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I awoke at about 8:30am to the sound of the bathroom door closing.Sitting up on the couch I wondered who it was.Maggie or Tina.I got up and looked down the hall to see Tina still sleeping in her bed.I noticed Maggies purse was no longer by her pillow and I knew what she was up to.
After about 10 minutes I heard the running of water and the toilet flush.Maggie exited the bathroom purse in hand and a distraught look on her face.I asked if she was allright and she said "yes" before entering Tina's room and closing the door.I hoped my plan had gone well and she was thinking she was starting her period.The pounding I had given her the night before had to still hurt.
By 9:30 I had breakfast ready and I yelled for the girls to come eat.Tina was the first to exit the bedroom all full of smiles as she usually did in the morning.Maggie followed with her head down not looking so good.I again asked how she was and Maggie told me her stomache was hurting.I asked if there was anything I could get for her and she just shook her head no.
After eating the girls headed back to Tina's room.Soon after Tina came out to get some drinks for them and I asked how Maggie was feeling.She leaned close to me and whispered to me that Maggie was starting her monthly girl thing and she would be allright.She said Maggie told her she was having some cramps but they were not as bad as before and they should subside soon.
Smiling in my coffee mug I was assured that Maggie didn't think she was feeling anything more then her cramps.Or so she thought.My plan had worked and now I was going to plan this nights fun.If I got away with it once then why not twice.Maybe I would have some fun with both of the girls tonight.
I left the table and headed for the bathroom where I jerked my cock thinking of all the ways I had taken Maggie the night the smell of her pussy and the taste of the sweet virgin hole .Wacking harder I blew my load all over the sink.Still visualizing my cock ramming balls deep into that tiny little tease.Emptying my cock into her tender tight pussy with every last drop of cum my balls had.Still feeling her pussy muscles clamping down on my now limping cock trying to revive it.
I snapped back to reality when there was a knock at the door.Tina asked if we could go to town and I said yes in a shuddered voice still being woobly and weak kneed from my orgasm.Maggie needed to get some more clothes for the night since she was staying again.
Quickly cleaning up I rinced out the sink.We will leave at 11 I told her.Then I heard her return to her room.Finishing my chore I went to the livingroom thinking of how I could make this an interesting day.Then it hit me.I think it,s going to be a great day to go to the beach.I told the girls to get their suits and we would go.Maggie then replied she would have to get hers from her house.
Soon after leaving the house I could tell Maggie was feeling alot better.She was smiling and talking and of course every time Tina turned her head Maggie was winking at me.I guess she had decided not to stop the teasing after all.Oh well, all the better for me.It was her teasing that was the driving force for me to do those things to her.And it made me horny as hell knowing I was going to get more of it tonight.
Arriving at Maggies the girls went in to get her things.When they appeared in the doorway Maggie had on a white t-shirt with a knot tied in the middle of her tight stomache.She had on pink bakini panties .In the sunlight I could make out the outline of her top under the shirt.It was the two piece suit that Tina had wanted and I had told her no.That suit was made for older girls and she would need to be a few years older before she got one.Tina had the one piece suit her mother had gotten for her on her birthday.She hated it because all of her friends had the two piece.
Tina went to the back of the car to put Maggies things into the trunk. Jumping into the car Maggies bakini bottom had slid over and I could see her bare pussy lips.Sticking in the center of her bald pussy lips was the little string from her tampon.
She hurried and and slid the flap of cloth back to its place when she looked up and saw me staring straight at her pussy."Do you like what you see?" she asked with the slyest of grins.About to answer "yes" the door opened and Tina jumped in.My cock grew to full length insantly and it was hard to compose myself after seeing that bald little pussy.Driving wasn't any easier either while trying to hide my fully erect cock from my daughter while she set in the seat next to me.
Arriving at the beach I told the girls to find us a spot.They ran to a spot that was pretty full but I didn't mind.There were many hot looking bitches running all over the place with their tight asses bouncing with every step.I set up my beach chair and umbrella behind the girls. They spread out their towels in front of me and run to the water for a dip.Watching Maggies ass as she ran made my cock hard again.
When they returned from the water I was talking with a girl that had been walking by.Looking over at Maggie she had a big scowl on her face.We finished our conversation and she walked away.But not before I got her phone number and a date for the following weekend.For the next hour Maggie ignored me snubbing her nose at me now everytime she could.I knew she was jealous and that again was another huge turn on for me and I had to play it up.
Tina wanted something to drink and asked Maggie if she wanted to go to the foodstand with her.To my surprise Maggie said no to go ahead and she'd wait here.I gave Tina some money and she bounced away for the stand.
When I looked down at Maggie laying on her towel I could still see she was mad.I asked the problem and she blew my mind with the answer.She told me she had a huge crush on me and sometimes she would dream about me.And now here I was talking to women on the beach and this made her jealous.I told her she didn't need to be that way because she was only thirteen and I was a full grown man with needs.Sexual needs.She looked up at me and then said the words I,d been dreaming of."well maybe I could learn what you need and I could give it to you."
I grabbed the towel from my side and covered my aching cock.The bulge in my shorts had to be visible to the entire beach and Tina was only feet away returning with her drink.Maggie turned away from me and I could tell she wasn't done with our conversation.I would have to get time alone with her so we could finish.
Leaving the beach we went to the mall.The girls put on shorts and t-shirts and headed in for a time of shopping.We walked around the shops looking at clothes and shoes.Every time we hit the panties aisle Maggie would point out different types of panties and bra's.A head shake of yes or no was showing Maggie just what I liked.Knowing she liked them too I would purchase them after the girls would leave the store.I was going to dress her like I wanted her.I even picked up a small slinky white teddy for her to wear.
We arrived home at 7:30 that night with great expectations on my mind.But I still needed to talk to Maggie to find out actually how far she would go.Was she really going to do what I needed of her.Dinner at 8 made that part easy as I dropped four crushed sleeping pills into Tina,s meal.By 9:30 she was down and out on the couch.
I motioned for Maggie to come sitat the table with me.I then asked her to finish what she was going to say at the beach.She lowered her head and asked what if Tina would hear us.I told her Tina was the soundest of sleepers and we would know if she woke up.
She then started to talk."I had a very wierd dream last night"she said.It was so real to me but I don,t know how to explain like I was in a daze but couldn't wake up.I drempt that you and I were having sex but I couldn't do anything.I kept feeling all shaky inside and my private kept like we were actually doing it but I couldn't move.I remember feeling pain at first but then all pleasure from that time on.I so wanted to grab you and kiss you but I just couldn't move.From what I've seen in my dads dirty movies I,d have to say I had an orgasm but I,m not real sure."
"Then my insides were on fire this morning and when I went into the bathroom all I could do was rub my privates.I put my finger into my thing and it felt so good that I started masterbating. The feelings I felt when I touched myself down there was amazing.Then all of a sudden I started shaking.The wet between my legs started dripping from my private.I,m now pretty sure that was an orgasm.What do you think?"
I could feel my balls swelling as my cum just started pumping out of my cock.Sitting here listening to her explain what she had felt made me cum in my shorts.My uncontrolable shaking made her laugh out loud."You look like I did this morning in the you O.K.?"I told her yes and asked if she would mind turning back Tina's sheets so we could put her to bed.She agreed and I went to the bathroom to clean myself off.
Looking down the hall into the the livingroom I noticed Maggie sitting on the edge of the couch.She was running her fingers up and down Tina's leg.My cock jumped to life seeing this girl do this.But hey it was to my daughter.I had never really considered ever doing anything with Tina.It was allways Maggie that had my interest until now,seeing this girl stroke the actually beautiful legs of my daughter.It was right then that I realized that Tina had herself grow into quite a stunning young woman.
But what was I going to do.Maggie was just coming out of her shell for me and I didn't want anything to fuck that up.I walked into the room and went straight to Tina and scooped her up.Maggie set there for a minute wondering if I,d seen what she did.
Of course I did but I wasn't going to let her know that right now.Tina never made a sound as I took her to her room.Maggie wondered why that was and I told her I gave Tina something to help her sleep so we could have our talk(or more).She looked at me kinda funny at first but then thought it was probably better if Tina didn,t know about the crush on her dad.And that was fine with me for now.This had to stay a secret.
I lay Tina down on her bed and covered her up.When I turned to leave I could see Maggies purse on the dresser.With her having her (period) right now I had to take the chance that Maggie didn,t know about sex enough to let that stop us.Which in time it really didn't matter.
Going back into the livingroom I handed Maggie the bag with the panties and bra I had bought at the mall.She asked what it was and I told her if she was serious about wanting to please me she,d have to do what ever I say.She agreed but with a little look of concern on her face.What had she gotten herself into?Would she really like it?Would it really be what she wanted?
I told her to go put them on and to wear the white teddy I'd bought for her instead of her other nightgown.Also on the top shelf in the cabinet was a small white box.Could you bring it with you when you come out.
I went to my bedroom and put a sex video into the player.It is a video of two people making love without showing the actual penetration.It was going to explain to her what I was going to do but maybe some visual help might help her to understand.In the other corner I hid my video camera in the closet.I was going to have something to remember this night for the rest of my life.
The night before she was passed out so she couldn't be scared.But tonight I wanted to make it clear I didn't want to hurt her but to make love to her.(yea right).
Then Maggie entered my bedroom with the white lace teddy on.The pink g-string panties showed the mound of her new found womanhood.The pink lace bra just small enough to show her ripe mellons of tits.She looked absolutely stunning in it and I knew I'd made the right choice.She set the box on the stand and walked to the end of the bed with a shy yet determined look on her face.
I looked her in the eyes and told her was beautiful.She blushed.I told her to come sit with me on the bed.She set facing the tv and I set behind her.I told her that what she was going to be seeing on the tv was what we were going to do.Thats when she again surprised me.She said she had seen her dads movies and nothing in them scared her.She was ready to try anything.She,d seen a boys thing inside of a girl and she looked like she liked it so lets try.
My cock ached as she talked to me this way.Telling me she was ready to do anything I asked.What to try first.Take it slow or ride her hard.Thats when I decided to let her make the moves.Let her set the pace so it didn't scare her at all.I asked her what she wanted to try first and that whatever she wanted is what we,d do.Just tell me what you liked to see in the movies and we would try it.
With that she stood at the side of the bed.She started to move back and forth in a little sway and then began to dance.She moved her hands up and down her legs and back up to her titties.She squeezed her tits and moaned as her hands smashed her tits together.She lowered her hands to her pussy and started rubbing her cunt through the lace."Do you like this"she asked.My cock was as hard as it,s ever been in my life."oh yes" I said as she slipped a hand under her panties.
She slowed her dance for a moment and I knew she had reached her pussy.She slowly pulled her hand from her panties and walked to me.She slid her middle finger under my nose and I felt the moisture and smelled the magical scent of her young pussy once again.She lowered her finger and placed it in my mouth.The taste was as sweet as honey.She moaned as she saw the pleasure on my face from what she was doing.
Pulling her finger from my lips she slowly started unsnapping the snaps on the teddy.She undid the last snap.She slid the straps from her shoulders and let the teddy fall to the floor.The thin lace bra and panties was all that was left between her nake body and my wanting eyes.
She motioned for me to stand and she reached for my shirt.Lifting with her hands and me bending she removed my shirt from my sweaty body.She slowly walked around me letting her hands brush against my bare chest and stomache then my back and sholders.When she came to the front again she pulled me down from the neck so we could have our first real kiss.My tongue flicked in and out of her lips when she suddenly bit down and sucked my tongue into her mouth.
She released the suction on my tongue and stepped away from me.She stood about 3 feet in front of me.With one swift move she had the bra over her head and then landing softly on the floor.She reached down and grabbed her now naked breasts,one in each hand and squeezed.The red strains of her skin showed me how hard she was squeezing.She did this again and again until her titties were a bright red.Pinching her nipples so hard I thought she would cry.But no sounds less a groan of pleasure came from her lips.I reached to hold a breast in my hand and she pulled away.
Once a tease always a tease I thought as she kept the 3 feet between us.Her dance began again and she turned that beautiful little ass towards me.She had been hiding it from me this whole time just giving me tiny little peeks as she,d spin in her dance.The g-string running up her ass crack.The two handfulls of lucious ass wiggling with every move.Turning back to face me she gave me that sly little wink she,d always teased me with.
My cock was busting from my shorts and damn did I need to blow my load.My head spinning from the torture she was doing to me.I wanted to grab her and throw her on the bed and fuck the living hell out of her but I just could'nt.I needed her to do this for her.Then she,d be my sex slave forever.The camera for possible blackmail would be my leverage for that.
Maggie could see my cock trying to get out of it,s restraints.She giggled as she pressed her hand against my hidden cock."He wants out don,t he" she said.Of course he does I lets see what we can do about that"Maggie replied as she slipped her fingers into the waistband of my shorts.
She slid her fingers from the front to the back of my shorts lightly brushing her tits into my stomache.The heat from her body was emmence.She started slidding the back of my shorts half way down my ass.Then reaching to the front she pulled out and down on my shorts.With a flop my cock sprang out and down and then back up and hit my stomache.Her eyes widened as she got her first closeup look at my 10 inch manhood.
This looks alot bigger then the ones in the movie she said.She hesitated for a moment before taking her eyes from my cock to look at me.It looks like it will hurt me if you try to stick it in my private.I just about gave up my secret about the night before but caught myself.I didnt want her to know that it would fit just fine.She could find that out later.
Maggie I think it will be ok.I told her.A girls private does some pretty amazing things that she will have to learn about to enjoy.But my cock would surely fit if she wanted it to.
With that Maggie reach out and took ahold of my cock for the first so big" she commented as she pulled it down so she could see all the way around it.Her hands not large enough to reach all the way around.Do I make you feel good she asked.I told her that if she moved her hands up and down my shaft that she would be masterbating me.
She started pumping my cock with her hands.Up and down the shaft with her little hands until I couldn't hold back no longer.I grabbed a towel from the bedside table and wrapped it around my cock so the cum would not hit the floor.She stood there in amazement as my cock shot out load after load of hot steaming juice.She then stepped back in disapointment as she had remembered what she saw in the I was supossed to catch that in my mouth she yelled as the last of my cum hit the towel.
Yes I said thats how it is sometimes but with you just learning I didnt want you to be afraid of it the first time.She dipped her finger into the ooze and stuck it into her mouth.She washed it around on her tongue and then swallowed.A bit salty she said but next time I want to catch it in my mouth.O.K. I said. I just wanted to make sure you didn,t mind the taste.
With my cock now half limp from my orgasm Maggie looked down in a little gettin small she said what can I do to get it hard again?Well I explained.Did you ever see the girls suck a cock on that movie?Sure she said.Thats what I was going to do before you came.Well thats what you can do to make it hard again.But I,ll tell you the more of it you can put in your mouth the better it feels for the guy.
With that she reached for my cock.She looked at the head for a moment and then licked .She twirled her tongue around the tip until it was wet.Then she slowly opened her mouth as wide as she could and took half my limp cock into her mouth.The feeling was great.She sucked in and released again and again.As my cock grew in her mouth her began to gag.She bit down on my cock not knowing thats not suposed to happen.I jerked my cock from her mouth and told her teeth are the enemy.
She kinda giggled and went back to her job at hand..Her mouth was stretched to it,s limit but she kept from raking her teeth against it.I told her a little teeth is ok but when she bites it hurts.Maggie then suprised me again.With her head bouncing beatifuly up and down on my cock she forced her head down until I could feel the head lodge into the back of her throat.
With barely a gag she relaxed her throat and slid another inch in.Pulling back out she asked if that was right.I told her I,d had a few blowjobs in my life but no girl has ever been able to take my whole cock into her mouth.And with this being her first time I didn't think she ever could either.
With her mouth still on my cock she looked up at me and I could tell she was smiling.She may not be able to get it all in but she was damn well going to try.Down she went again.My cock hitting her throat muscles again.She once again relaxed her throat and I had a full 7 of my 10 inch cock inside her mouth and throat.I couldn't believe it.A 13 year old giving me the best head of my life.Any other girl would have gagged and quit the blowjob if I had even tried to get that much cock in her throat.
I could feel her throat close and open on my cock as she started pumping my cock with her face.Not wanting to come again I told her she,d better stop and to save this for a little later.I had a treat for her and it was her turn to enjoy something.
I asked her if she had ever seen a girl have her private kissed.Yes she said.I asked if she would like me to do that to her.She agreed.I reached over and slowly lowered the lace panties to the floor.There again was that tight little pussy that I had ravaged the night before.I noticed there was no tampon string hanging out and realized she must have removed it while changing.
Didn't matter anyways I knew the blood from the night before was from me and not her period.I turned her and set her on the bed.I got down on my knees and lifted me legs high into the air.I leaned forward and took a breast into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could,knowing my sucking would never be as hard as her pinching her own titties earlier.
She moaned and a slight growl came from her lips as I passed from tit to tit.I leaned forward and gave her another deep kiss knowing my cock was only inches for her tight little glory hole.I kissed her neck and sholders slowly working my way down to my prize.
When I reached the mound of her pussy I could smell that ever present scent of my lust.I nibbled at her tuft of pubic hair just above her clit and could feel her tense up.Her legs squeezed together and she yelped as my tongue took it's first lick of her clit.She threw her legs apart then and grabbed the back of my head smashing her cunt on my face with a vingence.My tongue ravished her clit and then I slid my tongue into her pussy for the first time.
She froze.It paralized her to have my tongue darting in and out of her tight pussy hole.Sucking on the lips and nibbling her clit in a feurry I had never had.Grabbing her by the legs I pushed her legs together and then up to her chest smashing her tits with each leg.I grabbed her hands and made her hold her legs in that position so I could get a better attack on that crack.
Spreading her pussylips with my thumbs I rammed my tongue deeper and deeper with ever stab.Lifting her ass from the bed I looked at my next target.Her pink little asshole winked as I started rimming her spinxter.I shoved my tongue into her tight little asshole for all I was worth.She cryed with pleasure as I repeated my tongue lashing of her pussy and asshole.Her whole body shook and her eyes rolled back into her head as her first male given orgasm rocked her body.Whimpers of joy rang from her mouth as she again reached down to slam my face into her asshole.The juices from her pussy laced my face and run down the sides of her legs.Lapping every bit I could.
She finally released my head after every convolsion tingle had finally left her body. Her arms and legs fell limp to the bed and she gasp for air as she came down from her moment of joy.Sitting on the bed beside her I asked if she were allright.With labored breath she assured me she was just fine.She said the lady in the movie never had an orgasm with the guy on there.
Well I told her if she thought that was good then whatever else she could think of would be just as good.Thats when she asked if we could do that again only this time she would lay on top so we could both suck at the same time.What a wonderful idea I said as I flipped around so my feet were on the other side of the bed.
She rolled over and planted her pussy right on my face.She sat up for a moment as I plunged my tongue into her pussy again.Her tight little asshole slammed on my nose as I know she was getting twice the pleasure.Then she lay forward and put my cock into her mouth again.Like before thats all it took for my cock to reach maximum length and girth.This time it was different though.My cock was was hitting the back of her throat and entering easier then before.HMMMM the straight shot I thought.And sure enough she had gotten eight inches into her throat.She gagged and gasped for air but didnt stop.She kept pushing her head down but she just couldn't get the other two inches in.
I kept licking her pussy and asshole for all I was worthShe was banging her head up and down my cock.Hitting the eight inch mark but never any farther.Then I had an idea.Actually the same one from the night before.I stopped licking just long enough to ask her if she wanted to try something.Maybe there was a way to get all of my cock into her throat like none of the other girls had ever done.She happily agreed to try but had no idea what I had in mind.
Grabbing her around the waist I slid to the end of the bed.She pulled away from my cock to ask what I had in mind.I told her I was going to stand up and hold her upsidedown while still eating her pussy.Maybe then her weight would make it happen.She again agreed and I rose to my feet.I let her get comfortable with my cock in her throat again when I pounded my face into her pussy.
The surprise made her lerch and when she did the last 2 inches of my cock slid deeply into her throat.She brought her head back and went down again.This time I was balls deep into her mouth and throat.I pulled her back up and asked if she were allright.She gasped lightly for air but turned with a huge smile on her face."I DID IT" she said.
With that she turned and went right back down.Engulfing my ten inch cock into the depths ofher throat once again.All the way off to all the way down.Her throat milking my cock every thrust. Finally I could stand no more and I told her I was going to cum.She could feel my cock expand and her throat locked down on my cock.She was actually milking my cock by swallowing as it was still balls deep.I exploded down her throat.My cock expanding and shrinking as each pump of cum raced down her throat.
Exausted I collapsed on the bed with her throat still imbodied on my now limping cock.She pulled her head off my cock and it plopped to the side .She turned and looked at me with a smile and said she liked that part.My rock hard cock slamming down her swallow tube and dumping my sweet cum in her mouth.
She turned and lay next to me.We hugged and kissed for the next half hour trying to get our strength back after 2 mind blowing orgasms in a row.
Maggie got up and said she had to go to the bathroom.As she walked to the door her tight ass wiggled and I could see her juices flowing from her pussy.It was leaking down her legs.She was having the time of her life and the juices of lust proved it.

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