The twin cheerleaders: ashley comes back to our apartment

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"Ashley.. Meet us back at our apartment at the end of the reunion." Nancy said to Ashley, who just found me, the twins and Ms. Daniels fucking in our old math class. 

The end of the reunion was now here. I drove back to our apartment. It was about eleven o' clock at night. The children should be asleep by now. Claire was a great babysitter, and her having a child herself for the kids helped a lot too. "Hey Claire.. How were they tonight?" I asked her as she opened up her apartment door. "They were great Jeffrey!" Claire said energetically. Claire was a single mother. Her child's father ran out on them after their child, Victor, was born. I walked over to the couch where Selena and Kyle were sound asleep. "You must be a great faster to these children, they couldn't stop talking about you." Claire said. "I do my best, I'm not around as much as I want to be though." I admitted. "I want to be able to see Kyle play little league baseball and everything, but work has me swamped." I said.

Nina and Nancy walked in to the apartment and let out a simultaneous Nancy picked up Kyle and I picked up Selena. Nina walked upstairs to meet us with the apartment door open. "Thanks again Claire, see you soon." I said as I left. "Yep, have a good night!" she said with a smile on her face.

Nancy and I walked up the three flights of stairs with our children in our arms. "Hun, do you think we should have told Ashley earlier than now?" Nancy asked me. "I don't know Nancy, I just don't know." I admitted. We reached our apartment and Nina was standing there with the door open as expected. We walked in and took the children right into their bedroom. "There you go guys, sleep tight." Nancy said tucking in Selena. She gave them each a kiss on the cheek before the three of us left the room. We shut the lights off and closed the door behind us. 

We sat down on the couch and turns the television on waiting for Ashley to arrive. "Nina, Jeff.." Nancy muttered. "What is it?" I said. "Do you guys think we should have been split up and found our own true loves?" She asked. I sat there stunned by the question. Nancy was questioning whether we could keep this working. "Girls, first off, I want to be here for you two and my two children. We found our love. If we can feel responsible enough for what we did and still do, than I feel responsible enough to face what came of it. That's how I know I found my true loves." I said. 

Nina and Nancy teared up an both of them put their heads on my shoulders. We all started to doze off when w heard a knock at the door. It was Ashley. I got up and walked over to the door. When I opened it Ashley came barging in like she owned the place. "So, you guys weren't shitting me. This is legitimate." Ashley said. "Yes it is.." I said catching a smell of her breath. She was out drinking obviously, and she reeked of gin. "Ashley, did you drive here?" I asked. "No I didn't you stud." Ashley slurred her sentence. "I'm a responsible person, and now I need to talk to you guys." she said.

"I want to see your kids first." Ashley said. Nancy and Nina took her into the kids room and she awed at the sight. beautiful girls, I'm so happy for you." She said.

The girls sat down on the couch, an I sat on a wooden chair from the dining room table. "Okay guys, Mike and I are getting married." She said right away. Nancy and Nina said together. They both hugged Ashley. "Yes, I'm so excited, but there's a problem." Ashley said. "What's up?" I asked. "Mike can't have children. He has a low sperm count, and the doctor said with his family's heart conditions, testosterone is a high risk." Ashley said. "The chances of Mike getting me pregnant are very low."She finished.

"Oh my God sweetie, I'm so sorry, I'm sure it makes no difference for him." Nina said, but was cut off by Ashley. "No… It.. D… Does." She cried. "I love him so much but I want to have kids." she sobbed with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"You guys can always adopt." Nancy suggested. "No that's out of the question, I want to raise my own child, and Mike even said if he is going to have kids its going to be his own, or at least if he thinks it's his." She said. Nancy, Nina and I shared a look of horror at what she just said. "I need to ask you girls and Jeffrey a question." Ashley said.

"Sure Ashley, what is it?" Nina asked. I gave a nervous look to her asking myself why she had to ask that question. I had a strong feeling I knew where Ashley was going with this conversation. "Do you girls think I can borrow Jeffrey to get me pregnant?" Ashley asked. There was a long awkward silence, as Ashley sat there with dried tears, waiting for an answer. "Give us a minute Ash." Nancy said. "Sure." She said. 

The twins and I walked into our bedroom and started to talk about this. "I feel so bad Nancy," Nina said. "So do I, but what if Mike finds out?" Nancy asked. "Yea, Mike is my best friend in the world and there is no way I'm letting her ruin that." I said. In reality, Ashley had had a crush on me since I fucked the whole cheerleading squad back between freshman and sophomore year of high school. I already had two children. What happens if Mike did find out? Would I have to take care of Ashley and that child as well as the twins and Kyle and Selena? There was so many questions that would need time to be />
The twins and I came out of the bedroom, and sat back down with Ashley. "Okay Ashley, we think you should sleep on this question. You're asking us to try to deceive the one you love. He's going to be your husband, and he is my best friend." I said. "I just can't sit back and let this happen, so I want you to sober up, and come back tomorrow, making sure this was just the alcohol talking." I continued.

"You know what, you're right. I am sure I won't change my mind though Jeffrey." Ashley said. Ashley left our apartment drunk. We had called a cab for her to take her back to Mike's house where he would take care of her. "Girls, it's been a long day, I'm going to sleep." I said. "Yea I hear ya Jeff." Nancy said. I held onto the girls back and walked into our bedroom. We got into our pajamas and fell asleep.

We woke up and there was a knock at the door. We knew who it was. We opened the door and in walked Ashley. She walked in with a huge smile on her face. "So guys, I talked with Mike last night, and he said he doesn't mind if you get me pregnant." "What? I don't get it." I said. "Listen, Mike said to me, if he would want to raise any ones child, he would want it to be his best friends. Sure, he would want to have his own child, but he understands that if you do get me pregnant it is for the better and we would raise it like it was his own." Ashley was speaking from the heart. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she was sober today. The twins and I shared a worried look, and than Nina said "Do it Jeff. You need to help not only your best friend, but />
Ashley lifted her shirt, and started biting her lip. "I just want it to be me and you Jeffrey. Girls, I'm sure you understand." she said. The twins were not going to be involved in this at all. This made me a little nervous, because I had sex with them every time another woman was involved. "Of course, we understand Ashley." Nina said. 

The twins got the kids dressed and took them out for breakfast. "See you later honey," Nancy said. "Mommy, why is daddy staying home with that lady?" My son, Kyle asked. "He is helping her with a project for work Kyle." Nancy said. 

The door closed. It was just me and Ashley. My heart was racing now. We were sitting alone on the couch. Ashley suddenly attacked me. She grabbed my shoulders and brought my lips to hers. She pressed her lips sensually against mine. I kissed back, surprised. "I…. Want….you.. To… Fuck the shit…. Out of me Jeff." Ashley said in between kisses. Her small tight body pressed against mine, and my cock was getting hard. Ashley was always attractive, with her long blonde hair, green eyes, and her nice firm C cup breasts. Our lips caressed each others and she started to kiss my neck. My nerves were going away now and I never wanted to fuck Ashley harder than I did at that moment. She nibbled on my ear and I was in heaven. I loved when women nibbled or played with my ear loves. Almost as much as when they played with my dick.

Ashley took her top off, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her beautiful firm tits bounced up and down. I immediately put them in my mouth and sucked easy on her nipples. My shirt came off next and Ashley began to kiss my chest. She moved back up to my neck and passionately kissed me even more. I picked her up in my arms and walked towards the bedroom. 

I dropped Ashley on the twins and my bed. Her tits bounced and she growled, acting feisty. "Man, this girl is a certified freak in bed." I thought to myself. "Fuck my wet pussy." Ashley said desperately. I pulled her pants down, along with her thong. Her beautiful shaved pussy was now visible. "That is so beautiful Ashley." I said. "To think I never really wanted to fuck you… I am crazy." I said. I dragged Ashley to the foot of the bed. I spread her legs open, and her glistening pussy was in full view. My mouth was salivating, eager to start licking her pussy. "Eat me out like you eat the twins Jeff." Ashley begged. 

My tongue started moving fast along her clit. My fingers found their way to her clit. "Oh! my! God!" Ashley yelled. "Woo, Goddam! You're so fucking good at this Jeff!" She continued yelling. I moved faster with my tongue, which seemed almost impossible to do. She continued to moan and squeak in complete ecstasy. "I need your cock in me Jeffrey, get me pregnant!" She said. I slowed down my tongue, suddenly remembering I was supposed to cum inside of Ashley and hopefully get her pregnant. I was thinking with my dick, and not my actually head now, so none of that really mattered.

I stood up from between her legs. I unzipped my jeans, and pulled down my boxers. "Bring that fat cock to my mouth." Ashley said. I couldn't disagree. My rock hard erection now hung in front of her face. Ashley touched it slightly, almost afraid to began sucking me off. I was crouched just above Ashley's chest, and she was in a great position to suck my dick. Her mouth opened and her tongue touched my cocks tip. I twitched a little bit, and starts to moan myself, as she gripped my cock and started to suck my shaft. If there was one thing I remembered about Ashley it was that she loved to deepthroat while she gave head. She definitely hadn't changed because she shoved my cock too the back of her throat and was not gagging or choking on it. She was right at the base of my dick and she snuck her tongue out from under my cock which touched my balls. "Wow, your so fucking good at deepthroating that dick." I said.

She sucked my whole cock from tip to base. That was how good she was at deepthroating. "I need to fuck you wore I blow my load down your throat Ashley." I said. Ashley said. I moved bak in between her legs and opened them up to bring her pussy back into full view. I gripped the base of my cock and rubbed her clit. I shoved my cock inside of her. I was in complete shock at how tight her pussy was. I slid deep inside of her and stayed in missionary position with her for a moment. "Are you sure this is what you want Ashley?" I asked, before I started to plow her. "Yes I am Jeff. Make me cum soooo much please." Ashley said. 

"Okay." I said. I slowly moved in and out of Ashley. I stayed deep in her pussy, enjoying the tightness and wetness of her pussy. "My God.. Ashley you're so tight." I said. "Yes I am, loosen me up big boy." She said. I looked straight into her eyes. She was thoroughly enjoying this. She closed her eyes and her breathing became more eratic. She was going to start moaning again, and she was seriously turned on. "More… Harder…" Ashley said. "Hold on a second." I said. I pulled out of Ashley and she got on all fours. "Fuck me doggy style." Ashley requested. I slid my cock back into her vagina. I started fucking her harder and faster. Her arms gave out from the weakness of her limbs and her head was now horizontal with the bed. Moans escaped her mouth and she started to scream with absolute pleasure. "Fuck that little cunt Jeff. I've been a bad little slut. Treat me like shit and make me beg for mercy." Ashley growled. "Oh yes… Right there. Right. Ugh… There." she sighed and moaned. "I'm so close Jeff. Get me to cum." She said in a breath. I was close too. I felt my balls tighten up, and felt Ashley's pussy tighten up even more. Sliding in and out of her pussy was getting tougher now. "Jeff… I'm cumming now… Let's cum together.. Please." Ashley said. I was happy to oblige. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. "Oh my GODDDD!" Ashley yelled. "Fuck, I'm cumming now." I said, feeling my load boil up to the head of my cock. I felt my dick shoot out multiple shots. One… Two.. Three.. Four.. Five shots strung out of my cock. After I took a deep breath recovering from my orgasm, I pulled my limping cock out of Ashley's filled pussy. 

We lied down on the bed. I have to admit that the sex was great. I snuggled next to Ashley, with her pussy oozing out cum, and I closed my eyes, completely happy that I went through with it. I guess it was nice for a change up with a one on one, besides one of the twins. As I lied on the bed thinking of what just happened, I heard Ashley say, "Jeffrey, I love you," in the most common voice ever. "No, Ashley you don't, you love Mike, you're getting married to him, trust me, it's the sex that has got you excited." I said. 

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