To catch a playa

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To Catch a Playa

This is my fourth story. Comments are very much appreciated for this one as well as the other three.

So I am standing there with my pants down around my ankles, my neighbor Lani is on her knees in front of me receiving a load of my cum on her chest, and my ex-girlfriends sister ,Lisa, has just busted into my house and is standing there shocked at the present actions. Lani looks up at her and immediately puts her blouse back on, stands up, and excuses herself as she leaves out the door. Still with my pants down, I am wondering why Lisa hasn't left yet. After a few seconds of staring at my cock she finally covers her eyes and says, "Um, Charlie, you might want to pull your pants up now. We need to talk."

Now, Lisa is a 5ft 5in., 21 year old, light skinned black girl. She's about 130lbs. with 36d breasts, dimples, and a big ass. The last time I saw her, she was very skinny and had small breasts. Her family had moved away seven years ago to St. Louis. Now that Lisa is back, I can get in touch with my ex, Diana. Even though I had dated her sister up until then, I always thought she had a thing for me.

I began to pull my pants up over my cock that is still leaking cum and is stiff as a rock. I view over at Lisa as she closes the door but is still covering her eyes. "Why did you barge in the door like that?"

She momentarily removes her hand but sees I'm struggling to fit my cock in the zipper hole, but then she covers back up, "I knocked and I heard you say 'Come in, come in, come in' so I was like,

Obviously Lisa thought me saying "I'm cumming" was "Come in". I finally am able to put my cock away, "Okay, you can look now. The big bad monster is gone."

Lisa looks at my pants then up at me, "I didn't see anything big or bad about that monster." This is not the first time Lisa has caught me with my pants down.

***7 years ago***
It was a week before graduation. I was an 18 year old horn dog just looking for any hole to fuck. Luckily Diana provided that hole. It was a Friday night around 10:30 and Diana had me sneak into her upstairs bedroom window because she really needed it. Her sister's room was just down the hall but far enough where a few moans wouldn't wake her. Her parents were home but they would usually go to bed around 9 o' clock.

I struggled and climbed up the side of the house. By the time I had gotten up to her window, she was already waiting for me. She helped me inside and quietly closed the window. As I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath, I looked up in amazement at my girlfriend's body and outfit.

At the time Diana was an 18 year old caramel colored black girl with size 34b breasts. She was 5ft 7in. and 110lbs with a nice apple bottom ass, luscious full lips, and the cutest dimples. She had her hair like Halle Berry did in the movie Boomerang. She was wearing a light pink spaghetti strap shirt that seemed a least a size too small that said And it made her tits all the more perkier. She had on some matching booty shorts that said "Kitty" and were loose fitting. So loose that I could see her lips off to the side and also that she had shaved for me.

Diana circled one of her tits through her shirt and gave out a hint of a moan, "So, you just gonna sit there or you gonna fuck my brains out?" That's is why I love this girl. She speaks her mind and her mind was nasty. It took me hardly no time to remove my clothes to where I only had my socks, an erection, and a huge smile on. Diana slowly walked over to me with a devilish grin. She gave me a kiss, "I wanna try something different. Did you bring a condom?"

I bent down to reach into my pants on the floor and came back up and eagerly said,"You know I did."

"Good, cuz we won't need it." She grabbed the condom from my hand and threw it across the room. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to make out with me. Even though I loved the idea of fucking without protection, it did make me think. It had always been Diana's rule that we would never have sex without one. Fuck it, I was young, dumb, and full of cum.

As we made out in each others arms, we fell back onto her bed. We were two teenagers about to fuck as if there was no tomorrow. Diana slid her hand down my chest, past my stomach, grabbed my cock and gently started to stroke it. Her hands were so soft. I was in heaven. I lifted up her shirt and played with her tits. They were so perky and the nipples were so hard. I broke our kiss because I just had to have one of those tits in my mouth. And so I sucked on the left one. "Oh Chuckie mmmm" she moaned. She was the only person to ever call me that name by right. To everyone else it was either Charles or Charlie.

I knew how sensitive her nipples were and that nipple play was all she needed to cum. I focused my attention on sucking and licking and nibbling on those perfect tits. Switching back and forth from the left one to the right one she had already begun to breathe heavily. Diana was so distracted that she couldn't keep her strokes going on my cock . But once she felt my precum dripping on her hands, that caught her attention again. Her grip got tighter and her strokes became rougher. She then tapped the head of my cock on the lips of her pussy. At that point, I didn't know if my cock was wet because of the precum or Diana's pussy. "Ooo fuck." she teased herself by putting the head in and the quickly removing it. An action she continued to do a few times more.

Diana then turned herself around and started licking up the juices that had soaked my cock. She played with the pee hole and sucked the head. "Oh shit, Diana. That feels good. Don't stop baby." I said as she kept stroking and sucking my cock. Those lips on my cock felt so wonderful. She took her time before taking my cock all the way in her mouth.

Just then, I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled them over my head where we were now in the 69 position. I pulled her shorts to the side and searched her ever waiting pussy with my tongue. She was already dripping wet. I licked her from her clit to her soaking slit. I pressed my thumb down on her engorged clit and massaged it. Then I spread her lips and plunged my tongue deep inside. "Oooo fuck Chuckie, oooo fuck, yessss." She continued to stroke but kissed up and down the shaft. She used her free hand to cradle and massage my balls. Then I felt Diana's mouth devour my cock; going up and down in a fluid motion. She would stop to let out a moan or two and then she'd go back to it. We both knew what the other liked as if it were our own bodies. After 2 and 1/2 years of being together we very well should.

Diana turned herself around, cock still in hand, and looked at me, "I want you." I knew she meant business. I got up and laid her on her back. And continued to eat her out. "Oh no no no, shiiiiit." She grabbed her romote to her stereo and turned it on, knowing that she can and does get loud when I go full force with my tongue. It was the new Usher cd 8701, I got for her birthday last year. If there was anyone she would cheat on me with, it would be him.

Diana's back arched and legs shook as I worked my tongue. I savored the taste of her insides as well as her sweet smell like strawberries. I used two fingers to find her g-spot while I sucked on her clit. "Ooh, Ooh, mmmmmm." She gripped my head forcefully and pressed it into her pussy. I started to swirl my head along with my tongue. She followed my lead by doing the same with her hips. "Chuckie, no no no, oh yessss, oh fuck yessss." her mind and mouth were at war over wanting to be fucked or continue the oral pleasure.

I tongue fucked my baby a few more times before she finally had had enough. She grabbed my ears and pulled me up to her. We made out again. "Fuck me Chuckie. Fuck me hard." Just then she grabbed my cock and placed it inside her wetter than ever pussy. I thrust my cock in and out of her as her fingernails cling to my back. I did it rough and hard. "Fuck, fuck, fuck yessss, ooooohhhh." She was so wet and slippery. My cock slid out a few times because of it. And every time it did, Diana would grab it, rub it on her pussy, and stick it back in. She pulled me down on her and gave me a kiss, "I love you Chuckie."

I stopped for a second to respond to her, "I love you to baby." Then I showed her how much I love her. I fucked her like an animal. I looked down as I watched my cock going deeper and deeper, and she gets wetter and wetter. I felt her pussy pulsate and grip my cock. She then wrapped her legs around me; Diana was about to cum. The music playing didn't seem to be loud enough to cover her moans. Whatever, when you are that into it, you don't care about anything but what you are doing.

Diana pulled me down on top of her and held me tight, "OOOOHHHH SHIIIITTT, CHUCKIE!!!" and there she went. Her hips bucked and there was a sudden rush of wetness from her pussy that made me cum as well.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" I tried to pull out but Diana's grip with both her legs and her pussy was too much. "Aaaahhhh shiiiitt!" we both cam in each others arms. I finally rolled over and gave her a kiss. We both tried to catch our breathes. "Uh, Diana, why didn't you let me pull out? You knew I was cumming right?"

Diana laid her head on my chest, "I know. It felt sooo good. And we've never done that before."

"But what about if you get pregnant? What are we gonna do then? I mean your dad already doesn't like me."

She started to circle one of my nipples with her finger, "I don't mind. I want to have your baby Chuckie. We both love each other and…" she took a deep breath. And that's when she started to cry.

I held Diana in my arms, "What's wrong baby? Talk to me." I began to rub her back and comfort her.

Diana tried to hold back the tears, "My family is moving to St. Louis after graduation. I just thought if you couldn't come then I'll at least have a part of you there with me. I don't wanna go. I love you too much to ever want to leave you."

"Diana, I love you too. Don't worry baby. We'll figure something out. Remember that it's us against the world." I tried my best to let her know that everything would work out. It seemed to work for now, but what was I gonna do. We drifted off to sleep as we laid in each others arms.

Next thing I remember, it was morning and there was Lisa's skinny 14 year old ass standing there with her eyes and mouth wide open staring directly at my cock which was at full attention. Diana was still a sleep and I was trying to keep Lisa quiet, "Ssshhhh, wait a minute, Let me />
With her head cocked and hands on her hips she said, "What's there to explain? Obviously you two have been fucking. And it looks like you're about to start a round two. I'm gonna go tel my daddy." With that Lisa quickly left the room to go snitch.

I shook Diana to wake her up and jumped up a threw on my pants. "Baby, I gotta go. Your sister just saw us in here and is about to tell your dad.

She jumped up quickly, "That little bitch." She opened the window for me to climb out. "Hurry baby go." I climbed out the window but not before she gave me a goodbye kiss. "I love you Chuckie."

As I left I said, "I love you too." I fell off the roof but got up quick and ran with just my pants, socks, and my shirt around my neck.

I didn't see Diana again until graduation day. And right after graduation, her family was packed and on their was to St. Louis. I never got the chance to her again. Every since then, no girl has ever came close to having my heart like Diana. My heart was guarded until she returned to me. Since then, all I did with women was fuck them.

Lisa cocks her head as she teases me. "And who was that Asian woman with cum all on her? Looks like I interrupted something." She puts her hands on her hips waiting for my reply.

After what happened last time I saw her, I don't know if I can trust Lisa. But I figure that she has matured a bit, "She was just my neighbor." I am trying to see her reactions so I can judge how to follow up what I have just said.

"Was she here to borrow some sugar and fell over with your cock in her face?" She is the same smart ass that I remember. "Do all your neighbors get the same treatment?" Lisa proceeds to reach in her purse and pulls out a wallet. I check my front and back pockets but cannot find mine. "Your manager David gave it to me to give to you. He said a customer found it in the ladies bathroom." She hands it to me, "Seems you have been having a good day."

I take it from her, "You can say that. Thanks for bringing this. Anything else?" She walks towards the couch, sits down and makes herself comfortable.

"I talked to Diana on my way over here and she'll be here this weekend. So I was thinking we could all go out clubbin' and drinkin' and dancin' and catch up on all the hoes you been doing since we left Dallas." Damn, this girl has a smart ass mouth. I sat down beside her.

I want to talk to Diana without her sister in the picture, so I come up with a plan, "I know, how about a double date? Me and Diana and you and…" I wait for her to fill in the blank.

"Who? The guys here all think there are Tupac or Lil Wayne. Bunch of wanna be thugs. Unless you got someone in mind."

"Yeah, you remember my cousin Derek right? I'll call him up so we can all go out together." I am hoping she will take the bait.

"Oh yeah I remember him. I dunno. Is he like those fake thugs? I remember him being one of those sweet shy guys. What's he up too?" My suggestion seems to peak her interest.

"He's doing good," I respond, "he lives in Richardson and he has come out of his shell. He gets women now. Not as much as I do of course."

Lisa gives me a look, "I hope he doesn't whore himself out like you do. But yeah, set that up." She kicks off her high heels and relaxes a little bit, "You don't mind if I stay here for a couple of hours, cuz I live in Ft Worth and I don't wanna get caught in that traffic."

She has already made herself comfortable. This has been her philosophy since I can remember: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission." This girl hasn't changed.

"Yeah, sure. Why not? You can stay for a little while. I'm about to go take a nap. And don't mess with anything. I remember how you like to do shit first and ask questions later. Alright?" I try to put some intimidation in her so she won't do anything stupid while I'm sleep.

"Okay, alright, damn!" she said sounding irritated, "Nobody wants to touch your stuff anyway. It'll just be a few hours, so I'll just watch t.v." Lisa turned on the t.v. as I strolled to my room. "Oh, Charlie, I was />
I stopped with my hand on the knob, />
"Do you know a girl named Victoria? White girl, about 5ft 9in, um, dark brown hair?"

"Yeah, I know that crazy bitch. I caught her trying to put some sugar in my gas tank. Why do you ask?"

"No reason. I know her from school. She just happened to mention you in a passing />
"Well, don't ever bring her here. She was a fucking handful." I stepped into my room and shut the door behind. Damn, Lani did a number on me this time. That nut got me sleepy as hell. I kick off my shoes as I climb into bed. I lay my head on my pillow and doze off almost instantly.

I awaken with my pants and shirt completely off and a full on erection. And there are a pair of lips and a warm wet mouth taking full advantage of that erection. I hear a moan. Damn, this is a record for me. Three blow jobs in one day by three different women. I try to open my eyes but quickly realize that I am blind folded. Not being able to see during any type of sex isn't fun for me. As I try to remove the blind fold, it becomes clear that whomever is sucking on my cock didn't want me go anywhere without her permission. Both my arms and legs are tied to either ends of my bed posts. She sees me struggle, "Oh, you're up? I'll set you free soon enough, but first I get what you promised me." She proceeds to engulf my cock.

I struggle more to get free but it is no use. "Girl, you better untie me."

"…Or what? You're in no position to demand or threaten anybody." She grips the base of my cock and strokes it from top to bottom. "You might as well just relax and enjoy what I'm about to do to you." She is right. So I lay back and try to figure who this woman is sucking my manhood. I cannot place the voice.

"How'd you get in here?" I interrogate her to see if she will give clues as to who she is.

"Ssshhhh, no more talking." and with that, she swallows my cock as far as it will reach down past her lips, tongue, and tonsils without gaging. I can feel her head bobbing up and down. She stops for a moment to spit and lubricate for what is to come. She places the warmth of her mouth back on my cock and continues to slurp and salivate from the tip of the head to the shaft. The mystery woman stops again, "I've never gotten this wet from sucking dick before. Feel that?" She takes my cock and taps it against her bare pussy. The tapping wet sounds are as astonishing as the feel. She even slides the head in and plays with herself as just a tease.

She slides me in a little more, seemingly not able to last with her teasing session. "Wow! Are you getting bigger?" she say slowly taking more of me inside. "I don't remember you being this thick the last time." She begins to breathe hard. "I might be jumping into this too fast."

I try to persuade her to release me, "Well, if I had my hands free, then I could guide that tight little pussy on my cock, nice and slow."

She does not fall for it, "Nice try Charles, but I can tame this bad boy by myself. If you want, I'll give you something to do." She then places one of her nipples on my lips. I circle my tongue around it and start to nibble and suck. "Oooo yeah, there you go. OH FUCK that's it." Her riding my dick and my mouth consuming her breasts seems to get the juices flowing. I feel her body writhe all over mine. She can barely take the pleasures I am giving, even though I can do little at this time. Once again I her that familiar sound that is music to my ears; when my cock is combined with pussy and makes that wonderful noise of wetness. She obviously enjoys it as well, "You hear that? You hear how wet this cock is making me. Oh shit, mmmmhhmmm I forgot how good your cock feels. Ooooo yeesssss, ooohhh fuck."

As she rides up and down trying to fit my cock in all the way, she stops momentarily to slow down and extend her pleasure. I jerk my hips for her to continue. Now she lies flat on top of me and clinches every part of my body with hers. "Oh fuck me, ooooohhh shit, fuck this pussy oh shit, oh She shakes so hard that the bed vibrates. As shes holding me while she's still cumming, I smell her hair. It smells like lavender. I think I know who this is but I'm not quite sure.

Just then I feel my hands being freed. I quickly remove the blind fold to see who this mystery woman is. As my eyes adjust I hear Lisa's voice, and then there is a flash of light. The girl laying on top of me doesn't seem to mind what is going on, but I am disoriented. "Do you think Diana will like this Charlie?"

SHIT! Lisa is still the same little conniving bitch she always ways. "What the hell? Lisa? What are you doing?"

"I see that you and Vicky are busy, with you cock still in her pussy, so I'll be in the front with a proposition for you." Lisa leaves and closes the door behind her. Now I am laying here with a woman whom I can't stand who is still trying to catch her breath with my cock inside her feeling every pulse that her pussy produces. What the hell? Is she about to blackmail me? I didn't even get to cum.

story by: BigBlkBeef

Tags: fiction consensual sex teen male/teen female romance bondage and restriction oral sex interracial black sex story

Author: BigBlkBeef

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