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“Evening, Slut.”

The word causes an uncontrollable stirring, as she feels excitement & anticipation begin to seep slowly from her aching body. She bows her head subserviently as she allows his strong arms to pull her into him. He tucks a wisp of hair behind her ear before tracing a finger down her jaw line, lifting her face up to meet his gaze. He kisses her softly on the mouth, and she just melts.

He places a firm hand gently upon her throat where her choker sits, bearing a daily reminder of who she belongs to and what her purpose is. As their kiss becomes more urgent, he caresses her neck tenderly before tracing his finger down the front of her blouse, undoing each button deftly as he passes it. He reaches her stomach, and slides his hand inside the soft cotton of her shirt, feeling the warmth of her bare skin tingling under his touch. He moves his hand up until it finds an erect nipple standing proud beneath the lacy fabric of her bra. A soft moan escapes from her mouth into his, as she becomes lost in the delicious feeling of his light touches and tender movements, knowing that the best is yet to come. He smiles inwardly. Such a sweet little girl. Such a shameless whore; He adores having this effect on her.

His cock strains against his restrictive denims. He pulls his mouth from hers and, fingers still massaging and pinching her nipple, places his free hand firmly on the nape of her neck. She instinctively lowers herself to her knees, face now level with the place he needs her the most. He breathes deeply and holds the side of her face, his thumb stroking her cheek lovingly. Her hands reach toward him, desperate to free his cock from its restraints.

“Use your mouth” he commands gruffly, unable to hide the lust in his voice as his fingers entwine themselves in her hair, gripping the back of her head and controlling her movement. She opens her mouth and grasps the zipper with her teeth, lowering it expertly to allow her to nuzzle freely at the material of his pants. She inhales his smell, revelling in just how much she thrives on being permitted to bring him pleasure. He lets out a low moan as she exhales slowly & deliberately … wonderful warm breath flooding over him even through the fabric. It is almost more than he can endure, and it takes all his effort not to shove her roughly to the floor and fuck her until her now-drenched pussy is glistening with his cum. But, he has plans for her, and it doesn’t involve her getting away with things THAT easily.

She moves her fingers up to push the material of his pants aside, and instantly regrets it as his hand comes down harshly across her face.

“I told you to use your mouth” he growls, all niceties displaced for the moment. She bows her head again and sits back on her heels, tears filling her eyes. She has failed to please him. He smiles, knowing that even as the smarting pain on her cheek causes her tears, it also makes her pussy contract violently, and secrete more of the sweet moisture that he so desperately craves. “Remove my belt, Slut. />
She kneels up obediently and unbuckles it, before pulling it through the loops of his jeans and offering it to him. Not a word is spoken as he takes it from her trembling palms. He reaches for her upper arm and pulls her to her feet.

“I bet my little slut is revelling in her discipline. Tell me, is your cunt wet?”
“Yes” she confesses in a quiet voice, a little embarrassed that he’s right.
“I sometimes wonder if you disobey me DELIBERATELY, so that I am forced to punish you. You know that I would RATHER just have you suck my cock and have done with it, but you WILL insist on refusing to adhere to even the SIMPLEST of instructions … and we can’t have you getting away with it, can we?”
“No” she replies, as quiet as before. “We /> “Because then you’ll never learn who has the control. I think you genuinely believe that, just because I sometimes allow you my cum, you think that you have some sort of power over me!”

She doesn’t answer; just stares at the floor. He smirks, taking her silence as admittance. He snarls something about teaching her blind and instant obedience as his arms lift her from the floor and carry her to the dining room table, placing her down on the very edge of it. She wants nothing more than to wrap her legs around his waist and kiss him deeply, but she knows better. She makes eye contact and searches for affection, but finds nothing. Not yet. She needs to be chastised for her behaviour before she can beg for his forgiveness.

He stands in front of her fully clothed having done his zipper back up, while she sits on the edge of the table, blouse undone and bra exposed, intently watching the belt now folded in his hand. He follows her gaze to it, and laughs cruelly.

“Oh no, sweetness” he sneers sarcastically, for later. First, we need to prepare you mentally. Remove your clothes. All of them. Now.”

The shock on her face is evident. He KNOWS that she hates being naked and vulnerable, feeling ever more exposed when he is dressed. But, she doesn’t dare disobey him again today. She slides her blouse off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor, followed almost immediately by her bra. She crosses an arm protectively over her chest as she wiggles out of her skirt and panties, kicking them into a pile with the rest of her clothes. He growls his disapproval at her arm covering her body, and she reluctantly lets it fall, revealing her nakedness to him in all its glory.

He feels his cock twitch in delight, and wastes no time in touching it as he stares fixedly at the angel sat before him, becoming immediately hard again in the process. He uses his free hand to part her legs which dangle off the edge of the table lifelessly, and makes no secret of exactly where his eyes are inspecting. She flushes with shame, knowing that her wetness is no longer private.

“Looks like my little slut is enjoying this” he smirks at her. “Show me how much you love being told what to do. I want you to make yourself come.”

She recoils in horror, desperate not to degrade herself to this level. Her eyes plead with him not to make her to do this, not to humiliate her further – she would rather just be beaten with his belt. He ignores her, and pushes her down until she is horizontal, legs bent at the knee, displaying her soaking wet pussy to him. He repeats his instruction, and her hand moves down toward her aching lips, parting them slightly to give him a better view. And then it happens – what she has been waiting for. What she has been meticulously obeying his every command for. Her reward.

“Good girl.”

The words make her heart explode in her chest and she glows with pride, knowing that getting her to submit when she is reluctant to do so is his favourite sexual act. And that parting her pussy for him to see better wasn’t a command – it was of HER offering, despite her humiliation. And that pleased him.

Her fingers find her clit, and she rubs it in little clockwise circles, writhing her hips as she does so. She is performing for him, and she is loving it. Her juices flow freely down her slit, and coat the inside of her thighs and her ass. He grabs an ankle and moves it up to the egde of the table, so that she is spread wider for him. He repeats this with the other foot, never taking his eyes off her skilful fingers as she teases and massages her engorged bud. He wants to take her, to plunge his cock deep inside her open pussy and make her cum, but he restrains himself, instead breathing in deeply and savouring the sweet smell of her arousal.

“You are to tell me when you are cumming, slut.”

She drives two fingers inside her pussy and bucks against them, softly moaning a confession of what a wanton whore she is. He watches her pull her fingers out, now sticky in her juices, and return to circling her clit. She repeats this over and over while mumbling her apologies for her earlier behaviour, until finally her hips jerk upwards and she lets out a final guttural groan.

“Your girl is cumming for you, oh … fuck … me … please … FUCK />
She trails off, hands still frenziedly rubbing her pussy as her juices rush liberally from her. He looks down at her and grins, loving the power he holds over this beautiful creature. His hand touches her cheek tenderly, and a tear forms in her eye.

“Good girl” he whispers. “My good, sweet little girl”

As his palm catches her teardrop, she becomes conscious of her exposure again, and closes her legs immediately. He puts a hand on her thigh, and repositions them to where they were.

“I haven’t finished with you yet” he informs her softly, and kisses her forehead lovingly before moving around to between her legs again. “My my, you HAVE made a mess.”

She flushes, humiliated at how right he is. Before she has time to instinctively close her legs again, she feels his breath down there causing her to gasp audibly. She prays that he is just teasing – he must KNOW that she is too sensitive to be touched there again so soon. But he is not teasing. He inhales her sweet scent, and he wants more. He flicks his tongue delicately over her lips causing her to jolt her body away from him and her legs to slam shut. He pauses, and smiles.

Reaching for the belt he carelessly dropped on the floor during her he stands upright and looks triumphantly at her. Without words, he folds it in half and snaps it together, causing her to jump. He wraps his free arm around her waist and pulls her to the floor, making sure to hold her closely just for a moment, before spinning her around and pushing her face-down across the table. He kicks her legs apart and quickly secures her ankles to the table legs using the clothes she cast off earlier, rendering her much more exposed than she was previously, and unable to refuse him anymore.

Her ass exposed to him, he runs his fingers over its cheeks softly before bringing the belt down upon her. She yelps in pain. He repeats this twice, before moving his fingers down to her inner thighs and smearing her juices all over them. She wiggles her ass slightly, as if trying to manoeuvre his fingers up toward her drenched pussy. He responds with another lash, and she again cries out. This time however, his hand moves up to meet the steady flow of moisture seeping out from her aching cunt, and as he thrusts two fingers inside her roughly, he brings the belt down onto her stinging cheeks again. She cries out, but this time she seems unsure whether it is in pain or intense pleasure. He leans over her back and his mouth finds her ear.

“Do not deny me again, bitch. If I want to eat your pussy, I will eat your pussy. I don’t give a shit whether it’s ‘too much’ for you – you belong to ME, and if I want to taste you, I will fucking taste you. And you will love it. />
With the he drives his fingers deep inside her again causing a violent moan to escape her lips. “I’ll take that as a yes” he continues, and removes his hand from her. He brings his fingers up to their faces, and inhales deeply on the musky scent before shoving them into her mouth.

“Taste yourself, cunt. Good, isn’t it. Why would you want to deny me that? Now lick them clean for me, and NEXT time when I taste you, you don’t fucking move. Right?”

She sucks on his fingers until she cannot taste herself any more. He removes them from her mouth, kisses her cheek, and stands upright again, dropping the belt to the floor after one final strike. He moves his hand down to her pussy, and scoops a fingerful of her plentiful juices into his mouth. He sighs in delight, and begins pulling down his trousers. He has had enough playing with her for now – his cock needs to be buried inside her, and he needs it now.

Once his trousers are around his ankles, he grabs her arms and raises them above her head, securing both wrists with one hand while his other starts jerking himself off. He loves the sight of her naked, bound, and covered in her own moisture, while he is still fully clothed, albeit with his pants around his ankles. He loves the power he holds over this helpless little girl, her breasts pressed up against the table and her pussy just waiting to be fucked. He loves using her, more so because every time he fucks her like this she comes harder and more intensely than any other time. He smiles, and begins teasing her cunt with his throbbing cock.

She wriggles away from him, trying to make things difficult, desperate to show her reluctance. She does not want to be fucked like this, used like a dirty little slut. HIS dirty little slut. Her pussy begins to contract again as the head of his swollen cock moves up and down the entire length of her sodden slit, not entering her yet, but promising that it will …

She reminds herself that she doesn’t want this, and begins struggling against him again. He laughs, and tightens his grip on her wrists. She knows that fighting is pointless, but she is not ready to give in yet. She makes a final attempt to free her hands, and upon failing and hearing his mocking voice telling her that she is going to get fucked whether she likes it or not, she turns her head around to meet his eyes, launching the last defence she has.

“Fuck you, cunt” she hisses at him, hoping to annoy him to the point that he will not want her any more. Instead, he smiles sweetly at her, and plunges his cock deep inside her aching hole without another word. She whimpers at the invasion, and turns her head back around to rest on the table, knowing that she has lost this one.

The warmth of her wet cunt is almost more than he can bear, and he stays very still inside of her for a moment whiles he regains his self-control. She whimpers again which drives him wild – he loves it when she resists him and attempts to be reluctant. Unfortunately, her dripping pussy gives her away every time, but she still occasionally likes to pretend that she ISN’T the dirty bitch that he has grown to adore so much.

He withdraws from her almost completely before thrusting himself back inside her fully, his balls smashing against her clit causing her to moan loudly into the table. In that moment he decides that he is going to make her cum with him, and he knows he won’t be able to hold off for much longer. He withdraws from her completely, leaving her empty and aching for more. She moans a protest, but shuts up immediately as she feels his hand smearing her wetness liberally over her ass.

“What … what are you doing?!” she asks, knowing the answer but feeling the need to ask anyway.
“I’m going to fuck your ass” he replies coolly. She immediately resumes her struggle, this time crying out “NO!” and violently jerking her limbs in a vain attempt to free them. He carries on lubricating her ass, totally unperturbed by her reaction.

He looks down at his giant cock streaked in her wet juices, and at her ass now as slippery as her pussy. He teases her entrance with it, and as she resigns herself to her fate, her somewhat indignant cries become docile and submissive. He pushes his engorged head inside of her ass gently. She lets out a groan quite unlike anything he’s ever heard before, which arouses him tremendously. He is patient and soothing with her, and doesn’t move again until she is ready. She has not stopped moaning, her eyes wide with lust and unadulterated pleasure. He pushes inside her a little more, and instead of fighting him she now pushes back against him, the lubrication making the process easy. He moves his spare hand around to her stomach, and pulls her into him, before tracing his fingertips downwards until he finds her clit, now swollen and desperate for attention.

A deep, husky moan escapes her lips as his hand finds what it is looking for, and she cries as she feels him deep inside of her, his balls pressed firmly against her slit, his fingertip circling her clit. He releases her wrists and moves his arm around her waist holding her into him as he lies down on top of her, positioning his mouth by her ear. He murmers how much he loves her, how beautiful she is, how she is going to make him cum, and they lie there, barely moving, the slightest of twitches causing them both to moan and sigh in contented pleasure.

He picks up the pace on her clit, massaging it until the tears flow freely from her eyes as the intensity of orgasm approaches. She begs him to stop, to let her go, but he does not, instead feeding his own orgasm off the internal contractions she is having. The warm, wet feeling of her taut ass clamping down on his cock brings him closer to orgasm, and as his finger on her clit and his cock buried in her ass drive her over the edge, so too does he begin to spray his hot cum into her. Jet after jet spurts deep inside her ass a she cries out and writhes about under his weight in uncontrollable ecstasy, her orgasm causing a sudden rush of liquid to seep from her contracting cunt right onto his balls. He cries out as they release the last of semen into her, his cock now pulsating in time with her. They lay like that for a long time, his cock softening inside her until finally it slithers out.

He reaches down and unbinds her ankles, and carries her used body to the sofa where he covers her with a throw, and after removing his clothes he lies down beside her. They both remain there, drifting in and out of sleep, occasionally murmering how much they adore each-other, and how the words no longer do their feelings any justice, until the Sunday morning sunshine streaks in through the open window and bathes them both in glorious summer warmth.

Another perfect day begins. x

story by: CrystalEyes

Tags: fiction anal romance humiliation domination/submission bdsm sex story

Author: CrystalEyes

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