The stories of laura, part 1, the incidental meeting

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I felt flush.

I had just read and re-read his last e-mail and I felt twinges of excitement rock me. Quickly I hit the reply button and typed the word "Yes" and paused. I was shaking nervously as I reached for the mouse button to click send I moved with more urgency to complete the simple response before I backed out.

Done, I had taken this step….but what had I done…

I'm a married woman of 30 who doesn't want to change her life but perhaps enhance it. And that's what led me to this moment. Curvy at 5'2", I definitely turn the heads of men young and old but don't feel as sexy as I used to before I got married. Things at home are good but I felt I've been missing something that was calling out to me at times, the times I have alone where I need, no make that crave attention and satisfaction that is different that what I have now.

Through happenstance I had found Craigslist some time back and have read many an ad but due to my situation and nervousness never really did anything besides fantasize…along with some intense self-pleasuring at times. I also occasionally read sensual stories that I could find on-line. They interested me and I would try to find some where I could project myself into the story. I had much more intense orgasms when I could do that. I would almost always forget I was touching myself. First it would be one finger slipping down my loose panties, lightly brushing my clit and before I knew it I was finished with the story and feverishly sticking 3-4 fingers in my slit, my other hand pulling on an exposed nipple with my legs quivering in the air as I came. Just when I freed myself from the rest of my clothes I still don't remember…

I formed an idea to post an ad on Craigslist to see if I might find someone who could actually craft a stimulating story about me that might drive me wild. I didn't know if such a thing could be done easily or not but with the anonymity of Craigslist it was worth a shot. I have more responses than I expected, some crude, some creative and many just down-right ignoring my request and sending me all sorts of suggestive replies and nude pictures. A few stood out though and one in particular was appealing. It was from a seemingly older gentleman who asked a few questions to customize the story a bit more. With nothing really to lose I wrote back hoping for the best.

Much sooner than expected, I received a tantalizing tale of the story I requested. I started to read it eagerly. It was marvelous. It was a story as I suggested about what might happen if we happened to meet and leading to perhaps more stories…perhaps much more. It was simple but erotic and I grew flush. I knew I would never meet this man but part of me wanted to. But I definitely wanted to read more and know more.

We shared a few more e-mails and I brought in more details that were both safe but also that could be used to further enhance stories about me. I always grew a bit more comfortable knowing this man was older and probably not a sexual fit for me and that he was also from out of town but visited infrequently. He just happened to be in town when I posted my ad and was lonely himself. He told me he was also married and rarely played outside of marriage as he was older and not a 'hung" guy….and also had more of a liking to please a woman rather than just get himself off. He shared he placed ads for giving a free massage for a woman for her orgasm and rarely found someone who was interested, real and available.

I felt comfortable with him through e-mails and he was never pushy like asking to meet. I found it was me who felt more and more intrigued to meet him, if just to validate he was a real guy that existed. I even asked him to send me an e-mail with his ad for critique (really, I was more curious to actually read it for myself and not as a review), and he wrote back that there was an active one on Craigslist he posted from yesterday. He was in town.

I clicked on the link and it was pretty much as he said, advertising to massage a woman to orgasm with no intercourse desired. I knew he like to masturbate in front of the woman if she'd let him but there was no mention of that in the ad. So I wrote back and asked about it. He replied that sometimes he just doesn't feel like it but if the woman looked great or was interested in what was in it for him he might consider it. He also mentioned he removed that often if he was getting no responses.

One other thing I picked up on the ad was that he was willing to meet in a public place first instead of just meeting at his hotel or the woman's place. I asked about it. He said, say I'd like to meet him sometime that perhaps it would be more comfortable in a public setting so that I could easily blend in if he wasn't as advertised or I was too nervous. We could then talk normally and he wouldn't make undue advances due to the location. Shortly another e-mail came which simply said, "that is, if you were actually meeting someone from here, that's what he'd recommend. That I/he wasn't trying to suggest I should meet him."

I wrote back "You ever think about meeting?"

"Yes," he responded, "I frequently daydream about it as I write the story and often enjoy an orgasm in the process. But I understood that isn't a consideration so….I didn't mention it."

"Maybe I'd consider it, how might you suggest it?" I nervously replied, still not believing it would happen.

Time passed. It was usually me who delayed in a reply but 5 then 10 minutes passed and no response. Then, just as this thought was dwindling away, it arrived. It was a well thought out plan to meet at the Dunkin Donut's by the airport. It was just suggested if that location didn't work for any reason pick another similar place closer to my location, convenient but not a place I'd go normally or someone might be easily around to recognize if we were found taking too long. He said he'd give a deion of what he was wearing and be there for a 30 minute window. If I showed up just say, "Hi, I'm Laura" and sit down. If not, no worries and he'd leave and we could continue e-mailing stories as long as we both wanted. If you are interested in meeting just let me know otherwise I won't bring it up again.

This is why I was now nervously trembling. I was intrigued but would I actually meet him. He had a general idea of what looked like but how could he be sure I was telling the truth. Besides, it was a public place and I could just be another person stopping in. It wasn't like I was going to have sex with him.

It wasn't too difficult in the next few e-mails to set up a meeting time the next afternoon after work. The airport location wasn't the best but as it wasn't easy also meant it wasn't a location my friends or neighbors would see me. The drive there was mostly uneventful and I arrived early. I was messing around in my purse looking for my compact when I saw this professional looking guy walk right by my car. It was him! He didn't notice me or even look in my car that I could tell. He looked nice, older as he said, wearing business casual work clothes, pressed slacks but not suit slacks, button down collared shirt, taller, closer to 6' and very short, balding grey hair. He was of medium build, solid but not too thin or unpleasantly thick.

I looked at myself in my compact and brushed through my dark blonde hair so it flowed naturally on my shoulders. I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I was wearing snug blue jeans befitting my curvy nature and a loose fitting pink blouse which hides some of my curves but shows me off well. I did wear a short healed cute shoe that I adore and think lifts my ass to the right place to grab someone's attention. I was feeling a bit naughty and wanted to flaunt myself a little in appreciation for the time and energy he's spent on writing and perhaps give him more fuel for more stories and my own personal enjoyment down the road.

I walked in and immediately looked at him and smiled. So much for being nervous and inconspicuous. I ordered a coffee and felt him staring at me but when I turned around we hasn't leering like an old man, just looking around casually. He was normal…or at least appeared to be.

As discussed I walked over and introduced myself as Laura and he responded with his name Ken. We chatted briefly about the trip there and he commented on how nice I looked, much better than he envisioned when writing about me in his stories. "Perhaps now," he offered, "I can embellish your strong sensual points that fit you." I smiled. And I was secretly aroused.

We continued to discuss the stories but not their content, more like a critique to their eroticism and the intent (to make me aroused). It felt sort of funny to discuss this out in the open but then again we weren't talking specifics or anything about my in the stories, real or implied. Then it happened, the moment I dreaded yet so desired.

"Do my stories really turn you on?" he asked as he leaned across the table.

I said, slightly louder than I anticipated. "I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

"That's hot, I'd like to see that!" he whispered. "Can you show me?"

I exclaimed.

"Sure, who would notice?" he said casually. "I'm not asking for you to play with yourself. Just reach down and show me you are as excited as you say. I'll be sure to include this in my next story."

"I don't know," I muttered but the thought was clearly in my mind. Could I do this. Would I do this. Ken was talking a bit more but I can't tell you what about as I slowly reached down and tried as I could to sneak a finger in my pants. I knew quickly that from this position it was not to be. However, he knew I was trying.

I muttered out an "I can't right now."

He said, "Grab your drink and follow me."

With my coffee in one hand and my purse in another I followed him out the door I came in. Outside now, he spoke up, "Did you really want to show me how excited you are?"

"Yes" I said almost breathlessly. He led me away from the windows a few feet and had be back up to the outside wall.

"May I check then?" he asked. I just smiled and nodded, not really knowing what he was thinking. Before I knew it he stepped right in front of me and just looked down in my eyes. A breeze has pushed some of my hair in my face and he gently brushed it aside with his left hand his right hand unbuttoned my jeans and slid down the zipper a bit. He spoke quiet and re-assuredly that everything was okay. My hands were still occupied I sort of froze as his hand snaked down to first feel the furr of my womanhood and then to the cleft of my now swollen clit. As I let out a small gasp his fingers reached down a bit further and brushed up against and then between my lips and rubbed a couple times before removing them. He raised his hand nonchalantly towards his nose to inhale my sex then stuck one finger in his mouth and moaned. I could have cum right there had it been a more private place.

he said and smiled. "Thank you. I know this probably went farther than you wanted but thank you. I'd love to write you more and…" he never finished. I think he knew what we both knew. I had crossed my own line and would need to evaluate if this was acceptable for me or not. I just knew that I wanted him to please me further. I wasn't sure how or when…or if it would just be more sensual stories, but I had to have more

story by: kennyjf

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Author: kennyjf

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