The new guy in town

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As I should've guessed by now, having lived most of my life in Arizona, the monsoon wasn't as close as I'd thought. I'd sped home to get under cover before the rain started, only to be greeted by wind and thunder and lightning. It all looked ominous, and it smelled like rain, but I could've stood outdoors with my face up, staring at the clouds, and stayed that way for a long time without ever getting wet. I sighed and went inside. My landlords' three cats, already terrified by the ominous rumblings outside, suddenly remembered it was dinnertime, and set up an unearthly howling, the weather temporarily forgotten.

I gave them twice as much wet food as they were supposed to have in the evening, figuring that if the little furballs went into a digestive coma afterward and missed the storm, it would be better for all of us.
I'd been housesitting for three weeks while my landlords escaped the heat in San Diego. This was a great arrangement; in exchange for eliminating the rent on the guest house I leased from them in back, I could stay in the house, if I chose, and my only duties were to entertain and look after the cats, collect the paper and mail, and just keep an eyeball on the place. I could live with this plan for the rest of my life, or at least the rest of the summer.

I went into the guest bedroom where I sometimes spent the night and changed out of my work clothes, stripping entirely before slipping into a pair of shorts and a tank top. If there had been other people around, I would've kept on my underwear, but it was hot and muggy, and I didn't need to have anything binding around me. I would've considered wandering around the house naked, except I wanted to keep the window shades open and watch the storm let loose, if it ever did.

The cats had already demolished their food and disappeared for the evening as I came back into the living room. I sifted through the mail and found a mistaken delivery, to the new guy across the street. I thought that I could drop it in his mailbox tomorrow morning, but as I looked out the front window, I saw that he was in his front yard, dutifully raking up leaves and debris even as the oncoming storm tried to thwart his efforts. I paused and stared at him a few minutes.

Damn, he was cute! I'd already discussed this with my landlords, a gay couple, and we three were in total agreement. His name was Theo, and he was a professor in the fine arts department of the university. He was Greek, either by birth or by heritage, and he was one of those dark fellows, not very tall but well made, with curly black hair, and a beard and mustache. The few times I'd approached him to give him another piece of errant mail or to exchange phone numbers, in case of an emergency, he seemed nearly as shy as I. He spoke with a trace of an accent, and perhaps this made him reluctant to say much of anything to a stranger, but he smiled easily, I think, when I wasn't too bashful to look away.

How stupidly bashful could I be as I felt myself tingle in several places as I looked at him, though? He was wearing the traditional summer uniform of the neighborhood, t-shirt, shorts and sandals (a departure from the more popular rubber flip-flops), leaving me with a pleasant view of his legs and bare arms. I wondered if he had a girl friend (my landlords wondered he had a boy friend); so far we'd only seen Theo and Theo alone, and one of my landlords had smiled at me before they'd left for the coast and mentioned something about hope springing eternal as he cocked his head in the direction of the house across the street.

"Fuck you," I told him sweetly, waving good-bye to them both. Who was anyone kidding? I'm nobody's cover girl. I enjoy food and loathe exercise. It's boring as hell. Even if I was at my ideal weight, I doubt that it would be in keeping with the good old American standard of anorexic girls being the ones all the guys are looking for. All the women in my family have breasts and hips and butts, and none of that would go away if I dieted into oblivion. (The one time I did lose weight, the only man in my circle of friends and acquaintances who showed any interest in the new, svelte me was a guy with an established reputation of screwing anything female. There was talk that he'd go after boys, too, and I believed it. He did have a prick the size of my vibrator, and he could stay as hard as it for an incredibly long time; on the other hand, he had about as much personality as a vibrator, and the best thing about fucking with him was that I didn't have to keep one hand on him to make sure that he stayed in place.)

Depressing memories and realities aside, I thought that I might as well be the good neighbor and give Theo his letter and warn him about the storm. I slipped on my sandals and grabbed my keys, turning on the porch light and a side light in the living room for good measure before locking the door.

"If you stay out here much longer, you're going to get hit by lightning," I said by way of hello. "Where in the world did you find garden tools with metal handles?"

"The last owner left them in the storage shed," Theo said, looking at the rake in his hand. "You don't think this is a good idea?"

"I think that there's a reason for Home Depot selling wood-handled rakes and stuff. It's about to let loose anyway," I added, looking up at the sky. With the clouds, gray and grayer and nearly black, swirling above us, a deluge seemed imminent.

"All right." Theo moved the wheelbarrow to the side of the house, in front of a gate that he said was padlocked from the other side. He tried to gather up the loose tools to carry them into the house and into the shed in the back, only he had more than an armload, and I volunteered to help. We exchanged a rake and a hula hoe for the letter I'd intended to give him, and I followed him through the front door. "I'm trying to be a good neighbor and look after my yard."

I smiled at his back, slowing as he put on a few lights; the stormy pre-dusk had undermined any natural lighting afforded by open windows. "Everyone thinks that you're doing a good job," I assured him. He was happy hearing that and in the spirit of neighborliness, offered to give me a tour of his house. My smile was a little more self-conscious then. "I've already seen it. Whenever a house goes up for sale in the neighborhood, everyone makes it a point to investigate it.

"But, I like all of your bookcases," I rushed to add. The living room was sparsely furnished, as was the rest of the house, but the longest stretch of wall in it was filled with tall bookcases, probably custom-built, most of them filled with hundreds of books.

"You like books? Me, too. This is the first house I've ever owned, and I swear that it will be the last. I don't mind traveling, but I hated to pack up and move every few years. You see that I don't have much furniture, so that wasn't a hardship, but I got tired of seeing my books disappear into box after box. You can come over some time and look through my books, if you like."

I murmured in agreement and we went through the house, out into the back yard. As Theo put away the tools in the small shed, I surveyed the yard. It was long and narrow, like the entire lot, and while the previous owners hadn't spent nearly as much time working on it as they had the front, at least they'd put in some trees and allowed them to become established. Theo closed the shed and noticed me observing the back forty. He sighed.

"I don't know what is to become of all this space," he announced. "Here," he indicated the small patio that we were standing upon and which ran the width of the back of the house, "I am having a spa put in, and making a grape arbor over half of it, but the rest –" He trailed off, as though those projects would do very little to improve the yard overall.

"Oh, I think this is nice. There are a lot of trees."

He nodded. "Yes, good ones, too." He led me out into the yard and we stopped by each. Like in the garden that I hoped to have one day, all of the trees were fruit-producing, and the previous owners had found some that I would've doubted to have much success in the desert (what one can do with drip irrigation and grey water!). There was an apple and an apricot, two lemon trees, a tangerine, and a lime tree. "I wish I could have an olive, right by the patio, but somebody told me I cannot."

I explained to Theo that the city council had banned fruit-bearing varieties of olives, but he might plant a sterile one. He shook his head. "I know they are messy, but why have an olive tree with no olives?"

I nodded. "I know what you mean. But there are still a lot of old trees in town, and just about anyone who has them will let you pick as many as you want. I've done that before, and cured them." Not in a few years, admittedly, but when I had, they'd turned out as good as any in an expensive deli.

"You have!" Theo's face lit up, a bright spot in the gloom. "My mother made olives, and my aunts in Greece still do. I've helped, a long time ago, too. Perhaps we can go olive-picking this autumn." I was ready to agree to anything, seeing that lovely smile. I commented that he might consider a pomegranate tree near the patio for shade and some privacy around the spa. He liked that idea, and just as a very loud and sustained roll of thunder washed over us and we looked at each other, both of us thinking that it was high time to leave the back yard, I noticed something odd over his shoulder.

"What's that?" I asked, already having a good idea. I walked around him and went up to a stone sculpture, a little taller than I. It was standing near the back corner of the yard. It appeared to be a column, carved smooth on four sides, so that, except for the point at the top, it might be a very short obelisk.

On its top was the head of a satyr, bearded and crowned with grape leaves. Tendrils curled around its stone horns. The sightless face was calm and serene, very nearly unsatyrlike, only that the sculptor had given the tiniest curl to one side of the mouth, so this fellow was not quite as tranquil as he first let on.

"This is another reason for me staying in one place," Theo chuckled, "my little herm. The nuisance weighs a lot, more than I, and I think he gets heavier with each move. I think he wants to settle down."

"I think he'd be happy here, with all the trees." I tried not to look down the front surface of the column.

"When things are more put together, I am going to move him to the patio, so he can enjoy it as well as I. He's not going to be relegated to this lonely little place for much longer." Theo patted the stone satyr on the shoulder.

"He's – it's very nice. I'd guess that he isn't an />
"Oh, ho, not at all! He'd be in the Louvre or the British Museum if he were, or maybe even the Getty. No, I bought him in Greece years ago. He's copied after some classic herms, but he isn't quite in keeping with those. He's made more for the tourist trade now." Theo reluctantly pointed to the place I'd tried to avoid looking. people are more prurient than the old />
Well, since he'd pointed, I might as well look. Most pictures that I'd seen of herm, or ones that were part of museum collections, had some indication of genitalia carved in the otherwise unadorned column. What I remember seeing were bas-relief depictions, or merely outlines, of an erect penis with a very symmetrical set of testicles balanced beneath.

No such false modesty for Theo's herm. This statue's genitals were standing away from the column boldly in a thatch of carved pubic hair, and accurate in every detail. The fellow was uncircumsized and erect, pointing wickedly to the sky, yet the head of his penis was still somewhat encased in his stony foreskin. One could almost imagine that if a little patience were practiced, the glans of that erection would peek completely through, smooth and round and very, very hard.

A shattering clap of thunder had me imagining that in the next few seconds, either Theo or I would be struck by lightning. We weren't that unlucky, but the thunder seemed to have opened the clouds at last, and we found ourselves in the middle of a downpour. "Back to the house!" Theo cried out to me, taking my hand and pulling me to him, in that direction. I didn't think he needed to be that dramatic or that blunt, because I had no intention of standing out here any longer.

By the time we reached the patio, we might as well have run a mile in the rain. We were both drenched, and I followed Theo's example and kicked off my sandals on the stoop before going into the utility room. Theo was laughing at our appearances ("wet desert rats!") and he pulled two towels from the drier, handing me one as I tried not to drip too much on the floor.

I took the towel Theo had given me and made a few sweeps of my hair, giving it more attention than I wanted (it was only wet hair, after all) when I caught him watching me. The movement of my arms had called my unbound breasts into play, and my chilled nipples might've raked the thin cotton of my tank top had the wet cloth not clung to them possessively. Because of this, my newly-hardened nipples were mercilessly outlined, only decent due to the fabric that was rain-plastered over them. With an inward sigh, I put the towel over my shoulders, like a shawl, affording a curtain to this delicious little peep show.

"You said you like books. Let me show you something," Theo suggested in a brittle voice, obviously wanting to change topics, spoken or observed. I followed him into the master bedroom. It was larger than most, the space at the foot of the bed capable of holding a pair of chairs clustered around a low table. There were a number of coffee table-style books on it, and Theo handed me the top one. "Here is my most recent work. Photos and text are both mine." His eyes darted in the direction of the master bathroom. "If you want to look at it, I'll be back in a few minutes."

I smiled and took the book. As he disappeared, I settled myself on the poured-concrete footboard of the platform bed; it seemed more comfortable that either of the chairs in the room. I pulled the towel from my shoulders. It was already clammy, and I had enough of that from my top and shorts. I began to skim the pages of the books, bright, bold colors of Greek villages and the Aegean sea. I couldn't stop thinking of the herm outside, or its shameless erection, being lashed by an Arizona monsoon, and I thumbed through the book, wondering if there might be any photos of Greek sculpture.

I glanced up as a heard a peculiar noise come from the bathroom. I couldn't recall if Theo had closed a door, but the bath itself was recessed, and one had to go through the equivalent of a walk-in closet to reach it. As a result, privacy was assured even without a door.

Nevertheless, I nearly dropped the heavy book as I saw him reflected in a full-length mirror against one wall of the closet. Theo had pulled off his shirt. I don't know where it had gone. His shorts were pooled at his ankles. He was leaning against the bathroom counter, his face screwed up in an inscrutable expression as both hands hovered over his groin.

He had grasped his fully erect penis, and although it was obscured with his actions, it could only be described as generous. The head was crimson and obviously bloated, ready and eager to bore into any willing female (or male, if my landlords had anything to say in the matter). I slid the book down to the floor, propping it against the footboard, never taking my eyes from this graphic demonstration. Without diverting my eyes, I pulled my top up to my armpits, releasing my breasts.

I attacked my nipples then, grasping each one between prodding fingers, the aureoles round and pebbly as the firm nipples swelled even more at the vigorous attention. We each pleasured ourselves for a little bit, my tits trembling and shaking as the crotch of my shorts was caught up high between my legs, growing wet with my juices. At other times, were I to stand up suddenly, I'd be embarrassed to have to recover the fabric from between my ass cheeks, but there wasn't a thought of shame in me right now.

I gasped as I suddenly realized that Theo wasn't masturbating, but trying to ease the blood from his erection. He was taking deep, open-mouthed breaths, attempting to calm himself, and with distress I began to see his penis pale, softening a little in his grip. My groin lurched at the spectacle, and I could feel the lips of my vulva alternately open and purse, begging to accept this rod if it were only offered. Even if he didn't have fucking in mind, why on earth didn't he relieve the tension in his groin the good old-fashioned way? There were towels within arms' reach, and he'd no doubt feel better if he were only to allow nature to take its course.

My mind raced. I wasn't being entirely altruistic, thinking only that Theo ought to be treating himself more gently. With each soundless gasp that escaped through his lips, I could swear I saw Theo's erection flag a little more, the purple hue of animal passion drain into the ashen color of civility. I squeezed my breasts to my chest and suppressed a deep sigh, even a throat-seizing groan. Maybe I shouldn't have — maybe I should've called to Theo in this uncontrolled way, calling him to me like a stallion to a mare, a dog to a bitch in heat. After all, it was no mistake that I (yes, me!) must have caused this wonderful, sexual response. My hips were jutting forward, and I took a deep breath.

"Theo, can you come here a minute?" I said in a raised voice. I could see him pause, distracted by me, and this brief respite allowed his unruly penis to try and recover its former glory. Oh, God, I saw it jerk hard in his hand! I felt a phantom prick, and big as the one he was trying to suppress, working its way into my cunt as a matching pulsation twinged between my legs.

"A moment," he replied, working again, now with more fervor on controlling his desire.

"No, now, please." Each word was a sentence, a calm but irrefutable command, and I was pleased that I'd had the good sense to make my request in a sane manner. I watched as he pulled his shorts up his legs clumsily, and I grinned as I noticed, him walking back to the bedroom door, that he'd only drawn the garment over his front; his firm, perfectly-formed ass refused to be bound unless he made a stronger effort to conceal it. I leaned back on the footboard, and when he ducked his head around the door to see what I considered so important, his face froze in surprise.

My breasts were still exposed; I'd left them on their own to argue our case as I'd pulled the crotch of my shorts to one side with my left hand. With my right, I teased open the folds of pink skin and gave a tiny cry of pleasure as I located, then gently pinched my swollen clitoris. It was as excited as his penis, only I wasn't doing anything so foolish as trying to stop the ecstasy I was feeling. Knowing that I had his undivided attention, I toyed with my clit for a few moments before I eased my index finger between the moist lips of my vulva, into my vagina. I trembled, partly for show, mostly for the fierce sensation I'd given myself. The walls of my pussy sucked at my finger greedily, and my pelvis rocked my buttocks on the hard seat.

I'd fixed my eyes upon him the moment his head had appeared around the doorway, but as I masturbated, my eyes focused and unfocused dreamily upon his face. Perhaps that made the fact that I'd never displayed myself so explicitly for anyone as I was doing now easier for my rational mind to accept.
"I'm sure there's something that would feel even better than this." It took a lot of effort for me to say this without slurring my speech or moaning like a banshee. I pulled out my finger, and a wet, soaked sound of lust accompanied it.

"We hardly know each other." That was certainly true. If I intended this to be our first sexual encounter, what had been our first date, or our courtship? Looking at the erection on that herm?

Theo didn't leave his hiding place, but I could see in the mirror that his ass quivering as he pulled himself against the door-jamb. No doubt he was pressing his cock against it, a final attempt to conquer the unconquerable. Was it as hard as I'd first seen it? Oh, please, I silently begged any higher power that smiles upon these salacious matters, let it be so!

I swallowed hard and forced some saliva into my dry mouth, so when I spoke, it wouldn't sound like a rusty latch. "We know each other well enough to know what we need." Yes, there was want there, but there was also a need, possibly greater than we could imagine or dared to admit. I stood up, a little wobbly; my toes burrowed into the carpet, steadying me, and I waited a few moments before slipping my shorts down my legs, stepping out of them defiantly. I heard him start to make another excuse, and I silenced it with a groan, as my hands went to my chest, massaging my breasts and sliding under the soft skin of them.

"Please, Theo," I said in a weirdly detached way. No, I wasn’t detached from the request; I was only begging politely.

I let him watch as I pulled at my nipples with my extended fingertips until they were as hard as I ever remember them being. I stood still then and offered the rose-tipped flesh to him. "Your herm is ready for me," I said quietly; if he didn't like what he saw, a chunky but extremely horny woman standing in his own bedroom, I doubt that the herm would give a damn. There was naked commitment in my voice, "If I have to, I'll go out there and take care of myself."

I was dead-serious, and Theo knew it. I think that we could both imagine me walking bare-skinned across the yard, defying the rain and the thunder, my feet and legs spattered with mud, my hair plastered in strings to my back and shoulders. I squirmed as I imagined myself embrace the column, my feet unsure in the slurry of gravel, sand and mud, but then straddling the constant erection, wet with rain, and a moment later, wetter with my lascivious urges. I groaned as a clap of thunder rolled over the house.

Please, Theo, I prayed, I want it this way.

I held onto my breasts as Theo surrendered, coming out of the bathroom/closet, still maintaining a partial modesty. I think his prick was the only thing keeping his shorts at his waist. He faced me, dark eyes drinking me in, and in spite of his protests or attempts for reason, I could smell not only his fresh sweat, but the underlying aroma sex that emanated from him. No man smells like that who doesn't want to act upon such desires. I felt his hands touch the tops of my breasts, and I released them to his warm, willing hands. "What tetas!" he murmured, obviously pleased. He leaned down to kiss each one hello, rolling the nipples around in his wet mouth like hard, sweet candies. "Such tetas! So lovely!"

I murmured a thanks and pulled at the waistband of his shorts. Without a struggle, they came away and dropped to the ground, while his erection defied gravity and prudence. It was as bold as when he'd first tried to restrain it, and it hovered expectantly in front of me, as if knowing exactly where to go. This close, I was immediately intimidated by the size of it. All those unromantic and accurate terms for it raced through my mind: boner, club, schlong. Even if I disregarded such vulgarities, I was facing no less than a big, fat cock.

Theo looked up from my breasts and chuckled. "Now a little frightened?" he asked. He might've been teasing me, questioning my motives, but his thumbs massaged my nipples, very wet with his saliva, and I doubt that he wanted me to change my mind now.

"Maybe, a little. It's been a while, that's all," I replied as bravely as I could, but yes, I was frightened, too. It was beautiful and terrifying, all at once.

"Yes, for me, too. That's why he's so lusty." Theo put his mouth against my ear. "But he's always this big." He finished this statement with a warm chuckle.

"It doesn't mean that I don't want – you," I whimpered and put out my hands, taking the erection in them both and placing it between my thighs. I didn't angle it up to penetrate me, not yet, but merely settled it along the length of my groin, so Theo would realize in very little time how hot and wet he was making me (and had already made me). Now, having straddled my own living herm, I embraced him, my arms around his shoulders, my hands twining in his dark, curly hair. My breasts crushed to his chest, and he released them to slide his palms over my broad hips.

Each large hand grappled with a buttock, eventually pushing them in rhythm so that his hips ground against mine. "What lovely round cheeks you have. Nice juicy handfuls!" He kneaded them like dough, as his penis jerked and bucked against me, eager to find its deep, dark refuge. It very nearly hurt as it stabbed up at me, and I wondered if Theo were in pain, the blunt, eager head trying over and over to find a sanctuary.

The two of us bravely kept it at bay, focusing on each others' panting mouths with their probing tongues and parted lips, or on my nipples, nestled in the mat of dark hair on his chest, or my buttocks, massaged with growing desire. Here was our missing courtship, a little unorthodox by our quick undressing but passionate and loving, nevertheless. Oh, he had a nice ass, too, maybe a little too round for some womens' tastes, but dished in nicely upon the sides, unbelievably sexy under my touch. My fingers trembled as I explored him. His skin was hot to the touch.

I cried out as a bold knuckle, which had been pressing delightfully against the bud of my anus, withdrew to allow a fully-extended finger to waggle its way up my rectum. The cheeks of my buttocks closed hard around the intruder's hand, but not before I had realized how quickly (and effortlessly) he had entered me. "Ah, do you like me knocking at your back door, to play there, or not?" Theo asked; the rapid, easy penetration had suggested one thing, but my tightened bottom another.

"I've got to get used to it." He wiggled the coy offender in place. It felt awfully good. I smiled at him and rotated my ass in reply. "That's a nice start."

"Then I'll do it more," he promised. He might've, had I not been nearly knocked from my feet by a massive pulsation of his penis. I shuddered at the sensation, crying out in surprise, and he let go of my rump. His finger dallied its way out of my butt, tickling me between my cheeks. "I think it best if we relax on the bed." I nodded and stepped back, the turgid head of his erection dragging itself wetly over my vulva and clitoris. I shivered and moved quickly to the bed, tossing back the covers and sliding onto it on my belly, reveling in the coolness of the linen sheets. Theo was a bit more reserved, as there was no way to lie on his stomach without great forethought.

I rolled onto my back and brazenly splayed open my legs. "Are you always this he chortled.

"Oh, God, never before," I confessed to him with complete honesty. That was true, and I hoped that he believed me, but it was also true that I was seduced by his maleness, wanting and needing it beyond all reason. "You are just so – " I fought for the right word, and didn't find it, " – nice. Sexy. Handsome. Horny – I mean, you make me horny." I groaned and massaged my breasts, not caring how I looked or what he thought; I had been transported to ultimate desire. I'd nearly been there before, watching him clandestinely from across the street, then masturbating in my bed, imagining how he might feel and how he might fill me if he were to lie between my legs.

"I am so hot, I can't stand it," I breathed. My hips rolled up, the lips of my groin winking open for him.

Maybe I should've calmed myself down then and given some thought to just kissing and cuddling together on the wide bed, or, allowing him to suck on my nipples more, but all of my body was concentrating on my genitals, and they nearly cried for satisfaction. “I need you, Theo.”

He nodded and held his ground. How he could just stand there, nude, erect, oozing a thick, big bead of precum –

"You can make love to me," I said, "but if you just want to call it fucking, that's all right, too." No commitments, just sex. If that was all that happened, I'd be unhappy about it, but it had happened to me before and I'd survived. This time felt the best of my previous sexual encounters, and I feared most it coming to nothing. Even now I had astounding memories to treasure.

"It is all the same," he said with a sultry smile, approaching the bed, "fucking, rutting, making love. I will do all that to you. Would you like that, little one?"

I only groaned a positive reply, the erect penis hovering over me. My hips levered up, hungry and needy, and I kept them suspended as the slick head of his hard erection finally kissed my pussy lips in welcome. His strong hands supported my buttocks in a warm hammock. Then flesh made way for flesh, softness for hardness, and when I came to rest upon the mattress, I was pinned there with a delightful, demanding pressure upon me and within me. I cried out my first orgasm then, with just the head of his cock within me, opening the passage in a tender but relentless manner, pushing the lips apart. Theo hardly minded my wailing, and stared lovingly at me until it and my climax passed, his cock-head tenuously anchored within me. Then there was a long, slow introduction to his organ, my vagina stretching and clasping around it. It was a tight fit, but he went with the utmost ease, until the root of his penis pressed hard to my throbbing clitoris, and I knew that it wasn't going to be my last climax.

His first orgasm was swift. Barely four complete strokes passed before he muttered something I couldn’t understand, then a stiffening of his whole body, as though his cock had taken control of him. A hot fullness followed with a coarse groan from deep in his chest.

Theo cradled me in his arms, his head and chest slightly raised over mine. The barest tip of his tongue played over my lips, and when they parted, it slipped in to touch the hard and soft interface between my upper lip and my teeth. Such a small, nearly innocent gesture, yet I was already beginning to undulate against him, desiring him again. "Ah, little one, what a lively creature you are," he laughed low, retrieving his tongue and pushing his lips to mine.

"I'm hardly little," I replied. There wasn't much difference in height, and his solid, just-over-slim build made me uncomfortable with my proportions.

"Well, I want a term of endearment for you, and I thought that one was not too familiar." I laughed aloud at that; we had just endured bone-shattering orgasms in each other's arms, we were sweating like plow horses, my pussy was oozing the thick cream of his semen, and his penis looked as though it had been iced like a cinnamon bun. If that wasn't familiar, Theo had a different dictionary than the one I used. I think he caught the irony, and he cocked his head. "Shall I call you dear one?"

"That's nice," I smiled, settling back on the pillows. "I like little one, though. It sounds fine, coming from you."

"I shall call you all manner of sweet things, and show them to you, too." His smile was big and very white against his beard and mustache. He kissed me again, impulsively, and trying to maintain this cavalier aura, he jostled me in his arms. There was an additional thrust of his groin against my hip. "Tell me, little one, if I had not come to my senses, would you have gone outside to be satisfied by the herm?"

The worst part of the storm had passed, but there was a steady rain pattering on the window above us. His eyes studied me closely, and I could be nothing less than honest. He had seen me naked and desperate, unashamed by acting like a whore in front of a near stranger. "Yes, I would've gone out there," I replied, "but I only would have been relieved by the herm. Here I was satisfied. By you."

He blinked at me several times; although he smiled, his eyes were somber. He was trying to find something to say, but nothing seemed adequate. I felt the pulse of his penis on my skin, and I moved a little into it, and it responded with an immediate thickening. I sighed in pleasure at this small victory, his desire returning as quickly as his erection. Now he found words. "Shall I satisfy you again, dear one?" I had already slipped from his grasp and assumed the posture of a woman in heat. With a chuckle, he replied with that of a man in need, in lust.

We ate the sausage and mushroom pizza in bed, not wanting to be far from it in the event our sexual appetite returned, although we would've used any willing surface to support either one of our backs. Theo had gone to answer the door, even though I teased him that he wouldn't be able go five minutes without an erection. He'd tossed the comforter over me to hide my charms from his all-too-easily persuaded eyes, and turned his back on me as he slipped on his shorts. I'd planned to fix him when he returned, and arranged myself in all my naked glory in the center of the bed. Propped up on pillows and cushions, my index and middle fingers were deep in my pussy as I heard him humming, coming back to the bedroom. He'd anticipated my trick, and he was already nude, half-erect, as he came into the room.

He balanced the pizza box on the foot-board and climbed into bed beside me. "Such a wicked thing," he nuzzled my cheek, pulling my hand from between my legs. "I thought we both decided we were hungry."

We had, and I might've made some flippant comment about preferring lowly pizza to sex, except I could only watch and let out a thin sound of desire, as he took my offending fingers and sucked them dry, one by one, never taking his eyes from me. "What a lovely appertif," he sighed, savoring each one. I thought it best to restrain myself during dinner, and we sat together like old college friends, sharing a glass of Coke as we ate over the pizza box. In spite of our remarkable reserve, the pizza was slippery with cheese, and we each suffered our share of spattered tomato sauce and the errant mushroom slice. A quick lick here or there served for a hasty clean-up, but we'd benefit from a real shower after dinner.

Theo put aside the pizza box and the uneaten portion and I rolled onto my belly, feeling pleasantly but not overly full. The gnawing sensation from having missed dinner several hours ago had been appeased, and I was returning to my reverie at being naked in this wonderful fellow's bed. I turned up my head as he lay beside me, and he kissed some tomato sauce from the corner of my mouth. "Would my little one like a shower?" he said, reading my mind.

"That would be nice." I could hear the rain continue outside, slowing at last. I certainly didn't want to go home. To prove that point, I swayed my bottom a little, and Theo ran his hand from my shoulder, where he'd been tangling it in my hair, down my spine and over my buttocks, letting it remain there. The very tips of his fingers dropped into the curving crack. He leaned forward and nuzzled my shoulder.

"Do you know what a hoplite is, little one?" he asked me lazily, the pads of his fingers pressing against my buttocks almost imperceptibly. While I don't think I reacted outwardly, I heard a catch in my inner voice. Had he read my mind again? I murmured a yes, and found myself spreading my legs apart more than slightly so that the cheeks of my ass moved apart as well. Theo rumbled a laugh in his chest and took advantage of this development; his fingertips touched lower against my flesh, coming to rest on the narrow strip of tissue that formed the separation between my buttocks. "Do you know how they loved?"

I raised my head and looked at him over my shoulder. "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. Your beautiful bottom seems intrigued by such things." To prove his point, a single finger touched my anus, resting there lightly but persistently, like a dragonfly on a blade of grass. I let out a hiss of desire. "You see?"

"Yes." I hoped that he might put a finger in me again, as he had done while we shared our first sensual embrace, but he didn't. "I've only done that once before, Theo," I told him matter of factly. "Actually, it was done to me. I'd said I was interested, and about all I did from that point was to get on my hands and knees. The next thing I knew I had the guy's entire dick up my ass." I said this as quickly as the encounter had been for me. "It hurt like fire, and there was blood />
"Oh, your poor bottom!" he said empathically, regarding it with a certain sadness. "What an idiot he must've been."

I shrugged, acknowledging his assessment of my previous encounter. "Well, it didn't happen again." That one experience hadn't completely soured me on the idea, and I smiled at Theo. "I'm not unwilling, with the right person, and the right touch," I said quietly. The dragonfly pushed against me very nicely, and I sighed, a smile curling my lips.

Theo drew me from the bed and took me into the bathroom, which had a separate shower stall and bathtub. We decided on a shower, the bathtub really only made to accommodate a single person – we'd wait for that new spa to explore our lust underwater. Our initial soaping brought Theo to a proud erection, as large as it always was, just as he'd whispered into my ear. I was a little anxious, but I'd been consumed with pleasure during our first intercourse. Now he was unerringly patient, massaging my buttocks and my thighs, rubbing my belly and breasts with an erotic massage that in time made me willing to do anything with him.

With a generous handful of liquid soap and warm water, I turned my back on him, leaning against the glass of the shower walls as he gently pried my cheeks apart. I fondled his penis and positioned the swollen head against my skin. I finally gathered up my courage let go of it and pressed my hands to the glass, forcing myself to breathe evenly and deeply. In this position I had to trust Theo entirely.

Each exhalation from my lungs was a form of relaxation, and I felt the turgid knob of his erection rest low between the cheeks of my soapy buttocks. I tried not to tense up. I'd licked and sucked it in bed, and it didn't seem so threatening there. On the other hand, my mouth could open a lot wider than my ass, which seemed to have a particularly stubborn mind of its own, particularly at a time like this.

A few moments passed, and now I felt Theo press the glans against me with a heavy, deliberate tension. My sphincter widened gradually and stayed that way. No relief, no respite. I heard myself mewling and crying, tiny sobs, but I wasn't going to say no or stop. More pressure. Please don't let it be pain, I prayed, forcing myself to take deep breaths. Water from the shower spilled into my open mouth. More pressure. "Oooh," I moaned, locking my knees so I wouldn't jerk away from between Theo and the wall.

There was a sudden ease in the pressure, only a tiny bit, really, but a notifiable change, and I heard Theo laughing in the rush of water. My sphincter was stretched open and being held there by the width of his erection. Theo’s hands slipped around me, taking hold of a heaving breast.

"Look, dear one," he urged me, "see how pretty you are in the mirror." He could see me pressed against the clear glass of the shower door, and as he saw my smile in the reflection, he squeezed my breasts.

"You look so happy. Even your tetas are happy." My nipples were hard and pleasingly sore with his kisses and nips. "And how is your little pearl? Is it happy, too?" One hand reached down between my legs, coaxing my clit out of its fleshy sheath with a few tempting strokes.

I leaned against him, trying to watch us. "Are you in all the way?" I asked, nuzzling his neck.

"Oh, my heavens, no, little one. A little at a time. No more this time. This is a strange, exotic place for both of us. We need to go slowly so we can explore it." I reached behind me and discovered that only the head of his penis had penetrated me; the shaft was nestled between my cheeks. "You see? Just my juicy purple plum on top – it feels good just like this, doesn't it?"

I could hardly argue with him. I was pleasantly opened, and my mound was being fingered expertly. I began to respond to that, which in turn, tightened my anus around his erection. He grasped at the tightness, which only served to spur me to another spasm of passion. We took turns gasping for air, and after an brief but intense interlude of squeezing and massaging and prodding, we came one after the other, my body leaning heavily against the glass, water cascading over my shoulders and back, my clit burning down to my toes, while Theo cried out like the thunder, delivering wave after wave of come into me. He carefully leaned on me, as the spasms passed through his penis and into my body, and already I was anticipating the next time we joined this way, taking his erection just a little deeper into my body, locking it into me ruthlessly.

I moved in a week later.

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Author: tesstess

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