Tawni's story – chapter 1

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Tawni's Story
Chapter 1 – A Pleasant Morning

‘I’m awake. ‘

‘Where am I? ‘

‘What happened last night? ‘

‘Why do I smell like sex and />
‘Oh, no. Did I go home with someone last night? ‘

This room doesn’t look familiar. I’d never have drapes like that and this bed feels way too expensive for a college student like me to have. So, it must be someone rich. Ah, damnit Tanya! Think girl, think. Okay, what was the last thing that I remember from last night. Okay, Suzie… Who’s Suzi- oh, my roommate, that’s right. Okay, Suzi, she took me to…to a club….and we…damnit, I just don’t remember a fucking thing after that. Maybe if I just go back to sleep for a little bit, I’ll remember when I wake up.

‘Okay, here we go. Count the sheep down.’




“Oh- *gasp*.”

‘Wha? What’s going on?’

I open my eyes again, still the same room. It just looks a little brighter outside. There’s nobody else in the roo-

“Oh god!”

Suddenly, I feel something rub on my pussy. Now I’m concerned. What’s going on?

I look down at my feet and don’t see anything. That’s weird I could have sworn that I-

“Mmmm! Oh what the hell was that?”

I sit up quickly and look down at my waist. There’s a small bulge where my pussy would be. I rest my hand on the bulge and suddenly feel a sudden jolt of pleasure.

“Ohhh-what the hell?”

I look under the covers to see someone’s head down next to where all my mysterious feelings of arousal are coming from. The head looks like there’s a pony tail attached, and I have a pang of regret. Did I seriously go home with one of those pretentious hipsters from the club last night?

But as soon as the person raises their head, one fear vanishes, only to be replaced by another. At first all I see are eyes. Very deep brown eyes that are almost completely dark. The face slowly comes out of the dark and comes into the light. The nose is wide (but not too wide), with a small upturn at the tip. Their lips look moist and almost completely pink. Their hair is long and dark, but pulled back. It looks damp from perspiration. Once I can see their face completely I noticed-

a girl?”

Wiping her mouth with her index finger and then sucking my juices off of her finger, she gave me a quizzical look, then reached down with her hand between her legs. Hey eyes flutter briefly as she lets out a light moan.

“Mm, last time I checked I am,” she smiles at me, making me feel nervous.

“Bu-but, I mean, I’m not a- a- a- les-,” I try to stutter out a response to this sudden turn of events.
She just smiles again as I’m trying to explain myself and reaches her hand between her legs again, but this time, only for a moment, then put her finger up to my lips to shush me. I smell an intoxicating aroma of her sex. She pushes her finger against my lips harder, until her finger is inside my mouth. I can’t help but lick it.

A quick lick of her finger suddenly turns to a sucking, desperate for more and more. I now need that taste. She notices me sucking on her finger instantly and starts to pull it out of my mouth, much to my dismay and pouting.

worry honey,” she whispers at me. get your turn soon enough.”

She pulls the covers over her head and disappears. Where did she go? Who was that? Why is she-
“Oh. Mm, yes, more. More of that.”

I felt her tongue drag down from my collar bone and lead down and then her lips attached themselves to my very sensitive right nipple, sucking gently.

Listening to my commands, she continues to suck on my breast, but also adds the use of her tongue, driving me absolutely wild. The mysterious dark haired woman takes it to the next step and lightly bites at my perky and completely erected nipple.

“Ohhh. MMmmm. Just like that.”

“Mm, you like that then,” her soft voice radiates from under the covers.

I hesitate to answer, but ultimately just whisper, />
As an immediate response, she starts to attack my left breast, nibbling and sucking and licking, leaving no inch of my skin untasted.

I start to pant loudly, enjoying what this woman is doing to me, what she’s turning me into. I let a loud moan escape my lips signifying my extreme pleasure as to the job she’s doing. As soon as I do so, suddenly, she stops.

“Wha- what,” I question, wondering if I did something wrong. “Why did you stop? Was it something I said?”
Still, no response. My mind suddenly started to sink from it’s sexual high, and I start thinking about what’s going on. This is a beautiful woman (who obviously knows how to please another woman) and she took me home for the night. What did we do last night? What did I do?

I start to think out loud, half talking to her, half talking to myself. “I- I- I’m not a lesbian. I’m not even bisexual. I’m just a normal girl, who likes guys. I just made the simple mistake of going home with a girl last night. Nobody has to know.”

“Are you calling this-“ suddenly I feel a couple of long fingers push their way into my tight pussy. “-a />
It feels sooo good!”

Her fingers work their way inside further into my cunt, lubricated and eased in by my own juices. They start to slowly work all the way within me, up to where her hand meets the first joint of her index and middle finger. As soon as they go in as far as they can, they start to pull out. Instinctively, my insides contract, and I try to hold her digits inside of me. It’s been so long since anyone has pleasured me and I don’t want it to end right now.

I reach my own hand down to prevent her from pulling her out of me, but she deflects my attempt by capturing my hand with her idle hand, and places my index finger into her mouth. I never knew how sensitive my fingers were, but her mouth was working pure magic on them. Her tongue was winding it’s way around my finger, coating it with her own saliva, and sucking on it, making my pussy clench even harder on her still extracting fingers.

“Oh,” she said, releasing my finger from her mouth, only to have the offending finger shoot up to my own mouth so I could continue sucking on it. “Sexy bunny likes that then, does she?”

I start my response only to have her fingers completely escape my dripping pussy to suddenly shove their way all the way back inside of me. />
“Haha, I thought you might. Let’s see how you like this then.”

Before I could ask what exactly was, she started to twist her hand as if she was trying to start a car, and then turned her hand to where her fingers were pointing up. Without warning, she started to drag her fingers along my g-spot, adding pressure as she would drag them along.

“OHHH MYYY GOD! YES!” I couldn’t help my screams of ecstasy as she did this. Few guys would ever go down on me or finger me, and usually their dicks were way too small to even find my g-spot. But in a matter of minutes, this woman found it, and was now milking it for all it was worth.

I feel my body going into over load. My hands are now shaking and my toes are curling and uncurling rapidly. I feel perspiration creep along my forehead and chest. As she pulls her fingers out once again, I start to clench as hard as possible. It’s going to take heaven and hell both freezing over to get me to release this little nympho’s hand from my now contracting cunt.

I close my eyes just to prolong the incoming continuous waves of pleasure that were bound to hit any instant now. The fingers start to pull back in, and I’m all too willing to allow them back inside of me. I open my eyes again only to find the beautiful and mysterious face looking down on me with eyes half closed with a cocked smile filled with smugness.

She leans her face down to mine to the point where our noses almost meet and she starts to whisper, “Has any man ever pleasured you like this before?”

I whimper out a pathetic, />
Once again, she questions me again. “Have you ever made yourself feel this good before?”

This time, with her fingers working overtime, I couldn’t even move my lips to give her a vocal answer, so I just shook my head ‘no’ once again.

“Have you ever been kissed like this before?”

Without waiting for an answer, she begins kissing me full on the mouth. Her lips part to let her tongue dance with mine and I open my mouth to let it in. They start to dance with each other, taste each other, and explore the other one’s mouth.

She finishes off the kiss and just looks down at me. that compared to a man?”

I try to sit up a bit to give her another kiss, but she uses her idle hand to press me back down onto the bed. With the same hand, she locks my legs behind her and places her pelvis against her fingers still inside of me and rubbing on my delicate g-spot. She starts to push her pelvis onto her own hand, digging her skilled fingers even deeper within me. She pulls her hips and fingers back, and does it again, just a fraction harder than last time. And again. And again.

Now she’s full on humping her own hand into me and I am loving this. It just feels too good. I feel a pressure is starting to build inside of me again.

“Cumming? Haha, yeah, I could tell. You’ve been trying to hold it in for quite some time now. It’s about time you came.”

I’m puzzled now. “Ho- how could you-“

I’m not allowed to finish because of the obstruction of her mouth, lips, and tongue, which are now all mingling with my own in another kiss. Every time she thrusts her hips against my pussy, I let out a small moan into her mouth.

After it seems like all too short of time, I begin to feel the pressure inside of me start to boil over. The combination of not knowing who this expert lover is and her kissing and her finger fucking me, I just couldn’t take it any more.

She pulls away and looks down at me with those beautiful big brown eyes again. she says. “Yeah, cum for me baby. Cum all over my hand. Let yourself go and just enjoy it.”

I do as she says and finally allow myself to release. At first, I just feel nothing. Then I get hit with wave after wave of pure adrenaline, hormones, pleasure, and feelings that short circuit my mind and drive me into a frenzy.


“Mm, that’s right baby, enjoy it,” as she’s saying this, she unlocks my legs and pushes herself back down to place her face right at my pussy, now contracting and releasing and dripping with my juices. Right away, she puts her face into me and laps it up, drinking every bit of me that’s spilling out. This throws me into a secondary tizzy, making my mind high on sex once again.

It’s feeling so good, I just can’t take it any more. I feel like I’m going to die from having too much. I push her head away from my pussy in an effort to stop and breathe for just a moment. I feel her head and face give way, only to pop up once again right up next to my face.

Her lips are completely soaked with my sex and I can’t help it. I want- no, I need to taste myself on her. I grab the back of her head and pull her into me forcefully, sloppily kissing her and licking at her face. I can’t exactly put a finger on what I taste like, but it’s even better being mixed with this gorgeous, mysterious, and very skilled dark haired woman’s saliva.

Coming off of my much needed orgasm, my body continues to spasm and act on it's own. My hips gently thrust upwards. My pussy, thinking for itself, grinds up into my mystery lover's, sending a few aftershocks of pleasure through my body. She rubs herself against me, just enough to let me ride my orgasm out to its fullest.

Sighing, I settle myself down and lie completely still on the bed. My lady lover lets out an exasperated breath and settle's herself on her side, looking at me, head propped on her hand, with her other arm draped across my chest, idly rubbing and playing with my right nipple.
“So,” she starts, “What did you think of that?”

For the first time in a very long time, I am completely speechless.

“I….I really liked that. But I'm kinda I left off, hoping that she'd continue on for me.

Maneuvering her face closer to my ear, she asks in a lowered tone, “What about?”

“Well, about last night. I- don't really remember all that much. I just remember that I was going to the club with my roommate, and she and I were gonna live it up for the night. And then it just kinda gets hazy.” I look straight up, closing my eyes, trying not to think about the sensations tingling through my breast as she keeps playing with it, and instead concentrate on what occurred last night.

Chuckling, she moves to the other breast, and starts gently dragging her finger around my areola. “I might be able to help you figure out where the rest of your evening went. But first, I need you to take care of a little something for me.” With her last word, she punctuates it with the slightest pinch to my nipple, making me jump slightly.

I raise my eye brow and begin to lick my lips, “How could I do that?”

Grasping my hand, she leads it down with her own, between her own perky breasts, down her flat stomach, and to her own pubic mound. I let my finger stick out and begin to rub her own moistened clit.
She closes her eyes and lets out a very slow, low, moan. “I think we can arrange />
End of Chapter 1

story by: Dr_Awesome

Tags: fiction consensual sex first time bi-sexual girls / female lesbian female/female oral sex teen female/teen female sex story

Author: Dr_Awesome

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