tell you I want to see your face when you cum as I am nearing my own cum. At last, it is too much and your body explodes with me inside of you. My cock is squeezed to the point of pain by your rim as waves of pleasure erupt from inside of you. You keep your eyes locked on me as you scream with the pleasure. I never let up as you go and finally my own power is too lacking to restrain the cum inside of me. I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back as I smack your ass one last time, causing your whole thigh to jiggle. I pump my seed into your ass over and over, it feels like I am cuming for ever. Your tight hole milks me every time I withdraw from you and the egg keeps my dick throbbing. A smack to your ass couples every spasm that I have causing you to whimper in the pleasure pain that your body is under now. I cannot hold myself up any longer as I collapse on your back, our breathing becoming one as we gasp for recovery. Your hole still spasms on me as I turn the egg down to low, to keep you in the mood. Even though I blew my load twice, I still have plans for us tonight. This will keep going until the morning. You squeeze your cheeks together smiling at the full feeling of your ass. I ask if you liked and you respond by milking my dick one last time and kissing me deeply.

story by: cbr600rr

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