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(…the day before)

“So, Brook, I understand you and Will have been around the bush a few times?” Sierra said playfully.

“Yeah you could say that”

“Oh! I can’t believe my little Will is already growing up! OH! He’s so cute! You’re a lucky girl!”

“Yeah, and surprisingly, Will’s really good at it, I mean, I have no one else to base it off of, but he always makes me cum when we do it”

“How big is he?”

“About this big”, Brook said, holding up her hands about six inches apart, “He’s pretty big in my opinion”

“Damn! You’re right! Oh! If he wasn’t my designated little brother, I would be all over him!”

“Wow, thanks!” Brook laughed.

“How long does he last? I mean, he’s what? Fourteen? Hell, I couldn’t even last to long when I was />
“He lasts about six to ten minutes, not to bad”, Brook replied.

“Yeah, not to bad, I guess”

“I mean, I love having sex, and so does he, I just like to make him work a little for it, you know?”

“Alrighty then, Brook! I’ll tell you something fun to /> />
“I love Will, so I want him to get he most out of sex, so next time you guys do anything, or whenever you feel like trying something new, take two fingers, and shove it up his butt”

have their prostate there, if you rub it, it apparently makes them cum really strong”

Brook thought to herself, “I’ll have to try that on Will”

“Now most boys don’t like being penetrated like that, but just tell him it’ll feel good”

Brook laughed, “Will do, Sierra. And don’t worry, I’ll try it next time I want to try something new”

“I would just warn him first, you never know how they’ll react with ass play!”


Saturday at the Reed house began in a relaxed and very casual manner. Waking up at around eight, Brook got up, showered, got dressed, and made breakfast for the sleeping Maria and Will.

During breakfast that morning, Maria said that she was leaving at two to spend the day with Kevin, and that if Brook and Will wanted to go out that night, she was willing to give them both money.

Smiling, Brook consented to Maria’s request, and in a few hours, both she and Will were home-alone, Maria’s money in hand.

“Hey, Brook?” Will said, turning around the corner of the TV-room to see Brook sprawled out on the couch, watching TV and texting someone on her phone.

“My mom’s gone can we uh…do it?”

“Will, I’m tired”

“But it’s two-thirty in the afternoon! Come one, we don’t even have to go all the way, how about just a blow-job, or-”

“Will you know I don’t like to suck your dick, and besides, I’m just not in the mood”

“We had sex last night, just go upstairs and jack-off, or />
“Please, Brook?” Will asked, sitting next to her on the couch and wrapping an arm around her.

Brook felt affectionate, but not horny. She smiled and kissed Will on the cheek.

“If you can get me excited about doing it, then I’ll do it. But for right now, I’m not in the mood”

“Well what put’s you in the mood?” Will asked, cuddling up next to Brook.

Brook smiled, “Give me a show, take out your dick and stroke it for me”

“Like the good old days, right?”

Brook replied happily, “Now get naked”

Driven by his raging teenage hormones, Will quickly dropped his shorts and pulled off his t-shirt, quickly jacking-off as he looked at Brook, waiting for her next order, as he stood in front of Brook on the couch.

see…”, she thought to herself. She was now very horny, in fact, just seeing how easily she could control Will made her feel on top of the world, “Why don’t you lay down on the carpet”

he said, spreading his legs apart to give her a full view of his genitals as he continued to masturbate.

Brook smiled and got on the floor in front of him, “Now, Will I’m going to try something, and I don’t know how you’ll respond to it, so get ready”

“What is it-OH!” Will yelped, as Brook quickly pushed two fingers into his ass, pushing roughly past his tight sphincter, and into his rectum, “Brook! What the hell!”

“Just relax, Will, soon it’ll feel good”

Will yelled again, pushing away from Brook.

“What? Listen, it’ll be fine, just wait-”

“Brook, I hate having things shoved up my ass!”

“Come on, if you want me to fuck you, you might as well try it”

Will sighed, and scooted back to Brook,spreading his legs apart, and reaching down to stroke his cock.

“Please be careful, Brook”

“I won’t hurt you”, she replied, taking the same two fingers and pushing them back into Will’s ass, once again pushing up against his tight sphincter.

Will winced, and bit his bottom lip, />
Brook looked up at Will and smiled, then slowly pushed her fingers into his ass, his tight hole squeezing on her fingers.

Will closed one eye, and he felt his face redden, />
“Wait a minute”, she interrupted, pushing forward until she felt a bump, “Got it!” she said proudly, swiveling her fingers around on the bump.

Will moaned, still stroking his dick as he looked down, “I-I don’t know why, but it-it feels good…”

Brook laughed, “Good, and now that you’ve got me in the mood, what do you say we take this />
Will smiled, and stood up, letting Brook first pull her fingers from his ass, as he followed her up the stairs and into the her bedroom.

The sex was usual, and began with Will laying on top of Brook, kissing her neck and breasts, working his way down to her stomach. From here, he worked his way back up, necking her, as he grabbed the base of his dick and maneuvered it into her twat.

Once inside, she pushed forward slightly to make sure he was in, and immediately, Will would began to thrust forward, humping her repeatedly and steadily.

Meanwhile, Brook and Will would kiss passionately. Will would hold himself up with both hands, as he kissed Brook, who used one hand to reach around Will’s head to grasp the back of his wavy dark-brown hair, and use the other to rub and finger her clit.

Will would take a break form kissing every now and then to kiss her tits, whose nipples stood erect from excitement. He would lick them, and suck on them, making Brook moan with lust from each sloppy lick and suck.

“Oh, Will! OH…I’m getting She moaned, beginning to thrust forward herself.

He replied, slightly out of breath, pull out”

close Will moaned, he was so close his hormones began to betray him, and he couldn’t manage to pull himself away from Brook’s tight, wet twat.

“Will! OH cum in me, Will! OH YES!” She yelled, feeling her body tense up as she arched her back, let her head fall back on the pillow, and let her arms and legs go numb, as she shivered all over form her orgasm.

Will moaned, loudly and with a few more final thrusts, he felt himself being taken away from an overpowering orgasm as-well, Brook’s pussy tightening up as she came.

He moaned, laying on top of her as he finished.

Will rolled over on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, breathing heavily. Brook looked over to him and smiled, then, straddled his lap, reaching behind her back to grasp and stroke Will’s semi-hard dick.

“I’m ready when you are”, she said seductively.

Will said, catching his breath, “Cause I’m kinda tired”

Brook laughed, “Truth is, Will, I love having sex as much as you do”

“Then why do you always seem so hard to break?”

just what girls do, we like to play mind games!”

Will laughed, as Brook bent down and kissed him on the lips.

“But now I’ve given you the />

“I just showed you how to get me horny”

“That is true”, Will said, “Now I think I’m in control of this!”

see”, Brook said, standing form the bed, and getting dressed, “Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna pee, get something to drink, and if you’re ready, I’ll be />
Will responded, watching Brook redress and leave the room.


Will walked downstairs with only his shorts on, and sat at the kitchen table, were Brook was busy drinking from a diet coke can.

Smiling seductively at Will, she lifted an eyebrow and ushered him over to her with a finger.

“Ready when you are”, she said.

Will replied, taking a condom from his pocket and placing it on the table, “This time we’re gonna have to use this”

“Come one, Will”, Brook began, sitting on his lap, “That makes it so less-”

“Brook it’s bound to happen eventually! I mean, we never have protected sex, and I just want to be-”

fine”, She said, walking into the living room and quickly removing her clothing, just do this”

Will smiled and followed her into the TV room, dropping his shorts on the way in and opening the condom as he knelt in front of Brook, who lay on the couch.

Sliding the condom on, Will once again angled his dick just right, and slid it into her twat.

“Ahh yes…”, she moaned, this time, pushing him back and laying on top of Will.

Brook got into the missionary position and began to bob up and down on his cock, letting her tight, wet hole rub up and down against his shaft.

“OH yeah…oh yes, Brook”, Will said, />
Will lay on his back, one hand behind his head, the other massaging Brook’s clit, rubbing it between two fingers.

“OH, WILL! I love it when you do that! Oh fuck me, Will!” She moaned, bouncing up and down on his 6” dick.

“Yes! OH yes!” Will yelled, “Fuck yeah, oh!”

Will’s face began to turn red, sweat formed at the top of his forehead, “Brook! I’m gonna cum!”

Brook smiled a lustful smile, and suddenly began to bob up and down on his dick faster.

“This time, you’re gonna cum first”, she said, “OH….OH, Will! OH…OH….OH />
Brook jumped from the couch, and ran from the room, grabbing a near by blanket that rested on an adjacent chair, and covering her naked body as she did.

Will inquired, standing up from the couch to look around the room.

“Look outside the door!” Brook yelled.

“Oh shit!” Will yelled, looking outside the sliding glass door to see the elderly Antonia holding hands with young Paul Rolland, Pierce’s little brother. She had one hand over her mouth, and another over Paul’s eyes.

Will slipped into the kitchen and pulled his shorts on, his boner had disappeared from pure humiliation as he opened the door.

“Ms. Lopez I-I-”

“I’m sorry we barged in, Will, but I have to go to my sister’s house tonight, and Pierce and Haley are on a date, and you’re mother said I could leave Paul at your house, and that the back door was open-and I-uh-I did not-”

“I’m so, so, so, so sorry, Ms. Lopez!” Brook yelled, running into the room, “Can I speak to Will real quick?”

“Yes of course”, Antonia replied, a worried and somewhat embarrassed face washed over her.

“I swear to fucking god, Will! That couch is a curse!”

“I know! He always get caught down here!”

“Look, I’m not in the mood anymore, and look’s like Maria just sighed us up for babysitting, so I’ll watch the kid, you can go into the bathroom and finish up if you want”

“No, I’m good, I really just lost it”

“God help us!” Brook said, shaking her head and grabbing Will’s hand to lead him back into the TV room.

“Sorry about that Ms. Lopez, I’m so sorry-”

“No, no, no, I’m sorry, don’t worry, we didn’t see />
“Why were you guys naked?” Paul asked, a hint of childish curiosity in his voice.


At around ten, Paul went to bed, and Brook had tucked him into her bed, turned off the light, and went downstairs to sit next to Will in the TV room.

“Pierce better be having a fucking great time at that party”, Will said, leaning against Brook on the couch.

“I hope Haley didn’t drink to much. I can’t even imagine her being drunk”

“Yeah, that’s true”, Will said, leaning over and kissing Brook on the cheek.

At around eleven, Maria walked in the door, her makeup had run down her face from tears.

“Maria, are you okay?” Lynn asked, looking up to see Maria’s red eyes.

“Brook! Will! Kevin! He-he />
Brook gasped and jumped from the couch to hug Maria, great, Maria!”

“Mr. Forest proposed? So are you two getting married?” Will asked.

“Yes, Will. We are, we’re getting />
Will had mixed emotions about the marriage, but at the time, he acted joyful, and hugged and congratulated his mother.

“I have to call Maggie! Oh! And my sister, and Becca, and…I’m so happy!”

There’s your story!!! Tune in next week for the final installment of Stories from Davis Hall !!

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