The dirty game: chapter 1

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The Dirty Game: Chapter 1

Dave 15 years old 5 feet 8 inches in height, black hair green eyes and had a normal body; he was a smart but relatively shy kind of teenager. He had got a scholarship and had come to join his high school in New York, he wanted to stay in hostel but his mother decided differently and he had to live with his mother’s twin cousins.

Dave’s Aunts Trisha and Donna were identical twins both professional basketball players who played for the same team, as most basketball players are tall so were these two at 6 feet and 8 inches.

Dave’s mom dropped Dave at their home and took her flight back to Texas. Donna was away for a business tour, Trisha greeted Dave with a hug, and not new to Dave his face just touched her breasts as she hugged him because there was a big difference in their heights. Trisha who was 31 now was quite a charming lady and she was about 6 feet 8 inches tall.

In the evening she was wearing a tight white sleeveless T-shirt and skin tight trousers, her nipples were bulging against her T-Shirt, her blonde hair were tied into a pony tail as she was all sweating during exercising and also watching the NBA match on TV at the same time in the living room.

“Sweetie makes your self at home, you will live here with us for some time now” Trisha said

She went to the kitchen; Dave was sitting on the couch also watching the match. Trisha brought a bottle of coke and handed it to Dave and resumed exercise with her eyes set on the Television Screen, Dave was watching the match but also taking advantage of Trisha’s diverted attention he looked at Trisha who, specially at her firm round breasts which were visible through the sweat soaked white thin T-shirt, Dave could not resist watching this hot woman’s dark nipples, his cock became stiff and to make things even wilder she started the push ups, Dave was looking at her cleavage, her beautiful sweating skin was shining and Dave was driven mad by the look of her sweet Breasts bouncing up and down with each push up. After the match Trisha went to take a bath and Dave went to sleep.

Next morning Dave and Trisha had breakfast together, afterwards Trisha went to the club and Dave was home alone. Dave had a swim at the in house swimming pool, tried to start his laptop its battery was dead and then Dave realized that he had left the laptop charger at home. He came down to the living room to use the desktop computer, opened internet browser, he logged into his facebook page and checked the new posts from his friends and posted some new pictures of him that he had in his pen drive.

“Does Aunt Trisha have a face book account?” He thought and entered Trisha in the facebook search; a whole list of women named Trisha appeared. He scrolled down but couldn’t find his aunt Trisha in the list. He checked for quite some time and then thought that Trisha doesn’t have a facebook account. He surfed the internet for a while and found his school friend Eddy who went to California few years back on facebook, Eddy’s facebook profile had his cell phone number Dave had to note the number but his cell pone was in up in his bedroom, so he looked for a paper to write on as he opened the drawer in the computer desk he found a pen and a pink card, he noted Eddy’s number on the card and as he was about to put the card in his pocket he noticed there was an email address on the backside of the card, which was which was Aunt Trisha’s email address.

Dave put the card in his shirts pocket then a thing occurred to him, he took the card out and entered the email in the facebook search when he clicked search. A single account was found as a result with account title of the profile picture was just a pair of large beautiful round breast in a tiny bra. Dave would easily identify these boobs anywhere in the world. He checked the profile there were only three things mentioned first was sex as female, second interested in which was ‘men and women’ the third was about me which said:

I am interested in sex with guys with big cocks; message me if you have a big thing

Dave couldn’t believe that his aunt Trisha was into sex dating. He clicked on profile photos as he saw Trisha had hid her face in every photo, in the first photo which was by the pool at her house she was laying down wearing a G-String micro bikini, the bra was tiny and only just covered the nipples, the thong was same as the bra and her vagina was pressing against the tiny thong and her golden tanned wet body was really sexy in this picture, in the second picture she was sitting with her back towards the camera but she was completely naked her blonde hair were tied into the same pony tail which was her identity, her fine round big butt was really sexy in this picture. In the third and last picture she had put her arm on her breasts to hide the nipples and other hand between her legs to hide her vagina, her tanned body was so hot Dave thought and like the previous pictures she had again hid her face bringing her blonde hair on her face.

Dave logged out of his account and logged into his other account which had a fake name as he used this account for messing around with people on the facebook, he sent a friend request to Trisha and also sent her a message saying

“Hi Tall Cheesy Gal, I saw your pics you have the hottest body I have ever seen, if you are looking for a big cock I have a huge fat dong which is about 10 inches, I can please you In ways that you can’t dream of, Add me gal, I also live in New York we can hook up

Dave actually had a huge cock; many girls belonging to his age group were frightened of his huge boner. He logged out of this account, closed the internet browser and then he opened the drive at the desktop computer, there were many folders on the driver one folder named ‘cheesy gal’ caught his eye, Dave opened the folder there were some pictures in this folder. He clicked on the first it was Trisha standing wearing the same G-String micro bikini on the pool, he clicked the second and there was a picture of Trisha lying on the bed, in the third she had removed the bra and her hands were covering her breasts, in the fourth picture one hand was off her breast and her dark brown nipple was visible, in the fifth picture she had removed both her hands from her full breasts and one hand was pushing the thong slightly down, in the next picture she had removed her underwear down to her knees and was bending down her big balloons gave Dave a huge erection, in the next photo she had opened her legs and sitting on the bed and her shaved bald vagina was visible, to Dave’s surprise she had a pierced her clitoris with a golden ring, in the next photo she had opened her vagina with the fingers revealing the pink insides.

There were many other nude photos of Trisha in the folder; in one of these photos she was shaving her vagina in a bath tub. Dave copied this folder into his pen drive turned off the computer. Then he went to the market and brought the new laptop charger.

In the evening Trisha came back she had brought a pizza, Dave and Trisha ate together, then Trisha went to gym and came back at about 10pm Dave was watching TV in the living room when she returned.

“Hello sweetheart” she greeted him in the same charming voice and went to her bedroom, after a while she came back wearing a white silk night gown; she turned on the desktop computer and sat in front of it. Dave turned the TV off and gave Trisha a good night kiss on her cheek and came to his bedroom, he locked the door, started his laptop and logged into his fake facebook account, to his surprise Trisha had accepted his friend request. And there was a message

“It really nice that you find my photos sexy, I love big dicks, do you really have a big one naughty boy? ;-)”

Trisha was also online, Dave started the chat

MrBig says: Yes I have a big one

TallCheesyGal says: Wow! You are online?

MrBig says: Yes I am

TallCheesyGal says: Nice, How big is your dick

MrBig says: Its almost 10 inches

TallCheesyGal says: LOL, that’s really big

MrBig says: I guess so

TallCheesyGal says: How many girls have you fucked

MrBig says: Not many

TallCheesyGal says: Why? I thought you would be doing lots of work with that boner of yours you dirty boy.

MrBig says: Actually I am only 15

TallCheesyGal says: Really?

MrBig says: Yes

TallCheesyGal says: A teenager with a 10 incher, I don’t believe it.

MrBig says: Well I really have a 10 incher

TallCheesyGal says: I don’t believe you

MrBig says: LOL

TallCheesyGal says: Prove it you have a 10 incher

MrBig says: how can I prove

TallCheesyGal says: Start the video chat I want to see that thing of yours

MrBig says: Well My laptop’s microphone is not working so you will only be able to see me, I won’t be able to talk to you (Dave didn’t wanted her to hear his voice) and If I show you my dick you will have to show me something as well.

TallCheesyGal says: It depends on your thing, if I like it I will show you my things, but I wont show my face for now.

MrBig says: If you don’t show your face I won’t show mine (Dave was relieved)

TallCheesyGal says: Okay it’s a Deal

MrBig says: Here it comes

Dave took of his shorts and turned the camera towards his crotch while lying on a side towards the laptop cam. Now he could hear Trisha talk

“You really have a huge fat cock” she said

Dave sent a smiley back in the chat

“Can you stroke it a little for me” she said

“I will but you will have to remove your night gown, It will make my thing hard” Dave sent back in the chat and used his left hand to stroke his cock

Trisha removed her gown to Dave’s surprise she was totally naked under the gown.

“Put your finger in your vagina” Dave typed in chat as he started to masturbate.

Trisha put her finger into her vagina and started to rub, Dave started to move his hand over his cock.

Trisha was moaning and talking dirty “I love that fat dick of yours put it in my vagina, rub it all over my face, put it in my mouth, put it in my mouth please, fuck the hell out of me please”

“I will fuck the hell out of you” Dave typed

“Oh you dirty boy fuck my vagina OOOOHHHHH my God” and then she was putting two of her fingers in and thrusting quickly and then after a while she had an orgasm Dave also shot cum all over the laptop.

“Oh I would lick your dick clean of that cum if I was there” she said

“I will be back in a moment” Dave typed and closed the video chat he quietly opened the door and looked down from the stairs Trisha was sitting with her front open on the chair licking her fingers. The sight made Dave even hornier Trisha then covered her self with the silk night gown. Dave came back to the room and cleaned the laptop with a tissue paper.

TallCheesyGal says: It was awesome

MrBig says: Yeah

TallCheesyGal says: So Can we meet for the real thing

MrBig says: I guess not

TallCheesyGal says: Why?

MrBig says: Because I am a minor

TallCheesyGal says: I won’t bite you. LOL

MrBig says: What if you did

TallCheesyGal says: LOL, I will suck that big dick of yours

MrBig says: I can masturbate. LOL

TallCheesyGal says: Don’t you like my vagina?

MrBig says: It’s nice

TallCheesyGal says: Than why not use it instead of your hand

MrBig says: No thank you

TallCheesyGal says: That’s rude. 

MrBig says: Well what ever you say, but I can’t have real life sex with you

TallCheesyGal says: You are not my brother. LOL and I will fuck that dick for whatever you want.

MrBig says: What if I was your brother?

TallCheesyGal says: If my brother had a big lovely dick as yours, I would fuck him 6 times a day

MrBig says: Really, that’s called incest you know?

TallCheesyGal says: I know that LOL

MrBig says: Really, Will you truly fuck your brother if he had a cock like mine.

TallCheesyGal says: Yes really I promise

MrBig says: Ok see you later bye

TallCheesyGal says: Hey wait.

Dave signed out of facebook account with smile on his face; he knew what he had to do.

The next morning Dave woke up when he got into the shower he took a picture of his cock and mailed it to Trisha’s email address.

In the evening he checked his email there was a reply attached with photos of Trisha’s vagina spread revealing the pink insides and the message said “My vagina! You can see it is all swollen and waiting for your big thing” Dave saw the picture and masturbated, in the night Trisha came back from the gym, but when she started the computer it didn’t start. She tried for a while but the computer was broken. She came to Dave’s room wearing the same white silk night gown from the previous night; she was looking really hot with her blonde hair which wire coming down the sides of her face.

“Sweetie can you please check my computer, its not working” She said desperately

Dave went down with her and tried to fix the computer for about 15 minutes, he removed and reinstalled all the cables opened the CPU and checked, after a while he said “Well I cannot find the fault, may be you need to get it checked by a

“Oh that’s really bad, because I had to send an important official mail today” She said in a worried tone

“You can use my laptop”, Dave offered

“Well don’t mind, I will send the email from the club in the morning” Trisha said hesitantly

“No I will leave it here in the living room, Wireless internet is working fine on it and email will not be a problem” Dave said

Then Dave went to his room and brought the laptop down and placed it on the table next to the couch.

“Good night Aunt Trisha I will now go to sleep, please leave the laptop here on the table when your work is done” Saying this he hugged her tightly his chest pressed hard against her boobs in the silk gown as Trisha was sitting on the couch. Dave could clearly see the excitement in Trisha’s eyes.

Dave came up the stairs and turned all the lights off in the upper portion of the house then sat in the stairs looking down at Trisha who was sitting on the couch she after a few minutes she put her hand in her robe there was some video playing on the laptop,, she was now fingering herself she undid the front of her robe revealing her big juicy breasts and started rubbing them slowly and gently. Dave could see her erect nipples from above, she put her finger inside her vagina and was masturbating hard lying back at the couch her tanned body was mesmerising Dave in the dim lights he could listen to her moans, her eyes were fixed on the laptop screen. She was breathing heavily and moaning though keeping her it down, she fingered herself for a while and finally she throbbed all her body shaking came to an awesome climax, strangely she squirted all over Dave’s laptop.

Dave was already slowly and quietly walking down the stairs, Trisha was in a another world she could not notice till Dave was at the last step right in front of her as she was still squirting hard, Dave watched the last moments of her orgasm, she was moaning my God” while keeping it down.

“Oh my God Aunt Trisha, What did you just do you ruined my laptop” Dave came close to her.

“What are you doing here?” she said surprised.

“I came down for a glass of water”, Dave replied.

Dave could see the surprise in her big green eyes and embarrassment on her pretty face, she bit her lip, quickly closed the front of her robe around her sexy body tied the strings, turned around and ran to her bedroom, Dave heard the door close with a bang. Dave picked up the laptop with a smile on his face his trick to mess with Trisha’s computer had been right at the target.

He came back to the room and placed the laptop on the bed Trisha’s Aroma was driving maddening, the video he emailed to Trisha of him masturbating after shaving his pubic hair in the noon was still in the media player on the laptop. He licked the laptop clean of Trisha’s ejaculation and masturbated once again to her hot pictures. Dave knew things were getting really tensed up.

The next day was Saturday, Dave woke up and went down for breakfast he could really see the embarrassment on Trisha’s beautiful face, she was not looking into his eyes, as they were having breakfast she said “Dave please forget what happened last night, I am really sorry, I did a terrible thing and left without saying sorry or cleaning your laptop”

“No problem Aunt Trisha, I already cleaned it” he smiled

“You can understand that we have a different lifestyle and it skips my mind at times that you are also in the house” Trisha said

“No problem I didn’t mind that, after all everyone needs sex, It’s a basic need of our bodies” saying this he put his hand on Trisha’s hand

“Thank you for understanding Dave” Trisha said finally looking in to his eyes.

“Can I ask you something, if you don’t mind?” Dave asked

“Yes please” Trisha said

“Who was that guy in that video?” Dave asked acting innocent.

“He “Trisha paused “He is my boyfriend”, she finally said in an odd manner.

“Why doesn’t he come and meet with you rather than sending videos?” Dave asked

“Well he is in the army”, Trisha replied.

“You can do it with him when he comes back”, Dave said.

“Well I will do once he comes back” Trisha was hesitating but now she was locked into this odd conversation with Dave

“Well for how long he has been away?” Dave said.

“For quite a while”, Trisha said in a dreamy voice.

“Well then you should find someone else” Dave said

“Well it’s not like that you really have to love and trust someone to have sex with them “, Trisha said.

“Yes you are right”, Dave said “I wish I could bring him back to you”

“I wish that too”, Trisha said

They finished the breakfast Dave helped her with the plates and finally Dave moved ahead and hugged Trisha who was standing in the living room now, his face pressed into her breasts because of the difference in their heights, it felt really awesome. He hugged her and kissed her arm he pressed against her tightly Trisha noticed something hard pressing against her knee.

“Aunt Trisha don’t feel embarrassed, you are the same lovely person for me that you were before, you don’t have to remember yesterday night” Dave said

“I know you mean it sweetie”, She said

“I wish that I was able to help you”, he said hugging her again tightly. His cock was pressing against her knee, Dave looked her face she was surprised, he pressed it further into her knee; he knew she was now trying to figure out the size of his cock.

“How could you help me?” she said.

“I will do anything to help you”, he said “I really love you so much”

He took her arm and made her sit on the couch, then he kissed her cheek, Trisha’s beautiful green eyes were fixed at the huge bulge in his shorts. “I know you love me sweetheart she kissed his cheeks on the both sides” and hugged him. This time she pressed her tits tightly against his chest. Dave could feel that something was developing now.

“I know you are not having sex”. He said.

“I think I should control my thoughts, but these days It’s really difficult”, she said.

“I think sometimes you have to lose control and let the emotions flow”, Dave said hugging her and kissing her on the shoulder.

“Yeah I am losing control these days” she said.

“Why are you controlling? Let it go lose” Dave asked

“It’s difficult to” She said

“You should try” Dave said “Or it will mess with your brain and you will go crazy” he asked

Trisha hesitated a little and then said “Yes I have too many wild thoughts these days”

Dave asked separating him from her and looking directly into her eyes.

“No, I cannot tell it to you Dave, you are just a kid” she looked down, She was blushing.

“No Aunt Trisha, I know what sex is and I have had sex many times” He said looking into her eyes “You can tell me, I don’t mind”

“Well I want to have sex with the guy in the video, but he doesn’t want to have sex with me” she said looking away.

he your boyfriend?” Dave asked.

“No he is not” Trisha finally told the truth.

“What is so special about that guy”, Dave put his fingers under her chin raising her face to look into her eyes.

“Well that I can not tell you” She said really blushing.

“Come on don’t be shy, maybe I will be able to help you” Dave said

She paused for a moment “He has a big thing” and again she looked away.

“Big thing? What big thing” Dave asked acting innocent

“He has a big pee pee” She used the same word which she used when Dave was a kid.

“How big?” he asked

“Very big” she said

“And you want to have sex with him because he has a big pee pee?” Dave asked

“Yes” she said

“Okay, I can solve this problem” Dave said

“How? Can you solve this” She asked

“I can become your boyfriend” He said

“No way”, she asked

“Yeah I can bet that he doesn’t have a pee pee as big as mine” Dave said

“No, It cannot be” she said looking at him, there was a smile on her face that she was trying to hide

“Do you want to see my pee pee” he asked in a childish voice.

“No, I guess not” She replied but her eyes were saying otherwise.

Dave held her head and brought her close to his shorts and lowered them then he said “Do you like my pee pee?” he asked in the childish voice.

Trisha turned her face towards Dave’s cock she was amazed by looking at the real thing.

“You can touch it now” Dave said

Trisha got up, “Dave this is so wrong, you are my nephew, we should not be doing this’, but Dave pushed her and she fell on the couch again. Then he brought his crotch next to her face.

Trisha hesitated she was still trying to figure out what to do, as she was sitting at the couch facing his crotch he held the back of her head and pulled her face towards his cock, once her head was in place he touched the purple head of his huge cock to her red lips, his cock at once sprang, pre-cum made Trisha’s lips wet, he rubbed his cock more against her lips and her cheeks. Trisha looked at Dave’s cock in amazement and then at his face in amazement as if wondering how this teenage boy was hiding a dong in his shorts.

She started to stroke his cock and he removed her T-Shirt letting her fully round large soccer ball sized breasts out as she bent down on his cock Dave undid her bra and removed it, her boobs blossomed to their fullest, Dave got down sitting beside Trisha with his small hand trying to cup her breasts but the size of the things was overwhelming, the nipples were the size of Dave’s fingers. Dave rubbed his hand over her tanned golden breasts then sucked at her right breast then at her left making Trisha tense, Dave softly bit her breasts and circled his tongue over her nipples making them erect, sucking and pinching at them, Trisha was getting aroused but she was hiding it Dave removed his T-shirt and then hugged her tightly getting over her body as she laid at the back on the couch, Dave could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing against his bare chest, it was like paradise.

Everything was gorgeous about Trisha this truly tall lovely blonde was a babe to admire; Dave’s cock was feeling like it would explode. “Stand up please” he said, Trisha stood up facing Dave, and he pulled her black skirt down her legs, finally Dave got the sight of her red underwear for the first time she had gorgeous thighs which were strong, muscular, shiny golden tanned and her knees were slightly darker, her lower legs were even more shiny than her thighs, Dave held her waist and made her turn around, she had the big and finest ass that Dave had seen in his whole life, Dave kissed her ass cheeks and poked them and spanked real hard, Trisha sighed, he kissed her ass and pushed her back she bent over, the red thong was between her ass cheeks, Dave squeezed at her ass cheeks, and put his face between her ass cheeks. Then held her waist and turned her around to face him. Dave looked upwards at her face there was wildness in her green eyes, the sight of her breasts was also hotter than fire, they were completely round and arched up, the nipples and areola were perfectly suited for her large breast size, her breasts were pink and the areola and nipples were a dark brown, he slid his fingers over her areola, and made her sit on his lap with both her knees around his legs he was now licking her nipples and areolas one by one squeezing her tits closer to each other, He told her to stand, she stood up Dave now concentrated on her flat sexy stomach, Dave could tell that she had carefully crafted her body in the gym by hours of daily exercise; the sexual energy she was emitting had blown him away.

Dave put his hands on the top of her thong, and slowly pulled it downwards and looked at her bald pussy up close for the fist time, the small golden piercing was making it look out of this world. Dave brought the thong all the way down to her knees, now he was kissing her thighs, she dropped the thong to her ankles, Dave removed the thong from her ankles and took it in his mouth, the thong was all wet and so was her vagina. But she walked towards her bedroom.

Dave followed her pushed her she crashed into the bed, Dave kissed her juicy red lips her mouth in his mouth kissing her passionately, Dave couldn’t believe the beauty of this Greek goddess, Dave was lying over her kissing her deeply, he kissed her neck, biting it softly, he came to her breasts squeezing them tightly but gently Trisha let out soft moans, her right hand was fingering her vagina and Dave put her left hand on his cock, Dave admired her larger than life golden tanned breasts and her erect nipples by kissing them passionately, biting them softly and squeezing them hard, then he came down kissing her flat belly.

“Damn you are Aphrodite herself” He said, he caressed her golden skin which was shining in the sunlight coming from the bedroom window. He kissed her lower abdomen and then came into the 69 position his cock over her face, he raised her legs in the air and he kissed her feet then coming down kissing her legs towards her thighs, he massaged her inner thighs kissing them, every kiss getting closer and closer to her vagina, the smell of her juices was extremely maddening. she was stroking his cock.

He opened her vagina lips with his fingers and started to kiss her Labia she let out a moan and her body stiffened, she put a hand on the back of his head and pushed his face to her vagina, he started to lick her vagina lips intensely and messaging her vagina lips gently with his fingers, her vagina was all swollen and wet, Dave’s mouth and nose ware soaked with her juices, Trisha was in a state of deep pleasure and Dave was really enjoying watching her, she had her eyes closed and was squeezing her breasts, took Dave's free hand and put it on her breasts, Dave pinched at her nipples, his other hand fingering her vagina and his lips kissing her Labia, Trisha was gasping, with every breath, with every movement of Dave’s fingers, with every kiss at the clitoris and every lick at the vagina, the moans were getting intense, the fingers of her left hand were pinched into the bed sheet, her back was arching, her eyes closed and her body was sweating and tensed.

“OOOO my god, I am going to cummmmmm” she yelled “Give it to me, cum all over my face” Dave said, a few more thrusts, little bit of clitoral manipulation, with even more intense arching of her back, stream after stream of hot squirt made Dave’s face and upper body all wet.

This was something that Dave had really dreamed of, he had heard of a few teenage girls squirting but this was something entirely different and large scale. He moved up to her and started to kiss her she was licking his face and kissing him.

She got to her knees “Now its my turn to please you sweetie” and she took his cock in her mouth licking the tip at first and then went licking the underside of his cock all the way to his balls and back gently, she licked his balls and sucked at them, took his ball sack in her mouth and messaged his giant cock which seemed perfectly normal in her big hand, then she came back to the head kissing it gently, took it between her lips and covered it with her saliva jerked it up and down, this made Dave’s cock hard as a rock. “Your Cock is really warm, I like hard warm cock” she said looking towards him.

Then she took it inside her mouth, taking it deeper with every blow, deeper and deeper until and three fourth of his big boner was inside her mouth she gagged, but she pressed her head again and took the whole length inside her mouth, Dave could feel the tip of his thick manhood down her throat, he slowly started to throat fuck her, she gagged strongly, Dave took it out but she pushed it back in her mouth and took it even deeper, she gagged many times but continued this deep throat blow job, for a moment she took his cock out of her throat looked up into his eyes “You like it, you really like fucking my throat deep” Dave nodded too much pleasure was keeping him from speaking, she once again took it deep and was giving him a really deep blow job, Dave was feeling the orgasm developing in his balls, “Oh I am going to cum Aunt Trisha” and he shot load after load of his hot cream into her mouth. She did not bother taking this load out, though she showed it to him by opening her mouth and then swallowed it all. She got up and laid beside him his cock still in her hand with one leg over him and her vagina pressing against his thigh.

“I love this thing of yours, It’s magnificent, the best cock I have ever seen and you were hiding it from me, you dirty boy” she said in a childish voice and naughtily slapped his chest.

“Well I want to give it all to you, you dirty tall cheesy gal”, he said flirting and poking her breast softly.

“You are one dirty boy, do you like my breasts?” she asked

“I love your breasts”, he said smiling

“What do you like the most about me?” she asked kissing his neck

“Your tall body, how many normal heighted guys will get a chance to make love to a woman taller than them,” he said kissing her red wet lips.

“I like your dick because it will fill my vagina like it deserves”, she said.

Dave got up and she laid down then he opened her legs, rubbed his cock against her vagina, she moaned with pleasure, he slid the tip of his dick inside her but quickly pulled out then messaged her vagina lips with his thick cockhead, she moaned and arched her back, brought her hand to his cock but he slapped her hand you dare touch it” Dave growled and then again teased her rubbing it on her thighs close to her vagina, each touch of his cock with her skin was making her get more aroused and desperate.

Dave knew she wanted his cock bad but he wanted to make her even more horny like he used to do with his teenage girl friends, then he rubbed his cock over the ring in her vagina on her red clitoris, rubbing his cock on her vagina avoiding to enter her the he, gently pulled on the piercing at her clitoris with his fingers she was moaning “Please give it to me baby”, she was rubbing his stomach with her hand. He rubbed his cockhead again on her vagina she arched up a little trying to get it inside but Dave again pulled away.

she was moaning arching her back up.

“Beg for it”, Dave demanded.

“I beg you”, she said.

“Say like you mean it”, Dave said authoritatively chocking her neck with his hand.

“Give it to me she said.

“Do you want it?” he asked.

“I really want it”, she said nearly weeping.

“Really I don’t feel like you want it”, Dave said.

“I really want it please, please give it to me” she was gasping and was about to weep, finally Dave slid the tip of his cock between her vagina lips.

“O my god, this feels so damn good”, she yelled so loud that even the person in the street would be able to hear her.

Dave slid his cock slowly into Trisha’s tight vagina, despite her tall body her vagina was extremely tight, may be this was due to girth of Dave’s cock, he started the thrusts, he had to really put lots of force to insert his cock into her, with each thrust he went a little deeper until nearly all his dick was inside her vagina, he was still thrusting lightly after a while the whole length of his cock was inside her and she was moaning like never before, she was holding him against her breast and he was lying over her body his face was a bit under her neck and he sucked and kissed at her beautiful large breasts from time to time, he looked at her beautiful face, she undid her golden hair, her eyes were closed and she was softly moaning at times giving out louder moans.

Dave continued this, his soul purpose at this moment was to pleasure this goddess he slowly and gently increased the force and rhythm of his thrusts, God this vagina is tight Dave could feel the large and strong muscles of her inside squeezing tight on his cock “Give it to me baby, deeper, please deeper, harder” she said this squeezing his ass cheeks tightly with her fingers, Dave started the long thrusts until his pelvis was making loud noises as it hit her pelvis he had never been this deep into any woman before.

He had never inserted his whole manhood in any woman before, girls cried with pain when he tried to drive it further in, but this woman was asking for more, this was driving Dave insane he started to fuck her like a wild animal thrusting deeper, longer and harder Trisha’s moans were getting louder her fingers buried deep into his skin, she was holding him strongly against her breasts.

“OOOOO God this feels so good”, she said

They were both really sweating, they have been going on like this for a while he was pressing harder and harder and Trisha was yelling louder and louder with every thrust “O god, Oh my God, OOOOOOOO” and finally Dave felt something hot on his cock, she was having an orgasm her body was shuddering her pussy muscles got tight and then she relaxed and opened her eyes, now Dave started to fuck her faster and deeper and finally he came to an orgasm and sprang a large load of hot cum inside her and laid over her large breasts she was holding him in her arms pressing him against her large breasts both of them sweaty because of this intense encounter.

Dave’s cock was starting to get flaccid and was still in her vagina, she pulled him up his cock came out of her vagina once both their faces were level, and they started to kiss softly. Dave was still breathing heavily and so was she. She kissed his forehead and said “I love you Dave, you were awesome”, Dave smile “I love you too, you are />
“You played a very dirty game”, she poked him on the ass “And I love you for this”

Dave smiled he knew that this sexual tension was going to rise, there was no chance of it coming down for a very very long to come.

story by: John_Barsad

Tags: fiction hardcore incest male / older female sex story

Author: John_Barsad

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