The boy next door -2

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I woke up an hour later and sat up. Pain radiated through my body. I looked around totally forgetting where i was. Til i uncovered myself to climb out of the bed only to notice i was naked. Oh yea thats right. Blake and I had a fucking session. Wow. I jever knew this day would cone. Neither did i know he was gay. Or is he Bi. I have no clue.

I climbed out of hed and walked downstairs and noticed Blake was sleeping on the couch. Hmm should i surprise him with me sucking him off? Maybe not, cause what if it got him mad? I walked around picking up my clothes and pulled them on. I moved and sat down on what little space was left on the couch. I turned the tv on with the remote that was on the coffie table next to the couch. I turned on Crminal Minds. Wasnt a bad show actually. My favorite character is Morgan. Hes hot as fuck. As i watched i glanced over to Blake's sleeping form every now and then. Damn he was fucking sexy.

As i looked back to the tv i heard a faint noise come from him. Was he dreaming about something? Maybe. But how could i know? He groaned softly and i watched his hand wrap around his cock and lightly jerk himself off. I will admit i woke up with cum on me before. I stood up so i would get hard and walked upstairs, back into his room and layed back down. His room was so nice and warm. I nuzzled the pillows and sighed softly. I groaned and my cock became hard just from thinking about what i saw. I sat up. I had to resist the urge. I didnt want to jack off right now. I wasnt in the mood. My cock started hurting and i hissed in pain.

"No please…" i whispered and stood up and opened up the window. Maybe some fresh air will help take my mind off things. I sat there, looking outside. This was a lovly neighbourhood. All of the kids were nice here. Except for my older brother Gabe. What a douche. But i think every younger sibling thinks that way about there siblings, right? As i sat there, i thought about my life. My family isnt rich nor poor. We have enough money to keep a roof over our heads, and have food. My step father works and he takes care of the bills and mum cooks. I always thought the ladies did everyrhing. But i guess not.

Soon my cock softend up and i sighed in relief and moved back over to the bed. I mean i could of jacked off with maybe one of Blake's shirts but that would of been weird if he walked in on me. Plus i never done that beforwle, so it would be embarresing. I laid there on my back, looking up at the celilng. Well i liked it over here. It was peaceful and quiet. Finally. At home it was full of me and Gabe fighting all the times. I mean thats what brothers do. At least its words, and not fists.

I looked around tue room. Blake had a nice organized room. Posters of bands were up everywhere. His bed i knew could possibly fit two. His floor was covered with black carpeting. He had a desk with a computer in the corner of the room.

"Ooh a laptop." i mumbled and stood up and walked over to the desk and sat down. I opened up the laptop. Strange, it didnt need a password. I clicked on the internet thing and ir brought up a web page of porn and my cock hardend imeadietly.

i whispered and wanted to shut the computer but look at all this porn. Ladies getting fucked. Men giving other men head. Damn. Such a turn on. I typed in "Gay porn". Cause why not. I hit the enter button amd couple thousand results came up. I clicked on one and began to watch it. It was so arousing.

The taller male was kissing the other. But at the bottom of tye screen it showed their names. Sean, and Adam. Hmm okay. But which one was which. I snickered softly as i continued to watch. The taller one had his clothes off and told the other to get on his knees and suck it.

I will admit i love when others are demanding. Its hot. The younger male got down on his knees and took his lovers cock in his mouth and bobbed his head and sucked. I groaned and undid my jeans and took my hard cock out. I began to strok myself softly. I rubbed that spot near the head which sent great pleasure through my body, causing me to moan out a bit loudly. I bit my lip as i keot watching the other give head. I softly thrusted into my hand and moaned. My free hand fondling my balls and i groaned tilting my head back. Listening to the porn.

The older one told tye younder on to go to the bed and bend over. I squirmed where i sat and then heard the fimilar sound of a grunt and hissed as i began stroking myself faster. Listening to the girlish moans coming from the laptop.

I kept thrusting my cock in my hand. It felt so good. I didnt wanna stop. I stood up and leaned against the wall jerking off. Only thing heard was the loud moans coming from the male in the porn video and my heavy breathing. I kept stroking faster and faster. My hips pounding against my hand. My balls were swinging and i tilted my head back moaning.

"Fuck yes." i hissed out and got the sudden urge to cum, but i tried holding it in til the video was over. I kept pounding in my hand as my hand gripped my cock roughly, squeezing it. Causing me to squeak. My eyes were closed, foucsed on the task and tye porn. My cock throbbed and i shook my head.

"No…not yet." i whispered and walked over to the bed, bending over and took my free hand and pushed a finger inside my ass. I.groaned out loudly and kept stroking my cock. I bit the blanket on the bed. I could feel it coming. The sudden rush boiling up. Then a loud groan left me and i shot my load everywhere. On the edge of the bed, on the floor, in my hand, some leaking down my thighs. I relaxed against the bed and sighed in relief.

I didnt move for awhile as i closed my eyes. I had fallen back to sleep.

When i woke up i heard someone groaning, and grunting and the bed was shaking. The fuck was going on. When i moved i was shoved back down. Then i felt it. A cock inside my ass. "Blake, what are you doing?" i asked tiredly.

He froze mid thrust and took in a heavy breath. "I'm sorry. You were laying at the edge of the hed with you hand wrapped around your cock, sleeping. I couldnt help it. I had to fuck you." he whispered then thrusted again, roughly

i hissed out and rested against the bed. My ass was getting pounded, causing the bed to smack against the wall. Fuck this was intense already. He pulled my hips up so my ass was in the air. Sliding back into me. He took my sensitive cock into his hand and began pumping my shaft. I shuddered and slightly moved my hips to fuck his had while he fucked my ass.

"Oh my god. Yes Blake. Fuck my ass." i groaned out loudly and he smacked my ass with his free hand. I groaned and bit my lip. Oh my god. Tue sensation was so awesome. But something ringed. Was that my phone? Uh-oh.

"Blake please, stop. I need to answer that." i groaned trying to move away. He shoved me back down, holding my neck. Then i felt him let go and then he grabbed my phone, handing it to me. Fuck it was my mum.

I answered it. "Hello mum." i tried sounding normal but bit my lip as the pounding got rougher.

"Hey Jake. Gabe is on his way over. He wants to soend time with ya before he goes to college." i could tell she was smiling.

"oh okay mum…tell him the door is unlocked." my breathing got heavy and the room was filled with smacking sounds. I grianed as quietly as possible.

"Jake whats going on? Is everything okay?" she sounded worried.

"Yes i'm okay. Everything is fine. Dont worry." i said casually. Blake leaned down and kissed the back of my neck. Pounding my ass harder.

I took the phone from my mouth and moaned out loudly "Oh fucking hell Blake! HARDER!" i growled out in pleausre. A bit to loud for my liking and mum must of heard. I pulled the phone back to my ear.

"Jake, are you…?" she questioned and i moaned louder as Blake pounded my ass. I winced and he smirked.

"i ripped you baby." he said seductively and he stood us up, shoving me against a wall. Still in my ass. My hips pounded against the wall.

"Jake?" Damn forgot she was still on the other end.

"Yes mum. Im being fucked. Fucked so hard im bleeding." i whined and she gasped on the other end

"Oh god, i'm so sorry." she whispered and then the line went dead. I let my phone drop to the floor and pressed my body, flat upagainst the wall.

"Hurry, Gabe will be over any minuet." i whined and Blake kept pounding my ass. Smaking sounds echoed around the room. I thrusted back against him. Moaning out loudly. He smirked and pulled out only to shove back in.

"Dont worry, im close." Blake whispered. He sure was dominating. He thrused harder and faster. I winced amd he smirked pulling out, shoving me to my knees and i opened my mouth and he jacked off, cumming on my face, and some in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and he pulled out. I collasped onto the floor. Breathing heavily and in pain.

Blake smirked and kneeled down wipping the cum off my face. "You okay? Did i hurt you?" he asked. I could only mewl in response. Soon the door bell rang and Blake stood up.

"I bet thats your brother. Clean up, get dressed and come on down." he whispered softly before standing up and pulling on his boxers and left the room.

I laid there. Pain radiating through my body. I weakly sat up and crawled over, grabbing my shirt and wipping the rest of the cum away. Then stood up and pulled on my boxer brifes and jeans. My ass was fucking sore.

I slowly walked down hearing laughter which made me smile. I made it into the living room and saw Gabe and walked over and hugged him. "Hey Gabe." i smiled faintly.

"Hey lil bro. How are you?" Gabe asked and i sat down in his lap. He smiled

"I'm fine." i whispered. I could stand for long. My legs were still weak. Gabe hugged me close. Causing me to slughtly wince.

He pulled back with a concered look. "Its nothing. I just fell asleep on the floor." i lied and he seemed to buy it.

"Well anyways lil bro. I have to get goin. Starting college. Love ya." he whispered and moved me aside and stood up. I had tears in my eyes and whined.

"But its summer Gabe." i whined and he smiled softly.

"I know it is. But i'll he coming back home." he assured me before leaving.

I broke down in sobs as Blake hugged me close. I nuzzled against him. Suddenly feeling happy

story by: Sapphire2001

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Author: Sapphire2001

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