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She opened my eyes to her room being filled with sunlight. She wrapped up in her blue duvet and hid from the gleaming light of the outside world. After 10 minutes of laying in pure heaven, She decided it was time to get up. She hesitantly sat up on her elbow and took in the warmth of the sun. She swung her foot over the side of the bed and took a deep breath in as she stretched her arms to the sky. She got up, grabbed a lacy, silk nighty and slipped it on, and dragged her feet to the shower.

She stripped herself of her nighty and bra. She stepped into the shower and turned the handles. The warm water flowed across her body and wet her hair. She lathered her hair with shampoo and conditioner and body wash and rinsed it off . She got out of the shower and dried her body with a towel. She then wrapped her towel around her hair and began moisturizing her long legs. With lotion, She touched down her long hairless legs and back up again, She ran down her arms and to her hands. She slipped on her bra and put her silk, short nighty back on.

"Mother, father… Is anyone home?" She yelled into an empty house. There was no response. 'Thank god' she thought and stripped herself of her bra and let her C cup tits bounced and returned to their average, perky position. She quickly walked down her stairs, letting her tits bounce and the towel on her head to fall to the ground. Her nighty pressed tightly against her, letting her erect nipples show through.

She pranced to the kitchen and grabbed a mug and poured herself a coffee. She breathed in and looked out her window to the breathtaking view in front of her. Mountains, pine and bodies of water. She was mesmerized by the mere beauty of everything in front of her. She took it all in and leaned against the counter. She swiftly lifted herself onto the counter and sipped her coffee. Her long brown hair curled naturally at her sides, her eyes flickered up to the clock on the wall. It read '11.23 AM' she sighed, relieved that she still had 5 days to be alone. No one here to bother her or interrupt her. Pure heaven.

(Her view)
I ran my fingers through my hair and bite my lip as I slid off the counter and proceeded to put the mug in the sink. I hear a loud bang that makes me jump. Anxiously, I run to the front window to see who it is. Micheal. It was our family friend from a while back. My parents must have forgotten that I had decided to stay home this week. He approached the door and unlocked it with the spare key. I was standing directly in the middle of the entryway, only to look down and realize the see through silk nighty was the only thing I was wearing. I folded my arms together to hide my obviously erect nipples. I sigh loudly as he enters the door.
"Leah!" Micheal says surprised, "I thought you were supposed to be at your boyfriend's house?"
"Yea, I decided to stay home" I said with a weak smile, trying desperately to cover myself.
"The more the merrier, nothing like spending some good quality time with you, Leah, how have you been?" He said with a wink
"Good sir, and you?" I felt my cheeks burn red as I became overcome with embarrassment.
"I'm doing great. " He said
"That's good to hear, what brought you over here?" I asked curiously
" Well, Leah, I came to house sit, but I'm cool hanging out with you too. " He smirked
"Alright, uh, let me just get into something a little comfier." I say as he looks me up and down and smirks at me. Was he just checking me out? I'm pretty sure he was. As I walk upstairs to my room, my butt wiggles and I can practically feel his stare pierce me.
I walk, light footed, to my room and shut the door, which makes a louder bang then I would have otherwise anticipated. I raid my drawers until I finally settle on a pair of volleyball shorts and a baggy tee shirt, of course adding a bra and some panties to the mix.

I walk downstairs slowly to find him at the couch, watching some murder mystery story that he's not particularly paying attention to. I sit on the opposite side of the couch and for the first time in forever I get to admire his impeccable perfection. His jaw line, his stubble, his abs, his piercingly beautiful face and his blue eyes. He was 34 but damn did he wear it well. Surprisingly single with no kids, he was everything a girl like me was looking for. I bit my lip as I took one last look before hesitantly looking away.

As a horror movie began to play he invited me into his arms, like he did when I was just a little girl. He wrapped his arms around me and I rested in the nook of his armpit. His smell was intoxicating and I was on a high. Of course, being the natural tease that I am, I began rubbing my leg softly against his and tempting his patience. Occasionally, I would look down to see his erection in his pants. Which made me very satisfied. I needed to wash these thoughts from my head. He was driving me crazy. I've never wanted him so bad. His scent was making me completely deranged. I bit my lip, trying my hardest to restrain myself. For, after all, I did still have a boyfriend. The movie ended after two hours and his erection had gone down.

The rest of the day went by generally uneventful. I caught him checking me out, and he caught me checking him out. It was a back and forth game that I hoped no one would ever win. By dusk, I had supper made, it was his favourite, steak and potatoes. He looked rather please and checked me out the entire while that I was preparing the meal . My butt wiggled adorably in a short, black, and flowy skirt that I had put on. My boobs were pushed together delightfully in a low cut shirt. I looked rather desirable and tempting & I knew he was thinking the exact same thing. When I served him his dinner, he couldn't take his eyes off me. We sat on the opposing sides of the table. I looked up every once in a while to see his eyes fixed on me. He wanted me, and I wanted him. I bit my lip and sipped from my glass of water. I finished the rest of my meal and grabbed his plate along with mine. I walked to the sink and noticed he was following shortly behind. I put the dishes in the dishwasher, closed it and he was directly behind me. I turned around and looked him in his eyes as he closed in on me, pushing me into the counter. My hands were placed lazily on the counter and his were gripped the edge of the counter.
"You've been driving me crazy, Leah." He said with a smirk. I breathed in sharply and breathed out powerfully. "and I've been driving you crazy, correct?" he pressed. I nodded hesitantly and he grinned happily.
"I think we both know what we want? Don't we?" he said, pressing his throbbing erection against me me, through his pants. I gasped knowing exactly what he was insinuating. I grasped the counter and bit my lip. I moved my hand up his muscular arms and he gripped my hips. The tension could be cut with a knife and my hands crawl up to his neck, finally settling for his jaw bone and we moved forward together in complete harmony. I stand on my tiptoes as he pulls me closer, I can barely reach his mouth. Our lips meet for the first time and the electricity between us is impeccable. It's soft, but captivating, a mixture of sweet candy and hints of vanilla. Hypnotized lips press together, sending us to another dimension. He opens his mouth slightly and I follow. Ragged breathing and flicking and swaying tongues bring a fiery heat to the chilling ocean air. With just the two of us there, the rest of the world vanishes. We're lost in a sea of lust and passion and the world comes crashing down on us.

We separate slowly, and my eyes flutter up to see his looking down to me. Im incredibly wet and he's incredibly hard. His erection pressing hard against my stomach. I bite my lip and I hope that it doesn't end here. He doesn't disappoint as he lifts me from my hips onto the counter. He untucks my shirt from the skirt and brings it over my head. He unclasps my bra to release my C cups and watches them bounce out until they settle into their perky position. He widens his eyes and reaches for my tits. He begins to play with them and bounce them. He looks up at me with his sharp blue eyes and kisses me passionately, breaking away from my lips and trailing down my neck, kissing each collar bone and finally reaching my pink nipples. He continues to grip my hips while sucking on my buds and shifting every so often, making me moan softly into the crisp afternoon air.

His hand travels down my leg, leaving a trail of shivers and goosebumps. His hand moves toward my cunt and I notice that he can feel my warmth. I'm not wearing panties. His hand travels slowly and he feels my wetness and lack of underwear. He lifts my skirt and admires my pussy. He removes his hand from my tits and moves it toward my wet, swollen lips. He inhales deeply, looks up at me and smiles wildy. I want him. I need him. He moves towards me and I quiver under his touch while biting my lip. I let out a soft moan as he circles my clit. His other hand explores my hole and he feels the pool that he created. He smirks at me daringly and sucks his fingers offering me some. I willingly take it and taste the nectar that I produced. Its sweet and savoury, like honey with a hint of sour. I blush fiercely, a fiery red. He rubs my clit as he slips two fingers in, which makes me moan louder and push against his force. He continues to force his fingers in, hitting my g-spot. It feels amazing. Suddenly, he pulls his fingers out, making the world crash down on me and leaving me begging for more. I let out a helpless whine as I desperately hope for him to return his fingers. He lifts his shirt over his head and begins to unfasten the buckle of his pants. The sound makes me spread my legs to see the tent that I had created in his jeans. He unzips his pants and his erection springs free, other than the restricting boxers. He pulls them down and his 8 inch throbbing cock springs completely out. I lick my lips and bite down on my lower lip.

I jump off the counter and kneel down in front of him, looking up into his ravishing eyes. I open my mouth and take his shaft inside, inch by inch until I can fit no more. It touches the back of my throat and I choke lightly on it. I bob my head up and down, while looking up at him. He throws his head back and grasps the counter with one hand. He moans and, with his other hand, he grips my hair and forces me harder on his cock. I suck on it and slide my tongue along the bottom. He fucks my face for 2 minutes and releases me from his grip. I stand up and wipe the spit and liquid off my mouth. He turns me around and bends me over the counter, forcing me with his hand, pinning my wrists against the cold, granite counter top. I squeal and he covers my mouth with his hand and returns it to my wrist. He guides his dick into my entrance and kneels over me

"Are you ready?" He asks
I nod and he thrusts his pelvis into me pushing his full eight inches into my wet pussy. I moan loudly as he continues to thrust, hitting my g spot just right. I close my eyes and he pounds me harder than ever, starting slower at first and increasing his speed. We're taken into another world of fiery heat as he penetrates my cunt, we feel like we're the only two alive, in complete paradise. My thighs start to tickle and I clench my fist. I bite my lip, leaving a bruise on my tender skin. He brings both of my hands above my head, but still on the counter and holds them down with one hand. The other hand begins to pull my long, brown hair ripping my head back, making me moan loudly in a sweet harmony of pleasure and pain.

I clench my pussy hard on his dick which makes him moan in pleasure. I feel the first wave of my orgasm cascade over me and time seems to stop altogether. I scream as his cock plunges one last time into my tight pussy. The resting nest fell away as I'm thrown onto the ground as my orgasm runs through me. My eyes roll back and my body goes stiff as the nectar comes sliding from my sex onto Micheal's cock. With every passionate wave that followed I continued to ride through which suddenly forces his cum to shoot out of him in sticky ropes, right into my cunt. He groaned loudly and continued stroking slowly. As the first wave settled the second wave was just beginning. My body convulsed and my hands clenched. I tightened my muscles around his cock and screamed as loud as I could. My body convulsed as I rode out the last of my orgasm.

"Fuuuuuck, oooh my goood yeeeesss" I screamed loudly as my nectar flooded my pussy and onto Micheal's thick cock. My knees go weak and I'm shivering violently.
"Holy fuck" He grunts into the air and releases my hair and hands. He pulls out of me and balances himself by grasping the counter as i'm left, bent over the counter, trying my hardest to catch my breath. I slowly stand up and my sight goes blurry. My body is shaking and I find it hard to keep my balance.

He runs his hands through his hair and picks me up, holding me behind my knees and by my shoulder blades, like a young baby. I look up at him as he proceeds to walk to my room. I rest my head against his chest, shaking from the aftermath, wrapping my arms around his neck. My pussy continues to quiver as we climbs the stairs and approaches my room. He sets me down on the bed and flips the covers back as I climb in. He follows after me and I rest my arm on his chest as he wraps his arms around me. We kiss passionately again, setting fire to my lunges and finally settle down for rest. I look out the window and see that it's dark outside. I close my eyes and suddenly, Micheal and I are the only ones left in the world. Left in pure heaven away from the outside world. I no longer care about my boyfriend as I drift into unconsciousness.

story by: KaitEllie

Tags: fiction male/teen female young consensual sex cheating male domination sex story written by women

Author: KaitEllie

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