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Have you ever been in love that went on forever? Like a song that you put on repeat and just let play over and over again. Hopefully this story will make you remember yours. I lived in Utah. I was the only black kid in my town. My dad was in the military, but my mom didn’t like the idea of living close to a base, so we lived in this quaint little neighborhood. It was nice and there were a lot of pretty white girls. There were a few black children at my school but none of the girls where of the beauty of the white girls that where there. I had an older brother, Derrick, who was a king amoung players. He loved living there. Because of him I knew about sex at a very young age. I had my first kiss when I was five, and by the age of eight I was already watching porno with my brother and his friends. Then life for me changed. My dad was stationed in South Carolina. That was a big move, and a big step in my life. My brother hated the idea of the move but I was too young to understand why. Later I found out its cause all his friends told him black girls where harder to get into. About a month after we got the news we left and went by plane to the south. We knew heat, but we had no idea what hot was till we felt the humidity. We quickly understood why air conditioners where in every house.

We moved to this gated community. It was nothing like the one we lived in before but the house was free because my dad was in the military, and it wasn’t to close to the base so my mom was cool with it. It was much smaller, but it had 3 rooms so my brother and I didn’t have to share. I was helping unpack the truck when I saw my neighbors. It was this family of 3. There was no father, just a mother and 2 daughters. I met the oldest one first she was about 17 and was ripe in all the right places. My brother just looked at me and said how the make’em in the south.” Of course he dropped everything he was doing to go introduce himself. My brother was 16 at the time and I was 10. He was tall around 6”2 and had braids in his hair. The only reason he let his hair grow was because the white girls thought it was cute. He was skinny, very thin with dark brown eyes and a nose that no one could mistake. He thought he was a prince and could have anyone he wanted. He was quickly rejected when she told him upfront that she didn’t date younger guys. You should have seen him. But like a pro he bounced back and when to find more tail. As for me I was just getting ready for school. I hadn’t met the other sister, I was to busy of a home body, until it was time for the first day. My mom told me that she would meet me on the porch and show me the way to the bus. I couldn’t sleep that night I stayed up the whole night just thinking about how she would look. That morning I got up and was ready faster than anyone in the house. I didn’t need any help dressing my self I was ready. I ran past my mom and went on the porch. About 30 minutes later, and 5 visits from my mom telling me it was still early, she arrived. She was 10 also. She had short hair that was braided. Her chest hadn’t come in yet and neither did her ass, yet there was something about that just made her great in my eyes. Her name was Nevaeh, and that name was perfect for her. She had a southern ascent that was like music to me. She came up to me and told me to follow her; she didn’t even ask me my name. School was like every school. You wouldn’t believe how the same schools are. I found out that her window was across from mine and I would just stare at her all night. I never had much courage around girls so after a year of knowing her I never really said anything of much importance. I would just sit next to her when I could and say mindless things that I thought was important at the time. About a year past and she would kind of nudge me into saying more to her. I guess she kind of liked me, or at least I hopped, so it was really nice being with her. We would sit on the back porch all day and night when we were out of school and just talk about nothingness. One night she was very quiet. Then out the blue she asked me if I liked girls. Well this kind of caught me off guard. I told her that of course I like girls. She looked at me like she was trying to read me, then said so why you only talk to me? I didn’t have to answer before she put 2 and 2 together. Before I could even speak she kissed me. It was nice, but it wasn’t like it was magical. I had kissed before and I knew what to expect so I wasn’t too shocked, but what did make it nice was the size of her lips that made hers so soft. So I guess it was nice then. Another year past and it was almost like clock work we would come out and kiss each other every night. And the kisses become longer and I could say more passionate. I tought her all about the French kiss which was the best for me. I loved the taste of her tongue and how it felt as it wrestled with mine. But it wouldn’t last long. She and I got into a stupid fight about nothingness and of course how children do we stop talking. Nothing important happened till we were 15.

I had noticed that she had changed. That chest that was flat was starring at me now. She had a nice d cup that was the bounciest thing in the world. Her ass was like a ripe apple that just curved with the rest of her body. She was heaven, so I guess her name fitted. And I must confess that I started jacking off like 3 times a day thinking about her. I jacked off in the shower so much that the sound of rain made me hard. She had been seeing this boy for a while and he was ready to make that next step with her. And of all the people that she could have come to for help, advice or anything at all, she would come to me. The only thing I could think to myself was, when did I become the best friend/brother guy. All guys know that when this happens your chance with sleeping with a girl becomes zero. But I’m a nice guy so I told her that if she was ready for it and if she cared about him that it would be okay. What I really wanted to say was that she should be sleeping with me and that I loved her and that I obsessed over her, but none of that seemed to come out. A week later I was just daydreaming about her when I saw her and him go into her room. She closed the blinds to her room and the lights went off. I could only imagine this lucky, unworthy, son of a bitch making love to her. How he would be the one who kissed all her spots, who touched her slow curving breast. That he would be the one who got to taste her to touch her to feel her. Before I knew it I had cum all over my desk. After I cleaned up my desk I thought to myself that my brother taught me everything to do, what naught to do. Where to kiss how to tease, that should have been me. A week later I saw Nevaeh. I didn’t want to speak to her so I was going to just walk by when she came up to me and started to cry. I went to her back porch with her and she told me her story. The guy was way older than her, like 19, I think, looking back if I knew I would have told someone about him. She told me that he really didn’t care about her and that he hurt her so bad that she never wanted to be touched again. All I could do was just be there for her, but not much I could besides that.

That summer I turned 16 and I was at the pool almost everyday. I was watching ass left and right. Nevaeh’s sister made her go to the pool every once and a while because she didn’t want to leave the house most of the time. She would sit at the shallow end and not talk much. Her mom was cool with me so she never said much about me being over as long as her room door was open. So I would sit with her for a while and talk. She told me that ever since that day happen she had been touching herself more often. I usually didn’t know how to respond to that so I usually would just change subjects and stuff. She would tell me how I was always cool with her and that if things were different it might have had been me. One day I got upset with all that and told her that she had the choice and she made her decision. I left before I could tell how hurt she was. That night I got a call. It was like 9 o’clock. It was Nevaeh and she told me to come over. So I left my room and sneaked out the house. She was waiting for me on the back porch like always. But she had the door open this time and we went up to her room. We small talked for about 30 minutes then the mood changed. She asked me if I still liked her, and I told her yeah. She kissed me, but this time it was one of those long kisses that seemed to go on forever. My hand rose to her breast and she kind of moved away from me. She looked at me scared like as if she was reliving that night again. I told her sorry right away but she just looked at me. She asked me if I loved her. I know that we say love all the time, but the look in her eyes really looked as if she meant it. I paused for a second then told her yes, and that I always did. She came back to me with another deep kiss. I removed her shirt slowly with my hands. She was shivering and she crossed her arms over her bra. We kissed some more before I began to slowly unbuckle her bra. My bro taught me a secret so it wasn’t hard getting it undone, only took two tries. At first I stared at them as they looked at me for the first time. I put my hands on the slowly rubbing her nipple. She gave out a moan that caused me to stop. She looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing and continued with the task at hand. This time I kissed one and she arched her back a little so I could get to her nipple better. It was big from where I was sitting and it was becoming hard. I had begun to pull at it with my lips then my teeth. I had seen it on porno and heard my brother talk about it all the time so I thought I would try. Then I got to her stomach which I played with. My tongue danced on her stomach like a playground. I ran my tongue from between her breast down to her low cut jeans she was wearing. Her shivers got worst as I reached the line right underneath her stomach. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. She quickly closed her legs once I got them off. I started kissing on her neck and working my hands between her legs. I begun to smell this scent that I would fall in love with. This musky scent that sent my dick on a stand still. But I made sure not to rush and I slowly started to rub her panties with my hand. I felt her lips through the panty. The panty started to become wet. Then I took them off but with speed so she wouldn’t stop me. I put my face in her pussy and slowly put my tongue on her lips. I had been saving up for this and I knew exactly what to do. She closed her legs around my head, but I didn’t stop. I raised my tongue to her clit and she begun to rock to the flow of my tongue. At first the smell was too much for me but after a while I was breathing it in deeply as I started to suck on her clit. She started to turn and wiggle and then she arched her back. She gave out a moan that was so loud I thought everyone would here it. I looked up at her, my face drenched with her pussy juices, I saw into her eyes. They were fiery, and the expression on her face was readable even to a gay guy. She wanted it badly. I started ripping of clothing. I threw it where every my arms took it. I laid in-between her legs. Her warm pussy was talking to my dick. I asked her if she wanted to stop. She shot me this kind of look that screamed shut up and go. I gave in and tried to find the hole. I wasn’t having any luck so she helped me guide in. Once the tip was in I was in heaven. Her warmth was enough right there. But I pushed on and I felt her push my shoulders and give out a small scream. I looked up and asked if she was alright. She told me that I was going to fast. So I slowed down. I slid all of it in and it was like a perfect fit. Everything in her was pulling at me. I started to push and pull, back and forth. She gave sweet moans that were like music to the ear. It didn’t last long, before I knew it my time had come and I came in her. I laid on top of her for a while. She looked kind of disappointed. So I put my hands back between her legs and started to finger her. She quick grabbed my arm but I had already started. She stared moaning and moving to rhythm all her own. I thought to myself she was fucking my hand. Then I felt my own dick come back to life. Slowly he stood as if to say I have a job to finish. I took my hand away from her and she just looked at me as I mounted her again. This time I put him in with more force. I got a quick reaction from her. I took longer strides this time with each thrust making her raise herself off the bed more and more. She put her nails in my back and started to moan something awful. Then I felt it. Her love juices had flowed onto me and ran down my leg. I kept going till I got a feeling in my dick that was worst then pain but felt so good. We laid next to each other for a long time. I believed that she would be my one and only and that I would be with her forever but some things just aren't meant to

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