The hitch-hiker

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The Hitch-hiker

It was 6pm on a very wet night as I drove to my next stop, which was 80kms away. As I left the last little town I saw a person, who I first took as a guy, standing beside the road hitching. I pulled over and told the person to throw their backpack in the rear and come up front. when the person jumped in the front I found out it was a girl, about 18 years old, with wet brown hair. She thanked me for the lift and asked how far I was going. I told her only to the next town. She was pleased with my answer and we started on our way.

We got only halfway when the road became very dangerous with water covering most of the road. I kept on going as I had to be in Melbourne on the following day. Now our journey took longer as I was driving slower, to ensure our safety. A journey that normal took one hour, now took two and as we drove into town the council workers were closing the roads. I saw a police officer and asked about the southern road. He told me that all roads were to deep to drive through safely and we could be there for two night.

I drove to the motel where I was staying and asked the girl, whose name was Amanda, Mandy for short, where she was going to stay. She said that it was alright she'd camp in the bus stop till it was right to keep on going. I didn't like that idea and offered a bed in the room. At first she was reluctant but I told her it would be better that a cold room, with no shower or heat.

She thought for the moment and said that she didn't have much money and she didn't do favours. I told her that I would consider it a pleasure just to have her company and that I would also rather look after her than know she was out in a night like this with no protection whatsoever. In the end she agreed and I drove up to the office and ordered a two single bed room, which was all they had left anyway.

I drove to our room and opened it up. Inside was very comfortable, it also had a separate bathroom which had a all in one spa bath/shower. I turned on the heat and told Mandy to have her bath or shower. I rang up and ordered a meal for both of us, then I watched the local channel on TV, which gave me the weather update for the next two days.

I was swearing, about the rain, when Mandy came out dressed in only the towel. I asked her about clothing and she told me everything was wet and needed to dry. I rummaged in my suit case and brought out a clean pair of boxers and a T shirt. Then I went about hanging her wet clothing letting them dry out.

I retrieved a T shirt, pair of boxer and towel, then went in for my shower. After I came out I felt human again and it was then that a knock came at the door. I went and opened it, taking our meal from motel staff. We then sat at the table and watched TV as we ate.

After we cleaned our plates, we each got into our respective beds, while watching TV. I was chatting with Mandy, when the electricity went out, which meant that the heater went out too. I said, my good night to Mandy and she gave me hers and we settled in our beds.

It was hard for me to sleep and when I started getting drowsy I felt someone lift the bed clothes up. I looked and saw Mandy crawling in next to me. Mandy told me she had a nightmare and was scared. I let her get in next to me and we again settled down for the night.

During the night Mandy again had another nightmare, which woke me. I knew not to wake her and wait until she woke herself. Then Mandy sat up with a start, looking around confused. I asked her if she was alright, when Mandy flew into my arms and hugged me hard. I started to brush her hair back, telling her everything was alright. I kissed her forehead, holding her, when she kissed me on the cheek. I asked her if everything was alright and she nodded, then we laid down again. Now Mandy was holding onto me, so I wrapped my arms around her, as she snuggled up to me. I was sporting a hard on, but said nothing, as I knew she could feel it. I kissed her cheek and again she returned my kiss.

She then whispered something strange to me, "Adam do you find me beautiful?" I said,"Of course Mandy, you are a beautiful woman and sexy." With that Mandy leant forward, kissing me on the lips. I responded, kissing her back. But, as I kissed she opened her mouth and let me slip my tongue past her teeth. Now I explore every inch of her mouth and tongue. I stopped Mandy, as I felt she was giving me gratitude. I said, "Mandy you don't have to do this." She replied,"I want this." and that's all she said. as Mandy and I went back to kissing.

I took my chances and placed my hand on one of her breast. As she didn't say anything I started rotating my palm over her T shirt covered nipple. Mandy mewed into my mouth which gave me more incentive to do more to her. So, I placed my hand under the T shirt and took hold of her nipple. I began to roll it between my finger and thumb, pulling on it hard, which made Mandy groan all the more. As I kept kissing Mandy, and rolling her nipple, she reached down and took hold of my cock. At first she was squeezing it, then she started rubbing my cock.

I reached down grabbed her T shirt, lifting it up and over her head, take it off her. She then kicked off the boxers and was entirely naked. It didn't take long for me to get naked. Then Mandy said,"Adam fuck me now." So without further invitation I was on top of Mandy, sliding my cock into her wet succulent pussy. Mandy then wrapped her arms and legs around me tightly. I could feel that Mandy was not a virgin, but her cunt was still tight and had that velvety feel to it. I just started thrusting into her, ramming for all I was worth. Mandy was groaning with every thrust I made, into that warm succulent and juicy pussy.

So Mandy was clinging onto me, using her legs to drive my groin in closer to hers. I could feel Mandy coming to a climax, I was also nearing mine, feeling that tingling sensation rise from my balls. So I kept ramming into her, until she froze, her cunt constricting my movements making it harder for me to thrust. Then I made one forceful thrust in, and I could feel the head of my cock breaching her cervix, when I shot my load. It felt as if I'd never stop, but then, soon enough I started to slow down. Then my cock started to wilt, so I pulled out and rolled off to one side. We were both panting when Mandy rolled towards me. I drew her into my arms and we lay like that for a while.

I rested for what seemed like hours then I looked at Mandy and kissed her, saying, "Thank you, I'm very honoured to make love to you." Mandy kissed me back and said. "It was my pleasure and my thanks also." We lay there and then I started chatting to Mandy asking her about why she was travelling. I didn't know much about her, but now she told me that she had left home because her step father knew that she was sexually active and wanted to try her out too.

She didn't want to tell her mother but, after being pestered enough, she said something and her mother blamed her for her step father trying to fuck her. Then one night he entered her room and she bite him. After he left her room she packed and left. She then told me that she would travel to her aunts in Shepparton. I told her that I would be honoured to escort her the rest of the way, which she accepted.

We lay there for about 30 minutes talking, when I started to play with one of her nipples. I started rolling it, pulling on it, leaning down and sucking on it. I could feel my cock hardening, when Mandy said,"Look whose ready for round two." I just laughed. Mandy pushed me onto my back and took my cock in one hand. Now she was rubbing on it, when she leant over and took my cock head into her mouth. She used her tongue to coat the top of it, licking all around the edge. Then she released it and started licking up and down on both sides of it. She was mewing all the time that she licked or sucked it. All of a sudden she took the entire length of my cock to the base and back to the top again. Then she did it again, this time letting her mouth stay at the base while her tongue coated around one side of my cock. I was in heaven when she released my cock stroked it a few times and then straddled my hips.

She was straddling my cock, as I watched Mandy lower herself onto just the tip. I could feel the mixture of our juices as she started impaling herself with my cock. Mandy was taking her time, using her cunt and groin muscles to take me into her depth. She kept saying, "Adam just lie there, let me do the work, heh heh heh." My senses were being assaulted by her muscular activity. I could feel every part of her cunt touching every part of my cock, and this was getting me to rise all over again. My balls had tightened and I knew that Mandy would soon have me unloading inside her again.

Mandy could feel my seed rising, so she stopped where she was. She had touched the base of my cock, so she rested and told me to think of something else. Who could think when a beautiful 18 year old, brown hair, slim temptress woman, was sitting above me with my cock deep inside her and my seed rising.

She waited there for several minutes when she started to slide up and down on my rigid pole. I was trying everything not to turn her over and just plough right into her, shooting my load at the same time. But, I stayed still with my eyes closed, trying to think of work, and football, women gymnastics and then straight back to sex.

As I opened my eyes, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I took hold of Mandy hips with one hand, pulled her chest to mine with the other, and rolled us over, with me on top. I just started ramming away. I didn't care if I hurt Mandy, I just wanted to shoot my seed. It was then that Mandy said,"Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard. common fuck your little girl hard." And that did it, I rammed into her. I pushed her legs back towards her chest, to get as deep as I could. Then with just enough fore warning that my seed was about to erupt, I rammed into Mandy once more, entering her womb and shot load after load of seed deep into her.

I couldn't believe it, I was never one for encores and here I was, acting like a stud. I rolled off Mandy and collapsed beside her. I started saying sorry, when she said, you also gave me an orgasm don't apologise." and with that I feel into a deep sleep.

Part 2 When I woke up.

story by: Daddy Warbuck

Tags: fiction male/teen female consensual sex oral sex sex story

Author: Daddy Warbuck

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