Temptation chapter three

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Breaking the Ice

Please read chapters one and two first as it wont make sense or I might post them all as one story ? Please leave comments as to my mistakes etc but remember this isn't an English exam paper

It had been a month into the relationship now and all was going well. John spent more time at Janet's than at home. Meaning plenty of sex for John in fact he was more than happy at seeing Janet 5 nights a week as this meant he got as much sex as he wanted and she wasn't exactly shy she would try most things. He even introduced her to anal sex that she had never tried be for. Some women love it others aren't so keen and some won't let you near their little puckered starfish. But no at least she would try and she loved it. Janet even admitted to her older sister she had gone from no sex to it almost on tap saying this new young boyfriend was shagging her senseless every night he was there. Two three or even four times a night and always first thing in a morning be for he left for work and he was happy to drop the girls off at school. A big bonus was how well he got on with the girls. Lisa was really taken by him and spent all her time either sat with John reading, watching TV or they would play fight that she loved doing. Sarah on the other hand was a little shy still but wasn't un polite to John she would make a little conversation. So things in Sarah's mind where going very well. She was even better off financially as John helped with the shopping and wasn't shy in giving the odd 20 pounds to help. So life was looking up for a change.

From Johns side he was happy enough. The love from Janet and the affection from young Lisa was interesting and he didn't mind at all. either reading her books with her and just watching the TV then the play fighting was fun she giggled and laughed so much. He never had to use much strength to get her in a hold she just gave in and allowed him to win. This did mean he had a nice feel of her young body but he did pay much attention to this although the wicked side of him couldn't help but wonder. He stopped these evil thoughts as soon as they entered his head.

As for Sarah it was slow progress she was ok and polite but wasn't same as with Lisa all until one Saturday morning, it had become a fairly regular thing for John to stay over all weekend and Saturday morning meant full English breakfast bacon eggs the works, After all enjoying this the girls would go watch TV be for we went did the weekly shop. This particular Saturday wasn't no different until John was sat on the sofa and Sarah came and sat next to him with her school art folder. She loved drawing and was very proud of her art work. She opened the folder. John looked down at the work she had done. '' Wow that good Sarah. Did you do all these'' As he picked up a sheet of paper with some pencil drawing on it. '' Yes'' She replied a little shyly. ''Well there he told her and she looked up at him. She went through the folder showing John each piece of work she had done. Moving closer to him as they agreed on some being better than others and their favourites and they both had one drawing that they both picked there favourites. It was the same piece of work. Their hands touched as she was closer to John than she had ever been. John cold feel her young body against him mainly only her legs but he could feel it. Sarah really enjoyed this as it was rare she could share her artwork with anyone as her mum never had time and the praise John gave her was nice. John could actually smell the young girls hair scent he loved her long blonde hair and the smell of youth. This was a turning point in their friendship.

'' Are you two coming or what '' Janet called as she got Lisa ready for shopping. '' Yes Sarah answered in a bored tone. As she got up off the sofa John couldn't help but notice he bottom in her tight jeans she has one sexy bum for her age and with what had just gone on he had other thoughts buzzing in his head the thoughts of Sarah from that very first night her in her nightshirt. He had seen her in many states of dress over the last few weeks and wasn't aware of how much attention he had been paying to her until he actually thought about it. My god was becoming one these sick paedophiles who wanted to have sex with young girls. He was very worried then he dismissed these thoughts. telling himself no he can't be. The shopping went without an major drama apart from the odd look at Sarah's bottom and her hair. They walked around the supermarket with Lisa one side and normally had Janet the other side but this week Janet pushed the trolley and he had Sarah on his other arm. She was showing real openness now as they picked treats and pizza's for there night in even laughing as she picked beers for John. Janet was totally un aware of what was developing right be for her eyes. Not seeing the warning signs ,

That afternoon passed without any major issues but in Johns mind he was thinking about the events this morning. Was he imaging it was it wishful thinking. he couldn't resist the odd look at Sarah as she moved around the house admiring her innocent beauty. Those legs that long blonde hair her amazing young body and her breasts just starting to blossom all perfect in his eyes.

As the Pizza cooked in the over John was taken a little by surprise when Sarah walked in and gave him a hug. She had never done this before. he was very used to the affections of young Lisa wanting his love and affection but from Sarah it was a bit of a shock as she wrapped her arms round him. He slid his arms slowly around her slim waist and held her. As they stood there in silence. He was as close as he had even been to her and could smell her teenage scent her blonde hair which he found beautiful flowed down her back. He could feel her young body pressed against him.

Trying his best not to get aroused or turned on but this wasn't easy as she felt so dam good. He can't be sure but he's sure he felt Sarah pushing her body against him. Her small barely developing boobs pressed against him was heaven. His hands now resting in the middle of her back. Taking a risk by pushing her jumper up to feel her bare skin her soft smooth skin on her back her lower back.

''hmmmm that feels nice'' Sarah whispered into his chest with a gentle sigh and moan as his hands continued to rub her back just the lower half. Loving the softness and total smoothness of her young skin.

Just then her mum walked in and with the speed of light John's hands moved from under Sarah's top and rested on her as if totally innocent. His heart pounded hard as if he had done something majorly wrong Yes in his mind he had he had crossed the line that you should never cross when you're in this situation but then he tells himself she didn't object and he tells himself she actually enjoyed it

The afternoon passed without any real interest apart from young Lisa chatting away to John as she was now laid across his knee on her front she seemed to be comfy that way watching TV. John tried to ignore her young body heat she was emitting. She was a stick of a girl and had no idea what her young body would developed into in the coming years. John looks at her as she was engrossed with her programme he could help but notice her little bottom in her jean with the elasticised waist band, Resting his hand on her back it looked perfectly innocent which it was in John mind. For now ?

The evening passed on and it was DVD time and having picked a horror the girls asked their mum if they could fetch there quilts down onto the sofa. Janet happy that John was spending so much quality time with them agreed they could. Snacks and drinks where on the table with a beer for John and Cola's for the girls Janet didn't drink a lot but she had a glass of wine and the film started. With John On the three seater sofa Janet laid on the floor her preferred place to watch TV. Lisa on the two seater sofa and Sarah the other end of the three seater with her quilt and her feet on John's legs. Covered by the cover but no one paid them any attention as it all looked innocent enough.

Sarah wearing he sleep wear of socks and shorts with a strappy vest top he shorts John found extremely sexy on her young body as they show off her beautiful young long legs up to a perfect little bottom. The top showing off her mid drift of a flat stomach when she reached up, Which she had done several times and at one point John was sure he got a little glimpse of her budding start of her boobs. She didn't have a lot but they looks so dam hot to John He longed to feel them to kiss them as he sat there watching her watch the movie. Everyone too busy in the movie to see him looking at Sarah.

But Sarah had noticed all day That John was looking at her more than once and the hug in her eyes was just magical. The way he had moved her top up to stroke her bare back and pulled her close to him. She wasn't sure but she could feel something pressing against her tummy as he held her there. But was she just imagining it? He had certainly looked several times at her bum and Sarah loved that. A man to notice her and not one them stupid boys at school. Wearing her smallest shorts and top for bed as she kind of knew it ride up. Oh she wished her boons would grow like her mums or even her best friend Zara at school hers where like massive and all the boys looked at them and at her. But her mum assured her they would soon grow once she got older but Sarah couldn't wait that long. Desperate to have bigger boobs she prayed every night for them. She wondered when John would hold her close again and how long would she have to wait to have that feeling again. She didn't even realise she was flirting with John but she was.

As the film went from scary scene to even scarier Lisa would keep jumping with fright where as Sarah would just lay there. Under the covers John had his hands resting on her young ankles gentle rubbing them. So soft so warm and smooth as his hand moved up and down her calf's. With no re action from Sarah or her offering to move her legs he gentle carried on stroking her legs just up to her lower knee but it did feel so nice to John.

Making eye contact with Sarah to ensure she was ok with what his hand was doing under the covers. Her eyes looked at him with the knowing look that she didn't mind his touching. Or was she paying any attention as it was only innocent rubbing of her lower leg. Her feet on his knee in his crouch area or very close. His hands now actually resting on her knees just staying there not offering to go higher or to remove them. She seems very relaxed John takes a chance a big risk as he moves one hand on to her upper leg just above her knees and his fingers stroke the soft skin. Her legs slightly open allowing his hand to stroke her inner leg but again not high his fingers just resting then stroking her leg, God she feel so soft so warm his mind is working overtime as he can only dream how soft it would be even higher. But he has to be careful he could blow everything if he gets this wrong.

story by: Naughtyolderman

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Author: Naughtyolderman

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