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I looked through my window and there she was. My bestfriend, the girl I've been in love with since 8th grade, masturbating. Her pink, teenage pussy soaking wet as she stuck two fingers, in and out… in and out… I was in awe. I stared out my window while rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. I think she wanted the attention from me, since she usually leaves her window wide open while playing with herself so I can get a good view. I've wanted to fuck her since 10th grade and man, today will be the day.

It wasn't unusual for me to walk into her house. Her parents knew me and loved me, and they didn't care. I sprayed on the cologne she loved and rushed next door to the house. I walked in, looked around for her parents, and found that no one except her was home. I smirked at the thought. I climbed up the stairs silently, trying to surprise her. I opened the door to her room and peeked in slightly. She was still fingering that tight pussy. She pulled out a thick, pink dildo with bumps on it to please her pussy. I watched her stick it slowly inside of her while she stuck a finger in her ass. I slightly opened the door even more and she looked at me. Surprisingly, she wasn't scared or in shock. She gladly invited me in to watch her.

I sat on her bed while she spread her legs further to get in deeper. She stared at me the whole time with those sexy, green eyes while toying her pussy. "You can help me if you want to…" she finally said. I've been waiting for this moment for so long, and that sentence turned me on so much. I smirked at her and grabbed the toy, then pumped it in and out of her pussy. She moaned with every stroke I made with the toy; her finger was playing with her ass and she was sucking on her other fingers, making little slurping noises. I watched as her sucked her fingers, licking up and down then sucking violently on her index finger. I went harder in fucking her pussy with the dildo. She moaned and tilted her head back, still sucking on her index finger. She took her finger out of her ass and sucked it to taste herself. I was now in shock that my best girl friend could turn me on this much. I took the toy out of her pussy and put it down onto the nightstand. I leaned over and kissed her thighs a little, going in closer to her vagina with every kiss. I licked her thighs up and down and I knew I was driving her wild. I went straight for her wet pussy, licking her clit fast. Then, I moved towards her hole, licking from her pussy hole to her clit. I sucked her clit and bit softly on it. I sucked her wet pussy lips, then spread them apart to lick everything inside. I found her sensitive spots and sucked them. She couldn't keep her legs still. She watched me and sometimes would push my head down onto her pussy so I could lick her harder. I moved down to her hole again, sliding my wet tongue in and licked out all of her pussy juices. I moved my tongue around, then in and out of her pussy to drive her crazy. I could feel her pussy tighten around my tongue, so I kept moved it around. She legs shook as I ate her whole pussy. I stuck my fingers in her pussy and pumped it in and out fast while she came uncontrollably. She smirked at me after she came and pushed me down onto the bed, taking off my shirt quickly then sucking my neck just below my right ear. She moved her hands down my stomach to unzip my pants while kissing my neck. I put my hands behind my head and let her go to work on me.

She took down my pants slightly to reveal my hard cock. Right away she knew what to do. I watched her put her little mouth onto my big cock, then suck the shaft up and down, making it wet with her tongue. Ugh, her tongue felt so good on my dick. She sucked up and down, then stopped to lick just the tip. I grabbed her head and face fucked her, moving my cock into her mouth hard and fast, up and down. I stopped and pulled her hair out of her face so she could suck me off some more. She went down onto my whole cock, deepthroating it, my tip hitting the back of her throat. My moans must have drove her wild because she went harder and faster. She jacked off the part that she didn't suck in while blowing me, then licked the tip while jacking the rest of my cock. She spit on it and jacked the whole thing off, moving up and down and going over the tip. She squeezed at the tip. "Make love to me." She said sexily. She layed on her stomach and turned off the bedroom lights.

I spit on her pussy to lube it up some more even though she was soaking wet. I couldn't believe this was it. I was about to make love to the girl I'm in love with. I stimulated her clit with the tip of my cock a little, then went straight in. I knew she didn't care if I wore a condom or not because she was on the pill. My bare cock felt so good in her pussy. I started pumping myself into her softly, kneeling over her naked body and fondling with her breasts. I moved myself deep into her pussy, but slowly. She lifted her hips so I could get deeper inside of her. I started pounding her pussy with my giant cock. I felt her pussy juices all over my cock, while her walls tightened up against me. She was tightening her pussy for me and aw man… I was in heaven. I looked her and body up and down while fucking her. Her head was tilted to the side, smiling. Her boobs were bouncing up and down and I could see her breathing hard. I started pumping a little harder and she moaned loudly. I grabbed her and lifted her up onto my cock so she could fuck it. I sat down onto the bed and she rode me slowly, tightening herself around me every so often. I watched her pussy go down onto my cock, then watched her boobs bounce as her body rode and shook. I grabbed her boobs and sucked on one nipple softly, then biting it. I sucked it harder and she pushed my head into it. I knew she loved being rough, so I pumped my cock into her hard and fast. She rose her body up a little so I could go deep, in and out. She kissed my lips hard, smashing into mine then biting my lower lip. she said after every stroke. I grabbed her and stood up, her legs wrapped around my waist. I moved her up and down onto me, then thrusted into her. Her pussy was dripping with juices. My cock was wet and hard, I wanted her more.

She got off of my cock and went down onto her knees, sucking the juices off my cock. My pants were still on and I tried to take them off, but her blowjob distracted me. She looked up at me while licked my cock; one of her hands was on my shaft and her other was playing with my balls. She squeezed my balls then rubbed, and continued to suck my cock. I pulled her off and bent her over the bed. She stuck her ass out and it was perfect height for my cock to penetrate her hard. I bent over to kiss her pussy, then went to work. I grabbed her ass and thrusted myself in, pumping in and out. My cock fit perfectly into her. I put my cock in deep inside of her to hit the back of her vagina, and I grinded against her ass. she moaned. I grinded harder so my cock moved around and hit her walls. It must have really pleased her because I saw her legs shake a bit. I continued thrusting myself in and out of her tight, wet, young pussy. I spread her ass cheeks to get in deeper, pushing myself so deep in that she came. Her body shook as I fucked her to increase the intensity. Just as she came, I busted inside of her pussy. My cock pulsed as streams of hot cum went into her pussy. She flinched as cum hit the walls of her vag.

I grabbed a wet towel from her bathroom and cleaned up the cum in her vagina. Her bedroom was now a mess, and the air smelled like sex. She moaned as I shoved the towel inside to get the cum, then rubbed the towel around to clean up her juices. I kissed her clit after it was all cleaned up, then moved next to her to cuddle with her. I put my arm around her and she layed her head on my bare chest.

"You know, I'm actually really in love with you." I admitted to her, scared of her reaction. "Fuck me more like that and we'll see how our relationship goes." She smiled and kissed my cheek.

story by: a-marie

Tags: fiction masturbation young blowjob erotica anal hardcore romance teen toys oral sex male / female teens sex story teen female solo written by women

Author: a-marie

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