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I have never been grate at spelling and punctuating and since this is my first story I like to ask that you be gentle.
If you don’t like rape or bondage this isn’t for you.

“Get in the God Damn Car!” he shouted. I looked at him. I had always thought of what I would do if this happened. But all the speculation in the world could not have prepared me for what I did. Why you ask well because what I did was something I never thought I would do. Being that I was only 15 at the time and had only had sexy twice I was scared shitless. But like I said I was 15 at the time and had a lot of mouth and a bigger attitude.
Now considering the fact that I just broke up with my drunk ass boy friend and was 3 miles into the 13 mile hike I had to take to get home. Seeing as how I was kicked out of Matt’s car wearing 4 inch hills and a mine dress, and my feet were hurting so bad. I was fuming mad. So when the van pulled up beside me I let my big mouth run free.
I flipped him and his friend the bird and kept on walking. The gut driving the late 80’s rape mobile drove up a little to keep pace with me as I kept walking? “I mean it lady if you don’t get in the car I’ll kill you!” he shouted
I have a felling you’ll kill me if I get in the car so… I’ll take my chances being killed be for I’m rapped if you don’t the I stopped and turned toward the guy holding the small 22shot gun and laughed. “What the hell are you going to do with that little ass gun! It probably doesn’t even have bullets, you white trash prick.” nasty ass needle dick mother fucker. Now if you don’t mind I would like to be left the fuck alone!!! I shouted
I guess he did because the next thing I remember was a 6 foot muscled white guy in his mid 30’s was flying threw the air at me. He took me down easy. But I fought… I fought hard. But he just slammed my head one hard time against the cement and I blacked out.

I came to naked with my legs chained against an old metal chair that had been bolted to the floor. The chair looked like it had been made for a super fat person I’m talking at least five hundred pounds, because my legs were spread wide. Or maybe they maid the chair special, for people like me the victim. It was wearied because I wasn’t sitting in the chair. I was lying on a hard cement floor that at first glance I thought was a dungeon. But quickly realized it was just a stale basement.
I glanced around to make sure I was alone be for pulling on the chain to check the security of the chair. It didn’t move at all. I stub up and tried to pull my legs lose. After struggling for about 20 minutes I herd a shuffling sound in one of the dark corners on the room. I looked up in time to see the guy who had attacked me pull his boxers off and return to stroking his cock. I stopped and tried to turn around but the chains halted my movements.
“You have a lovely ass. And as much as I look forward to sampling it. It will have to wait until after you suck my cock, but before I have my third orgasm… I think its going to be a good night for me” he smiled as he walked further into the light stroking his nine inch long 5 inch around curved prick.
My mouth dropped open I was only 165. Ii wasn’t going to be able to take that monster in any of my holes. So I did what any 15 year old white middle class American teenager would do I started screaming and crying and trying my headrest to get away. But it was no use. I was stuck there legs spread wider than shoulder length apart trying my hardest to faint so I wouldn’t have to feel this.
“bend over an hold the chair. He ordered. As he walked up behind me. I didn’t I stud straight up pushing my ass so far forward that my clean shaved pussy stuck out past my 36 C breast. “ I said bend over!” he ordered as he grabbed my shoulder and forced my wais to bend forward. My ass inadvertently sticking out. “Yeah like that… Now are you or aren’t you a virgin?” he asked 3 seconds before he stuffed 2 of his thick fingers up my Dry count. I whimpered in pain. As he finger fucked me roughly. “Not a virgin good then I don’t need to waist time turning you on. He pulled his fingers out of me and I felt his wet dripping cock sliding up in down my dry cunt.
“Ready he asked?” “No” I replied quickly. ok I don’t mind.” he said jokingly before he slammed into me.
I screamed. He had tried to slam all 9 inches into me but I was to dry and tight only about 3 inches went into me. He quickly stuck his hands between my legs and checked for blood. I fought back tears I refused to cry or beg. good no blood. I hate when bitches bleed on my cock.” he than slid an inch out and back in, as the first sob escaped.
He did this four about 10 min and I could feel my self slowly get wet. My tears began to dry. He had worked about 6 inches into me when he pulled everything out of me and slammed in one hard time. I felt him bump my cervix.
I screamed again as he began to drilled my wet pussy rapidly. I felt funny it hurt Good? It hurt UMMM! I moaned when he smacked my ass. Was I going to become a pain whore???
“You nasty whore you like this! You like being fucked by a monster dick don’t you!!!” he shouted I just stud there and moaned. SMAK! I moaned louder as he smacked my ass again “Answer me!” he shouted. As he grabbed a fist full of my long curly hair and snatched my head back. Making me arch my ass into his pounding fuck tool. He smacked my ass over and over. Wrenching my hair every time he slammed into me.
Then it happened my body became as stiff as a board four about three seconds before I began to trash and convulse as my orgasm took me. I came allover his dick so much that my cunt juice had my thighs soaked. And some stray juice ran all the way down to my ankle.
That’s when I broke. I sobbed and not because I was happy like you read about in the romance novels. I was confused and angry. Angry that I had enjoyed my rape.
“Hay Bitch I’m not done yet!” he said as he began to fuck me harder and faster. It felt as if he was growing inside of me then I felt it. As he slammed into me and held his hot throbbing prick deep against my cervix. The first blast of hot sticky cum.1,2,3,4 ropes of come directly into my cervix before he pulled out and pressed against my virgin ass. Just hard enough to open it and shoot the final ropes of his cum into my rectum.
“You better not let any of it out of that sweet little ass. now open your mouth.” He ordered. He settled himself on the chair in front of me. “Suck my cock.” he said as he smile menacingly.

The End unless you like it then there can be more just let me know.

story by: gataki_luv

Tags: fiction rape male / female teens non-consensual sex sex story

Author: gataki_luv

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