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I was in San Diego Californa and just got a Job at a place Called Buffums dept Store as a Cook, they had a mostly Mexican Kitchen but i was 24 and Had alot of Experience in Various avenues of restaurant Cusine so me and the Chef got along right away..
1 day i saw this tall Geeky Looking Girl cleaning tables and what made her stand out was her energy when she walked…big wide struts..almost amusing to watch,
id just moved here so i didnt have a G/F yet and started talking to her alittle,
she was slow but very aware of her Womenhood..
she was 17 almost 18 and had small 32inch breast but a full rounded butt which is what i liked the most about a women, as she passed by one day i stopped her and asked her if she would like to have Pizza with me this weekend,
she looked suprsed but agreed,
the Mexican Boys were all Chidinh me for htting on a little Flower so young and the women were all cussing under their breeath, i laughed…i was a Biker..born and raised on the Steet and was ready for someone to push the Problem..
As the Weekend came around it seemed to be raining alot so i asked her if could order pizza from her lace and maybe bring a mvie for us to watch..she agreed and went back to work.
—-this was gonna be Fun i mused..
I got there abit wet as all i had was my Motorcycle and it was Raining hard outside..ringing the Bell she came to the Door and i stepped in and took in the small simnple apt,..just a QUICK 500 Amonth bathroom..smaller living room..
I droped my Leather on her Table and she quickly put it in the bathroom to dryout,..as i ordered the pizza she noticed i was we and brought me a towel to dry with…taking my Shirt off asked was a good idea to dry..she took it from me as i pulled it off and said you might as well give me thiose jeans too,
i looked suprised but she gave me some shorts to wear of hers..they fit loose but she had a bigger butt…as we ate the pizza and watched the rental i asked her if she had a boyfriend..no she said it had been awile…me too i supposed..after eating i asked her if she would help me cover the Motorcyce, i was still raining and i wanted to use the oppturnity to get her wet to…
she agreed and i took out the canvas and haned it to her with some straps..as she worked the canvas onto the bike her shirt was soaked and her tittys were pushing against her shirt…her jeans were soaked too and i pushed her across the seat to hook the last strap looking at her Butt stickig out across my Bike,
running inside we shook off the rain and said she needed to change andi replied nothing too hard to get off Katie.
Katie Went in and i grabbed a towel and dried off,she came out in a long nightgown..i opened the 6pack i had brought and offered her one…she chugged the beer then starte kissing me like she was in a hurry to get started what she knew i wanted..
standing up she unzipped her shorts and let them fall off me…my cock was still limp but growing fast as she kneeled down in front of me and sucked the head into her mouth…her hair was wet so i twisted it into a handfull and pulled her mouth down on my cock thrusting my hips and sinking it deep into her mouth,
to my suprise she didnt choke much…
i asked her when she pulled back to get a breath how she was able to suck me so deep ??…my Step Dad used to make me suck him when i was little and i got used to it going in and choking me,
now i can do it alot better… i laughed and said yes u can katie and continued pumping my hips and watching her sweet mouth suck my cock like a candycane.
i gruntd and pushed my dick deep into her mouth and cumm slushed into her throat, she gulped it down and smiled as she stood up..
she took me by the hand into the small bedroom and droped her nighgown, stanfig infront of me naked was getti the monster aroused again..
i gripped her small brease and pushed a finger into her small pussy…pushing her onto the bed i sank my tongue into her twat and grinded her Clit till i heard her Moan…
She Got up went into the bathroom and clened herself..i asked her why since we werent done yet..she said her StepMom made her do that so she could eat her after her stepDad had Finished Fuckng Her…What else did they do i asked curious at this unexpected Talent.
My StepMom would Whipme When i was Bad,
With a Butt as cute as yours i dont Blame her…lay across this bed and let me see hw much you can take little girl,
She looked confused and said but i havent been Bad?
Well i replied this is just to see what you can take o i dont whip you too much when you are bad…she seemed to accept this and Laid across the Bed, i put a pillow umder her Hips and raised her Sweet Round Bottom up Higher, SMACKing!!
her with my hands she didnt even Flinch.. i hit her Harder and Harder and Faster and Faster…Her Butt didnt change Color…she Just Laid there and took it without a Sound!!
WOW! i Said…lets try a Belt!
Getting my Leather Belt i had her shut the Door and Lean on it with Both Hands pushing her Bottom Out as Far as she could without Falling!
Stepping Back i Swung the Belt across Both Cheeks! /> It was making me Rock Hard again…After 10 minutes of Beating her Ass she had a few tears in her eyes but nothing Major…your a Good Girl i said..she liked the Praise..she smiled and Hugged me..Now Katie go Get Some Grease From the Kitchen, she did and i had her Smear it on my Cock now Hard and Straight…
Your Ass is so Red now Sweetie..im Gonna Fuck it..GET on your Hands and Knees Sweetie..she climbed on the Bed and i got behine her grabbing her Hips i opened her AssCheeks with my Cock and Found her ButtHole.
Pushing into her i felt it slip Bast her ring and i Slowely Pulled her back onto my Cock!
Again she made no Sound…Did your StepDad fuck your Ask too Katie?
Yes she said since i was 10…he comes over now and then and still does it.
Says mama wont let him do hers..
That was all i needed I started Roughly Plowing intio her Butt…SLAMMING!! her Cheeks as they made a pop every time i pulled her to me…She Started to Moan alittle..Feeling my Dick ready to Explode i sunk into her and shot cumm deep in her and pulled out slowely watching the White ooze drip from her ASS,…That was Great Sweetie..your Gonna be my GirlFriend now…that eans nobody ficks you unless i say so ok!!
she liked the idea and agreed, i turned her around and stuck my Shit-Soaked Cock into her Mouth..she slurpped it clean but Could Tell she didnt like the Taste of her own Shit…she Finished and went to the Bathroom again!
I dressed and Got on the Bike..kissed her on the Cheek and smacked her butt as i left…
/> The Following Week i took Katie to the Park where we had a Picnic…She liked the Attention she was getting and i liked the Abilitys i had found in such a Young Girl…Taking her by the hand to a Secluded spot i told her to get a Branch from a Tree for me…she did and then i pushed her to her Knees and made her take off all her clothes,
What if someone sees me she asked…it was getting dark and ill make them pay me i replied Laughing…
she still seemed abit frightened so i SwaTTed her back with the Branch and told her to unzip my Pants…as she pulled my Cock out a man with a Big Collie came walking by..Seeing her Butt pushed out of the Bushes he came over,
As i continued to Fuck her mouth i told him he could fuck her Ass if he wanted.
He liked that idea and Quickly unzipped his pants…tying the Collie to a Branch…She was too Busy Trying to do a Good Job on me and Didnt complain when he sank his Cock into her Butt..we both started playing Tug of War as we Rocked her mouth and Ass between us..
Pulling her pony-tailed hair locks hard i buried my Cock into her Mouth and Came all over her face and Lips…she choked alittle, letting her up the man Pumped her alittle more and Came into her…he said his thanks and started to walk off and i grabbed his Dogs Leash..Wait a Minute Buddy…You made a Big Mess..Someones Got to Clean up this mess
pulling the Collie to her face he started to lick her mouth and nose cleaning the Cum off her..as he finished i spun her around and pushed his nose into her butt…he licked her butt Cheeks and Asshole Cleaning all the Cumm off her Ass….Good Dog i Told him..he seemed abit Pissed off but took his collie and left…
Did you have Fun today i asked as i dropped her off…yes she said..i never had a Dog do that Before..your Gonna have alot of Fun with me Katie… Kiss Hug Slap.
/> The Following friday i went to Katies and Found her and the Paperboy Arguing about her Bill..whats the Problem i asked…shes amonth Over Due he said..
come here kid…i took him inside and unbuttoned her Pants.
Pulling them to her Knees i pushed her across the Arm of the Couch..here i handed him the New Whip i had Bought her, cant be having her late on her Bills…Whip her Butt and ill pay you the 8.00 bucks she owes you.
He Looked Suprised but took the Whip and Laid it across her Pink /> he was getting into this i could tell..SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!..allright thats enuff i said as i pulled her up off the couch!…now Sweetheart Apoligize to this boy for not paying your Bill on Time.
Im Sorry she said….i faced her to him roughly and pushed her to her Knees with a Grunt of Impatience!
she uderstood and unzipped the Boys zipper and started Sucking His Cock!
The Doorbell Rang and i opened it up to Find the nextDoor Neighboor glaring at me…a 40ish Women who said she had seen the Small Boy cumm in here and Wondered Why she adnt gotten her paper and was taking him this Long!
I Said Katie was Just Paying her Bill and he would be right over in a minute..
she then quieted down and said she Hadnt seen me around here before altho Katie and her had Talked i invited her to Dinner with us..we were having a Cook out in the Back…fenced in yard for the Apts and should be Fun.
She Smiled and Agreed.. i shut the Door and turned around to find the Boy Zipping up his Pants and Katie Wiping Her Mouth with a Napkin!
You like that i asked?
Yes Sir ….umm Between us Kid..he Nodded and left!..didnt even take his 8 bucks..hmm
/> I got the Grill tpgeather and started Cooking the Food as Katie sat down at the Picnic table outside, the Neighbor came out of her apt…said her name was Mary and wanted to see if she could help.. we need the lettuce..tom..etc fixins i told her in the Refrigator..
Katie go help her…as they went into the Apt i saw Mary open the frig and Katie stand behind her waiting as she had been taught so well to do by her Step-Parents…i went over to them and took Katies Hand and Pushed it up to Marys Butt sticking out in this small area by the Back door…she jerked up..looked at Katie and yelled at her..
What!! are you Doing!!!..Katie says i didnt do nothing…i tried to look suprised and asked what was Wrong?
Your GirlFriend just Touched my Butt said Mary all Flustered..well its a small space i said she probally didnt mean to…we finished our picnic and mary helped us put the Plates and such in the Sink..As she was headed for the Back door Katie stood in her way coming in with me behind her…i slowely pushed Katies Arms into a upright position and moved her into Marys Tittys..it looked like she was Feeling her Again!
Katie didnt say a Word but Mary was Pissed..!! You Little Slut she yelled!
Whats going on here i asked pushing past Katie…Mary said she had Gotten her Breast Fondled by my GirlFriend.
Well i told her not to do that..her Mom always Spanked her when she Didnt Mind..maybe you should too i told her!
Looking alittle Suprsed she said maybe i should..she needs to be More Respectful… follow me..i took them Both into the BedRoom and roughly tied Katies Hands to the BedPost..
I handed Mary the Whip and Mary Swung it Down onto Katies Back…Again! she Swung it closer to her BlueJeans Butt! SMACK!!..Katie didnt move…Mary looked confused..your Probally not Hitting her Hard Enuff to get her Attention i said.
Reaching over and Undoing her Pants i pulled Katies Jeans Down..As she Kicked them off i slipped her Panties off and Mary tried again, this time on her Naked
butt lifted the Belt..again and again! SMACK!!!!
SMACK!!!!!..Mary was Breathing Harder and getting turned on by this..
I untied Katie,turning her to face Mary told Katie to Apoligize to Your Neighbor….
Dropping to her knees she unbuttoned Marys Jeans, Mary seemed To push her hands away till she Realized what was Going to Happen..She stepped out of her Pants and Katie Put her Fingers into the Cotton Panties, Pulling them Slowly Down over Marys Hips she Gripped Marys Thighs and licked at her Pussy.
Mary Stepped out of her Panties and Grabbed Katie up..if your going to apolizize..do it right!
pushed Katie onto the Bed Mary Laid Down and pulled Katies Mouth onto her now Soaked Pussy..Mary Looked at me and said its your Fault for letting her Be so Rash..get over her and help her!
Mary turned on her Side putting Katies tongue in her Pussy and my Tongue in her Ass…this was Kinda Fun I Thought..
After Cumming from our Tongues she didnt want this to end so she had us Both undress..
Mary Sucked me while Katie Licked my my AssCheeks she Fucked me with her Tongue..deep laps..burying her Face into my Butt..i Started to Come into Marys Mouth.
Katie then Laid next to Mary on the Bed while i Fucked her on her Side…Katie Lick Marys Ass Too…Karie Having Tasted Shit Already was into this and Licked Marys Butt…sticking her tongue past the Rim and Deep into her she pulled Marys Hips onto her Face..i pulled back to get more Cock into Mary..we Fought to see who Could get her off 1st.
Mary Came on my Cock and then I had Katie Clean us Both Up!
Lets Cook out next Week again Mary said as she was Leaving.
The End.

story by: Rimfire

Tags: blowjob consensual sex anal true story humiliation bondage and restriction cruelty sex story

Author: Rimfire

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