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“Hey guys Renee Young here with Emma to discuss her match.” Renee recited the words for a second time nervously practicing them, hoping she wouldn’t stumble over them. She was distracted since Dean had broke up with her earlier in the day. The normally peppy interviewer was anxious about the interview since she had seen that Emma had just lost a match to Charlotte and Renee had recently started finding Emma intimidating when they were around each other. Emma was known for being a huge flirt toward the other girls in the locker room and it made Renee uncomfortable.

She’d considered herself straight but since she’d been seeing the Lunatic Fringe less and less for months prior to the breakup since her work was keeping her in Florida. Since then she’d started questioning her sexuality more and more. In the privacy of her hotel room, she’d slowly begun to use a tiny pink vibrator with greater and greater frequency to the thought of her favorite former US Champion. The thoughts of Ambrose were appearing less and less prevalent as the masturbation sessions grew more and more intense. First it was a single thought of Nikki Bella slipping through.

Ms. Young’s imagination had conjured up the idea of Nikki stepping toward her, her beautifully toned and masterfully tanned looking like a magnum opus in Renee’s mind pressing her gorgeous bare breasts against Renee and locking lips for a brief second. Then the thought of men had entirely vanished during her alone time as she began to play with herself whenever she had a moment of privacy to the point of doing it in the bathroom backstage. Last monday, she had brought herself to orgasm with a dildo looking at a picture of Emma thinking of the Australian cutie working away at her pussy with the dildo.

The memory of that latest orgasm returned to her and she felt a tad warmer as she continued to wait for Emma. The perverted girl considered taking a moment to slip away to the bathroom to quickly rub herself out but decided against it when she saw Emma walking towards her. Emma looked a little bit like a sore looser as she walked towards Renee then she gave her interviewer a curious look. “Something the matter?”

Renee bit her lower lip as she looked towards her interviewee noticing she was sweaty from the match since it had been the intense main event of the night. Her eyes flicked towards a bead of sweat as it dripped slowly down Emma’s cleavage before she spoke. “Sorry just a little stressed since I got dumped today.” “Oh.” Emma covered her mouth with a hand for a second. “Well I have a idea, meet me in the locker room later.” Renee hesitated for a moment unsure then deciding to appease Emma she agreed to meet with her. The camera man arrived and the interview started. As he worked on setting up the camera, Renee imagined what it’d be like to feel the wetness of Emma’s sweat mixing with her own as the amazing australian wrapped her muscular arms around her pulling her close. The thought came to abrupt end as the camera man signaled the camera was ready and started to count down with his fingers when they’d go live

“Hey guys Renee Young here with Emma to discuss her match.” She said into the mic as she made eye contact with the camera. The blonde easily brought the appearance of her usual peppiness and it reflected in her voice. She turned and held the microphone towards Emma. “Emma what is your plans going forward now since your loss.” Emma looking annoyed for the camera said “Well since Charlotte’s already declined my request for a rematch I’m going to destroy her little friend Bayley.” Emma walked away from Renee Young bringing an end to the interview.

Renee breathed a sigh of relief though perhaps she worried what Emma might think if she realized the canadian was staring at her cleavage. She spent a few moments to admire Emma’s magnificent ass trying to picture what it looks like under the tight red shorts until Emma turned a corner. The host of unfiltered scurried off to the women’s bathroom. As she heard the bathroom come to a close and walked toward a stall she found the cool air of the bathroom a nice relief from the humidity of the rest of the backstage. “Jeez how idiotic was I when I dressed myself earlier.” Finding an empty stall she opened the door and locked it behind her.

She took a seat on the toilet and peeled off her blue jeans which clung to her legs from sweat. She pulled them down to her ankles and then paused a moment to listen for a second. Not hearing anyone else in the bathroom she decided to slip her tiny pink vibrator out of her pants pocket and turn it on. Without another thought, she pulled down her black sweaty panties which was also a measly bit wet as one would expect one to be having just admired the subject of her most recent sexual fantasy in person.

She brushed the vibrator through her short well trimmed pubic hair before resting it for a meager second on her clit and shuddered and instinctively leaned towards it. She bit her lower lip and considered placing it against her clit again, but decided part of the fun of this masturbation session was the chance of being caught so she decided to tempt fate by hold off a bit longer. The interviewer rubbed the vibrator along the bottom of her pussy and clicked it to the medium speed setting. the perverted girl moaned. The recently dumped woman held a hand onto her mouth trying to quiet herself. She teased the entrance to her vagina. Ms. Young began to shake as she shoved it the sex toy in deeper, penetrating herself.

Her hands and the toy itself started to feel slick as she began to pull it in and out of herself. She imagined it was the tongue of Emma forcing itself into her. The horny girl pulled down the straps of her tank top releasing her petite breasts to the chilly yet refreshingly pleasant air of the bathroom. She began to rock back and forth on the toilet as she fucked herself. “Tongue my pussy more Emma, does it taste good?” She said breathily. “Do you like that you little slut.” the sweaty masturbator clicked the vibrator into the fast position and pulled it out so she could position it carefully on the toilet seat so she could try to ride it a little.

She felt she was vibrating with it as she hurriedly eased onto it, feeling her teeth vibrating as she shook. Given what little space she had to operate and the big distraction that was her eagerness to fuck herself more intensely she forgot about the concept of being quiet. “Fuck yeah Emma fuck me harder!” She practically shouted and began to ride the pink toy faster causing her tits to sorta flop up and down as well as small breasts can. She swirled the vibrator around inside her and pushed it further up. “MMMM She bounced a bit faster and toilet seat slid forward to adjust to woman using it as a makeshift stand.

The word seemed oddly out of place in Renee’s mind. In her fantasy Emma couldn’t possibly be able to say it while having her tongue inside her. Then Renee’s eyes break open as she thought “Oh shit.” She looked under the stall door and her suspicion was confirmed. Underneath the door she saw a familiar gray pair of boots that had been part of a backside she was appreciating earlier. She felt a flood of embarrassment as her cheeks pinkened slightly as she blushed and heard the australian say not in trouble just open the door.”

The embarrassed woman stood up and clicked the vibrator off. She then put her pants and panties back on and put her straps back on her shoulders. The blushing Renee then unlocked and opened the stall door. On the other side of the stall door she saw Emma still glistening and wearing her full ring gear complete with her expertly applied red lipstick. “Tsk tsk” was the sound that emerged from Emma’s lips as she looked the ashamed and perspiring woman across from her over. Renee looked almost ready to bolt from the room though at the same time paralyzed by fear of the power Emma had over her at the moment. Renee finally garnered the courage to speak she asked “What do you mean I’m not in trouble?” Emma after admiring Renee’s thighs for a moment in silence, looked up at her. “Well what was it you called me?” Renee blushed harder and shrugged her shoulders.

Emma tilted her head to the side and added “Come on think hard She paused a moment and then licked her luscious lips. “It had something to your pussy.” The australian beauty’s blue eyes lowered to Renee’s groin. She took a step into the stall. be afraid to say it. I won’t hurt you.” Renee hopefully that on words alone she could get out of this said “I called you a little slut.” Emma rested a hand on Renee’s shoulder. “Why would you call me that?”

Renee looked to the floor and at her and Emma’s footwear. “I’ve been fantasizing about you.”

Emma licked her nubile lips again in response to hearing the canadian’s confession. “You did say you wanted to relax.” Renee nodded. Emma took another step toward Renee so they were mere inches away from each other. Emma lowered her hand from Renee’s shoulder down to her thigh. As she squeezed Emma’s thigh, she whispered in Renee. “I want to fuck you too.” Renee’s eyes grew large and Emma kissed her. The first kiss was a simple nice neat proper kiss but as she kissed her more and more Emma got more intense and then slipped her tongue into the canadian mouth.

They licked each others tongues and then Emma stepped back a strand of her new lover’s saliva fell against her lip as she said do it in the shower.” Renee certainly didn’t refuse. Emma held Renee’s hand as they stood in the shower. Emma stripped off her own top revealing her superb bust. She tossed it and then Renee pulled her close and she helped strip off the red snug shorts. Emma kicked off her boots and then pulled up Renee’s black tank top and tossed it into the corner of the shower. Renee handed Emma her vibrator and then threw her pants into the corner as well.

Renee untied and kicked sneakers and then Emma flipped on the shower. She pushed Renee against the shower wall and the interviewer heard the familiar click of the vibrator going into the slow setting. The non-wrestler leaned forward to set her hands against the cold wall of the shower and shook with impatience and excitement at the pleasure to come. The wrestler stepped almost as closed to as her new fuckmate as she could and slowly shoved the vibrator into Renee’s pussy. Renee tilted her head back with a smile on her face As the pleasure of vibrator for the first time being outside of her control as it penetrated and the invigorating cold water of the shower mixed.

Emma kissed the top of Renee’s neck and then sucked on it as she pushed the sex toy further into her. The owner of the vibrator heard a popping sound as the australian suction came to a halt. Emma brushed her lips against her fellow blonde’s ear and then bluntly said “beg for it.”

Before she could get a reply Emma speedily clicked the speed of the vibrator to medium and pushed it further into her. Emma felt Renee shaking against her and set the vibrator back to the slow setting. “You heard me, now beg for it.” Renee bit her lower lip and said “Please Emma fuck me harder. Make me squirt. I’m a dirty girl and I…” Emma as fast as she could switched the vibrator to the fastest setting and was rewarded her by hearing Renee finish her sentence much louder and shake a great deal more “NEED IT!” Emma clicked the vibrator to medium and began humping Renee as she started thrusting it in and out of the canadian.

After a few moments of being screwed with the vibrator with her back facing Emma, when Renee turned around and held up a handful of one of Emma’s breasts and then took the nipple and areola into her mouth. Emma shook in response to the sensation and brushed a finger against Renee’s clit. “Damn that feels good.” Renee let go of the breast and then licked her way from one nipple to the other and began to ease two fingers into Emma’s pussy.

She felt her pussy muscles clamp down on her fingers and smiled as she saw Emma had closed her eyes while enjoying feeling Renee’s struggle to shove her fingers further inside her. Renee fingered Emma a bit more and Emma chewed on her lower lip a bit. Renee pulled her fingers out and licked them tasting pussy for the first time. She noticed Emma had dropped the vibrator while she was enjoying the feeling of Renee’s finger work. She picked it up and handed it to Emma. Emma opened her eyes and pushed Renee back against the shower wall.

Renee smirked and then felt Emma force the vibrator at the fastest setting deep into her pussy as quickly as she could and then repeated it. Renee moaned loudly and said “Fuck yeah fuck me deeper Emma, I’m your little slut, please FUCK ME HARDER!!” Emma kissed Renee on the neck again and then spun Renee around. She pulled the vibrator out and shoved Renee to the floor.

She pressed her pussy against Renee’s in the sexiest meeting of anything Australian with anything Canadian ever and started scissoring Renee very fast. They both shouted in unison as they both squirted their pussy juices onto each other then Emma laid ontop of Renee for a few minutes. Then Emma casually got up and collected her clothes. Renee watched and admired the australian form again. Seeing Emma collect her clothes as well she thought “oh how kind.” though then Emma walked out of the shower. Renee followed after and found Emma standing next to the bathroom.

She walked over to Emma. my clothes?” smugly Emma replied “I threw them into a toilet.” Before Renee could get a response Emma grabbed her and shoved her out of the bathroom door, naked and into a very startled Charlotte.P

story by: XKMD

Tags: fiction lesbian female/female toys female solo fan fiction sex story

Author: XKMD

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