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Author's Note: This is my first story, I hope it is good. If I make mistakes, I would appreciate constructive critcism but not vague critics. I hope you like it and give a verdict if I should continue to write this story or if it is shit, cancel it. Another feedback I would want is if my writing style, flow and expression is good enough or lacking in some areas. Thank You!
I hate my alarm. I don't know why I leave it turned on instead of destroying it. Wait, when did I ever had an alarm clock. It's not an alarm clock. That's the app in my phone. I woke up groggily scrambling to find the phone lost in the abyss of trash spewed across the room. Oh my phone! Windows phone! I hate it. I don't hate it though, it looks cooler than most phones. The ringtone was my favorite but now I absolutely despise it after hearing it so many times. I don't know why I bothered to change it though, but I won't change now but will do later. I forgot, today's a holiday. I changed my mind, I will sleep. Snooze mode. Ok brain, don't overthink, sleep. My dick is hard, I don't have any kind of kinky desires floating around my head. I really want to piss badly. I don't want to wake up but I want to piss. Since I left bedwetting in my eighth grade (kidding!). I can't piss on my bad, and my dick is giving me a hard time. Ruefully, I lifted myself up from the bed then walked into the bathroom. My dick is hard, it is difficult to piss. So with great anguish, I let the streams out. Oh! Relief at last. Great, I can't go to sleep now.

As usual, I flopped myself at the sofa and turned on the TV. I don't like to watch news and I already know that no great show is or going to be shown now, but I don't like to break my tradition of staring blankly at the screen at least for twenty minutes before I do anything. "What's up, chump" There she is, I can't really believe myself that she looks so good. I am not horny for my sister, but I can't ever stop myself from admiring her looks. With her auburn hair, pouty lips, a little puffy face but downright slim and sexy body, she is one hell of a model. I don't know why she never even gave a thought of ever modelling. As nature suggests, the more you deal with the extraordinary, the more ordinary it seems. When she first came to live with me, I would get conscious like a thirteen years old boy. Now, after a month the charm is just not there as I got myself acclimatized. But even the slightest provocative posture of her, which she does unknowingly of course, stirs up hornet's nest in both of my heads. Man, what is wrong with me! I need to be mature and not a freak and absolutely should not think of her like that at all. Thankfully, all these thoughts crossed my mind in few instants and I replied, "Nothing! I am getting bored to hell." I just celebrated my twenty-first birthday two months ago alone driving my car through the highways slurping some drinks and eating junk as I travelled through the roads of two states. Why didn't I took a plane? I needed alone time. Why? That story is for later.

Some may have questions, if she is my sister then why isn't she living here since forever or something. Why the hell is she even living with me now, when she could be even living with her boyfriend or alone. And if she is living with me for only a month, how the hell she was acting so familiar with me. That second and third question was kind of a dumb one, but people ask me this. It's my fault really. I don't explain everything properly. Well, we were kind of separated when I was 14. Fast forward seven years, she had a bad breakup with her boyfriend. She didn't had a job, she needed money and a place to stay. She hadn't seen her brother for so many years, with her sudden new found love for her separated brother, she couldn't stay anywhere else. Since I was living alone miserably, she came to cheer me up. This last sentence are the words from her mouth. The rest of above were mine. I explained most of the shit and I will connect loose ends later. Is it a story of incest? Nah, I am laying down background. Time for breakfast.

"Kat, where's my food"

"Since, when did I become your home-maid." I heard her shouting.

"Since you never pay me rent." Answer that.

"You are asking your sister for rent", giving me a pouty look as she brought me oatmeal. "And here, I was thinking my brother was happy after reconciling with his gorgeous sis."

"Yeah, gorgeous, my ass!" Seriously she was damn gorgeous.

"What I am not looking good to you, " not removing that pouty look for an instant, with her smartass air she replied, "there goes my self-confidence. Thanks Dave"

"You know you are difficult to deal with, right?"

"I know." She smirked.

Even though I joke about rent and rest things, she knows I would never seriously ask her for money or to leave me. I am really thankful she came to live with me at the perfect time. I was depressed off my ass. Then she arrived looking like a angel and made me behave like a human being saving me from that depression. Even though we have been living only for a month, we came very close together and understood each other perfectly.

"I am going to a friend's house now."

"OK. I am sleeping all day like a log. Bye! Buy some food on the way back, kay?"

"Alright, I am preparing to go."

I drove towards mall, my reason is that there is a friend of mine working there whom I had to talk with. He is the head of security at there, not a great position as it sounds though. Though catching petty thefts is great, but staying behind a screen staring at it all day without much to do is extremely boring for me. I parked my car and headed there. He didn't seem to be here. Oh what the hell, let me roam. I love reading books, whenever I go to any mall buying a book is sort of ritual to me. Cody, who manages that place who seemed really bizarre when I used to see him before is now one of my good friends. Discussions and petty feud over books started between us as I frequented this place and soon we became good friends talking about other things too.

"Hey, Code" People seem to call him this, so I did too.

"Hey, dude!" He said enthusiastically.

"Any new great thing?"

"Nah, man but make sure to go near the aisle of biography section." He replied flashing me a smile.

Okay, that was one weird smile. Let's see what is the cause for it.

"What an ass!" I blurted it out, thanking god it was not that loud. Who is this girl? Since this is a small town, I should have seen her. Bend over, searching for a book giving a perfect view of the holy piece. She looked like the epitome of beauty. Oh, she raised up and glanced towards me. I abruptly changed my view to any book I could find and grabbed unto it.

"Elaine! What a />
"So is you reading a book about sex. You that bad in bed, huh? Pervy guy."

I noticed the book I was holding now. Kama Sutra – The Guide to Pleasure your Beloved. Huh? Then it dawned on me what she said. I dropped the book as soon I grasped what she was saying. Instead of finding a suitable one liner, I don't know why I went into defensive mode.

"Believe me, this is not how it seems. I saw you while coming here, you looked at me suddenly so I picked any book I could put my hand on." I tried to explain desperately flailing my hands.

"Why would that book be in this section?" She said while giving me the all knowing smile.
Why was that book in this section? Who was the asshole who put it here? I pondered but replied vehemently, "No, I wasn't reading that book." I don't know why I am giving excuses to her though.

"You said you saw me or more like ogling my ass. Either that or you are reading the book. Oh my god Dave, when did you become such a pervert. I can't even comprehend it." She said teasingly and to enhance the effect gaped her mouth as to say "Ahh, I am so shocked!"

"So sorry Elaine, you were so sexy that I couldn't avert my gaze." I replied coolly regaining my composure.

"Oh!" Widening her eyes, walking near me she whispered, "what beauty, all you did was gaze at my bum."

Before I could open my lips, she closed it with her lips locking into mine. I couldn't believe it was happening to me. Wow. She broke it off, clutched my hand and made way to the exit. Cody just stared at us, making me give him a wink on the way.

"You have your car, right?"

"That one." I pointed towards my car. The park was mostly deserted except for few cars here and there. We rushed inside the back section while she climbed over me as I closed the door. Amazing.She smothered with me with her kisses as I tried to gasp for air. The place was hot as hell and here she is clutching my head, kissing me hard and sprawled on me.

While embracing her, I slowly slid my hand down to caress those beautiful round ass. She didn't seem to mind so I tried to take a step further and slid my hand under her jeans towards her crotch. No resistance. Is it heaven? I found the place I was looking for. I slowly traced the lips there causing a sultry moan for her. My dick standing up proudly since I was recipient of her kiss could not show any kind of patience to be pleasured. As I slid my finger inside her, effecting another moan I rubbed my crotch on her body. She got the clue as she undid my pants and made my cock feel the air. She continued to kiss me passionately as I slid my finger in and out of her pussy. Grasping my cock, she started to give me handjob. It was kind of uncomfortable with position, but why to complain when you are receiving pleasure too.

Beep. Notifications Alarm. That means new message received.

Concentrate on the task at hand, Dave. I reminded myself. I didn't touch anything, it must be accidentally touched. The message was read by cortana with her robotic sound.
"Message from Kat: Hurry up Dave, getting little lonely in our home. Don't forget like always to buy milk on the way."

Elaine stopped. She rose up suddenly. She jerked my hand out of pussy, slapped me right across my face. Before I could protest something another hand of her kissed hard on my face.

"No, />
"I am sorry, Dave. I tried to make out with you.." She started crying, unlocked door and rushed out after saying, "but why didn't you stop me? You had a wife?"

I shouted. I couldn't get out of my car, since my dick was out. I hurriedly stuffed it in and got out and shouted her name again only to see her very far and the people at the entrance of mall giving me weird looks.


story by: Jo2347

Tags: fiction male/female sex story

Author: Jo2347

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