The naga roast – part 2

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The Naga Roast

Story: Ani-Can 8
Copyright ©2006
Written: December 8 2006
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: KaosAngel
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Part 2 – Lina's Roasting Now?

"If I don’t get out of this im really screwed" Lina said to herself as the man with the spit pushed it deeper into her pussy causing her to scream out in pain, "grrr why cant I use my magic" Lina though as she struggled and tried to get her pussy away from the sharp spit that was starting to tear into her, "I bet your wondering why you cant use your magic on me and my men, well you see here this is a special spit, it was created to be used on sorceress's just like yourself to completely drain you of your magic and allow us to roast you free of worry" the man said as Lina could feel the spit going deeper and deeper.

"Ohh where is that Naga when I really need her" she said thought the pain of being partially spitted, "Ohh ya I roasted her" she sighed to herself seeing the pile of bones on the ground that use to be Naga, "If I dont think of something my bones will join hers" she thought again, just when she could feel the spit enter her throat and exit her mouth she knew she was done for she heard something off in the distance, "LIGHT COME FORTH" Lina could see a beem of pure light comeing from the hilt of a sword weilded by a young man with long blond hair in just one acttack all the bandits were dead.

"What have we here a young girl all spitted and ready for the fire" the man said after putting his sword away, "A sorceress?" he asked and Lina blinked her eye's rapidly, "Humm let me get this out of the way" the man said grabbing hold of the spit that was now fully though Lina and pulled it out of her, once it was far enough away Lina could use her magic again and quickly cast a healing spell to fix the damage done inside of her by the sharp spit, "Wow, thanks if you hadn’t come along when you did I would have been barbequed and eaten" Lina said when she was able to talk again.

"So what is a little girl like you doing all nude with a spit inside of you anyway?" the strange man had asked while Lina dressed, "LITTLE GIRL!!?" Lina yelled, "IM NOT A LITTLE GIRL, IM 18 YEARS OLD!!" her voice getting louder and angrier by the second, "But your so little" the man said as he reached out and grabbed the small lump of her left breast and squeezed it hard, "Yep little" he said again and released his grip on her breast,

"I AM NOT LITTLE!!" Lina screamed and hit the man over the head causing him to fall backwards to the ground, that for?" He asked, "For calling me little" Lina said as she walked away leaving him to rub his bump, "Gee im sorry li–, I mean ma'am" the man's words cut off by another evil look, following behind Lina, "Im not a ma'am either" she said walking further trying to get away from this strange man, "Well my name is Gourry Gabriev and you are?" Gourry asked keeping pace with her every step, "Im Lina Inverse world renown sorceress, some call me Lina the dragon slayer" Lina said, "Have you heard of me?" Lina said being sure to toot her own horn.

Gourry looking dumb for a moment, "Yes I have heard of you the great Lina, Lina the bandit, or was it Lina the bandit killer, I can never remember that part but everyone around hear knows you as a very evil girl, I think ill have to stick close by you for awhile to see you don’t cause any trouble in the town ahead" Gourry said looking very serious, "You got to be kidding me, right?" Lina asked stopping in her tracks to look back at the man standing behind her, "Nope very serious, Im Gourry the good, I saved you back there, so now I have to protect you from other bandits who would want you on a spit" Gourry said as Lina turned to continue walking, "I don’t need a protector Im a big girl" Lina said, "Looked to me like you needed a protector back there, I did find you with a spit through you, did I not?" Gourry replied, "Ya I guess so, hey what’s up with that spit anyway?" Lina asked looking to Gourry and stopped walking.

Gourry Stopped next to Lina, "I don’t know" He said as he pulled his bag from his shoulder and placed it on the ground and from it pulled the spit that had been used on Lina, "I couldn’t use any of my magic while that thing was in me" Lina said taking the long steel pole from Gourry's hands, "looks ordinary enough" Gourry replied, "But no ordinary spit could cause me to lose my magic like this one did, it must have some kind of magic inhibiting spell on it" Lina said, Lina thinking hard, "So that’s why Naga didn't wake up and try to blast me when I used it to cook her" Lina said to herself almost out of earshot of Gourry but not far enough, "You used this spit on another girl before those bandits used it on you?, and you said your not evil" Gourry replied, "Well she was no saint either trust me the world is better now that she is gone" Lina replied.

"Haa Haaa Haaaa, Ohh really Lina!!" Replied a voice from above them, "NAGA!! Lina yelled, "Who's Naga?" Gourry asked, "Im Naga" Naga said as she made herself visible and reversed her levitation spell to land on the ground, "Naga the serpent, world class sorceress and Lina's number one rival, "rival? just this morning you were calling me your junior partner, what happened?" Lina asked, "What changed my dear Lina is that you spit roasted and ate me!!" Naga said as she lunged at Lina who then dodged the attack, "well you deserved it!!" Lina said, "You roasted that girl Lina?" Gourry said, "I knew you were evil" Gourry added as he pulled out the strange sword hilt, "LIGHT COME FORTH!" he yelled and his sword hilt once again erupted into a long sword of light.

"And what do you think your going to do with that?" Lina asked looking up at Gourry and his sword, "Im going to use it to carry out the justice you deserve for roasting that beautiful young woman?" Gourry replied, Lina yelled causing her own hands to burst into a ball of fire and threw it at Gourry, "GAH" Gourry gasped and tried to dodge the fireball headed for him but failed and fell to the ground slightly burned, "See if I really were a bad girl I would have roasted you with that fireball" Lina said to a dazed Gourry as she walked away Naga following her.

"Lina why did you blow up that little man?" Naga asked and Lina turned around quickly to face her, "Damn Naga your only back for 5 minutes and your already at it with the stupid questions" Lina said, "And how are you back anyway?, I roasted you on this spit" Lina added holding the spit up to emphasize her point, "I don’t know, one minute im rotating on that spit then I remember falling asleep and waking up here floating above you and that man" Naga replied.

When Gourry caught up to Naga and Lina a few hours later he found the two of them sitting around a large campfire with a fully spitted and cooked girl rotating on a spit above the fire, meat on plates in front of them, "You did it again?, you roasted another young girl?, Lina Inverse you are to dangerous to woman to be allowed to live" Gourry said about to draw his sword once again, "Hold your horses I didn't roast this girl, Lina said, "Then it was the other?" Gourry replied pointing to Naga who had some meat juice dripping from her chin, "No it wasn't me either we found her like this and were hungry so we started eating" Naga said and took another slice of meat from the large plate.

Gourry's stomach started to growl and he then realized he had not yet eaten anything yet and then looked to the roasted girl, sat down and grabbed a plate of meat for himself and started to eat it fast, "WOW, Do all girl taste like this?" Gourry said after his first bite, "Yep" Lina replied, "Yep very yummy" Naga agreed as she shoveled more meat into her mouth, Gourry still hungry got up to carve more meat from the roasted body of the spitted girl and realized all that were left on the spit were some charred black bones, "SHE'S ALL GONE WE ATE HER ALL UP" Gourry said as he dropped to his knees, "Im still hungry" He Siad starting to cry a little and then remembered, "That's right im traveling with two girl's" he thought to himself and looked to Lina and Naga, "Don’t even think about it" Lina said, "I’ve already had a spit in me once today that was enough" Lina added, "Me too" Naga agreed, "I wouldn't even think of it ladies" Gourry said with a grin.

The next morning Lina, Naga and Gourry continued walking down the road to Seyruun where Lina was originally headed before her run in with the bandits, "Lina why are you going to Seyruun anyway?" Gourry asked, "Seyruun is world famous for roasting young girls, the people who get to feast in one of their girl-meat restaurants say its well worth the sacrifice" Lina said with a smile longing to taste girl-meat cooked by a Seyruun chef, “What sacrifice do you mean?” Gourry asked, “Well I mean the girl of course she has to die to give the diner a good meal” Lina replied, "That girl we ate last night tasted so good, I cant wait to get to Seyruun and get some more" Gorry said as Lina started to pick up her pace and walk a little faster while Gourry started to slow down a bit and get closer to Naga and whisper something into her ear, this went unnoticed by a day dreaming Lina.

Once at the gates to Seyruun city they were opened and allowed inside already they could smell all the delicious meats cooking in the various restaurants, without wasting time Lina ran to the nearest restaurant advertising fresh spit roast's, "lets go in here maybe we can see a few go on the spit before we eat?" Lina said and went inside, "Ya we just might" Gourry said with a wink to Naga and then they went inside too.

Once inside they immediately saw a girl leaning over a table naked with another naked girl behind her holding a spit with the sharp tip inside the first girls pussy getting ready to push it though her, "Now sir are you sure you want your daughter roasted?, Once my assistant pushes the spit in there is no going back" Another naked young woman said to the men at the table, it was clear this restaurant also allowed you to have a girl you brought with you roasted instead of ordering from the menu, The man at the table only gave a wave as his response signaling he did indeed want her roasted and the young girl holding the spit that was inside the man's daughters pussy pushed it in to her as hard as she could berrying at least two feet of the spit into her in one thrust.

the girl screamed as the men at her table laughed and then Lina noticed the girls under the table that were sucking all the cock’s at the table, "Please daddy tell her to take it out, it hurts to much" the girl begged though tear filled eye's, "I cant sweety you heard the woman once the spit is pushed in it doesn’t come out again until your cooked" her father said as she started to struggle and fight her spitter at this point four large men came out and held the girl down to the table each taking one of her limbs while the girl holding the blood covered spit pushed it deeper into her until it came out of her mouth and cut off any further cry's and pleading for release, once the spit was though her she knew she would soon be dead and her cry's turned to silent sobs and a few tears that streaked her face.

"WOW, That was great" Gourry said very loud causing several of the men and woman at the nearby tables to turn and look at them, "Yes that was" Lina and Naga both agreed at the same time as the same woman who had the girl spitted at the first table came over to them, "And what will you be having this evening?, will you be ordering from our menu of livestock and butchered meats or have you decided to roast one of these young beautiful girls you have brought with you" The woman said to Gourry who then whispered into her ear, "Ohh no worry sir, that girl over there was a sorceress too, this restaurant is under a spell that prevents magic from being use in here, these girls are powerless at the moment just like that one over there" she said pointing to the girl they had just seen spitted who was now rotating over the fire.

Lina was scared now she knew it was possible to prevent her from using her magic the enchanted spit that had been used on her earlier was still in Gourry’s bag it was all the proof she needed, Gourry pretended to think for a moment and then Lina saw Naga giggle slightly and then Gourry pointed to Lina and said roast her for me, was all Lina could say as four men the same ones who held down the other girl while she was spitted came over and grabbed each of Lina's limbs as she tried to cast spell after spell but they all just fizzled out and then the four started to strip Lina of her clothes, cape and other garments and threw them to the ground, Lina was now being held over the table Gourry and Naga were sitting at much the same as the girl they had seen at the table when they came in, "Would you like to fuck her before we begin sir, most men like to play with their meat before the spit goes in" the woman said while using two finger to spread Lina's lips open to show Gourry she was nice and wet, "Look at the little cunt, she really wants the spit, a wet pussy is the first sign of a girl who wants to be meat, she got excited watching that girl we spitted over there earlier, "Just because I liked what I saw doesn’t mean I want to be in her place" Lina said, "Yes it does sweety and the sooner you admit it the easier it will be for you".

"Humm I think I will have a go at this little girl before you roast her" Gourry said, "LITTLE GIRL, LITTLE GIRL" Lina yelled and tried again in vain to cast a spell as Gourry came up behind her with his cock in hand and entered her in one hard fast thrust, AAAAAHAHAHH" Lina screamed while Gourry fucked her hard and unmercifully as the young naked woman standing next to them leaned in closer to Lina's ear, "Just take it sweety, it is always easier to take the spit after a good fucking, the pain will be less intense when we fuck you with the spit, Lina did not want to admit that she did indeed want to have the spit back inside her.

When Gourry was finished he pulled his cum covered cock out of Lina's pussy and presented it to Naga to suck clean, "Ok im done with her" Gourry said and the young woman called for the girl who had used the spit on the girl from the other table and she ran right over with a new clean spit already greased up and ready to be pushed into this new wet cunt, "You wont need the grease she is so wet right now you could milk her pussy and use the juice to grease a hundred pole's" Gourry said as the young girl came up behind Lina and pushed the tip of the spit into her dripping wet pussy, at the same time the spit went in another group of people entered the restaurant two men and two girl's, "Ohh goddie we get to see one spitted" one of the girl said out loud and everyone turned to look at them as they took some seats at a nearby table to watch Lina's spitting.

"Looks like that ones next" Gourry said loud enough for the whole restaurant and the girl who yelled out to hear him, she blushed and sat down, lifted up her skirt and presented her wet pussy to the slave girl under the table to service, "Ok sir, are you sure you want this young girl roasted for your dinner today?" the young woman asked Gourry, "Yes now get on with it" Gourry said and the young girl behind Lina holding the spit pulled it out a little and Lina knew what was coming next as the spit was pushed two feet into her screaming body, was all that was heard from Lina and then she was silent as the spit came out of her mouth but unlike the other girl she did not cry but instead gave a wink to Gourry and Naga as she was bound to the spit and carried off to the fire pit to cook.


story by: ~~!! KaosAngel !!~~

Tags: fantasm snuff sex story written by women cannibalism

Author: ~~!! KaosAngel !!~~

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