The pizza girl: chapter 1

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I’m jack and this is a true story that involves the best parts of my sex life and a ton of fun. It’s a slow starter but it will get really fun I promise.

It all started when I finished High School. I was seventeen, had graduated early from high school and had about 8 monthes until I started college. I got a job working as a delivery driver for a pizza place called Rotinni’s. I spent my first two months working there getting up at about 3 pm going to work till 10, and then driving 15 miles down to my favorite pool hall that was open till 4 am. I would get home just in time to say good morning to my mom and go to sleep.

This lasted a while I also spent some time with my girlfriend of six months. She was nothing special about 5’6”, decent B cups with a little weight on her but still attractive. We had fooled around a lot but it was never amazing, but she was really fun to hang out with and did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted so I couldn’t just leave her.

Then I met Nikki. She was a couple years younger than I was about 5’ 7”, long golden blond hair, physically fit with a few extra pounds and a great ass. All of this was minimized by the fact that she had gorgeous F cup tits. I myself was only about 5’9” with a stockier build but I wasn’t getting chased by the ladies if you know what I mean. Nikki started working with me at Rotini’s behind the counter. We talked every day a lot and we soon realized that she lived right next to the pool hall. She was too young to drive but she had her parents pick her up or drop her off every night.

One night her dad got wasted, as he often did, and he showed up completely wasted. I had just gotten off work when heard yelling and I looked over and saw Nikki standing by her dad’s car arguing with him while he was still inside it. “God dad, how could you do this to me you know I hate it when you drive drunk. I don’t feel safe in the car when you’re like this.”

“Nikki get in the car you have to get home. Its 15 miles to the apartment, you don’t want to get in you can walk,” he yelled back at her. “I don’t care what you do just make up your fucking mind.” While he was yelling I started walking over calm and collect even though he was seriously starting to piss me off.
“Hey if you want I can drive her home I’m heading that way anyway,” I said cordially, it’s not like I was lying she was by the pool hall. “Thanks Jack, take her dumb ass home,” her dad replied, and then peeled off in his black Honda civic. Nikki and I headed to my 97 red camaro z28 and started going back to the pool hall. We didn’t say much but she asked if it wouldn’t be a problem if I drove her home from now on when we worked together, she offered to pay for gas and I accepted.

For the next few weeks I drove her home without incident, but about three weeks in on a Friday night she came into work crying. wrong Nikki?” I asked as I ran up to her. “I don’t want to talk about it right now, maybe later in the car.” I spent the rest of the night watching her and making sure she was alright. Ten o’clock rolled around and Nikki went into the bathroom to change as she had started doing since I started driving her home. We headed to my car joking around about how she always got dressed up just to go home, tonight she was wearing a short jean skirt with rips all over that clearly showed her soft skin and what looked like a low cut t-shirt that was so tight her huge tits were popping out the top in the middle of march (god I was stupid). “Hey Jack, would you mind dropping me off at a friends house tonight my dad and I got into an argument and I am going to sleep at my best friend patti’s place.”
“I guess but do you mind swinging by my place first I have to drop off some money for my mom before she heads to sleep and maybe shower really quick.”

“No problem she said not to come over for a while anyway.” So we headed back to my apartment. I pulled out four hundred dollars in cash I had made over the past week and dropped in an envelope on the table and wrote MOM RENT on the front. I didn’t have to pay rent but my sister was four years older than I was not working or going to college and mooched off of my mom so I offered to pitch in when I could.
We went into my room, and I went into the bathroom off my bedroom to take a quick shower. I came out of the bathroom and Nikki was laying on my bed just chilling looking at the tv even though nothing was on it. Igrabbed some clothes and walked back into the bathroom. “What, you aren’t going to put a show on for me?” She said playfully. “Not until you do gorgeous, besides you know I have a />
“How do you think she would feel knowing you had these tits in your bed?” She was always joking about her amazing breasts. They were quite obviously her best physical feature and she never minded when I starred at them as long as I didn’t ignore her, she did get mad at the other guys at work though. I kinda figured it was a thank you for the rides. I walked back into the bedroom and said, “I don’t know, but she trusts me and Robby is home.” Robby was an alcoholic stray my sister brought home one day and never left. He was also my girlfriend, shauna’s smoking buddy when I was at work.

“Well you’re no fun,” she giggled and patted the bed with her left hand beckoning me to sit on it. I sat on the opposite side of the mattress (my bed was just a mattress on the floor at the time). we be heading to your friends house?” “Na not yet we still have time, let’s play a game.”
“What kind of game?” I asked wondering if this was going to be something childish. “Truth or dare.”

“Sounds like fun but remember I have a She said she would keep it low key and we started off innocently enough. A bunch of stupid truths like who was your first kiss, where is the craziest place you have fooled around. Then came the interesting truths like, I ever fantasized about her naked, and if so what had I imagined. Before I could ask her one after that she said it was time to head out. On our way to the car I asked her if she ever flashed a random person. She said she used to flash the semis that drove past during gym class. After that she said she didn’t want to ask anymore but if I did I could. When we got in the car I said, “ok so flash me.” Without skipping a looked over and there were her amazing f tits with silver dollar fully erect nipples sticking out. My dick immediately came to full attention. She looked at it and said “someone enjoyed that,” and giggled again in a more seductive way.

“anything else you want to ask?” I dared her to take her top offcompletely. She did and I was annoyed to find that she had a tank top on. So I dared her to take that off. She had a sports bra under her tank top. She giggled taunting me. So I dared her to take off her sports bra. I was devasted to find out she still had another bra on. She said she didn’t want to take off her bra while we were in public so I told her to take off her skirt. She did slowly and seductively while in the passenger seat. She then pulled my right hand of the shifter and on to her smooth pale skin. First sliding it up her thigh, then in towards the middle and then on to her panty covered pussy. There she was this gorgeous blonde with huge tits in my car in a lacy black bra that barely held her tits and a sexy matching black pair of panties. She then slid my hand up her stomach and under her bra onto her huge tits. I had never felt a pair of tits so big before and I want crazy massaging them going from one to the other and pulling on her erect nipples.

She looked down at my pants and said “your turn.”

“For what?”

“You get to see all of this and feel it, I want to see what's popping up in those pants.” I unzipped my fly and pulled out my 8 inch cock. She looked at it in awe. I asked.

“It looks so hot.” She said with amazement and then grabbed it with her hand and started to jerk it. Most of the way to her friends house she was jerking me off, which I had never had before and it felt so amazing, plus I had her big tits in my hand whenever I wasn’t shifting. When we were five minutes out I asked, “can we stop somewhere and have you finish with your beautifully full lips.” “nope, and I have to get dressed so its time to put jr. away.”

I was horrified I was so hard and all I wanted was to blow my load in this girls mouth or on her face or tits, or at least on her hand. But true to her word she got dressed and we pulled into Patti’s apartment complex. She leaned over to me, hugged me, shoved her tits in my face kissed me on the cheek and got out. Immediately after she left the car I felt guilty about what had happened and texted my girlfriend that I had to see her and to meet me at my apartment. I was going to spill my guts, and I still had a raging boner.

I got back to my apartment, took shauna inside, and started to open my mouth to speak. She put a hand over my mouth and said, “shhhhh, you have something in your pants that I think I need to take care of.” Was I losing my mind. This was ridiculous another girl had gotten me so turned on for her and she didn’t even ask why I was so hard. She dropped to her knees and ripped off her shirt and bra. She kissed my hard on in my jeans, and unzipped my pants and undid my belt pulling my pants and boxers to ground. She looked at my long hard cock smiled up at me, opened her mouth and put the head of my cock in her mouth. She slowly went inch by inch looking up at me the whole time. As sexy as it looked watching my girlfriend devour my cock she wasn’t very good at the actual technique of sucking my big dick and I let her keep going for a few minutes. “God, I want to fuck you,” I lied, the truth was I wanted to fuck Nikki, but she was there and she wasn’t doing a great job blowing me, hell Nikki’s hand job was better than this.

I pulled my cock out of Shauna’s mouth and pushed her on to the bed. I grabbed a condom from my desk and flipped Shauna on all fours and pulled down her pants and panties. I slid the condom on and slipped into her amazing wet tight pussy. I grabbed her ass and squeezed, she let out a low moan and thrust my whole dick all the way inside her in one thrust. I followed with long slow strokes while squeezing her ass. “Oh my god Jack. That feels soooooooo great. Fuck my pussy, fuck it like you have never fucked it before!” she yelled, I normally would be worried about waking up my family but I ust wanted to cum I didn’t care. I sped up and started pound her pussy as hard as I could fast, full strokes, as deep inside her as possible. “FUCK JACK JUST LIKE She trailed off as she started shaking uncontrollably and came. She went limp and I just kept pounding. For some reason as much as I wanted to I couldn’t cum. Then I remembered Nikki’s tits and the way she was stroking my cock and almost instantly I was ready to come. I pulled my cock out and ripped off the condom. I grabbed Shauna Turned her over and grabbed her head and forced it down on my cock. If she hadn’t just cum she would probably have tried to stop me but I didn’t care. And I Shot load after load inside her mouth and down her throat. She started gagging and I just kept cumming until every last drop had been drained out of me.

she said with cum dripping down her face, as I collapsed on the bed, “what got into you? That was the best fuck we have ever had, hell that’s the best fuck I have ever had period.”
“Nothing babe, you just looked so sexy.” I lied again; the guilt was sowly going away. Besides it’s not like things got too far and I doubted it would happen away.

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