The weekend

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The bus pulled into the station. After 13 hours, I finally arrived. I had been looking forward to this moment for a month. She was there to meet me, looking just as beautiful as ever. Her brunette hair fell just past her shoulders. The wide, intense eyes that just drove me crazy stared into mine. We were together again after months apart and I was overjoyed.

We shared a long, deep kiss in the parking lot. There are just no words to describe how sensual her lips are. Without a doubt in my mind, I was hopelessly in love with this woman.

During the long trip, I had been thinking about her. I had missed her so much. She was beautiful. A real woman, nothing like the plastic modified porn stars of the internet. No, she was real, she was perfect, and she was mine. Long brunette hair, medium sized breasts but with large thick nipples. The curves of a woman that culminated in an ass that just mesmerized me. God, do I love her ass!

“So”, she said, “I’m hungry, wanna get some lunch?”. I was hungry as well, hungry for her but I also had not eaten.

I replied, “Where do you want to go?”

“How about the place we used to go to when you lived here”, she responded

“Works for me”, I said

So we drove from the bus station into downtown. We held hands the whole way. I am not sure if I really wanted to eat or just go back to her place and rip her clothes off and do what had been running through my head for the last 13 hours.

We arrived at the restaurant and got a table in the back corner.

“You could use a drink”, she said with a smile, “and so could I.”

I looked at the menu, even though I knew it front to back. Chicken wings and a beer is what I was thinking.

We were holding hands across the table and just the touch of this woman made me hard. I wanted her badly.

When the waitress came we placed our orders for drinks and appetizers. I was growing hornier by the minute. I was only there for the weekend and I wanted to make the most of it.

As we looked into each others eyes and smiled, we both knew what the other was thinking. I finally broke the silence.

“Should we get this food to go?”, I asked
“I think that’s a great idea!”, she replied quickly, “But lets order some more food so we don’t have to leave the house later.”, she added with a wink.

We paid for the food and headed in her van back to her house. Holding hands the whole way.

“My God, I have missed you”, I said “I wish I was here for longer than the weekend”
“Me too, Honey. Let’s make good use of what time we have”

What was only a 10 minute trip seemed to take hours. I pictured her naked in my mind as I stroked her arm. She smiled back at me. Maybe it was me but I think she slowed down to tease me. Finally, we got to her house.

We rushed into her bedroom. I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. I like to kiss and with her it was one of the most incredible feelings ever. I loved feeling our tongues dance around each other. Her breasts pressed up against my chest. My growing erection straining in my jeans.

I broke the kiss and took off her top. As much as I wanted to just go for it, I just stopped to admire her magnificent figure in a bra and jeans. She unhooked her bra and released her lovely breasts. Her large nipples already hard. I took off my shirt and jeans, leaving me in my boxers with a noticeable erection, and she removed her jeans leaving her in her panties.

We laid down on the bed and resumed kissing. I moved my hands downward to caress her breasts, give both equal time. I broke away from her to suck on her nipples. God, she has great nipples. Nice and thick about the size of a quarter and a half inch in length.

After about 5 minutes I hooked my fingers on her panties and started tugging down. I think one of the most erotic sights is when a woman raises her hips to allow her panties to come off. She did and her pussy was exposed to me.

I was too far gone at this point and just dove in. I love the way she tastes. I love how her labia swells when she is excited. I gently moved my tongue to her clit, breathing in her scent. She smells as good as she tastes.

I watch her breathing quicken as I move my tongue up and down her slit. Poking, prodding. I feel the heat emanating from her pussy as I revel in her beauty.

“Will you just fuck me already?”, I hear her say.
“What, no foreplay?”, I respond
“I don’t need foreplay, I need you inside me”, she says

So I remove my briefs and place the head of my cock at her opening. She was well lubricated as I moved it up and down her slit.
As I looked into her eyes I slid my full length into her, and started a slow rhythm. To be honest, it took every fiber in my being not to cum at this exact moment.

“OH God yes!”, she cried as I started to speed up

I was in heaven. Feeling her tight pussy wrapped around my cock. Feeling every inch inside her as I tried to get as deep as possible.

With each thrust I was trying to tell my brain not to cum. As I looked into her eyes she gave me the smile that I knew.. That she had cum already and more than once.

I gazed down at her and said “I am going to cum”

“Please don’t pull out” , she sighed, “cum in me”

And that was all it took, as I unleashed a torrent of cum into her.

“ I love you”, I exclaimed as I collapsed beside her.
“I love you too, Honey. I am so glad you are here” , she replied as we drifted off to sleep

story by: mongoslade

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Author: mongoslade

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