Straightening out wrinkles ch. 04

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A courier delivered a package to me three days later. In it were a video, my contracting, a signed copy of our contract, with all five men’s signatures, mine and the witnesses and a portfolio of stills from the office. There was also a cock-ring come butt plug. A note indicated I was to deliver myself to the appointed public toilet at 5pm that afternoon. I was to be wearing only the cock-ring / plug under a T-shirt and shorts. I was to be bare foot and smooth shaved from navel to arsehole. I was to be on time, ready and in the middle cubicle waiting for it. When I heard the tap on the door and was asked, “Do you need help with that?” I was to open the door and do whatever was demanded of me.

The shave and preparation had my balls aching to cum and once the cock-ring was on I couldn’t have gone soft if I wanted to. The plug fitted tight enough not to move at all unless I’d been fisted loose and so ready I got dressed and got going.

The toilet was set in a busy park and I noticed a steady stream of people, men and boys, some obviously family entering the block. It didn’t look like a beat, just a normal public facility.

I entered and took the middle cubicle as directed in the note. I stripped of and waited. Various people came into the toilet and used it for the normal purposes. I noticed there were some ‘ads’ on the walls and a glory hole had recently been repaired in each of the walls but there didn’t seem to much cruising going on.

After about half an hour I was getting worried. Had he forgotten? Then while there were some teenagers joking about there was a tap.

“Do you need help with that?” I heard and quickly slipped the latch back. I hoped the teenagers wouldn’t see what was going to happen.

There stood Malcolm. He quickly stepped inside but only after glancing over his shoulder, winking and saying, “Keep an eye out, your rewards here.”

My heart jumped as I realised what was going to happen.

Malcolm unzipped and pulled a fast hardening but still wrinkly cock out of his trousers. He pointed it at my face, pulled back the foreskin and pissed. I opened my mouth and gently wrapped my lips about the head of his squirting cock trying to drink every drop. He groaned enough to be heard. I realised the noise and joking from outside the cubicle had quietened.

When he finished urinating into me his cock was rigid. He looked down at me and nodded so I rocked forward and swallowed his cock as far as I could. It knocked the very back of my throat and I had to concentrate to get it to go down my gullet and let my lips meet his pubic bone and balls. With eight inches of thick cock in my throat I looked up at Malcolm and noticed a face over the top of the cubicle next to us. One of the teenagers, he looked about 18 was watching.

“He’s got a faggot there alright.” He called to his friends, “He’s swallowed his cock all the way down! I can’t wait till my turn.”

Malcolm laughed and taking my head in his hand withdrew completely before slamming back down to the balls causing me to gag. “See slut, the boys have to be paid for their vigilance and I said you’d drain their balls for them. Now being young you might have difficulty doing that so be prepared for a long cock sucking />
With that he began to fuck my face with serious determination. I was being hammered onto an eight inch nail over and over again until he forced himself deep and filled my guts with his juices. I didn’t taste a thing until he pulled out and I had to lick his cock and balls before he zipped up and left.

As he left he said, “Be a good slut, I’ll be getting a full report. Leave your name, number and address on the wall of each cubicle while they use your arsehole. When anyone calls you will service them.”

He opened the door and strode out leaving it open. Three young men stood there, with obvious erections under there jeans.

The first one stepped into the cubicle telling the others to keep a watch. He quickly undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees exposing and young, hard cock dribbling precum. It was about six inches long and quite thick. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my face and began fucking instantly. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to last long so I opened my mouth wide and had my tongue running across the sensitive underside to make him shoot into me quickly.

About then I remembered this wasn’t a usual beat as the sound of kids, with their dad entered the toilet.

As I sat there sucking off a teenager a dad and his two boys were pissing just a couple of feet from me. God knows what they made of the sounds the young guy was making as he pounded my open mouth and quickly came, grunting and moaning as his load got sprayed across my tongue and face while he jerked spasmodically. My cock was still hard, it hard been for nearly an hour and a half by now and was aching and purple.

The voices of the three left and the other two teenagers pushed into the cubicle as there friend pulled up his jeans and left. They were pulling healthy young cocks out and grabbing at me. One shoved my face towards his cock and I felt rather than saw it slip into my mouth, across my tongue and engage my throat. His mate pulled my hips around towards him as we all crammed into the booth. My attention was taken by the two fingers he pushed in alongside the buttplug making me groan aloud. The one holding my head rammed into my throat full length and began to cum in long powerful squirts of semen. Too soon he was pulling away as the one behind me started to feed his cock alongside the plug.

My groans became too loud and the squeal I made as the head of his cock entered me and stretched my hole around both the thick plug and an obviously well endowed young mans cock. A bang on the door and a rough, “You all right in there? What are you doing?” announced the ‘public />
I stifled my groans and squeals of pain and delight as the young one up my arse began to jerkl spasmodically without any real rhythm. He just randomly rammed his cock into my hole and then painted my rectum semen white. As he came the cubicle door was opened by his mate I’d just finished sucking and whose semen was still wet on my face. I looked up to see a man in his 50’s standing there.

I trembled and tried not to completely embarrass myself by cumming just then but it was too much to bear. The feel of hot semen hitting high in my guts and then quickly overflowing down my thighs to the floor with a thick, disgusting splat was just too good. I came and groaned as the older man watched some homosexual slut taking it in the arse from a teenager. Semen was sprayed about my face and I looked the cheap slut the group wanted.

The older man just watched with rapt attention as the young guy finished pumping me full. The young guy plopped his cock out of me and came around for me to lick it clean of the mucus and semen out of my hole. I quickly deep throated his still erect cock and looked meaningfully at the older man as I serviced the slimy cock in my mouth. The young guy quickly came again, maybe after 5 minutes. He zipped up and quickly left. The older man, “Call me sir.” stepped into the booth.

He stood over me but left the door just ajar. He looked down from above me and took my chin in his hand. “You taking anything?” he asked,

I nodded and opened my mouth to reveal some of the last semen I’d sucked still in my mouth.

He smiled and dropped his trousers to reveal a large set of hairy balls and a thick short cock. He just reached for my head and pulled me towards his groin. I opened my mouth and relaxed my gullet and he just slid straight into my throat. He groaned softly as he pushed a thick veined cock fully into my open mouth. He took up an even fucking motion and was soon pulling completely out and then plunging in until his balls slapped my chin and he ground his pubes against my top lip. He kept up a relentless rhythm for what seemed ages. None of the rush of the young guys just an insistent fucking of my face. After some ten minutes he grabbed my head firmly and held me still and began pistoning his cock straight into my throat. His thrusts became more urgent and harder making me chokes and splutter but he kept fucking until I felt his balls rise up firm against my chin and his cock flew across my tongue as he emptied his balls into me.

As I struggled to breathe his cock twitched and throbbed with each spurt of cum into my belly. He came for longer than any man who’d fucked me before and I was seeing stars and beginning to pass out when he pulled his cock out of my throat and wiped it across my face. He stood back and dressed himself, putting away his lovely thick cock. “Give me your number and address.” He demanded. I pointed to the note Malcolm had had me write on the wall. ‘Sub Slut. Waiting, any thing, any time. #### ####, 28 Yug Tce.’

He took the pen from me and wrote next to the ad, Tried and tested. ‘A’ grade slut, Use it Now! and then left.

I was still naked and my cock as hard as ever as I’d not shot my load yet. The door wasn’t properly closed and while I jerked my cock sitting back on the toilet a man walked in. He stopped, shocked and started to mumble an apology then seemed to think better of it and just stared at me. I kept wanking and jerked my cock harder trying to get off even though my balls were blue with the tightness of the ring. Someone made noise as they entered the toilet and the man before me quickly stepped into the cubicle. He undid his trousers and then slipped them off. I started to speak but he put his hand over my mouth and pushed my fist from my cock. He then turned around and lowered his arse onto my throbbing cock, He didn’t d but simply lowered his arse all the way to my balls and began to ride. He rode up and down on my cock while pulling his own sizable piece of meat. He began to breathe hard and then suddenly stood up spun around and sank down fully on my cock facing me. As my balls touched his arse cheeks a huge splash of semen shot from his cock and hit me in the face. He groaned deeply and grunted with each of his 6 extra shots of cum. He quickly rose and left the cubicle after dressing.

I was beside myself with frustration and began to beat my cock as hard as I could. I could hear voices in the toilets and pressed my eye to the gap between door and jamb to see the cocks of men pissing at the urinal as I jerked off. I could taste the semen and smell how disgusting I was as I gazed at two pubescent cocks only a couple of feet away and erupted against the cubicle wall. My semen was thick and plentiful and hung on the wall in an opalescent pattern until I licked it up, dressed and went home to wait for the customers.


story by: Penisleeve

Tags: fiction blowjob hardcore gay sex story

Author: Penisleeve

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