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Here it is, I am about to turn 30 and I think I can honestly say that I can remember every single sexual experience I have had. Almost. By the way, this is the first story I have ever submitted online, and I doubt it will be the last.
Both her and I were shall we say, quite young for sex but that didn’t stop us. Her family had moved in next door a couple years before and being that me and her where the same age, and I also think because she was kind of a tom boy, me and her “got along like peas and carrots” as Forrest would say. Now both our families were pretty much, middle class, white folk, stuck in the middle of the desert and that is about it. no glamour here.
Anyways, we would spend our days together in school on the play ground with the usual pushing, shoving and laughing. Then when we would get home, well it pretty much was the same thing as school but now we had “the Forts”. The forts started out simple as just a bunch of 6 x 6 holes, 5 feet deep. However over time, they became all connected by tunnels that were rather impressive seeing as though they were built by a couple kids. Those tunnels are where this story begins.
Being that this was a California Desert, it was about 110 degrees out on this one summer day. However it was a lot cooler in the forts. I went out side and noticed she wasn’t already out front. I found that to be odd really cause she was always out before me. Anyways, I hoped on my bike and road across the street to the dirt bike track, did a couple laps then went over to the forts. When I get there I find her bike is already there.
I hoped off and opened up the door to the main hole and jumped in. ahhh… it was already a lot cooler. I look down the tunnel and see her down there.
“Hey, what’s up” I ask. After a slight delay “oh… nothing”. “Yeah right, no really, what you reading” I wonder. ”Some magazines I found in my brothers room” (her 19 year old brother).
It wasn’t until I opened one of the small vent holes to let in some light that I realized what kind of magazines these were. Now I had seen Playboys a couple times but it was rare. But these books weren’t no crappy Playboy. No, these were something like Busty or some other HARDCORE BIG TITS magazine.
We sat there, facing each other, looking at our magazines, for like 20 minutes. Finally I toss mine to the side and move next to her to see what she was reading. Turns out she was really into the stories.
A couple minutes later, for the first time since I got there, she actually turned her attention away from the story. She looked at me sitting right next to her, reading over her shoulder, and kissed me. This was not the first time we had kissed, we were each other’s first kiss. Hell ever since that first kiss a year or so back, we couldn’t stop. Our parents actually thought it was rather funny. But this kiss was a different one. It was hard and long.
“What the hell was that for?” I ask with a laugh. “Just because”. “Oh Horse Shit. You have a reason for everything so spill the beans. What are you thinking about”? “Well you ever thought about trying things like what’s in these magazines”? I pause for a second, “No not really, but that don’t mean I don’t want to. How long you been out here anyways”? “About 4 hours” She replies.
This was not normal for her. It was 11 am when I got there and during no school days, she didn’t get out of bed till 10:30.
been up since 7” I ask. “nope, since 4. My brother came in late with some girl I have never seen before and they went right to his room. Well about 5 minutes after they closed the door, she started moaning then screaming then flat out yelling things like FUCK ME FUCK ME. Well this went on for hours and it was keeping me up. So to piss off my brother, I went into his bathroom and took all his magazines. Later I got dressed, tossed all the mags in my backpack and headed out here. I have been reading the stories ever since.
“All right, so (looking back at the magazine in her hand) what exactly do you want to try in this thing”?
“So far, everything /> So basically it started. I was sitting with my legs crossed, and leaning back against the dirt wall. She turns, and climes onto my lap facing me. First she kisses me (remember were quite young. the only kissing we new about was from the way our parents would kiss us. We never tried frenching), then she asks how I liked that. I said “same as always”. “Ok then, kind of open your mouth,” She orders. So I do and we lock lips again.
The second kiss was like giving someone CPR. Lips joined but no tung. Hell we didn’t know. After a few more times, I decided to touch my toung to hers just to see if it makes her freak. NOPE! My god, the toung-wrestling match was on. Twisting and twirling. Anyways, this went on for about an hour. Finally we decided to try something else.
We both grabbed a magazine and started looking. Finally I said, “Well here is something. Now, as you can see, all these women have no clothes on…” I mention with a smart ass tone in my voice. “I am not getting all naked with you down in this dirt hole.” she interrupts. “I don’t want to take my pants off and get dirt in the crack of my ass anymore than you do. But how about we just take off our shirts and try again?” With some surprise to me, she agrees and takes her shirt off before me. The sight of her with no shirt on didn’t do anything like it does today when a woman takes her shirt off for you. I mean hell, we were kids. SHE HAD NO TITS.
So with the shirts off we go back to kissing. However, this time we had our bodies touching, skin to skin and that felt really good. It was at that moment that we learned about touching. Sure, we would touch all the time before, but nothing like this. This was the kind of touch.
After a couple minutes we try doing the same, but now lying down on the ground on top of the shirts we have shed. Now me, I found myself moving my hands along her side and over her non-developed chest. She on the other hand was all about my legs and between. By this time, I had a full-fledged hard on. Not much of one due to my age. But one nonetheless.
She made long stokes up and down my thighs, getting closer to my dick with every pass. She was doing it that way on purpose. Finally I stopped kissing her and said, “Go Ahead”. She tried giving me a fake puzzled look but she knew what I was talking about. I turn my body off of her and laid flat on my back. Right away her eyes trained right to the Tent in my shorts. Placing her hand on my thigh, she slowly made her way up. I could feel the nervous shake from her hand. Finally she reached up the leg of my shorts and was suppressed to find I wasn’t wearing underwear (hated wearing them then and I still do). Her fingertips touched it then quickly pulled back like she had been shocked.
Frustrated with the poking, I lift my ass and pull the front of my shorts down. Seeing that she was still scared, I started kissing her again. Finally she reached out and grabbed it and like instinct, she began jacking me off. Now at this age I really wasn’t feeling the jacking off thing. Not like I do today. So we stop and she lets go of me then lays on her back and says “What next?”
Even though I new not a goddamn thing about sex, I right away new what I could do. She rubbed me, ill rub her. So I started kissing her and rubbing my hand on her chest. And as if it were GOD himself guiding my hands and mouth, I not only sent Mr. Left hand down under her shorts and panties, but I felt the urge to start kissing and sucking her neck. “DING DING DING”. That was the winner right there because she let out a moan that ill never forget and then just melted like butter. Apparently I nailed the right spot on her neck to suck on while at the same time my left hand just went right under the waistband of her shorts, then her panties and directly to her baby smooth pussy where I rubbed up and down with 2 fingers.
A little side note here: I firmly believe that moment was a HUGE deciding factor in my life. Ever since then I prefer baby smooth bald pussy over hair any day, and I get just as much enjoyment in having a bunch of fingers in a pussy getting a woman off as I do with having my dick in her. Ever since this moment, I LOVE fingering. I can do it forever. Anyways back to the story.
That first time of me touching her pussy was like no other. Right away I knew that while I have my hand down there, I better start keeping some mental road maps. Initially I just had my ring and middle finger gliding up and down her tight untouched slit. After a few minutes though, I decided I might prefer seeing what I am doing down there. Well she wasn’t for this at first cause she was still into the neck thing but we decided that we would both lay back next to each other so that I could play with her pussy and she could resume efforts on my rock hard dick.
It didn’t take long for that flower of hers to bloom and open up a bit. When it did I took my middle finger and started from the top and slowly made my way down. First bump in the road was her clit. When I dragged my finger slowly across it she jerked towards me. When that happened she gave a sigh. (Mental note made at this time. Remember that spot). After a second I resumed my course down her very slick road till I got the her canal. VERY slowly I started sliding my finger in. after just ½ inch, I realized that it was very tight and that my middle finger might be to big. So out came middle finger and in went my pinky.
I retraced my steps with my pinky first over her clit then around it a couple times then back to her opening. Slowly I slid it in. much better and most of all she didn’t seem to have any discomfort like she showed with my middle finger. I slid it in just a little then backed out for another try. The second time it went in more then half an inch. Over and over I moved in and out till I got to her hymen. I pushed up against it and moved around in circles. Since I had already knew how a woman gives birth, so I knew that where my finger was could stretch.
Slowly I worked on her pussy. Finally I managed to get my pinky all the way in. Man, what a feeling. I just love feeling the inside of a woman. Slowly I pull my pinky out of her pussy and start to go with my first choice, my middle finger. After about an inch or 2, I could see she had some discomfort so I stopped and began paying attention to what she was doing to my dick still. I forgot she was there. After some trial and error, she had my dick down pretty well when it came to jacking a guy off.
After a while, we both started thinking that maybe we should head back to the house cause I am quite sure my mom would be worried about both of us. Plus, it was getting really fucking hot in there. But before we stopped, she did something that I did not expect. After obtaining another good grip on the base of my dick, she looked up at me, smiled then doped down and put it in her mouth. Talk about a mind blower there. Of course she didn’t give me head really cause she didn’t move up and down my shaft, she just thought that she would put my dick in her mouth and suck on it for a second. Felt really good.
Anyways we knew it was time to go back to the house so we put our shirts back on and pulled up our shorts and headed back. We came in the house and was greeted by the air conditioner then my mom. She asked us what we had been up to and we just told her we were hanging out in the forts but it was to hot so we came back. She agreed it was to hot and told us that we should either go watch TV or go in my room. We decided on the room cause the A/C worked better in there.
We went into my room and laid back on my bed so that we could soak up the cold air. Not a word about what had just happened was said. I think that we both needed to take a while to really think about it. Either that or it was the fact that about 10 minutes later, both of us just fell right to sleep. Now that I think about it, not only was that my first sexual encounter, but it was the first time I with another woman. NAP TIME BABY!
I would have to say that it took a while before we mentioned what had happened that day to each other. 2 weeks later, my mom had gone and decided to have what she told me was a Tupperware Party. I don’t think that she realized that I knew what that really meant. It meant that she was going to invite a bunch of the ladies over to the house for drinks.
The party wasn’t supposed to happen till about 6 PM so earlier that day she had me and Tanya helping out with getting everything ready. After we finished Tanya and I went to my room to hang out and after we walked through the door, she closed it behind her. Now this was not like we weren’t allowed to close it, just that she had never closed it. So I knew something was up. I continued to the stereo to turn it on to our favorite station. I push the power button, set the volume, and then turn around to find her right in front of me. Right away she leaned in and kissed me. This had been the first time since our little encounter in the fort.
Just like the first time she kissed me out of the blue like that I asked that for?”. “Just because.” Yeah I knew she was full of shit. “No really, what’s up?” sitting down as if this might take a while “After we fooled around in fort, and after our nap (with a small smirk), I went home and sat in my room for a bit. I started thinking of course about what had happened earlier. After about an hour I went in and had dinner with the family, took a really long shower, and then went to bed early.” She explained. “Is this a bad thing?” I ask. “I laid there in bed for 2 hours and just could not fall asleep. I was to wrapped up in what happened.” In an embarrassed tone she said “so I couldn’t sleep, and so I thought that perhaps if I made myself feel the same way you made me feel when you played with me, maybe I’ll feel better.”
She wasn’t the only one thinking about what happened. I couldn’t get the hard on to go away. The thought of having her play with it again really made me horny.
Just as she is about to finish what she had to say, Mom walked in and told her that her mom was back and wanted her home. I could just see the torment in her eyes. Right away I knew that the reason she hadn’t said anything for 2 weeks is perhaps because she was to scared and confused to. And just as she is about to say everything, good old mom fucks it all up.
So at about 6 my moms friends (as well as her mom) start showing up and they all start off with some stupid movie and some drinks. The reason for this is because it would take a total of 2 hours to get everyone there. Mom always had lame friends.
So 10:00 rolls around and everyone is in the backyard laughing and giggling and just being stupid. I am laying on the couch in the forward living room next to the front door that is wide open. A really nice breeze was blowing through the room and with the lights dimmed way down I found myself about to fall asleep. That’s when I heard a voice. it was her standing in the doorway. “oh hey, common in”. She slowly walks in wearing just a long t-shirt. Normally this would seem weird but since her mom is always coming by late at night to talk with my mom, and the fact that we were next door neighbors, she would cruse over to hang with me before bed. However, I found out that this was not like any other late night visit of hers.
I’m still laying there on the couch and she walks over to me and pushes me over so she can lay next to me. “sorry about my mom interrupting you earlier today.” I explained “ I’m guessing that you have been wanting to say something for awhile.” “Well yeah.” As she sits up in the couch to see if anyone else is around. “That night I tried to make myself feel that same way you did earlier in that day. I pulled off my clothes and locked the door to my room. After I managed to get myself comfortable, I took my pinky and attempted to do the same thing that you did. It didn’t work. For 2 weeks I have tried (in a embarrassed yet smirking grin) and still have not been able to do it.”
After she said that, she got up and walked to that back of the living room, through the bar, then into the rear living room where you can see out to the patio where the party is at. She turns around and closes the door going from the rear living room to the bar and then closes the second door going from the bar to the front living room. While she is doing this I am still laying on the couch thinking about what she just said and wondering why she’s closing the doors. She walks back over to me and then just stands there looking down at me with this weird smile. I say I a minor confusion. “What exactly did you do that day that made me feel so good?” “Well it’s kind of hard to explain” I reply.
With an evil grin she grabs her t-shirt that hangs to her knees and pulls it up to her chest. She wasn’t wearing panties. I couldn’t believe it. “show me” she orders. “Right here?” /> Still holding her shirt, she looks up and keeps watch. She wanted me to finger her while she stood there. I couldn’t believe it. So I turn to my side and start moving my hand up her right thigh. Quickly she widens her stance so that I can go to work.
Gently I take my pinky and this time start from the bottom of her slit and work forward to her clit. Over and over I circle her button with my pinky, picking up the juices. Then just as I am starting to slide in my pinky she says” what finger is that?” ”My pinky” “Use your middle finger” she commands. Taking a second to lick my finger to get it ready, I position my self. I can see in her eyes she wants it bad. Right away I start sliding it my finger. No going in bit then back out then back in some more, no, all the way in one stroke.
In a sure fashion, my finger was all the way in. slowly at first, I start pumping it in and out of her. I can see the pain and pleasure in her face as I did this. But this was a bomb that could go off. Right away I pulled my finger out and pulled her to my room. I told her to get in bed and I will be right back. I went out to the back and simply told mom, “Hey I have a head ache, im going to bed”.
Promptly I went back to my room and closed the door. Without me saying a word, she was under the covers with her legs already spread waiting for me. For about 3 minutes I pumped my finger in her. Then just as she was starting to get more laid back about it I slid in my ring finger. Immediately she gritted her teeth and arched her back. Suddenly something happened. I thought something bad was happening. Nope, just my best friend having her first orgasm. I knew then what was going on because I could feel the already super tight, vaginal walls grabbing my fingers. Shortly afterward, her pussy decided to give my fingers back. That’s when I knew it was over. I then looked at her face and she was in tears. “you ok?” “yeah, I’m great. Its just that when you slid in your other finger it hurt a bit. But what is weird is that I loved the pain. Its felt so good.” I just sat there with a really dopey look on my face. I wasn’t quiet sure what to think. And I didn’t have time. Suddenly my mom started opening the door. Right away, the same girl that just received her first orgasm, got pushed off the other side of the bed so that no one could see her.
“You ok” my mom says. “yeah im alright. Ill see ya in the morning mom.” Finally the door shuts and I help Tanya up. “Sorry about that”. Slowly she leaned over and gave me a kiss. I know what that one was for. Anyways, we laid there for a little while, listening to the crickets outside. But then, I began to feel a wandering hand. “ I want to pay you back but I don’t know how to give a good blowjob.” “well I wouldn’t worry cause neither do I.” Thinking im funny. “well just tell me if I am doing it wrong.”
Slowly she makes her way under my covers. Carefully I feel her hand and I can tell she is getting ready. I have to see this I thought. I throw the covers back so that I could watch. It kind of made her a little more nervous but she got over it. And quick cause my god she just swallowed the whole thing. Oh man it felt great. But as luck would have it, my night was about to end. Mixed in with the sound of the crickets outside we hear her mom calling her. Quickly she fixed herself, gave me a kiss and headed out the back door.
As if that wasn’t a bad stroke of luck, 4 days later, her dad gets transferred which forces them to move out of town. I always hoped she would be back soon because they still owned the house next door. Talk about suck ass though.
HOWEVER!!! Almost 2 years later. At about 10:30 pm, I had shut off my lights and I was about to climb into bed. Softly I hear a knocking at window. Thinking that it was one of the cats I went to the window to shoo it off. To my surprise, my first love was standing there. I threw the window open and pulled her inside. Before a word was said I laid a big kiss on her.
We sat and talked for a bit and she told me that her and her brother were here to get some things out of the old house, and they knew they would have to stay the night. Her brother took off to one of his old friends so she figured she would come see me.
After we got our hellos and how you been’s out of the way, she speaks up with “I’m sorry I never paid you back that night. But if it makes you feel better, all I think about is you. Infact before I can go to sleep I please my self exactly the way you do. I memorized every move you made.” Talk about a spirit builder. “ I want to pick up where we left off.” The whole time I didn’t even realize what she was wearing. The same t-shirt from that night. There was only one thing different about that night and this one. That last night, I might not have gotten to go all the way because I thought it might be to much for her. Also, that last night, I had no clue of what to do. Since then, I had taken from a friends parents some porno movies. Basically I have been taking some serious notes. Notes she doesn’t know about.
“You sure you want to pick it back up?” “oh yeah” “and just how far you want to go?” “As far as we can.” The famous last words.
With us just standing there, I approach her and pull her shirt off. Yep, just like before, no panties. I embrace her and begin kissing her and slowly backing her up to the wall. With her up to the wall I lick my middle finger and then go back kissing her. Just then I slide my finger in her hole while her toung is in my mouth. Once my finger got all the way in I began to gently lift upward to where my finger is in deep and my palm is pushing against her clit. In record time, she came right there in my hand. She couldn’t believe that I got her off that fast. To be honest, neither did I, but I played it kind of cool.
Back on the bed I lay down and without hesitation, she goes right to town on me. She really didn’t know what to do so I told her to just go up and down on it. This went on for a little while and near the end she was showing improvements. However, I felt that this is the moment of truth. No more than 20 minutes before she showed up, I had jerked off. So with that under my belt, I had a good feeling that our first time was going to last.
I lifted her head up, gave her a deep kiss, then laid her down on her back and spread her legs wide open. just as I am about to go for the gold I realized that I have never eaten pussy. Well there is a first for everything. Right away I plunged my face in her mound. Once again in record time she came. This time she came on my face and holy shit, did it taste good.
Now comes the moment of truth. The moment I know I have been waiting for. With her laying there on her back, she held her legs wide open. Just as I am about to enter her she says, “Do it hard” “I want you to just shove it in and fuck me hard. I want to feel some pain.” Reluctantly, I got ready. With a combination of her gushing pussy and some baby oil, I lube us both up. I got my self into position and put the tip right and her entrance. I looked up and into her eyes. Her eyes said no don’t do it but then she nodded her head and said “DO IT”
In one hard stroke, I was in. talk about nice, that was such a great feeling. Right away I began pumping it in her tight hole as hard as she wanted. I could see the pain in her face but she was in heaven. Finally, I am in the home stretch and I think I can time it to wear we both cum at the same time. Sure enough, when I let loose, so did she. I shot out so much jizz that when I pulled my dick out, her pussy puked it all back out onto my bed.
We ended up just collapsing in each others arms and she stayed the whole night. About an hour later I asked her if she wanted to go again. Right away she began rubbing me, trying to get me hard again. It didn’t take long and before I knew it she climbed on top and took command.
The rest of the night was some what of a blur but amazing. That was 18 years ago and the last time I had seen her. For the last 5 years, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find her using the internet. No luck. I wish she knew how much I miss my friend.

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