The island, chapter 03

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In a matter of a few more seconds, Jimmy felt the monkey's erection
pushing away from its body. Timidly at first, Jimmy began to run
his hand over the monkey's hard-on, trying to judge the reaction
from the animal. When the monkey didn't seem to mind, Jimmy
wrapped a few fingers around the monkey's penis and began
stroking him.

Hoping that the monkey would follow suit, Jimmy reached for the
animal's hand, and then moved it to his own erection. The monkey
tentatively felt around the boy's groin, poking and pulling a few
times, however, with direction by Jimmy, he soon began to move
his hand around in a way which was much like Jimmy's own hand
moved on his body.

When Jimmy was sure that the monkey got the idea, he removed his
hand from over the animal's, and began to concentrate on jacking
off his little friend. The monkey continued to masturbate his human
friend, and they continued until both reached climax, Jimmy
bumping his hairless groin against the monkey's hand in
prepubescent orgasm, the monkey releasing his tiny spurts of seed
over Jimmy's hand. As they drifted off to sleep, Jimmy felt in love.
He finally had a friend with whom he could not feel lonely, and with
whom he could share his sexual explorations. The possibilities
which entered Jimmy's mind were exciting. He knew that there was
much more that they could try together, however, he could not
remember how he knew of these things. He figured that he must
have done these things before…

When morning came, and Jimmy awoke, he found himself alone.
Sometime during the night, or perhaps the early morning, the
monkey had disappeared, probably going back to his family, Jimmy
thought. After a brief breakfast of assorted fruit, Jimmy headed
down to the fresh water pool to have his morning bath. After a few
minutes of swimming around, Jimmy was startled when he heard
something splashing into the water behind him. He had the mental
picture of some wild animal thinking that it had found breakfast, all
washed and ready to go.

Jimmy turned around defensively, but let out a sigh of relief when
he seen the monkey splashing into the water. Jimmy hadn't realized
that monkeys liked water, and he wasn't all that sure if they all did,
however, there entering the water was his little monkey friend, all
smiles and waving arms. His friend had come to play with him in
the water.

The two children frolicked and played in the water together for about
a half hour before growing tried, at which time they moved to the
pool edge and climbed out. Jimmy imitated the monkey's shaking
off the water from his fur. They laid, side by side, in the sun, letting
the warmth dry their bodies.

As they laid together resting, Jimmy felt the monkey's hand
reaching around his groin, finally resting on top of his penis. The
monkey wrapped his fingers around Jimmy's flaccid penis, and
tugged on it a bit, seemingly trying to get it to grow erect. The
monkey didn't have to wait long, as Jimmy's body responded to the
tug and strokes.

The monkey lazily stroked the boy's penis, seeming to enjoy it more
in the daylight. Letting go of the boy's penis, the monkey reached
down and cupped the boy's testicles in his hands, looking down at
his own body while doing so, seemingly saying, "see, we both have
a penis and />
Jimmy cooed and giggled all the while that the monkey was
caressing his small acorn-size balls. The boy's giggles turned to
breath holding when the monkey lowered his head into his groin
area. Jimmy was not sure what the monkey was going to do,
however, he was more excited than ever before. He felt the hot
breath of the monkey against his genitals, and heard as the animal
began to sniff around his penis and testicles.

His body jumped when he felt a warm, moist sensation against the
side of his erection. The monkey had licked the side of his erection.
After a few more exploratory licks, the monkey sat back up with an
impish smile on his face. Jimmy's hard-on was harder than it ever
had been. It's tip was more engorged with blood than he had ever
remembered, and it's head shinned an angry purplish color.

With little effort the monkey lowered its head into its own groin, and
took its penis deep within its mouth. Upon doing this, the animal
raised its eyes and looked at the boy. Jimmy was wide-eyed with
surprise to see the monkey sucking his own penis.

Jimmy tried to imitate the monkey, however, he could not bend
forward enough to do so. He found, however, that if he rolled onto
his back, lifting his legs from the ground, he could get his penis
about halfway into his mouth. This discovery excited him, and he
eagerly sucked his own penis. This position, however, was tiring
and so Jimmy didn't maintain it for too long. Both boy and ape
smiled widely at each other, sharing an erotic secret.

Jimmy watched as the monkey sucked his penis for a few more
minutes. The monkey stopped, seemingly a little embarrassed at
being watched in this act. Jimmy decided to try something, and
lowered his head to the monkey's lap in imitation to what they
animal had done to him.

The boy sniffed around a little, and found that there was no
unpleasant smell. He attributed this to the fact that they had both
recently bathed. He had half expected to find the monkey dirty
"down there," and when he wasn't, the boy grew excited.

Jimmy sniffed around the monkey's genitals for a few minutes, and
then ran his tongue tentatively around the animal's organ, exactly as
the monkey had done to him. He sat up and looked at the monkey
for response. The young monkey had the same impish smile on his
face. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that the boy was licking
his penis.

Jimmy lowered his head once more, and after a few more
exploratory licks, took the monkey's penis fully into his mouth.
Jimmy was a little bothered by the fur around the base of the
animal's penis, however, he decided that it wasn't any worse than
sucking on the penis of someone with pubic hair.

The boy stopped to think how he knew this, but the thought was
there alone, he couldn't remember how he knew this. He decided
that he must have had experience in sucking penises with hair
around them.

After a slow start, Jimmy began to earnestly suck the penis of the
monkey. He found it a little strange and unnerving, however, it was
exciting as well. The monkey was certainly not about to have him
stop. The animal spread it's legs wider and began thrusting its groin
at the boy's sucking mouth.

Jimmy was about to stop, and was in the process of releasing the
monkey's penis, when the animal grabbed onto his head with both
hands, and held on as he began to thrust his erection in and out of
the boy's mouth.

The sudden aggressiveness startled Jimmy, and the thrusting organ
in his mouth began to choke him as it drove deeper and deeper
inside of him. Jimmy struggled to free himself, however, the
monkey was too excited to stop, and his strength far exceeded the

With a few more deep thrusts, the monkey let out a grunt, and with
one final thrust, began releasing his semen in the boy's mouth.
Jimmy at first gagged as the fluid shot into his mouth and down his
throat, but he quickly recovered, and instinct (?) took over as he
began to swallow. Several more seconds, and the monkey's orgasm
subsided, and he released his hold on the boy's head.

As Jimmy spat out the remains of the monkey's semen, he glared at
the animal angrily, too surprised to speak. The monkey looked at
him questioningly, a little look of shame and concern spreading over
his face. Jimmy couldn't help to laugh, looking at the monkey's
expression, and he held his arms out for the animal to come to him.
A wide smile spread over the monkey's face, and he jumped into the
arms of his human boy lover.

Jimmy decided that fair was fair, and he put his hands on the
monkey's head and lowered it down to his own groin. The
monkey's head rested on his groin, however, the animal did not
open his mouth. No matter how hard Jimmy tried, the monkey
would not open his mouth. Finally, with a look of total despair on
his face, Jimmy released the monkey, made a pouting face at him,
and turned his back to him, resting his head on his arms like he was

The monkey began to circle the boy, concerned. When Jimmy did
not respond, the monkey began to pet and stroke him. Jimmy did
not respond until the monkey reached between the boy's legs and
fondled his penis. Jimmy sat back up, opened his legs, and pointed
to his penis and then the monkey's mouth. The monkey looked at
the boy's penis and then back at Jimmy. Jimmy once again pointed
at his penis and the monkey's mouth, pouted, and put his head back
onto his arms.

A few seconds later, when penis stroking did not stop the boy from
pouting, the monkey lowered his head to the boy's lap. Jimmy
raised up as he felt the monkey's tongue against his penis. Gently he
put his hand on the back of the monkey's head and pushed forward.
The message was received and understood. Jimmy felt the
monkey's mouth open, and as it did, he thrust forward, sending his
penis inside.

For the first few moments the monkey did nothing but hold the
penis in his mouth. Jimmy had to thrust himself in and out to receive
enjoyment. Finally the boy decided to teach the animal how to suck
cock. Placing his hands on either side of the monkey's head, Jimmy
began to guide his head up and down on his penis. Every so often
he would stop to see if the monkey would continue, but the monkey
would stop. Finally the animal seemed to get the hang of it, and
when Jimmy stopped guiding, the monkey took over and began
sucking up and down the boy's penis. Jimmy laid back and enjoyed
the sensation as the monkey sucked him to climax.

After a little rest, the monkey jumped on top of the boy with his
impish grin spread across his face. Jimmy glanced down and
noticed a raging erection. He knew, without further encouragement,
that the monkey wanted another blow-job. He rolled the monkey off
of him and onto his back, and spread the small legs of his friend.
Lowering his lead, he took the entire penis into his mouth, and
began to suck.

Jimmy wanted to suck the monkey off this time, instead of being
mouth fucked. Every time the monkey would thrust upward, or
reach for his head, Jimmy would stop him. Eventually the monkey
got the idea, and laid still while the boy worked on his penis. Both
participants were rewarded a few minutes later when the monkey
bucked his body upward and shot his semen into the boy's waiting

This time Jimmy was ready for him, and swallowed greedily. After
the semen stopped flowing, Jimmy continued to gently suck and
nibble on his friend's penis, until it grew flaccid and almost
disappeared in it's fur.

When dusk was beginning to set in, Jimmy once again tried blowing
himself, lying on his back and pulling his legs over his head. He
noticed that he had more success at this, as he was able to take his
entire penis into his mouth, his lips resting against his groin. Jimmy
was totally turned on by being able to suck his own dick. With a
little wrangling, Jimmy found that he could also lick and suck his
balls, however, it was far easier to suck them one at a time.

While Jimmy was wrapped up in his own pleasure, his monkey
friend was watching him with growing excitement. The monkey
roamed around the boy's curled body, every once in a while
reaching out and caressing the boy's body somewhere.

When Jimmy didn't seem to mind this, the monkey came around the
boy, where his buttocks stuck in the air. Tentatively the monkey
sniffed at the boy's backside. Jimmy's attention turned to the
monkey who was exploring his backside.

The monkey reached out and gently stroked the boy's soft bottom,
running a finger across the boy's anal opening. The excitement of
the monkey was obvious. His hard-on looked over bigger than it
had in the past. After a few careful sniffs at the boy's anus, the
monkey darted his tongue across the boy's asshole. Jimmy
shuttered with pleasure, something which was noticed by his friend.

The monkey darted his tongue across the boy's asshole a few more
times, and then rested his tongue against the hole. Jimmy's body
was shuttering with pleasure. Noticing how turned on the boy was
with this, the monkey concentrated on licking the small opening.
Jimmy was beside himself with pleasure. Little did he know,
however, that his monkey friend was involved in a kind of courting
ritual with his human friend.

– End of chapter 3

story by: Robert Michael Shook

Tags: fiction bestiality gay boy / boy sex story

Author: Robert Michael Shook

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