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»This is a fantasy I have had for a while now. I just need to get it out of my system. My name is Kyle. And I have a man-crush on my step brother, Adam.

It started after the move into our new house. The five of us lived together: Me(16), Adam(17), mom, my step dad, and my brother; Joey(19).

I had to share a room with Adam in the back of the house. My brother, Joey, had a room to himself since he was the oldest of us. And my mom and my step dad had a room in the front of the house. Everything was normal until I noticed Adam slept in just his boxers, which I would have been fine with, if we hadn't of had to share a bed. I slept in pajama bottoms. and a shirt occasionally. Luckily it was a very large bed, so we could sleep separate from each other.

Several weeks after everything was unpacked and everyone was more comfortable, I developed a lust for Adam. He always hung around me, and joked around with me. After a while, I had to hide my hard-ons from him. He never seemed to noticed. One night, we were in bed. It was almost pitch black except for the faint light the moon provided. I was laying awake, Adam was asleep. I looked at him. I couldn't really see him, but I knew what he looked like. He was a jock type; tall, athletic, slightly big, and strong. I was the exact opposite. I was a gamer; above-average hight, skinny, and weak. I could feel myself getting hard. I turned toward him and slowly scooted myself towards him. He was laying on his back with a hand behind his head and one across his chest. The covers were halfway down him. I could make out his nipples.. small and perfect. I decided I wanted to touch him. Anywhere, really. I scooted towards him one last time. Not too close. Just close enough to reach him. I slowly started reaching my hand over onto him. I could feel his body warmth. He was really warm. I gently moved the hand that he had laid over his chest and he stirred slightly. I froze momentarily assuring myself he was asleep. 'Phew.' I thought. I cautiously laid my hand over his nipple. It was soft. Just like I had imagined it would be. I slowly rubbed it between my fingers. He stirred slightly. I lifted my hand and placed it lower on his stomach, and from there, the covers were over the other half of him. I used my feet to pull them down to at least his knees. It was successful. I lowered my hand again just above his penis. A few seconds later I slid my hand over him. I could feel it. The head, the shaft, the nuts. everything. He was slowly getting harder. I pulled my hand away. Afraid that he would wake up and see me. I rolled over and drifted off to sleep and dreamt of him; Dripping wet out of the shower. With a towel loosely around his waist. And I don't remember anything else from the dream.

The next morning was a Friday. He was driving to school. It was a boring, conversation-less drive there. (I'm not a morning person) He drove because I hadn't gotten my license just yet. It was the typical day at school. I was in 10th grade and he was a junior. I thought about what he looked like down there all day. I once had to go to the bathroom and relieve myself so my hard-on would go away. I passed him several times in the hallway. I nonchalantly stared at his crotch as he walked by. He was wearing basketball shorts, so it made it kinda easy to see an outline of his penis through them.

That afternoon I rode the bus home. I hoped no one would be there except for him. I wanted to see him.

When I got home he was in the bathroom getting ready for a shower. 'This is my chance to see his dick' I thought to myself. I tried to see under the door, but he had already gotten in the shower. I stood up and thought for a moment. 'Maybe if I just barge in, I can tell him I didn't hear him.' I tried to turn the door-knob. It was surprising to find unlocked. I turned it all the way, slowly so he didn't hear the squeaking of the knob. The door finally opened just a bit at first. I could see from the crack to the shower. 'Damn, I can't see through the shower curtain.' I thought subconsciously to myself. I pushed the door open most of the way, stepping through the door way steadily. My heart was racing, I was afraid he was going to get out at any minute and start yelling at me for being in there. I heard a thud. It was the sound of the door opening all the way and knocking the wall. I stepped back hoping to appear as if I just walked in on accident. What Adam said shocked me and made my heart pound even harder.
"It's about time you came in." Adam pulled back the curtain, revealing his entirely naked and dripping wet body. He was about 6 1, and had a natural brownish and blonde hair color.
"W- What?!" My heart raced. Thoughts were pouring though my mind 'is this real, or am I /> "Well?" He said expectingly. When I didn't move he motioned me towards him. "Are you going to get in."
"Yes." I started slowly taking off my shirt. I looked at him and his penis began to grow and harden. As did mine. Taking off the rest of my clothes rather quickly. I got in the shower with him. The warm water pouring on my back out of the hand-held shower head. It made me even harder knowing Adam was NAKED. In front of me. "What do you want me to do now?" I asked nervously. He thought for a moment.

"I've seen you gazing at my dick a lot. So, how about you get on your knees and suck my dick? Then we'll talk about this more." I got on my knees not knowing what to expect. His 6 and a half inch dick swung in front of my face and I took it in my hand. I started rubbing it up and down in front of my face. "Now suck." Adam said looking down at me. I put the head in my mouth first, and it jerked with pleasure. I began licking around it and up and down the slit of the head. Slowly Adam pushed my head down his long penis. I loved the way it filled my mouth, the way it tasted. I swirled my tongue around it. I took it in almost all the way before I had to come off to catch a breath, but I immediately started back on him bobbing my head up and down taking him down my throat. I moaned at the thought of him filling my mouth with his hot cum. I caressed his balls, which were gently swaying with each thrust of his hips.

Adam had his head tilted back in pleasure as I sucked him faster. I looked up at him and I smiled slightly and kept sucking him. Adam began moaning loudly and ran his fingers through my wet hair. Water was running down between us. Neither one of us minded. We were focused on each other. Adam moaned loader and grabbed my head pulling me onto his penis all the way. He threw his head back thrusting into my mouth and I felt several hot bursts of cum sliding down my throat I pulled off enough to get the last squirt or two of his cum on my tongue. It tasted salty, but sweet. It tasted good and I loved it. I pulled off of his cock and licked the head one last time and looked up at him. He was looking back at me. "Now what?" I asked.

"We get out of the shower." He laughed and pulled me onto my feet. "Next time, we go in my room and we can both have a turn." He wrapped a towel around himself and left the bathroom. I stood there. Half surprised half thrilled at what just happened. I stood there naked for a few minutes. Finally I got out and dried off and went back to my room, still naked. I put on clean clothes and laid down on my bed. I drifted off into a light sleep. A few hours passed and my mom returned home. She woke me up and said that she had something to tell me.

I got up and walked into the living room and she told me that one of her friend's parents had passed away and she was going to stay with them for the weekend and that I would have to stay with Joey and Adam alone all weekend.

I remember nodding blankly at her and walked back to my room. I heard her go out the door and her car drive away. 'This is going to be a fun weekend.' I thought. And went back to bed.«

(This was so much fun writing. If you want more, then please leave a good rating and comment about what you liked and what you didn't. If you want more just ask. Hope to write more soon.)

story by: Thatguy120

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Author: Thatguy120

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